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I woke up at about 10:15 well rested and ready to start the day. I sat up and noticed Rita was still sleep next to me, a smile on her face but nonetheless still sleep, which is unusual because she almost always beats me out of bed. I kissed her on the forehead and rolled out of bed, excited for what the day was gonna bring. We had an actual planned day to ourselves, with no interruptions, no having to cut the day short, and best of all, no dad to get in the way. Just as Rita surely was, I was really excited. While we didn’t know what we were gonna do, we were definitely gonna have fun doing whatever it was. I grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom to do my morning routine, plus a shower. I thought of places we could go as I showered, like to the beach, the mall, the movies, or even a concert, but those ideas all seemed so stereotypical and besides that we’ve already been to those places, countless times. I washed the shampoo out of my hair and gave up on the ideas for the moment and just thought about Rita as I finished my shower. While I wouldn’t say we’ve been through hell, we have been through a lot and noone deserves to finally relax and enjoy herself more than Rita. Speaking of, she should’ve already been out of bed by now, being more excited about today than I was, I guess I had to get her out of bed, one way or another, and knowing me, I preferred another. I rinsed the rest of the soap off of me and turned off the water. I pulled back the shower curtain and was greeted (more like scared half to death) by a half dressed Rita looking back at me with crossed arms and a slight grin on her face.

“What’s this? Why didn’t you wake me up? I would have gotten in with you!”

“Not with dad home you can’t, besides I was planning to wake you up when I got out of the shower,” I grinned back as I grabbed my towel to dry off.

“Well maybe I can go back to sleep and you can come in and do what you were gonna do.”

“Nope, too late, you’re already up, guess you missed out,” I joked.

“You know what, it doesn’t even really bother me because guess what? We get to spend all day together, just me and you, for the first time in who knows how long!”

“Yeah I know, we better make the best of it.”

“Oh you know I will,” she said creeping to me and pushing her lips to mine.

She put her arms around my neck and walked backward until my back hit the wall, never once breaking the kiss. It was only when I felt her hands creeping down my back and squeeze my ass did I realize I was still naked, that and the smile forming on her lips when my cock hardened between us.

“Umm you know I’m still naked right?” I asked.

“Yeah I know, I was planning on doing something about it…”

“You just love the chance of getting caught by dad don’t you?”

“It gives me a rush, what can I say?”

“Well if we wanna have more moments like this we gotta be more careful around him.”

Rita sighed. “Fine, but one of these days you won’t be able to resist groping me in front of dad.”

“Maybe you’re right, maybe I should wait till he comes in the room and pull you into my lap and start sucking your titties right in front of him.”

“Ooh I would love that!” Rita said with excitement.

“Haha take a shower, we got a long day ahead,” I smiled as I left the bathroom.

I went to our room and got dressed and headed downstairs to see what’s going on for breakfast when dad rounds the corner first and cuts off my momentum.

“Your mom just told me you two were spending the day together, like that’s different from any other day but yeah, where are you two going?”

“Don’t really know yet, just kinda wanna get out of the house, we’ve been cooped up here a lot lately, not counting yesterday.”

“Ok. The real reason I wanted to talk to you is that I need a favor from you two.”

“Umm, what kind of favor?”

“Not a big one, my main client at work, the one who will get me the promotion if everything goes well, has two kids, his son isn’t here, but his daughter is, and according to him she’s been acting a little snobbish since she moved out here with her mom a while back. I need you two to hang out with her, show her around the city or something until he gets here, try to get her to lighten up a little.”

“Doesn’t she have her own friends that can help her out with that?”

“Not the kind he takes a liking to, they’re the kind that encourages her bad behavior, you know the type, that bad girls clique or whatever its called today. Besides, I volunteered you both to do it anyway.”

“What? Why’d you do that?”

“If it’ll help me get the promotion then its worth it, take one for the team son.”

I sighed. He only said that when he really needed something, which wasn’t often, so he didn’t wear it out yet. “Ok dad, when do we have to?”

“I’ll let you know, thanks again son,” he said as he smiled and went back into the kitchen.

I went back upstairs and opened the door to our room just as Rita pulled up her panties.

“That door was shut you know,” she grinned.

“I didn’t see any tape on it so no beans,” I smiled back. “Dad casino siteleri just volunteered us to be friends with some stuck up girl until her dad moves to town.”

“It could be worse, we could be showing around a bunch of stuck up girls every day, by ourselves, for a month, only seeing each other when its time to go to bed.”

“Well when you put it like that I guess it doesn’t sound so bad, I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I am, now lets hurry up and get breakfast out of the we so we can get on with Rita and Randy time,” she said as she pulled on her pink short sleeve shirt and black capri pants.

I followed her downstairs while looking close at her ass that looked amazing in those tight skin hugging pants and sat down at the kitchen table to a light breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.

“So what do you two have planned to do today?” Aunt Lisa asked us.

“We’ll just drive around until we see something we wanna do I guess,” Rita said.

“Sounds gas guzzling, maybe you should stay here and figure it out before you leave,” dad said.

“That’s the fun of it dad, when you see something on a whim it makes you wanna do it that much more, like that time we rode past the shooting range, you didn’t come out for two hours,” I said.

“Touche. So what do you two lovely ladies have planned today?”

“Shopping. There’s a few things I need to buy while they’re on sale,” mom said.

“I don’t know why I ask questions I already know the answer to,” dad laughed.

“Well what are you doing? Probably going to the golf course aren’t you?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Nope, just gonna stay home and do absolutely nothing.”

“You should go shopping with mom and Aunt Lisa, you might find something you want,” Rita said.

“Nahh that’s ok, I don’t need anything right now.”

“Yeah come on honey, it’ll be fun, plus we could use help carrying some bags,” mom said.

Dad threw his head back in mock excitement. “Yeah that’ll make me wanna come.”

“Come on dad, take one for the team, you never know, you might have fun,” I grinned.

Dad stared at me with that knowing look as I flipped his own words against him, I knew I was gonna pay for that later, but if he agreed it would be worth it, dad being home all day could really put a damper on our plans of we came back to the house early.

“Fine I’ll go, but were going to some places I wanna go to as well.”

With everyone in agreement, we finished our breakfast and everyone got up to leave the room. Rita started on the dishes and when I went to help her she said she wanted to do them herself, but she was smiling the whole time. Knowing she was up to something I left anyway and went back to our room. I wasn’t in there for a minute before mom followed in behind me and shut the door.

“So really, where are you two going?”

“We really have no idea, we’re just gonna wing it I guess.”

“You don’t even know where you’re gonna eat? Some date you are,” mom joked.

“I don’t wanna keep going to the same places over and over, it gets old fast.”

Mom crossed her arms under her breasts and sighed. “What the hell. You know that place that opened up a few months back on Marie and Jim’s side of town, Melt?”

“Yeah, Stephanie and Chris said it was the best food they had in a long time, but it took them like two hours to get in because you need reservations or something, its not even a fancy place.”

“You need reservations because the food is that good. Anyway, you two can take ours, I was gonna go with your father but we had a change of plans earlier.”

“What? No we can’t take em mom, it probably took like two weeks to get those reservations.”

“A month actually, and fifty dollars, but its ok, take them. You just better not waste the trip.”

I leaned in and gave mom a hug, sure she was a gorgeous manipulating con artist, but she was still our mother, and things like that really make you appreciate her. “Thanks mom, you’re the best.”

“Just remember that next time you decide to leave me unsatisfied,” mom whispered in my ear as she slipped some money in my pocket.

I pulled back and she had a knowing grin on her face, like she was gonna use the reservations as leverage to get something out of us, but if this place was as good as everyone said it was, then I don’t think either Rita nor I would care.

“The reservations are at eight tonight, so don’t be late, if you’re not there within five minutes they give your table away, that’s how we got in last time.”

“Ok mom, and thanks again,” I said as she turned to leave. “Oh mom wait a minute! There was one more favor I wanted to ask.”

“Yeah what is it?”

“You think you can keep dad out past midnight? We might get back early and…”

“Say no more, I’m already on top of it, or should I say I’ll be on top of him,” mom giggled.

“Ok a little too much info, but thanks.”

“Don’t say thanks just yet,” mom mumbled under her breath as she left the room.

I lay back on the bed waiting for Rita to come back upstairs, which took way longer than expected seeing as there were only plates canlı casino and forks in the sink and she’s been away for around forty-five minutes. As I lay there I feel myself starting to drift asleep, but knowing what the day held I wasn’t gonna let that happen, so I jerked myself awake and was on my way to sitting up when the door pushed open and Rita literally flew right on top of me.

“Come on lets go! Everything’s all set and everyone’s leaving.”

“What’s all set? What were you down there doing?”

“You’ll see, when we get there, come on!”

We went downstairs and out the front door just in time to see mom, dad, and Aunt Lisa getting in moms van, probably because they were gonna need all the extra space with all the bags they’re gonna have.

“See you guys when you get back,” Rita said as she got in the drivers side of our car.

“Don’t get into any trouble, and Randy look out for your sister,” dad yelled out the window.

“I will dad, see ya.” Little did he know how true those words were.

We pulled out of the driveway and went down the north end of the street, the side where none of our usual hangouts are, good sign because were not going to the same old places we do to on the regular, bad sign because I still didn’t know where we were going.

“So where we going?” I asked when she turned on the main street.

“Not telling, its a surprise.”

“You’re not even gonna give me a hint?”

“Hmmmm, its something we used to do as a family, but lately I wanted to do with you alone.”

“Oh come on that could be anything, we used to do a lot of stuff!”

“Exactly, enough information but not too much. You’ll like it, if not then you better pretend to.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll like it or you can punch me in the face.”

“In the dick.”

“Well now nobody wins there.”

“Dammit, you’re right, I’ll punch you in the ass then, you don’t use that, yet,” she grinned.

“Yet my ass, I prefer not to get probed.”

“Yet you probe me all the time.”

“That’s because you want it, almost all the time.”

“That’s not… ok yeah I do so what,” she laughed.

“Exactly my point.”

We joked the whole ride until we ended up on Stephanie and Chris’ side of town. We rode past a lot of places I thought she was gonna stop at until we came across the park that ends right before the beach on their side of town starts, and she pulled in. She parked and we got out and she opened the trunk, where she pulled out a big picnic basket with the cliche red tablecloth covering it.

“Surprise, its a picnic!”

“That’s a big basket, how much food did you fit in there?”

“Enough to last us all day in case we didn’t go anywhere to eat.”

“You got a spot picked out where you wanna sit?”

“Yep, over there by the trees, we can just see the water from there.”

She grabbed the basket from the trunk and I followed her to the spot she just picked out, listening to her giggle all the way there. We got to the spot and she laid the blanket out and pulled out just about every sandwich and fruit you could think of, from peanut butter and jelly to ham to turkey, to grapes and peaches and watermelon, she had it all.

“How many people were you expecting to feed?”

“You just never know what you’re in the mood for,” she smiled.

We fed each other sandwiches and fruit as we watched people pass by us, some just walking, some running, some on bikes, some walking their dog, and a few even set up their own picnic.

“See? I inspired other couples to get out and have a picnic,” Rita gloated.

“Did you hear what you said? Other couples. Were officially in that group now.”

“Yeah we are, finally. It feels so good to finally be able to be out in public!”

“We should keep some memories of this, here let me get my phone out.”

I took out my phone and started snapping random pictures of her doing whatever popped in her head. I got her sticking her tongue out, playing with her hair, looking at the sky, throwing grapes at me, I even got her attempting to stuff a entire sandwich into her mouth, and then trying to kiss me with it still there. She then took her phone out and took pictures of me taking pictures of her, until she tackled me to get my phone and ended up sitting on top of me snapping pictures of the many faces I made as she moved her weight around over me.

“I want a picture of us kissing,” she said as she got a little serious for a minute.

“I don’t know why we don’t have one in the first place.”

“Who knows, but before the day is over I want at least one genuine picture of us, one that when someone looks at it they can tell we’re in love.”

“We shouldn’t force it out then, just let it happen.”

“I still want em anyway just to have em, we literally have none, I…”

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down to my lips and kissed her. I know it wasn’t going to be that all out romantic kiss like she wanted, but it was a start. I could hear her clicking her phone next to our heads as she took pictures in a rapid fire motion, then she sat up and leaned against kaçak casino a tree and I started taking pictures as she did. By the time we finished clicking the buttons we had well over a hundred pictures in each of our phones, some great shots but most of them catching just the side of our ear or the tree or some other random thing.

“Come on lets go over there by the rocks, we can take more pictures over there,” she said.

We left our picnic stuff where it was and headed to the rocks on the water. We ran across them like we used to do when we were kids and all the way back until we got back to where we started, then we sat down. I took the opportunity to take more pictures of Rita looking out at the water, her hair blowing in the wind, skipping a rock, and one perfect shot of her looking at me and smiling, she looked so happy, so full of life, so beautiful, definitely the best picture shes ever taken in my opinion.

“I wish we could stay here all day,” she said breaking the silence.

“Yeah me too, its like one of those getaway places, know what I mean?”

“Yeah it is, I bet it looks even better at sunset.”

“Maybe we can find out later if we remember to come back.”

“You know what would make this moment that much better?”

A smile crept on my face and she interrupted me before I could say anything.

“No you filthy boy, well yeah, but I meant ice cream. Oh you’re so nasty,” she laughed.

“There’s an ice cream shop we passed on the way here, its like a block away from that plaza across the street, we can walk there.”

She agreed and we walked back to our picnic area, gathered up all our things and headed back to the car. We put everything back in the trunk and headed to the ice cream store. She grabbed my hand in hers and held it as we walked the short distance to the shop, and just like the last time she grabbed my hand in public, she was smiling big for the whole world to see.

“I take it by that huge smile on your face you’re happy?” I joked.

“If you only knew. Moments like this make me appreciate what we have.”

“I know what you mean, like a “we live for these moments” kinda thing.”

“Yes exactly! If only they would happen more often…”

“Don’t worry, I know they will.”

We got up to the window and decided to share a king size banana split with all the fixings, picked a table outside looking towards the street and sat down. We got through half the sundae before we said anything, due to it being a good ass sundae and me thinking about random funny stuff.

“You wont believe what Ste…”

“NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP!” I said out loud then burst out laughing.

“What the hell was that? Did you just rickroll me?”

“That songs been in my head all day, ever since I woke up.”

She was forcing herself not to laugh. “And you choose now to just blab it out?”

“It seemed like the perfect moment,” I said still holding back a laugh.

“Well anyway, like I was saying before Stephanie said she…”

“NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP!” I couldn’t help it.

“Dammit Randy! Fine then I won’t tell you.”

“Hahaha ok ok I’m done, I promise, go ahead. That was too funny.”

She gave me a skeptical look before continuing on with her story, and waited for me to calm down laughing just to be sure. “You better not do it again, not playing with you,”she said trying to hold back her own laugh. “But yeah, Stephanie said she wants to have a threesome with you and me.”

That caught me completely off guard, turning the whole situation into more of a serious discussion. “And what did you tell her?”

“I didn’t tell her anything, I just said that it was a slim chance of that ever happening. Then she tried to convince me it would be worth it, but it didn’t work.”

“I swear you two talk about sex more than every other guy on the planet.”

“So does that mean you wanna do it?”

“What? Where did you get that from?”

“Answering a question with a question, that means yes.”

“I didn’t even say anything! Don’t use your woman tricks to flip around what I say before I even say it! And you think men are crazy.”

“You still didn’t answer the question,” she grinned.

My head was screaming “ITS A SETUP MAN DON’T BE STUPID!” but I knew this was one of those times when you just have to tell your brain “shut the hell up” and tell the truth.

“You know I don’t wanna be with her, I wanna be with you, sitting here, smashing a king size banana split that I only got about ¼ of.”

She smiled instantly. “I know, a girl just likes to hear those things, and you ate more than that,” she said as she reached over the table and punched me in the arm. “I have thought about it though…”

“You what?”

“Nothing. Come on lets go to that plaza and see what stores they have over there.”

I wanted to know more, but I decided not to push the subject and look like I was prying for information so I dropped it and we got up and walked towards the plaza. It was just like any other plaza… lots of stores, lots of people shopping at those stores, lots of people walking out with lots of bags from those stores, the usual. I browsed everything with my eyes, but nothing in the direction I was looking seemed to stand out at me, but something stood out to Rita by the way she kept pulling at my hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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