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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 30). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 38 – Two More Incidents. Pam Gears Up. A Drone


I was blind. I couldn’t see a thing, but I sure could smell and taste the pussy that had nestled onto my face and that was rocking back and forth to achieve maximum stimulation. I didn’t mind in the least, and to the contrary I’d become high aroused all over again. Elsa’s muscular legs supported some of her weight, but she wanted the hard contact of my tongue on her clit and searching out the inner reaches of her vagina so she pushed into my lower face often and with accompanying sounds of pleasure.

The mouth that had engulfed my cock for the past fifteen minutes ceased stimulating me. A second later, I felt the head of my cock rubbed into a slightly scratchy pussy. KC hadn’t shaved recently, and the stimulation was a tipoff as to who had decided to parachute onto my cock and ride me.

I was in trouble. I didn’t want to cum. I wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck, but Elsa and KC had other ideas. I’d already been inside Cindy and Melanie, and had even left a deposit deep inside Cindy as she ate out her sister. Sheila had been in this mix part of the time.

I found this whole lifestyle beyond compare. I’d had rare fantasies as a teen and in my twenties, but I’d never conceived of a life where I had six female companions, any one of whom could be a model. They ranged in age from twenty-two to thirty six – my age. Brita lived far away in Denmark, but we talked almost daily and I know she wished herself closer as I did.

Moreover, there were others we enjoyed arousing sexual romps with, that put even more wonderful women in my bed for sexual play and extracurricular romance: Marcia, Amber, Edie, and the unforgettable Margo. I gave my live-in companions complete sexual freedom, and they had a stable of sexy guys they also loved to fuck around with. I loved to watch them being romanced by some other men; it aroused me, and also appealed to some inner part of me that occasionally gave me a jolt of jealousy I had to manage. Brita told me I liked to be cuckolded, but I had trouble applying that model when I lived such a sexually-intensive life with five of them most of the time.

My love life – my sex life – had taken a whole different turn for the better, and all because I befriended some pretty girl who was being a wallflower at a party I hadn’t even been invited to, but went anyway with some friends; that was Elsa.

Elsa wailed as another massive orgasm hit her body hard. I thought I might expire from the rough contact she made, the squeezing of my head, and the flood of sexual juices she expended that washed over me. I loved every part of the experience. She eventually rolled to the side in a ball of afterglow to savor her pleasure.

I had variety in my love life – in my sex life. Each girl tasted different. The situation was as if I loved steak, and then discovered ten different cuts of the same wonderful steak and they were all the best tasting meal you could want. The same was true of their delicious aromas, and the feel of their mouths on my dick, and then the feel of their cunts wrapped around my cock as we made love. Every one of them was heavenly – different from the others, but heavenly.

Melanie had gotten us a super-extra large king-size bed. Even when Brita was with us, the seven of us could sleep together in comfort in the same bed. Because of my unique status, I was always near the middle, but the positions on either side of me seemed to rotate through the girls. One reason is that I often awoke in the middle of the night and was horny. I’d find a willing naked partner next to me and we would make love, trying to be stealthy but often failing.

I thrust hard time after time into KC. As I came deep inside KC, I felt as though someone had attached a turbo charged engine to my cock. Instead of the high pitched whining sounds some turbos give off, there was a long and deep sounding groan that went on for many seconds. This was my own sound of infinite satisfaction and the onset of my colossal orgasm.

I sped up my back and forth motions into her body until my entire lower body was a blur right up to my first surge of cum from deep inside me. I froze in position, and my fire hose of cum started to fill her cavernous sex. She’d cum too, and wrapped her legs around me so that I couldn’t have moved if I wanted ankara bayan escortlar to. KC pulled me to her and kissed me with wild passion and pleasure. This was heaven.

I awoke on my own internal alarm clock at six-fifteen in the morning. Elsa and KC groaned on either side of me as I slid out of bed. I ducked into the bathroom, shaved and showered, and put on my business suit – a worsted dark blue suit I had made for me by a custom clothier on Savile Row. Some custom made Italian loafers I bought in Rome, and I was ready to go.

I strode into the living room at six-forty. Lucas and Marcia were there waiting for me. Barnes handed me a cup of coffee, poured a few minutes earlier so it had cooled to just the right temperature to be able to drink without scalding my esophagus. He greeted me, “Good morning, sir. I believe Mr. Lucas needs to talk to you.”

I nodded at my bodyguards; “Lucas. Marcia. Good morning.”

Lucas had a serious air. “We had an incident last night. We didn’t want to disturb you, and so we waited until this morning.”

“Explain, please.”

“Marshall was taking the limousine from the garage last night about ten o’clock to have it run through our normal car wash. About a block from here he was stopped by a red light. Just as the light changed the car windshield was pelted with three raw eggs. The driver saw just enough of the vandal to identify him as our mystery man from the fake car bomb. While this seemed like pure vandalism, it does show that we continue to be on this man’s mind. I believe you and-or the girls are being stalked.”

“And what happens now?”

Lucas spoke with authority; “We will take different routes to the office each day, and for the girls to their destinations – work, shopping, friends, and so on. Marshall will continue to drive but I will ride shotgun, or if it’s the ladies, Marcia or Geck will go. The war wagons will continue to provide coverage as well, and we’ve added an extra man in each car so there’ll be four men per car.”

“What about at the girl’s offices and the gallery?” I really meant that remark for Elsa, Cindy, and KC. Melanie and Sheila worked with me, so they were inside four rings of security most of the day the same way I was when I was in my office.

“Two man coverage, plus one outside. We think that’s enough at this time.”

I finished my coffee and passed my empty mug to Barnes. I told him, “I’m afraid I kept some of the women up late. No telling when they’ll appear. Thank you for your patience with all of us.”

Barnes chuckled, “I wouldn’t have it any other way, sir. What can I prepare for your breakfast?”


Sean sat beside my desk and talked in a low voice so no one else could hear. He had a smile from ear to ear. “God, Pam is insatiable. I thought she got inspired in Las Vegas, but she is positively over the top in our bedroom. In the past three days since we got back, I’ve been worn down to a small nub.” He feigned covering his penis with both hands and we both laughed.

“Oh, you poor man. Wasn’t this what you wanted?” I teased.

“Damn, right. I am so happy I could burst. I’ve been trying to do little special things for her to keep her jacked up. I’ve shown her the other DVDs we bought, I’ve gotten her flowers everyday, and I send her snappy little sexy text messages at least once an hour.”

I looked around. Our part of the office was empty except for the two of us at that moment. “Quick. Take your phone out of your pocket.”

Sean produced his phone, but looked dumb about what to do next.

“Take my picture for Pam.” I hiked up my skirt and spread my legs. I was commando, so my bare pussy was instantly on display for him. Sean checked our perimeter, and then focused in on my crotch and took a couple of pictures.”

While I covered up and restored my modesty, Sean sent one of the photos to Pam with the title, ‘Guess who? She wants to play with you.’

I laughed and said, “That’ll get her cranked up. She’ll wonder if we’re fucking at the office.”

“But we’re not,” Sean said in all innocence.

“You and I know that, but she doesn’t. We’re not in sight, so we could be doing anything anywhere. That might be a tad scary for her.”

I changed to business mode for a moment, “Any word from Vegas City Hall.”

“Nothing. If nothing comes from our trip but what happened with Pam and you, I will consider the whole trip worthwhile. Of course, Greg and the company might think differently.”

“We’ll hear. Governments are not noted for their speed of action. It’s a good thing no one asked the founding fathers to consider what kind of tea they should dump in Boston Harbor. They never would have agreed, and the whole matter would still be in some committee of the continental congress or whatever it was they had back then.”

As an afterthought I said, “Hey, do you two want to come to a party on the weekend – a sex party.”

Sean brightened. “Hell yes. You don’t even ankara seksi escortlar need to ask.”

“What about Pam?”

“Are you kidding? She’ll fuck everybody there before the first hour of the party is over, at least the way she was feeling last night. If she reverts to the way she was before Las Vegas, we won’t be there – but I might. Just tell me details – time, place, who else, dress, what we can bring, and so on. All the questions that Pam will ask me when I tell her.”

I replied, “Saturday evening, seven p.m. for dinner – probably a cookout, casual but sexy dress – very sexy and even see through for the women is encouraged, and bring potato salad for fifteen. We’ll do it at Mark’s condo in Worthington Towers, thirtieth floor. I’ll leave your names at the security desk on ground level. You’ll have to show your driver’s license. Others there will be my four sisters – but only one is really my blood sister, and several other women friends. There’ll be other guys there too to balance out the estrogen. We are all sexually active with each other. Both of you should expect to get laid, re-laid, and par-laid, but first time out you could just watch or play together as you see fit. If you or Pam have any other questions, let me know.”

After Sean left my desk area, I texted my sisters and Mark about having a Saturday night party. I got positive replies from all, so I expanded my notification list to include the others in our circle of close friends. I also notified Lucas for security coverage, and Barnes so he could lay-in the right supplies for our cookout.

Saturday night, Sean and Pam arrived about twenty minutes past seven. They rode up in the elevator with Andy and Margo, who had introduced themselves and they were fast friends by the time the magic box got to the thirtieth floor and the doors opened. Andy brought them in to Mark and me.

Pam looked a little uncertain. I think she expected a bacchanal and wild orgy in process, into which her husband and I would throw her like raw meat to hungry lions. Instead, we were like any other cocktail and barbecue party on the thirtieth floor in a high-rise condominium worth about eighteen million dollars.

I gave Sean a hug and solid kiss, and repeated with Pam who looked relieved. I told her not to worry and not to stress out about what would happen later. I told her that I would be her wingman and support, and talk to her about what she was feeling and any concerns. She looked increasingly more comfortable as I laid it on thick about being supportive.

I then played welcoming hostess, and aimed them at the bar in the dining room and the patio where people were gathering and where Mark had already started cooking on the grill. I heard the kind of laughter from that area that follows a dirty joke.

Don and Edie along with Jon and Amber arrived on the next elevator, so we had a better than full contingent of people for our party. Pam again found me and hung out for a little while, getting her sea legs as I circulated and got her more involved with the people she been quickly introduced to earlier. She socialized well, but still came across as an innocent.

Pam wore a gossamer top that revealed her breasts, fuck me heels, and a short skirt. She showed me that she’d come to the party commando, and asked if that was appropriate.

I laughed, “It’s not only appropriate, if you hadn’t I would have had to remove your undies myself – with my teeth and tongue – just like I did on stage in Las Vegas.” I smiled at her and she giggled. She was already aroused. In the right wind, I though I could smell her sex.

Other people were also scandalously dressed. There were hot pants so tight a piece of paper in a pocket would have made the buttons pop; see-through tops galore, skirts slit to the waist with no underwear, and one loin cloth.

I was able to park Pam with Ryan and Mike. I had cued the two of them in on Pam, and where she was on her self-development and change curve. I suggested that they romance her, and ‘get sexy’ with her but to take it slow and carefully. Once they saw what a hot wife Pam turned out to be, I knew I’d have to use a crowbar to get them separated from her the rest of the evening. Pam looked delighted at the attention the two handsome men immediately started to rain on her.

I circulated and worried some of the details about the meal. Just before I made the call to dinner I looked in on Pam. Ryan had her in the living room in a lip lock that didn’t seem to break. Mike was kissing one of her ears, and had a hand under her skirt, probably with a finger in her cunt.

Pam was moving very rapidly into the ‘hot wife’ category of spouse for Sean. I saw him peek in at her at one point too. Once he saw that she was pleasantly occupied, he went back to Amber, who seemed to have caught his fancy. They too were making out. I silently gave him a brownie point for checking on his wife before going after his own pleasure.

Dinner was done bayan ankara escort buffet style. People distributed themselves all over. The outside temperature was getting a little chilly, so only about half the people ate at our outside tables. The others settled in the living room, dining room, or family room where we had a big screen television playing re-runs of an afternoon golf match.

Sean handed me a small bag. He said, “I brought two of the DVDs we bought in Vegas. One is the romantic threesome video, and the other is the orgy video. Given what you said tonight would be like, I thought you might like to play these as background – of course, I assume you have your own. I hadn’t thought about that when I tossed them in our bag.”

“Sean, thank you. I wouldn’t have thought about it. Yes, let’s put one on in the TV room. Before I do, how do you want Pam to act tonight?”

“Like she’s having the best time of her life.”

“Do you want a total slut that fucks everyone, or more of a romantic girl that has intimate relations with a few select people – men and women?”

Sean thought and responded, “She’s been behaving like the total slut. I’d opt for that. We can do the other romantic scenario another time.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll put on the orgy vid.” I waltzed into the television room. I announced, “I have another sporting event I think you’d like to watch more than an old golf game.”

I started up the video, and right away the subject matter became clear. There was a round of applause from those people sitting in that room as the type of film became evident. The apparent hostess of the party in the video had two men fucking her at the same time in a spit roast – one in her pussy and the other in her mouth. She was making the best of a great situation.

I went and steered Ryan, Mike, and Pam into the TV room for a special showing of a film especially imported from Vegas. Pam had already seen it, but she looked interested anyway and I could see her whispering something about the DVD to Ryan and Mike. After the trio sat, I dimmed the room lights and then took similar steps in the other public rooms. I put on the more tame and romantic video in our master bedroom. Just as I was leaving, Mark came in with Margo. He gave me a kiss and then led her to the big bed and started to undo her gossamer top.

I had primed Mark to watch for an opportunity to be with Pam and to give her The Experience. I wanted her to get the full effect of being a hot wife, and I couldn’t think of a better way.

I meandered about the condo turning lights down to make the setting a little more romantic and sexy. When I glanced in the room with the TV people were already naked and fucking, and that didn’t even begin to include the people on the TV screen.

Don put his arm around me, “Are you an unattached female looking for companionship and romance for a few hours?”

I smiled at our friend, “Yes, that would be me. Are you my prince charming?”

“I can fill that role, I believe. Haven’t we done this before?” We kissed and that turned into making out. I eventually led Don out onto the patio. James and Sheila were out there already fucking. Don and I shed our clothing and then started to make out again.

We played with each other’s sex for a while, me toying with Don’s hardening cock, and he toying with my labia and doing creative things inside me with his fingers. I fellated him for a while, being careful not to bring him off. He then went down on me for fifteen or twenty minutes. I am naturally orgasmic, so quickly got into a space where anything unusual that he did gave me a little peak.

Eventually, Tab A went into Slot B, and we started to fuck, only with all the kissing and attention to erogenous zones, the whole scene was very arousing and romantic.

Don made sure I was coming along on the same trip he was on. I liked men who did that; Mark was one too. They didn’t get their rocks off and then leave you to your own devices. Don and I talked and I warned when I was getting near. He was too, so we took the plunge off that huge cliff together, and fell into the orgasmic abyss together.

I somehow recovered holding Don in my arms as his body lay over me. We were both panting. He asked as he lay atop me in the missionary position, “Am I too much?”

“No, you’re warm on a cool night. Stay right where you are. I also like your cock inside me.”

Don chuckled, “It’ll soon fall out all on its own.”

“You came a lot.”

“I do that. Sorry.”

I heard a funny sound off to the side of the patio, unusual since we were on the thirtieth floor. I had a premonition this was going to be bad in some way.

I said, “Don, I do need you to move, and then I need you to lie here face down. Do not turn over or raise your face.” Don adjusted, I got up, issued the same warning to James and Sheila, and ran inside. I picked up my cellphone in the kitchen and dialed Lucas. He answered on the second ring.

“Lucas, problem up here. I think there’s a drone taking pictures of us.”

“Shit. Be right up. Stay inside. Draw the drapes.”

I did just as he instructed, and hustled those outside inside. I caught a glimpse of a quadracopter about a hundred feet away.”

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