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I was ready to turn away and go back to work since nobody had answered the door. Most weeks I managed one of my breaks with my elderly mum, and to be honest, we didn’t plan for today, since it wasn’t on our usual day.

As I made my way down the apartment stairs, I happened to meet my aunt Phyllis (mum’s sister), who was making her way laboriously up the stairs with two packets of bottled water. An island with rain problems made it imperative that we only drink mineral water.

We greeted each other as usual, and taking the packets from her, made our way back. I knew Phyllis had her own key to my mum’s flat. My aunt, who hated me calling her that, was just two years older than me, and we had been very good friends when we were young. My mum was the oldest of seven children, and Phyllis was the one before last, coming into the world when my mum was already nineteen. I was born two years after my aunt, but apart from my being in school earlier, we were just like twins.

Although she was now fifty-one, she had still retained a lot of her beauty from when she was young. I vividly recall spying on her through a peep hole when she used to be changing when we were youths. I used to love watching her breasts change shape whenever she used to reach around to fasten her bras, usually sheer black lace.

“Mum still not home?” she asked.

“Nope!” I reply. “Unless she’s dead.”

I smiled at her shocked response. It took her some moments to realize that I was kidding. casino oyna On the face of it though, it was a tasteless joke. However I had noticed that her key wasn’t on her holder, which indicated she wasn’t there.

I put the water down and as I saw her bend down to put her grocery bag, I got caught in a mad, whirlwind idea of passion. I grabbed her, spun her round and mashed my lips to her in a long anticipated kiss. She was my aunt, but at that moment I only saw a woman who was attractive, and possibly quite lonely and in need, no thanks to her wanker husband.

Far from rejecting me, she pulled me to her as we kissed deeply, drinking from each other’s souls… Forty years of closeness and passion, reaching a frenzy as I thrust my tongue into her mouth, seeking hers. Phyllis’s hands were all over me as she had her arms under my thin shirt… I grabbed her strapless top and pulled it down, revealing those breasts that I had swooned over so many years ago. I hefted the weight in my hands, then spun her round until her back was against my chest. My dick, now very hard, nestled against her tight jeans clad bottom, and as her arms went up, I continued nuzzling her neck, and teasing her nipples with my hands.

She moaned, we both did, as we grappled with each other. Finally I crawled/carried her to the sofa, and we fell onto it, she with her top around her waist, bountiful breasts bouncing erotically, and with my shirt practically around my neck. I threw the shirt off me, and canlı casino grabbed both tits in my hand, as my mouth went to her right nipple. This was a moment I had been waiting for. the tip felt rubbery and warm as I nuzzled it with my nose first, before grasping it tightly with my lips, lightly nipping it with my teeth.

My aunt yelped in pain or passion, I don’t know what. I sucked mightily, elongating the tip even harder, then switched to the other nipple, repeating the process… They were hot to the touch and the pain in my head was intense as my mom’s sister pulled me to her, hands in my hair.

I tore myself out of her grasp, reached for her jeans button, and throwing her flip-flops away, pulled down her pants and undies without any gentleness. I only managed to completely remove one leg of her jeans, but I didn’t care. I wanted my lips on her cunt, and I wanted them immediately. I bent double to get to her pussy, a light fuzz covering her upper mons. Her labia and clitty were free from pubic hair, and I stuck my long tongue inside her forcefully, licked all around the soft red flesh, tasting of light sweat and finally caught her clit in my teeth. It was short but very fat, either naturally, or true the heat we had.

I had hardly started sucking before she came immediately, drenching me in girl juice, and I imagined, a little pee. I didn’t care. I attacked it again as her legs closed around my head and she came again, talking dirty to me.

“Don’t you fucking dare kaçak casino stop you motherfucker. Don’t you dare…”

I had no intention of doing so, and in fact she had two or three more orgasms before she slumped back, exhausted. Her hair was tousled, make-up roughed up, mascara dripping down one side of her eye. Her breasts, starting to lose their fight against gravity, were slick with sweat, and her pussy was inflamed, red and raw with my licking.

I pulled out my cock, and as she lay back on the sofa, just at the right height, I simply pushed in and didn’t stop until I hit bottom. We both sighed. I pulled back and rammed home again. And again. And again.

This was incredible. My mum’s sister was incredible. Aunt Phyllis was as tight as a drum inside as I sawed in and out of her snatch. I could feel it coming, and I warned her that I was on the edge.

I puled off and aimed for her breasts, missing and spurting an almighty glob of come on her face, then another one on my intended target, before heaving another little dribble on her navel. She looked so nasty and wanton like that, sperm covering her. She grabbed me and we french kissed again, my cum being shared between us. Her hands were on my dick and I had three fingers inside her as we gobbled each other up.

Finally we stopped and I let myself go, slumping over her.

“Fuck. That was amazing” she whispered, then said more strongly, with a laugh “I wonder where your mum got to.”

Our blood ran cold as we heard another voice…

“I was out on the roof, hanging clothes. I think you need protection. And I sincerely hope you didn’t stain my sofa!”

How were we going to get out of it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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