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“I think I’d better get you two home.” David said, looking forward to the rest of the night’s activities.

Those of you who have read chapter one of this story might remember that those were the closing words of the story so far.

The girls were all wet having been in the sea. This did not impress the taxi driver that David hailed as he drove by. He refused to let the girls into the cab as he didn’t relish having wet seats. “We’ll take our dresses off” Greta volunteered. Suddenly the taxi driver wasn’t quite so hostile. The girls slipped off their wet things right there in the deserted street. They wrung them out, got into the car and to the chagrin of the driver spread them out over their bodies, so he didn’t see much anyway.

David sat in front with the driver to give him directions. This allowed the girls a little more space. All was quiet for a while and then there were sighs and gasps heard in the back of the car. “Stop it Greta!” Julie slightly more than whispered.

“I can’t help it! I’m so turned on!”

“You’ll make a mess!” Julie warned her.

“Don’t care!” Greta exclaimed. Luckily this conversation was in English so the driver was oblivious and also concentrating on adhering to David’s instructions. “Give me your hand.” Greta said to Julie.

“Why? What are you going to do?”

“Use your imagination, now shut up and give me your hand!” There soon followed a squelching noise, at which point David hurriedly engaged the taxi driver in a conversation in halting Italian.

Shortly afterwards, but far too long in David’s eyes, (he was running out of Italian), they arrived at the villa. “What were you two up to in the back?” David demanded. “I was trying to cover for you but he must have smelt it!”

“Smelt what?” Greta asked innocently.

“Raw sex!” Julie hooted at her, laughing. They walked across the small lawn to the front door of the villa and the automatic light came on and illuminated the scene. Two naked women standing hand in hand, with flimsy dresses over their arms, whilst a fully dressed man struggled to find the right key.

As they entered the villa the girls smiled at each other and David. “She used my hand to bring herself to orgasm.” Julie told her brother.

“Yeah.” Muttered Greta, “but I didn’t get there, but I’m hot for it now!”

“I’ll let you two get to bed.” Julie said.

“Oh! No you don’t! You’re coming with us! Isn’t she, David?”

David was on the spot, “Well …. Er……. I……”

“Ah, now come on! You both know that you’ll enjoy it! Greta announced. “Apart from that, What would you do if I wasn’t here?”

“Well, I guess we would share a bed, as we have often done.” David admitted.

“Julie, is he right?” Greta stood facing Julie, her hands on her hips, demanding an answer.

“I s…. suppose he is.” Julie confessed quietly.

“Good then that’s three in a bed tonight then!” Greta stated firmly and led the way up the stairs, hold the others by the hand. They got to the main bedroom and Greta screeched, “Right Julie let’s strip him!” The girls set about divesting David of his clothes, ripping sounds confirmed that there was no great deal in finesse in their actions.

“My best Chinos!” David protested, but too late as soon he was as naked as the girls were and he was being kissed by both of them. He was not sure which of them took his penis into her mouth, but he soon recognised the action of his sister. He was familiar with the way she would roll her tongue around his glans and poke it into his urethal opening. The feeling was quite exquisite and he lay back to relish the treatment he was getting. Suddenly, a female labia was presented to his mouth. It was distinctly wet and exuded an aroma that men have been attracted to since Adam met Eve. He touched it with his tongue, it reacted immediately and clamped itself over his mouth. Suddenly he was not in control of his own reactions, he was sucking a sweet tasting clitoris, whilst pumping semen into his sister’s mouth. Quite suddenly after three or four more spurts, he was finished, exhausted.

The women rolled off him. “Have you swallowed?” Greta asked Julie who, unable to speak, shook her head. “Let me have some.” Greta uttered hoarsely and lay on her back as Julie moved on top of her. Great opened her mouth and Julie let some of the mouthful of semen slip between her lips into Greta’s receptive mouth. “More!” muttered Greta as the supply stopped. This was rewarded with a large amount of the precious white fluid , some of which spilled on her teeth lips and nostrils. To her surprise, Julie licked it all back off again before kissing her lightly on the lips.

They spent some time swapping the mixture of semen and saliva between their mouths until one or the other had swallowed what remained of it. “I’ve never done anything like that before.” Julies said quietly.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Shall I tell you something?” Greta asked, Julie nodded. “I’ve never done that before either!” They both giggled quietly. David casino oyna gave a short snore.

“Look at him!” Julie exclaimed, “Asleep already!”

“Well, I knew we would have to get him out of the way first,” Greta told her as she fondled one of Julie’s breasts, “because I wanted to do this to you.”

There followed a silence during which Julie let another woman’s hand explore her body. She was in a state of bliss. As Greta let her hand wander over belly and thigh as she gently kissed and teased her friend’s nipples with her tongue. “I’m glad you wanted to do this Greta,” Julie told her, “because I would never have initiated anything like this, but it is so wonderful. When we kissed in the water, that was the first time I had kissed a girl since my schooldays when some friends and I were fooling around.”

“Did you want to kiss me again after the time in the water?” Greta asked.

“Yeas, I suppose that I did, but I never thought we would end up like this.”

“We can explore further together, —- err….. if you’d like to…..” Greta stumbled slightly over her words.

Julie rolled Greta over on to her back, let her breasts lightly touch Greta’s, kissed he lightly on the end of her nose and said “Yes, I would.” Then she rather forcefully pushed her open mouth over Greta’s parted lips and poked her tongue into her mouth. There was no resistance from Greta, in fact she put her arms around Julie’s neck and pulled their faces closer together. For the next few moments they were locked in passionate embraces, their faces covered in each other’s saliva, Then Julie being on top, slid halfway off Greta’s body and reached down to the Swede’s labia. She was slightly surprised how wet it turned out to be, but in truth it was no wetter than her own.

Julie’s fingers found the exact spot that she knew from her own anatomy and played with it, rubbing, caressing and twirling to long button round in her fingers. She sensed an urgency in Greta’s movements and concentrated on a rapid up and down motion which seemed to be what Greta needed. Her body was moving rhythmically, her buttocks heaving on and off the bed until the rhythm was such that she was thrashing about making it difficult for Julie to keep her fingers in place and at their work. Then Greta stiffened gave out a great groan and slumped back on to the bed.

Julie looked at her friend’s face, her long blonde hair was wet with sweat and plastered to her forehead, on her face the was a big smile. “Thank you Julie, that was lovely and so sexy. You must have done that before!”

“Only to myself.” She told her.

Greta eased herself off the bed and Julie moved to lay in her place. Greta bent over Julie’s belly and let her long hair tickle and slide over Julie from breasts to thighs. Julie lay back enjoying the new feeling of a woman’s hair touching her in intimate places. Then Greta took a handful of her own hair and started to rub it against Julie’s vagina. Her actions became a little more intense, but with no great urgency. Julie parted her legs to allow Greta more access, then she felt hair being pushed up inside her together with the penetrating fingers. She didn’t know why it should, but it felt an amazingly sexy thing to do, an entirely new experience, and she wanted more of it. She opened her legs as wide was they would go and gave Greta an unmistakeable signal.

As she pushed more of her long hair into Julie’s opening with the tacit acceptance, nay, the demand that she should continue, Greta found her face getting closer to the hair filled vagina, so the natural thing was to kiss and tongue the labia which was soaking her hair. She took some of her hair into her mouth and began to slowly pull it out of Julie with her teeth. She would pull an inch or two and then re-engage her tongue with the labia searching with it for the clitoris. When she found it, a licking prior to abrading as more hair was pulled out sent Julie into paroxysms of ecstasy. She was sobbing, laughing and writhing about and finally she began to orgasm. It was a deep long orgasm, so much so that Greta began to become concerned. Finally the excitement faded away and Julie looked at Greta and smiled.

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“I don’t know, it just came to me.” Greta

“Well it certainly made me come!” Julie giggled. Then she said “Come here Greta and kiss me.” They kissed. Julie reached up into Greta’s long blonde hair and ran her fingers through it, almost as if she was searching for something. She was, she found a really wet patch of hair. She twisted her it round her fingers and brought it to her mouth and sucked the fluids, her own juices, out of it.

“How long are we here together?” Greta asked.

Julie pulled the last of the hair from her mouth, “I don’t know exactly seven to ten days I think.”

“We are going to have such a great time exploring each other.” Greta said softly draping her hair over Julie’s head.

“I hope so, but Jamie will be here in a few days.”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

“Sort of, he’s an canlı casino archaeologist and he’s very keen to explore the area. So I will have to spend some time with him.”

“Let him explore the area while I explore you!” Greta said laughing.

“That would be fun, I admit, I do owe him some time to share with him.”

“Do you sleep together?” Greta asked directly.

“No but he’s sort of on a promise when he arrives here,” Julie replied, “Nothing was said specifically but I sort of assumed that David would be busy with you and I would be left out of things. So I sort f flashed him a message, that it might be worthwhile not spending his time looking at ruins.”

Nothing more was said for a while, they just lay and caressed each other. Suddenly Julie said “I could do with a shower.”

“What about a swim?”

“Good idea, naked under the moonlight.”

“Not much off a moon tonight.”

“Then I’ll switch on the pool lights.”

“Where are you two going?” David was sort of half awake.

“For a swim.”

“You’re mad, both of you.” He grumbled and went back to sleep.

The two girls went outside, Julie nipped off to the electric cabinet, threw a switch and the pool was lit up by three underwater lights. “Oh! Julie, that looks wonderful!” Greta called out.

“Then try it for size!” a voice behind her shoulder said and suddenly she was propelled into the lovely blue water. Just as she hit the water, she gave out a scream and got a mouthful of water for her trouble. She came to the surface, coughing and spluttering.

Julie jumped into the pool with her and went to help. “Greta, are you all right?” Greta stood chest deep in the water, her eye watering and still coughing. Then she regained her breath and calmed down. Julie had her hands on Greta’s shoulders holding her, when suddenly she was kissed powerfully on her mouth. “Wow!” was all she could say as she was released. “That was some kiss!”

Greta looked her in the eye, “There’s a lot more where that came from.”

Julie calmly replied, “I’m glad.” Then she took her friend into her arms and gave her a big hug. “Greta Larsson, you are a bad influence on me.”

“A bad influence?”

“Yes a bad influence. You are turning me into a lesbian!”

“And that’s bad because…….?”

“I don’t know, but it feels bad.”

“Bad enough to enjoy?”

Julie kissed Greta and said “Definitely!”

Greta steered them to the shallow end where there were some semi-circular steps where she lay back and pulled Julie on top of her. Her breasts were just below the surface of the water and appeared to be floating. Her nipples were extended as a result of being immersed in the cool water or perhaps it was as an indication of her state of excitement. Either way soon there was no doubt as Julie let her breasts brush gently against Greta’s. “Mmmmmm this is nice.” She murmured and then groaned as Julie’s fingers found the Swede’s labia. “That’s even better.” She whispered. “Don’t stop.”

Julie gently fingered her way inside Greta’s wide open slit, kissing her as she did so. Soon Greta was thrashing about in the shallow water as Julie worked her magic on her friend. Julie was getting quite aroused herself as she brought Greta to her climax. Then Greta gave three loud groans and she thrust herself on to Julie’s hand with lunges that almost pulled Julie’s fingers out of her. But Julie hung on and as Greta collapsed, put her hand to her own soaking cunt and began to frig herself hard. She took only a few seconds to orgasm and letting her open mouth fall on to Greta’s receptive lips, they kissed first hard and then more gently. They then lay side by side in the shallow water looking up at the cloudy sky.

Greta spoke first. “That was the most wonderful time I’ve ever had with another woman!”

“It was my first time.” Julie said quietly

“Well Girl,” Greta replied, “you’re a fast learner.”

“I always aim to please!” Julies said laughing.

“Well then you can do something to please me even more if you really want to please me,” Greta suggested.

“Of course.” Said Julie, dreamily.

“Don’t wear any panties for the rest of your time here.”

“You mean around the villa?” Julie asked.

“No! I mean ALL the time.”

“You mean out, in public, in day time?” Julie was shocked, but excited at the thought.

“Of course I mean in public, and no jeans, just skirts and dresses, or perhaps at the most baggy shorts, but only really short ones.”

Julies considered for a while, thinking how many long summer dresses she had with her. “You’re not talking mini-skirts by any chance, I suppose?”

“You suppose wrong, I mean only loose, short skirts, unless you wear your skirts really low on your hips.”

“And what are you going to be wearing whilst I am airing my pubes in the town?”

Greta looked at her. “That’s up to you.” She said. “I will either go commando with you, or I will wear panties and you can ask me for them at any time. I will either take them kaçak casino off there and then, or you can remove them by whatever means you wish!”

Julie laughed. “That sounds as though it could be fun at the supermarket checkout!”

Greta laughed with her “It would be your choice.”

“I think I might just take you up on your offer, Greta Larsson!”

“Good!” exclaimed Greta, “Shall we go to bed?” They stood up and walked, still naked, hand in hand to Julie’s bedroom.

David woke early, discovered that he was the only one up, peeked into his sister’s room and saw the two girls in bed together. They were still asleep so he walked into the village to get milk and eggs for breakfast. The villa was silent, so he assumed the girls were still not up. He prepared breakfast and called the girls when it was ready. A little while later Julie appeared wearing a short white tee shirt and lace panties. “Have a good time last night?” David asked.

Julie reddened. “Yes we did. Or at least I did, Greta is quite a girl isn’t she?”

David grinned, “She sure is! She often surprises me.”

“Who surprises you?” Greta asked, entering the room.

“You do!” David and Julie said in unison, then they both laughed.

“Julie has entered into a commitment.” Greta began, “She has promised not the wear any underwear for the rest of her stay here.”

“The sexy bitch!” David exclaimed, “Uh-oh.”

His attention was drawn to his sister advancing in his direction. She plonked herself down on his lap. “The sexy, I don’t mind, but I object to the bitch!” she remarked. As she did so, she rubbed her hands over his chest and said softly, “feel free to reciprocate.” She groaned softly as he caressed her breasts.

“Why are you wearing panties?” David asked of his sister, “I understood that you said you would not have any underwear on at all while you are here, and the last time I looked up the term, panties were definitely classed as undergarments?”

“Oh that is a slight variation.” Greta interjected to Julie’s surprise. “She is allowed panties, particularly lace ones if she wears them up to the village.”

“In that case,” David remarked, “Let’s go up the village!”

“Er… please can we have breakfast first?” Julie pleaded playing for time and wondering how she was going to get out of this situation.

They all three ate breakfast. “If I can wear a dress, I will go without the panties.” Julie offered.

“But they are so beautiful, you must show them off on a walk up to the village.” David said.

“Oh. I think we can let her off if she does something else instead.” Greta suggested.

“I would rather do that, if you don’t mind.” Julie added.

“You haven’t heard what I’m going to suggest yet!” Greta remarked.

“OK! But I bet it’s better than me having to parade around the village in nothing but see through panties!” Julie said with some feeling.

“OK! We’ll let you off this morning, a sundress and sandals will be OK for today.” Greta ruled.

Julie dashed into the bedroom to get a dress before Greta changed her mind.

“You’re being devious, Greta! What have you got in mind?” David asked after Julie was in the other room.

Greta laughed, “Didn’t you say that her boyfriend, Jamie was coming in a few days?”

David nodded, “tomorrow, why?”

“Oh I don’t know,” Greta mused, “I just wondered what those panties would look like under airport lighting?”

David guffawed. “You wouldn’t make her do that! …… I don’t know, I think you just might, you seduced her last night, was that a one-off?”

“She wants to do it again.”

“She wants to do what again?” Julie had reappeared into the kitchen, wearing a white button through sun dress.

“Make love to me in the pool again.” Greta said flatly.

Julie grinned, “Well I did enjoy it.”

“So did I Julie, So did I.” Greta murmured taking her into her arms. They hugged for moment and then broke away from each other, busying themselves clearing away the breakfast things.

“Well I have a couple of hours work to do.” David announced and went outside.

Julie was washing the dishes when Greta came up behind her and put her arms around her waist. “You have too many buttons done up on this dress.” She whispered in Julies ear.

“Then do something about it.” Julie whispered over her shoulder, her hands still in the froth covered water in the sink. Greta plunged her hands into the froth and then smeared it all over the front of Julie’s dress. She cupped Julie’s breasts through the now wet dress. “Mmmm, I like that!” Julie murmured. She felt the buttons on her dress being undone and wet hands sliding inside the fabric searching out her now erect nipples. “I like that even more!…… Don’t stop! Greta slid one hand further down undoing buttons as she went until she reached Julie’s pubes. She reached and got another handful of the foamy water and rubbed it all over Julie’s belly and the top of her thighs. “Ooooh Aahhh!, Greta…. your finger……. Yes that’s it… just…. There…. It’s……..” By now Julie was holding on to the edges of the sink, her abdomen thrusting back and forth in concert with Greta’s fingers. She was very close to orgasm now, putty in Greta’s hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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