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The next morning Uncle Rob had gone to meet some of his buddies and my parents had left for work. Aunt Harriet was having breakfast when I went down. I must have cum a thousand times seeing Aunt Harriet suck Uncle Rob’s member and especially when he shoved his cock into her bushy underarms. I could still remember the jet-black bushy hair in her underarms and I immediately felt my cock stiffen. I looked down at my pajamas hoping that it hadn’t jutted out like a tent but Aunt Harriet was busy reading the newspaper. Seeing me she put the paper down. She stretched her arms and put it behind her head. Alas she was in a housecoat, which stopped me from eyeing the thicket in her armpit jungle much to my dismay. I knew that underneath that housecoat a huge garden of luxuriant armpit hair grew and I was starting to hurt in my groin. Her nonchalant air with her arms locked behind her head hiding the hairy treasures was beginning to irritate me. I wanted to run my fingers in the thick jet-black fleece in her unshaven underarms. I wanted to fuck his fecund hairy woman in the hairy bush in her unshaven underarms and cum all over her buttery bushy armpits.

I grabbed a toast and headed back for my room. I needed to jerk off and I stripped and went into the shower. I thought of the armpit forests and came instantly and feeling relieved I changed and came down. Aunt Harriet was still there but she had removed her housecoat and believe it for not she was in her white nightgown washing up. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I feasted on the thick bushy armpits from behind. With her arms bent over the kitchen sink the thick armpit hair was visible as she bent her arms to do the dishes. Though I had just jerked off I could feel my cock rising again. Thick jet-black hair kept peeping out of her armpit opening as she continued to do the dishes. I moved closer and called out to her “aunt Harriet can I help in drying the dishes”. She looked back at me and I swear I was ready to cum again.

She moved a hand to her forehead to brush away some hair on her head and I almost swooned as before me the thick bushy hair in her unshaven armpits just spilled out. She must have seen the strange lusty look on my face as she turned away. I was just inches from her unshaven pits. The natural sweaty aroma filled my nostrils as I took in the pungent smell. I was sure that she could see my throbbing erection straining in my pants. She said that her friend Lynn was coming in for lunch and I needed to get some food from the nearby deli. I nodded hardly able to breathe as my eyes were fixed at her hairy underarms. “Is there something wrong dear,” she said.

I mumbled a “no” but she could now clearly see I was uncomfortable casino oyna and staring at her bushy armpits. She looked at me and then at her bushy underarms as she raised it and put her hand in the fluffy hair. “Why are you staring at my bushy armpits haven’t you seen one before” I looked away embarrassed. She caught hold of me and made me look at her “is the hair in my armpits turning you on. Do you like bushy armpits”? Ashen faced I nodded. She took me in her arms and said “Poor boy” and tousled my hair. I was now an inch away from the bushy hair in her armpit forest.

Pre cum was flowing out of my aching cock as I plunged and put my head into the thick hair in her unshaven pits. I was awestruck by the coarse matted hair as my face touched the long strands of jet-black hair in her unshaven underarms. She took off my pants and I stood there in my briefs, shaking. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband with no intention of pulling them down and looked at Aunt Harriet for her reaction. She walked over to me and before I could do anything she had the briefs down. I was stunned and she was laughing. “My God, It’s even bigger than ‘your Uncle Rod’ and prettier.”

Aunt Harriet was on her knees before I could think and took me in her mouth. Aunt Harriet took about half of me and sucked and licked noisily. She was working on the big spongy head when it started oozing pre-cum. She licked it out and said, “I didn’t know you love my bushy underarms so much wait till you see Lynn she has even more hair in her underarms than me” My aunt then wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and jerked me as she sucked. She knew when I was about to come and jerked faster. She flinched as the first shot of cum hit but kept sucking.

“Oh…oh…oh…I want to put my cock in the hairiest armpits in the world ” was what I kept repeating as I finished unloading into her mouth. I went down on my knees and put my hands on the bushy triangle at the juncture of her thighs. Thick crisp hair grew on her mons and I licked the soft folds that appeared through the thick hair of my aunt’s beautiful cunt. It started to drip and I tasted the sweetness. I laid my tongue on the hood of her clit and slowly massaged it. I was stiff and throbbing again as I straddled her and brought my cock up to her face.

he took me again in her hand and started kissing up and down the long shaft. Her body was writhing. She stretched her lips over the head and began sucking powerfully and I was soon very hard again. I had to fuck her. I pushed in through the opening and slid into her slick channel. I put her legs on my shoulders and took both of her tits in my hands with the nipples I loved between my fingers and put my face into canlı casino the thick matted hair in her unshaven underarms. The coarse masses of fur in her untrimmed armpits were tasting heavenly as I plunged deeper into her “ahhhhhhhhhh” I screamed uncontrollably and I shot stream after stream of hot cum into my aunt.

I was now limp down but not out. Both her hands went between my legs and massaged my balls and dick until it was painfully hard. As she got on her knees she put my flaccid dick into her mouth. As it swelled again she had so much of my cock in her mouth and throat she took as much of the soft meat as she could fit into her mouth again. I didn’t think it was possible to get so hard so quickly after coming. She sucked so hard and fast while massaging my balls. I was writhing in ecstasy when the bell rang. She took my cock out of her mouth as I zipped myself and she put on her housecoat. Her face was flushed and when she returned I was faced with Lynn.

She was in her forties but she was a stunner. Her voluptuous body looked sensational and Aunt Harriet winked at me as she introduced me to Lynn. She aid “this is my nephew who has the most beautiful cock her look at it” Before I could move she had unzipped me and taken out my erection as she stroked it lovingly in her hands.

Lynn looked at my exposed cock with great interest “he’s certainly large Harriet much bigger than Dan where have you been hiding him darling” She put her hand on my hot dick and here were two beautiful women massaging my bursting cock and balls. I was not in the conversation as they jerked my dick up and down “Lynn darling you know what he loves bushy underarms” She looked at me again “Don’t you find Harriet very hairy” I could hardly nod as I felt I was about to cum. Aunt Harriet said “dear wait till you see Lynn’s unshaven armpits you know she has never shaved her underarms and she has so much hair in her underarms that all you can see are masses of hair in her underarms” I was dying to see them could there be such bushy armpits. I didn’t have to wait too long. Aunt pulled off Lynn’s top and lovingly grazed her hands through the masses of hair in Lynn’s busy armpits. Tons of jet-black hair came cascading down her undulating armpits. It was a thicket a real forest of hair.

Lynn was now completely nude she had a thicket of hair on her pubes as I put the swollen head of my cock against the opening of her pussy; she was as primed as she had ever been. I ran my slick hand down the length of my steel hard shaft and then ran the length of it deep into her waiting channel. Each of my hard thrusts into her was welcomed with shock and pleasure. I took her breasts in my hands and pushed my tongue into kaçak casino the masses of jet-black hair in her luxuriant armpits. Finally she made a long high-pitched sound and by her clenching I knew she had come. I pulled out of her throbbing pussy. I stuck my cock in her mouth and let her suck me for a while. My big meat was swelling as she sucked it. She took one hard breath as she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate my thick cock as she stroked the shaft with her lips and tongue.

Aunt Harriet was standing before me and I put my hands into her armpit forest she was happy that I fucking the hirsute body of Lynn and she watched with amusement as Lynn gobbled my erect prick as I tugged at her bushy armpit locks. I wanted fuck Lynn’s ass. I turned her around and put my fingers into her hairy asshole.

She was very hairy down there too. I parted the hair in her asshole and placed the engorged knob in her hairy asshole and evenly pressed the thick end past her ring. Aunt Harriet was encouragingly saying, “fuck her hairy asshole” as she played with the long hairs on her pubic mound. I went deeper into her ass and she cried out. I put some saliva on the exposed part of my shaft and pushed in again, gently working the length of my cock until it was fully up her ass. I reached around and tugged at her armpit locks as Aunt Harriet started to moan she had spread her legs and Lynn had her mouth and was sucking her throbbing clit as I thrust away at her asshole. Both the women were groaning. She raised her ass higher as I felt my cock bursting as torrents of cum flooded her bushy asshole.

I was exhausted but before I could say anything Aunt Harriet was on her knees and stroking my cum filled flaccid dick. She bent down and took it into her mouth. She got more of my cock into her mouth than she usually could because he didn’t have time to harden fully. It felt strangely good to be sucked that way. As I stiffened Aunt Harriet sucked manically. Usually she was slow in her ministrations. I wanted to spray my cum in their hairy armpits. I asked Lynn to kneel down too and raise her arms. Masses of jet-black hair showed in the lush forest of their unshaven armpits. I put my erect dong into the heavy fur of Lynn’s hairy armpits.

The coarse hair stung my exposed glans as I rubbed my dick into her furry armpit. I then turned to the raised arms of Aunt Harriet and put my phallus in her bushy armpits. It was a dream come true as I pushed my swollen member into her armpit forest. Her armpit jungle was matted with sweat and slick as I drove in and out of her unshaven armpits. “Ahhhhhhhhgggggg” I groaned as I sprayed my cum in their bushy armpits. Loads of white jism spewed from my cock first into Lynn’s hairy armpits before I trained my machine into the armpit forest of Aunt Harriet. I had deposited my seed into Aunt Harriet’s bushy armpits as I slumped down in exhaustion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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