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All people in this story are at least 18 years of age.


My wife Tina was a virgin when we met. Since then, she’s become quite the little sexual dynamo.

One night, I put one of the pornos we’d rented in the player and we cuddled on our sleeper sofa to watch. I was wearing boxers; Tina was wearing a pair of sheer panties and one of my old XXL-sized T-shirts. I’d lost a lot of weight over the past few years. The shirts were big on me before; with the weight loss, they were huge on me. I didn’t wear them at all anymore. On Tina’s much smaller body, they reached halfway down her upper legs. But she liked wearing them around the apartment, so I gave them to her.

The first scene was instantly forgettable: an anal featuring a listless bleached blonde who told the guy she was (barely) performing with she’d never done anal before. The camerawork was terrible, too. I skipped to the second scene: a really hot girl/girl scene between a tall blonde MILF-ish-looking woman and a younger shorter woman whose hair color nearly matched Tina’s dark auburn shade. From the back, with her face buried in the other girl’s pussy, I thought she could’ve probably passed for Tina herself save the tattoos on her lower back and her hip. Tina became immediately excited. Really excited. Early on in our marriage, I noticed that Tina seemed to enjoy girl/girl scenes.

While watching the ladies pleasure each other on the flatscreen, Tina’s breathing became heavy.

“God, those two are so hot!” she said almost absentmindedly.

I looked at her. She was flushed. A sure sign she was getting mightily turned on. I lifted up the front of her shirt. Her panties were soaked. I rubbed the wet spot and she moaned.

“Damn!” I said. “This stuff sure turns you on.”

“Uh-huh…” She reached over and and felt my hardening cock.

“And I’m not the only one either,” she giggled, playfully drawing our the last word.

I moved down and she straddled my lap and pulled off her tee-shirt, exposing the perkiest, prettiest breasts in the city. As a small breast man, I had to take them. She moaned as I squeezed and licked them. I glided my tongue down her stomach, carefully avoiding her new naval piercing, and down to her sopping wet panties. I pulled them off and sucked as much of her nectar as I could. She roughly pulled off my boxers. After a hot sixty-nine, Tina reached into the drawer of the table next to the bed and brought out a condom and put it on me since we’d decided to wait until the following year to try for a baby. She straddled me again and my cock easily slipped into her practically dripping pussy. After about twenty minutes of her riding me cowgirl we came together.

After a few moments, Tina said. “Um, George, can I let you in on a secret?”

“Sure,” I said, hitting the stop button on the DVD remote. It was getting boring anyway. I wasn’t expecting Citizen Kane, but the next scene was probably worse than the first one for the sheer lack of passion.

“I’ve had a fantasy about…” Tina hesitated.

“About what, Tina?” I urged her to continue, fully knowing what she was going to say. But I wanted her to say it.

“I’ve fantasized about being with another girl,” she said sheepishly.

“Oh?” I said, unsurprised.

“You’re not surprised?” Tina said surprised.

“I had a gut instinct,” I fibbed sarcastically. “You ever…?”

She shook her head. “No. Oh, I kissed a girl once a while back. Valerie Christopher. Real cutie. We were standing there naked and I had the urge, so I asked her, ‘Hey, Val, can I kiss you?’ and she said yes and I just did it. Right on the lips. Then someone walked into the locker room. I saw her a couple of weeks ago. She’s still hot.”

“Valerie Christopher?” I mused. “I think I know that name from somewhere.”

“Yeah. She gave us that big throw rug for our wedding,” said Tina, pointing to it. “Remember she couldn’t make it because a relative was having surgery?”

“Oh, ankara dansöz escortlar yeah…” I said nodding, remembering. I’d never seen a picture of Valerie, but from Tina’s description, she sounded like a beauty.

“So, uh, do you think about women a lot?” I asked.

“Well, not a lot. But sometimes I find myself checking out a beautiful girl,” she said. She sat up suddenly. “Understand, I love you, George! I’m not wanting leave you and go completely lezbo. But I don’t think I’d mind going all the way with a girl once just to see what it’s like. You know what would be cool? You fucking me doggy while I go down on her.”

I played out that scene in my mind and got harder. Unfortunately, we didn’t know any women whom we knew were lesbian or bisexual.

However, about a month later, that all changed.

Tina was right about Valerie Christopher. While I was having lunch, she came into the restaurant where Tina worked one slow Tuesday afternoon with a shorter brunette woman. Tina called out to her and I turned around. Valerie was a beauty. The brown-eyed blonde was an athletic-looking 5’6″ or 5’7″ with angular features. While not voluptuous, she still had a good amount of curve to her.

Tina introduced me. Valerie introduced her friend as Monica.

“You know, Valerie. Tina was just talking about you a few nights ago,” I said, only to get Tina’s goat. I could see her stiffen noticeably out of the corner of my eye.

“Oh?” said Valerie.

“Yeah, she loves the throw rug,” I said, thanking her for it.

A blushing Tina quickly ushered Valerie and Monica to their table. On her way to the back, she punched me in the arm lightly.

“You prick,” she growled quietly through her teeth.

I grinned a little. Then nature called. I passed by Valerie’s and Monica’s table and saw they seemed to be getting awfully close. On the return trip, they were sitting just as close and acting more like lovers than friends.

Then an idea hit me. I decided I was going to look for a moment when Valerie was away from Monica and tell her about Tina’s fantasy. Luckily, the opportunity presented itself soon afterward. After dining, Valerie went to the convenience store next door to buy gas. I didn’t see Monica anywhere and assumed they had driven to the restaurant separately. I made an excuse that a headache was coming on and I was going to run to the convenience store next door for an aspirin. I walked into the store and pretended to be surprised Valerie was there.

“Oh, hi, Valerie,” I said innocently.

“Hi!” she said. We chitchatted a little.

“Valerie, may I ask you something of a personal question?” I finally asked.

“You saw me and Monica?” she asked tentatively.

“Yeah,” I said, quickly adding, “Understand, I’m not condemning you. I say live and let live. But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Okay…?” she said, clearly confused.

I motioned her outside to the side of the building.

“See, Valerie,” I said. “A while back, Tina told me she kissed you.”

“Yeah! In the locker room. And it made me hot,” she said. “Tina’s so gor…” Her hand flew to her mouth in embarrassment. “Oh, sorry!”

“It’s alright,” I said. “I agree. She really is beautiful.” I urged her continue.

“Honestly, George, it made me so crazy! And then someone walked in and spoiled it,” she said. “You know, that’s what made me realize my feelings towards other women?”

“Oh?” I said.

“Yeah!” she said. “George, I’m guessing you’re straight. No offense, but you’d probably never understand same-sex attraction.”

“Oh, I can understand how two people can love each other,” I said. “But…” I shrugged.

“Live and let live?” she offered.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

I decided to be blunt.

“Okay, Valerie,” I took a deep breath and began. “Tina told me a while back she was wondering what it would be like to be with another woman.”

Valerie’s ankara saatlik veren escortlar eyes went wide and she smiled.

“You want to?” I asked.

“Wha…? You serious?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “But if you’re in a relationship with…?”


“Yeah, Monica.”

“This was only a second date for us,” she said. “We were trying to see if there were real feelings beyond friendship. She’s a nice girl, but I don’t think there will be a third date. Not much of a connection.”

“Oh… Okay, so how do you want to go about this?” I asked.

“Well, when’s Tina off next?” asked Valerie.

“Monday,” I replied. “But there’s something else. She wants me to have sex with her at the same time.”

I guess I should’ve been uncomfortable discussing such intimate matters with a woman I’d only met less than an hour ago. But I wasn’t.

“A three-way?” cried Valerie in a hushed voice, nervously looking around to see if anyone had heard.

“Uh, not quite,” I said. “You’re a very beautiful woman, Valerie. But…” I shook my head. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable.”

Valerie nodded in understanding and agreed. I told her Tina planned to go to the salon on Monday afternoon and suggested that Valerie arrive a little before noon and take her instead. She agreed. It took a lot of willpower to not let the cat out of the bag. Finally, the day came and Valerie arrived at the agreed upon time. Tina was stunned. I suggested that Valerie take Tina instead so they could catch up on old times without me getting in the way.

“You sure, George?” asked Tina.

“Yeah,” I said. “You two probably have a lot to talk about. I’d just be in the way.”

A couple of hours later, they returned. Tina’s hair was a little shorter in a sort of pageboy style.

“Wow! You look beautiful, Tina,” I said, kissing her. “That style really suits you.”

“Doesn’t it?” said Valerie in agreement.

“Thank you,” Tina replied slightly embarrassed.

“And girl, I tell you: you should wear a little color on your cheeks to make your eyes stand out,” said Valerie. “Those grey eyes… whew! Too damn sexy!”

“No way!” Tina protested. “My cheeks are too damn chubby! Why would I make them look fatter?”

“They are not chubby, Tina!” insisted Val. “You’re just cheeky. When you smile? The cutesy factor? Ohmigod I wish I had that!”

“Oh, stop it, Val!” she blushed.

“Tina,” said Valerie, taking a deep breath. “I have to tell you something, and I hope you don’t get upset.”

“Why would I get mad at you, Val?” Tina replied, shrugging her shoulders clearly confused.

“Well, remember that kiss in the locker room, Tina?” she asked, creeping closer. “I never told you that I liked it. I mean really liked it.”

“Y-you did?” said Tina nervously. “I liked it, too actually.”

“Yes you did, didn’t you?” replied Valerie. “And did it affect you later?”

“Well,” said Tina. “Um, I sort of thought… okay, fantasized about… You know…?”

“Yes, Tina. I know,” said Valerie softly. She whispered in her ear: “Why do you think I’m here?”

Tina’s eyes went wide.

“You aren’t!” she said loudly.

“Mmm-hmm,” nodded Valerie. “I’m bi, actually. And you are finally mine.” She kissed Tina lightly on the side of her sensitive neck. She moaned.

Tina looked at me. “Oh, God. George, you set me up?” she asked with a slight smile. She was breathing hard.

“Well…” I said shrugging. “Well, at least you know each other. I thought it would be better with someone you knew and trusted.”

“Oh…” she nodded with a little smile on her face. Then she pulled Valerie down and kissed her deeply.

Valerie’s eyes went wide in shock at Tina’s unexpected aggressiveness, but they soon began Frenching. Valerie moaned and nearly collapsed. Then Tina began running her hands all over the blonde’s body, which Valerie reciprocated. My beautiful little ankara azeri escortlar Tina was making out with another hot woman! I regretted not owning a camera, because this was a thousand times hotter than any porn scene I’d ever seen. I damned near came.

Tina broke the kiss after a couple of minutes.

“Damn girl!” Valerie exclaimed breathlessly. She had a stunned look on her face.

“Sorry, Val,” Tina laughed lightly.

“It’s alright. I just never pegged you to be that aggressive, Tina,” Valerie said in shock.

“I’m just…” Tina shrugged. She was at a loss for words.

“Shhh…,” said Valerie, putting a finger to her lips. “That’ll disappear soon.” She tugged on her arm and led her to the bedroom. Once again, I mentally kicked myself for not having a camera and followed them. I sat in a chair and got ready for the damnedest show I’d ever seen. I was rock hard and I had to remove my jean shorts. After an interminable ten minutes of Valerie kissing and licking and squeezing Tina and her loudly begging Valerie to put her oral skills to work, Valerie dove into Tina’s beautiful shaved pussy with abandon. And she gave me a hell of a view of her beautiful spread ass. If I hadn’t made a promise to Tina, I would’ve gladly fucked Valerie in any hole she would let me. Instead, I was relegated to lightly stroking myself. Not that I needed help staying hard; I was just worried about coming too soon. It was only seconds after Valerie’s tongue flicked over Tina’s clit that she came explosively. After ten minutes of groaning and thrashing about, she’d orgasmed two more times. Tina panted as the final one subsided.

“Damn, Val! Oh, fuck!” exclaimed Tina. She was all smiles. She exhaled sharply and sat up and kissed Valerie.

“Oh… my… God… That was amazing!” she said, still trying to catch her breath.

“I’ll say. Now it’s your turn, Tina,” said Valerie, leaning back and fingering herself. “My pussy has been aching for this for a long time.”

Tina got on top, leaned over and kissed her again. And my torture continued. Tina broke the kiss and licked Valerie behind her ear, eliciting a moan of pleasure. She slowly traced her tongue down her neck and chest and began gently squeezing and licking her breasts. And then she slowly went down Valerie’s flat stomach and finally down to her beautiful landing-stripped pussy.

“Across my clit, Tina… Oh, yeah! That’s it, babe,” moaned Valerie. She held Tina’s head down and a couple of minutes later, she bucked her hips, moaned loudly and orgasmed.

“Oh, girl! Oh, fuck yeah! Keep it going, Tina,” she panted.

I could not take it anymore. Tina must’ve sensed me walking behind her, because she spread her legs a little and began rubbing her clit vigorously. I rubbed the head of my cock against her slick pussy lips, making her moan. In one move, I slowly buried it in her.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” she groaned. “Damn! Oh yeah!”

“Oh, Tina!” I yelled as I pumped her tight pussy. I tried to pace myself, but looking down at my little Tina with her head practically buried in Valerie’s pussy and Valerie moaning and groaning in ecstasy was too much. I came violently in about five minutes. Valerie and Tina came together about a minute later. We crumpled in a mass of sweating bodies. About twenty minutes later we showered together. About a half hour later, Valerie thanked us for a memorable evening and kissed both of us good night.

Tina said she enjoyed it, but preferred me. Valerie understood.

“Well, did it meet your fantasy?” I asked as I turned out the light.

“Yeah,” said Tina. “Being with a woman was different and fun,” Tina told me. “I wouldn’t mind doing it again. But I need a man.”

And she kissed me good night.


Note to reader: this was largely a fantasy of mine involving an amalgamation of a couple of woman we both know are lesbian or bisexual. “Valerie Christopher” is a pseudonym. Tina has expressed “a little” interest in having sex with another woman and does get turned on by girl/girl stuff. But we are strictly monogamous; we worry what the effect of inviting another woman into our intimate life will have on our marriage, which is the reason we’ve never done it. But who knows what the future holds?

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