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Author’s note: Big thank you to friends and fellow Lit authors aimingtomisbehave33 and petitmort (go check out their stories when you can) and to good friend DrG for the feedback that helped this story finally see the light of day. And thanks to Jill, for her ideas, motivation and support all these years. Finally, thank you, dear reader, for your patience, as I tried to do this story justice and took my sweet time doing it.

This one is a slow burn.

Trigger warning: there is depiction of verbal abuse and mentions of past sexual abuse in the middle of the chapter. It’s not the focus of the story, but merely a plot point for this chapter, which will not be revisited further in the series. However, if you would like to avoid it altogether, the section begins with “Barely twenty minutes into the session, she stormed out.” and ends with “Taylor woke up in a warm bed by herself.”

Previously in the series: Taylor, frustrated by the lack of sex life with her fiancé Jim, gave in to the charms of Brad, the hot guy that lived next door. Taylor’s best friend Kate went to set Brad straight and ended up having sex with him, with Taylor masturbating to them on the other side of the wall.


Chapter IV — The Bad Day

Monday had been a day of firsts for Taylor; first time going to see a psychologist to talk about her failing relationship, first time actively participating in her neighbor/lover Brad’s sex life from behind the wall, first time listening to her best friend Kate get savagely fucked in all her holes and first time actually experimenting with her own ass and finding it surprisingly stimulating.

Her fiancé Jim had come home late from work, as usual. He’d always blame it on their financial situation, on being tight on money, but it wasn’t like he was getting paid for overtime for the ad campaigns he worked his ass off for. Workaholism, combined with a general disinterest in sex, made wit and dry humor his only redeeming qualities; although, in the increasingly exhausted state he had been for the past few months, Taylor was hard-pressed to find anything that would make their co-existence palatable.

But she was trying. She tried to hold onto the reasons why she’d accepted his proposal, the safe place he’d provided for her after her abusive ex-husband Nick had all but destroyed her will to live. Taylor had had a wonderful time with Jim in their early, mostly celibate, days together. Her libido’s revival had been the off switch for the good times, and she had started sleeping around.

She never got caught for two reasons; she always picked at random and she never went back to the same man. It was a system that worked, until they moved in next door to a sex machine, who fucked his way through the neighborhood and perhaps the entire city. Taylor could only resist his charms for so long.

The first time with Brad was mind-blowing. And then the second time was earth shattering. And she’d barged into his apartment for a third time, demanding he eat her out to an orgasm. At that point, she’d convinced herself it was the last of him she’d want.

The cravings hadn’t disappeared. Not only was she not getting any from her fiancé, she also wasn’t looking to have any random hookups either. Brad was on her mind all the time and the desire never let up. She’d thought she’d done some filthy depraved sex things before for her ex, but she was exploring a whole new side to sex, all thanks to Brad.

Her best friend Kate going over to confront Brad in her defense hadn’t helped much. If anything, it had fueled the inexhaustible fire in Taylor, making her an accomplice beyond the wall, coming, as if on cue, to the orgasms next door, as Brad fucked Kate every which way and made her scream her lungs out. Taylor had enjoyed that, and not only because she could replace Kate with herself in her fantasy; she’d also imagined her best friend impaled on that giant cock and how much she’d love to touch Kate’s body as it shuddered with each orgasm he gave her.

There was a lot to unpack. She had never really been interested in women before, physically or otherwise. Although things had certainly gotten hot in the moment, it probably didn’t mean anything; she wasn’t about to uproot her life completely and re-evaluate her sexual identity…

But going into the law firm on Tuesday, Taylor knew Kate would be there and she couldn’t ignore her best friend and colleague. Not after the evening they had had. Part of her was nervous, but a small part of her was excited to see Kate.

Shaking her head to get rid of the nerves, she approached the redhead sitting in her cubicle, frantically shuffling some papers into her briefcase. Upon hearing Taylor approach on her high heels, her friend, green eyes sparkling with mischief, went straight to the point, as usual.

“So that was a fun evening!”

All Taylor could do was smile and nod; that was the one conversation she didn’t know istanbul escort how to lead.

“Sorry if it got a bit out of control with the noise levels, but I assume Jim wasn’t around to hear any of it.” Kate didn’t seem particularly sorry; there was hardly any love lost between her and Jim.

“No, he wasn’t. And no worries. I actually didn’t know you could get that loud in bed,” Taylor replied, finally trusting herself to relax a bit more about the topic and let the conversation run its course.

Kate did not disappoint.

“Honestly, it was nice having you on the other side of the wall. I think that made a huge difference!”

Seeing Taylor blush furiously, Kate continued with an attempt to assure her.

“Hey, it’s totally OK. I know both Brad and I definitely enjoyed having you listen to us and getting to hear you at least a little bit.”

Her friend had always been forward about the sex talk. Taylor felt like she had to say something.

“I didn’t mean to… but, I gotta say, it was insanely hot. In the moment.”

Kate gently brushed her hand across Taylor’s.

“You don’t owe me any explanations, T. I went over thinking I could tell him to leave you in peace, since you’re engaged and all. It was stupid of me to get involved and even more stupid to actually sleep with the guy, who clearly has a major thing for you by the way, though it didn’t keep him from fucking me sore in all holes.”

Taylor’s eyes grew at the mention of him having a thing for her. She had had moments of weakness, where she’d allowed herself to fantasize about what it would be like with Brad longer term – which, of course, was not in the cards.

She tried to rebuff her friend’s observation, as best as she could.

“What makes you say he has a thing for me? As you clearly experienced first-hand, his sex life has not slowed down at all since we hooked up and I don’t see him banging on my door, begging for my affections.”

“Oh sweetie…” Kate said with an indecipherable look in her green eyes.

Kate’s hand on hers, although as light as a feather, was still there. Taylor almost pulled back, but didn’t know how to do it without hurting Kate’s feelings. She let her hand stay where it was.

Her friend, oblivious Taylor’s dilemma, continued talking.

“There’s something else I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now. I was worried how it would come across, but now is as good a time as any, I guess.”

Taylor looked back at her friend, trying to listen without judgment, as usual.

“I’m bi, Taylor. As much as I enjoy men, and last night should be a fair testament to that in case you needed any, I occasionally go home with women, too.”

Taylor paused for a second, instantly realizing where this was going and really wishing she were wrong.

“Uhh, sure, but why are you telling me this now?”

“Because my evening with Brad yesterday started with fantasies of you. We fell into bed, both of us imagining the other as you. And then when you knocked on the wall and, and joined in, well… It was all a performance, for you. Getting you off on the other side of the wall made us come that much harder.”

In response to her friend’s confession, Taylor wanted to admit she’d thought about Kate impaled on Brad’s dick and that it had similarly helped her climax over and over. Then she realized she hadn’t said anything, with Kate looking at her expectantly.

“You know how much I care about you, Kate, and it makes no difference whether you’re straight or bi or queer, but I…”

In a quick motion, Kate closed the short distance between them and kissed Taylor’s lips. Their mouths were closed, but the electric spark in that kiss would have been enough to short circuit the entire building.

When she pulled back, Taylor found her breath again. Her nipples were suddenly painfully hard. From a single kiss. From a woman. Who was her best friend!

“I’ve been meaning to do that for some time now,” Kate whispered. She rubbed her lower lip unconsciously, her eyes still looking into Taylor’s, trying to gauge her reaction.

“Look, I… uh…”

Kate cut her off.

“You don’t feel the same way about me. I know. My selfish actions are probably confusing you more than they are helping me. But I just wanted it out in the open, before I had to leave for home.”

“Leave for home?” Taylor, in her confusion, finally found her words, trying to deal with one crisis at a time and choosing to ignore the first topic.

“The Mothership has called. I’m being summoned.” Kate chuckled lightly, likely trying to dispel the awkward sinking feeling in the pits of both of their stomachs.

“What, back to Ireland? How long? Is everybody OK? What about work? What about … me? I might be straight, but I still need my best friend.”

“Objection, badgering the witness.” Her retort got Taylor to smile avcılar escort a bit, albeit weakly.

“I.. honestly don’t know how long I’ll be gone. I got the call from family late last night and I need to take the first flight out in a few hours. Just needed to grab a couple things for work and really wanted to see you at least before I left. I’ll text you when I can, OK?

She placed a small peck on Taylor’s cheek, and then went back to stuffing documents into her briefcase without another word.


The week that followed was a bit of a blur. All the days blended together with work until early evening and mostly quiet, if not tense, dinners at home with Jim, followed naturally by uncomfortable sleep.

The sleep was uncomfortable for multiple reasons: One, she had to sleep next to a loveless robot, whose programming didn’t include sex. Two, to further punish herself for the orgasms she’d had while Brad and Kate were together, Taylor banned herself from masturbating at all. And three, although she did her best to avoid Brad at all costs, his social agenda was as busy as ever, making her very horny with the loud fucking sounds next door as she tossed and turned in bed.

One of those nights, Taylor woke up with a pounding heart. The alarm clock by her bedside showed 3 am on a Sunday morning; she was covered in sweat, but shivers started as soon as she lifted the comforter off. She found her robe with the light on her phone and dragged herself to the bathroom. Jim barely turned in bed.

The cold water on her face somewhat calmed her heartbeat down. As the soft material of her nightgown brushed against her hard nipples, she smiled; bits and pieces of the dream she was having came back to her: a man’s mouth, full lips, serving her, his dark hair between her fingers as he knelt down in front of her…

It didn’t take a genius to figure out the dream was about Brad. As much as she was trying to quit him, it was a challenge.

She had never thought of herself as a bad person and her one-night-stands had never stood in the way of her relationship with Jim, mainly because they provided a momentary release and never anything more. However, her mind was having to make room for this new person and the space he was taking up in there seemed to be growing and getting out of her control.

All week long, she had tried her hardest to avoid him. Ignored the constant thumping sounds and the hot moaning from his bedroom, ignored the way he smiled sweetly at her in the hallway… The way her body responded to his proximity was maddening and did little more than confuse her.

Waking up in the middle of the night, especially following a sex dream with Brad as the male lead made it extremely hard for Taylor to not do anything about it. Not when he was literally next-door.

Fuck the consequences; she had to see him.

Back in the bedroom, she listened for sounds. She thought she heard a giggle, but she could have been wrong. Still wearing her robe, she tiptoed out of her apartment and knocked on Brad’s.

Brad was snuggling in bed with… Right, her name was Christine, he reminded himself. They were in the post-sex haze, where being naked was still fun, but his latest partner was falling fast asleep. That’s probably why he was the only one to hear the knocking on the door.

He’d been sleeping with more blonde women lately. His varied tastes had slowly honed in on a specific type and it didn’t take a genius to figure out he was going after ones that looked like Taylor. He wasn’t ready to chase her down, mainly because he hadn’t sorted out how he felt about her, but if she wanted to come to him… Well, he really wanted her to come to him.

He sat up in bed when the soft knock came again, hoping he hadn’t imagined it. He scrambled on the floor for his boxers and went to the door to find Taylor. His heart skipped a beat at the sight of her; the blue eyes that bore into his soul, the soft blonde hair he wanted to caress, the most luscious pair of lips he’d ever kissed…

Even with bed hair, she looked breathtaking, but there was something vulnerable about her right then, which made him feel strangely protective of her. He quietly invited her in and showed her to the couch.

“I.. I know you probably have someone in…” she started softly; before she could finish, his lips closed on hers, in an attempt to right whatever was wrong. He sensed it had to be more than sexual frustration, or rather, he wished it went deeper than that. Somewhere deep down, he knew there was more in him to give to Taylor.

All of his unresolved feelings, he put into his kiss. Her lips teased him and coyly fought him every step of the way. He received shy little pecks, alongside playful licks and assertive bites that made him moan against her mouth. Despite the fact that he had literally just finished fucking another woman, having Taylor, the woman şirinevler escort in his dreams, back in his arms stoked his fire anew.

After what felt like hours, reluctantly, he broke the kiss.

“Did you need to talk to me about something?” he asked her. Her mouth was half open, lower lip still shivering from the kiss. Brad grazed his finger on that pouting lip, unable to focus on much else. Then he managed to lift his warm hazel eyes to search through her stare and saw the unmasked desire, which spoke to him of so much more than just lust.

“I.. uhh..” she stammered. For a practicing lawyer, being speechless was unforgivable. She would have laughed at herself under any other circumstance. However, under his gaze, she was beginning to crumble.

The pull between them was getting harder to resist, as their eyes quietly did the talking. Neither of them was brave enough, or stupid enough, to put things into words, because they instinctively knew their bodies would do a better job of communicating.

Before they could act on it, a cough came from the bedroom.

“Let me take care of that,” he excused himself and went inside.

A few minutes later, the girl came out of the room with him. She was a bit dazed, but fully dressed.

“I hope everything is OK,” she said softly to Taylor as she left the apartment. Taylor silently nodded and gave her a grim smile, which she thought would fit whatever story Brad had clearly fed her.

Not one minute after the door closed, they were on his bed. He wanted to take his time with her and savor it, but they were working with stolen time. She slid her robe down her curves, revealing the nightgown and the innocent white panties underneath.

He slipped down both of their underwear and rolled her under him. His kiss was soft and tentative, as if trying to protect something fragile. She responded with more fire and felt him harden against her leg.

“I needed to see you, but you didn’t have to do this,” Taylor murmured between kisses. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his enormous cock, lining it up with her entrance.

“Yes, I did. All night long I was wishing it was you in my bed.” As the surprisingly heartfelt words left his mouth, Brad slowly pushed inside her.

In that moment, it was the closest he would get to blurting out that he loved her. They both knew it for it was, as if their minds and souls were connected for the briefest of seconds to allow them the insight into each other.

Taylor cooed and moaned quietly into his ear for the next half hour, despite knowing Brad liked her women loud. She couldn’t risk waking Jim up in an empty bed and overhearing her. She closed a hand around his mouth sensually, trying to communicate her need for the quiet in this particular union.

Her message received, he remained on top, making love to her body for as long as he could. Having to stay quiet was a challenge for him, but for once, he enjoyed the subtle sounds she made and responded in kind.

Attentively, he listened to her body, watching for the signs of impending orgasm. He appreciated the way her back arched, angling her pussy against him for maximum pleasure. In the dark silence, with his sense of touch heightened, he felt all the ripples going through her body, as he slid in and out of her relentlessly.

He pulled down the straps of her nightgown to reveal the breasts he’d been daydreaming about for days. He lowered his head to her breast and suckled on a nipple. Her eyes rolled back into her head, as she quietly came soon after that. In her delirium, she thought she heard him whisper “Don’t go yet, I need you,” but the orgasm that rocked her body shut her brain down for a solid minute.

Brad waited for her to come to. He couldn’t continue fucking her, but he also couldn’t pull out the way she hung onto him so tightly. Luckily, she soon opened her eyes. It was her turn to take control; he didn’t resist when she rolled them over.

With her breasts caressing his chest, she rode him deep and slow, savoring each inch. His mouth opened and closed without a sound. After she had taken all of him in, she started to squeeze her inner muscles, torturing him with the pleasure.

He had to fight her manipulations with all his willpower not to explode inside her right then and there. In the dark, he thought he could make out an evil smile on her face, but he couldn’t be sure. However, soon after, she climbed off him.

“That was… Taylor… No, please stay with me,” he begged. As backup to his verbal pleas, his rock-hard erection swayed a little against gravity.

She kissed his lips sweetly and pulled away. “I’m sorry, I really have to go. But, I’ll see you soon, OK?”

She found the switch to the bedside lamp and flicked it on. He was pretending to pout; they both chuckled at the sight. As she put on her panties, he said, “I guess I’ll have to call somebody else to take care of this,” pointing to his crotch, which got him two raised brows from Taylor.

He chuckled again. In a moment of perfect clarity, he knew he had to tell her how he felt. He sat up in bed and looked at her with all the sincerity he could muster while naked and rock-hard.

“You know I love you, right?”

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