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As I walked into the theatre, it took a moment for my eyes to become accustomed to the darkness before I scanned the rows of mostly empty seats looking for Rachel. A year earlier she had been one of my students and later my teaching assistant before she moved on. I hadn’t seen her since she left school, though we kept in touch. The relationship between Rachel and myself was unique and though we had pushed boundaries with each other before, this would be the first time we ever truly crossed over them.

Rachel was not a typical student. She had lived a rough life and was as street smart as they came. It might have been that she was trying to make a change in her life when I met her, or that I brought something out in her, or maybe it was something else but one way or another for one reason or another she made it clear that she wanted to be submissive to me. And I cared for her in a way that was different than any other student. She was something special to me.

As her teacher I kept things under control by assigning myself the role of being not just her teacher, but I told her that if could ever adopt one of my students, I would adopt her. That role provided both a boundary and a pretext for a unique student teacher relationship. I never crossed any sexual boundaries that a father would cross with their daughter, but at the same time I fulfilled a need that we both seemed to share for me to impose discipline and structure for her.

I never physically punished her as my student and I never tried to make her feel as though she was expected act like a slave. I simply gave her rules to follow, and made her stand in a corner if she failed to follow them. I picked out her clothes, I set curfews and made her introduce me to what ever boys that she wanted to go on dates with. It was confusing to a lot of people because she would call me dad, and tell people that I was her dad even though I was not her real casino oyna dad.

Despite the pretext of a pretend father/daughter relationship, we frequently had some very frank discussions concerning a wide variety of sexual topics. I think she knew from the first time I ordered her to stand in the corner that I enjoyed having some level of control, and I knew by the way she would fix my coffee, and insist on serving it to me that though she did not seem submissive to those who knew her, it was definitely an element to her personality.

And here we were, a little more than a year, and quite a few conversations later meeting in a theatre in the middle of the day, attending a movie that had been out for weeks that few people were still interested in watching. I found her sitting in a quiet corner, away from the few people who were also in the theatre at the time.

As I sat next to her, Rachel gave me a surprised look and said, “Dad! I can’t believe you actually came!”

I could understand her surprise. This was a long time coming, and even before she left school she had hinted at being sexually interested. Back then I mostly responded that I was her dad, and she shouldn’t act that way around me. Today was going to be different. As far I was concerned I wanted the pretend father daughter relationship to continue. I enjoyed it and took a strange kind of comfort in it, but I wasn’t going to let it get in the way of exploring how far things could go between us.

As the movie started I pushed up the arm rest that separated us, and I put my arm around her pulling Rachel closer to me. As I looked at her, she gave me an approving smile. I slid my hand up her back toward the back of her neck and gently guided her towards me. For the first time, I felt her lips against mine, gently parting as we kissed.

I continued to kiss her, feeling the warmth of her body against mine, feeling her lips kissing canlı casino mine back. And then I pulled away and asked, “Was it everything you were expecting?”

Rachel gave me a satisfied grin as she said, “yes.”

I slid my hand further up, grabbing a hand full of her hair, pulling her head back and asked, “Yes what?”

Before she could even answer, “yes dad” my lips were on her neck, kissing her soft moist flesh, enjoying the way her body was reacting to me, loving the way her body felt as I was holding her close.

Softly Rachel let out a moan. I pulled her away for a moment and told her not to make a sound. She looked at me with an almost blank expression as she nodded her head in agreement. There weren’t many people in the theatre, but I scanned the rows to see if we had attracted anyone’s attention. There were only two elderly couples in the theatre, neither of which had noticed us.

Turning my attention back to Rachel I asked her if she wanted to continue. At that point I would have been surprised if she had told me no. She didn’t. As I resumed our kiss, I cupped one of her breasts in my free hand, gently massaging it, wanting to feel her bare flesh against mine, regretting that I told her to wear an outfit that was too difficult to give me that kind of access in our present situation. I had her wear a dress that zipped down the back, and though it tastefully exposed some cleavage, it did not make her bare breasts easily accessible.

As my lips continued to explore hers the thought of throwing caution to the wind and pulling her unzipped dress down to her hips and removing her bra right there in the theatre was wildly tempting. In that moment I think we both wanted to feel my hands exploring her bare flesh, but I held back.

Instead I slid a hand under her skirt. Pushing her damp panties aside, I slid a finger inside of her. She was incredibly hot and wet inside as I slid kaçak casino my finger deep inside of her, and then another finger, and another. As I worked my fingers in and out of her, I told her to stay quiet. Don’t make a sound. Rachel was struggling to comply. She had a desperate look in her eyes as she bit her lip trying not to make a sound. Her plight grew more difficult when I added my thumb against her clit, gently rubbing as I worked my fingers inside of her.

It was almost impossible for her not to make a sound, but she managed it. Even as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled her trembling body hard against mine, she didn’t make a sound. For a moment her hot sweaty body convulsed against mine. I pulled my hand away and l let her relax against me, watching what little remained of the movie.

Rachel seemed to be in a daze as I walked her to her car. I smiled as she said that she thought I let myself get cheated. I asked her why and she told me that she thought it was unfair that she came and I didn’t.

I looked down at her face looking up at me as I held her in the parking lot and I told her not to worry. I told her tonight I wanted her to fix me dinner at her apartment. She asked me what I wanted her to make and I just told her that it didn’t matter, just make it something that I would enjoy eating while I cum in your mouth.

She blushed and I asked, “Do you understand?”

Rachel embarrassed replied “yes”.

I asked again, “yes what?”

Rachel looked at me with a knowing grin and replied, “Yes dad, you want me to fix something that you will enjoy eating while you cum in my mouth.”

I smiled and told her, “Good girl, now go get yourself ready, I’ll be over at 6:00pm sharp.”

We kissed one last time before leaving the parking lot. I think that we were both anxious for evening to arrive. I think we were anxious for more than that. We were both anxious to see where this would all go and I think we both knew that it was going to grow into something beyond the father daughter relationship that we had pretended to have in the past. But only time would tell what that would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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