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“Can I have you for a few minutes later, Kate? I’ve got something I need your input on.”

“Sure,” she smiled, “I’m always happy to help. 10:30?”

“That’ll work. Thanks.” I breathed a sigh of relief. Working with Kate was so easy.

She was efficient, engaged, and proactive, great with difficult students, even better with difficult parents—and gorgeous.

Her full, curvy body perfectly accented by a long, luscious blonde mane, Kate could hold anyone’s attention. At a glance she looked 25, and unless you got her to really laugh you’d never see the lines that betrayed her to be 15 years beyond that.

Her experience made her equal (if not better) than most fully certified teachers. As a kick-ass educational assistant, she made teaching the dream job it was meant to be. The success of my last 3 years as a new instructor at Bay High were completely owed to her.

Sure, her sense of style was a bit dated: light denim and button down shirts under blazers, hoop earrings and bold makeup with silver accents accentuating her smooth pale skin. The strong contrast of her bright green eyes and purple eye-shadow was a little ‘mesmerizing’ at first. But if anyone could keep the 80’s alive, damn, it was Kate.

Her confident walk in comfortable flats told the rest of her story.

Beautiful, poised, and practical as fuck.

She was known for being a little intimidating to most, adept and skilled in communications of all kinds, and especially conflict resolution. If Kate came to you over a problem, you’d most likely be resolving it her way. And thanking her for it.

And I liked that about her.

She had patiently helped me iron out the flaws in my idealistic rookie years of teaching. She guided me into a stronger sense of discipline and order.

She sympathized with my heart for troubled kids, and at the same time, she called me out when I was hiding behind my hopes and not taking ownership of things.

On occasion, she also needed a firm hand to give her a sharp change in perspective, and because of our history together and the trust we had built, I could be that for her.

Over the years, we had dozens of private conversations before and after class—some more strenuous than others—and now, in my fourth year, unfortunately, we were separated. She had been assigned to a less competent instructor (ironically, a 20 year veteran) who needed someone like Kate to bolster a positively weak attempt at the profession.

Kate regularly stopped by to vent about the backwards and misinformed approach to managing students. Always happy to see her, I’d listen patiently, ask leading questions if she needed an attitude adjustment, and affectionately devour her delicious curves in a parting embrace.

There was nothing more pleasurable to me than noticing the swell of her breasts against my chest as we pressed each other goodbye. She loved my scent, and inhaled me deeply into her body anytime we were close.

But that was the past. Today, I’d received a troubling report from my administrators that a colleague had formally complained about my behaviour in a meeting. I was facing a disciplinary hearing.

Teachers are a notoriously sensitive bunch, and I was no exception. The news annoyed me.

I was sifting my recollection of the events in question as Kate walked into my classroom and shut the door. I glanced down self consciously at the pine-scented candle burning on my desk, knowing that Kate would tell me the truth and not necessarily what I wanted to hear.

But being vulnerable with her always led to the best result.

“Am I difficult to work with?” I asked, leaning back in my chair.

“What do you mean?” she replied, squatting down, balancing as only a teacher’s-aide can, on the balls of her feet, knees spread wide.

Nearly out of sight behind my desk, Kate unzipped my pants, pulled out my manhood and began generously licking me.

I glanced at the frosted glass window, praying that the door was locked and that the frost was doing its job. “I mean, you know me better than anyone else here,” I continued.

“Mhmm,” she purred, pleased with her thickening results.

“Am I that hard to work with? Am I respectful? Do I take direction from others as often as I give it?”

At this she smiled up at me, canlı bahis wrapping my dripping tip in her lips, I could see the bulge of my swollen mushroom stretching her from the inside as her cheeks sunk with deliberate suction.

She slowly withdrew, delicately drawing the edges of her teeth along my skin.

“Well,” she stood up, face flushed, “You’ve never seemed to have trouble taking cues from me…”

I gazed up at her usually serious, clean, aquiline features. I was never great with sarcasm and I looked for a clue as to her meaning. In response, she slow-blinked, her eyes directing me down to where her hands steadily undid her buttoned fly, spread the stretch denim wide and down over the tops of her milky white hips, revealing the front of a sheer midnight-blue thong.

I sat forward in my leather chair, welcoming the embrace of her forearms on either side of my neck.

She tenderly pulled my face into her thinly veiled bush, “I’ve always felt like we had an understanding with one another. I scratch your back,” she giggled, digging her fingers into my shoulder and sitting up onto my desk, “and you… …scratch mine!”

Her fingers wrapped themselves into a fist full of my hair and she pulled my smiling lips right to the edges of her softest skin.

It was easy to appreciate her natural beauty as I pressed my cheek into the fabric. After lavishly orally ravishing her hips I couldn’t help teasing her by slipping my tongue under the fabric, probing her outer lips with my wet lips, licking down one side as far as I could reach and then up the other.

Her sweet vanilla-like scent filled my mind’s eye with saucy and slippery daydreams. The swell of her skin was all the encouragement I needed.

My hands began to creep up to her open pants, but she slid her hips even further back onto my desk. My hands came to rest, one on each of her knees.

She continued, palms on my shoulders. “I know what it’s like to be misunderstood in this place. For years people have accused me of being domineering and intimidating.”

She wrapped me in an embrace, pressing me to her ample breasts. She rested her face on my hair and we breathed each other in, an intoxicating concoction of comfort and sensuality spreading between us.

I sat back, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I’ve heard that about you, too, Kate. But I never could see it. You’re confident, and you know what’s worthwhile and what’s a waste of time,” I reassuringly squeezed her knees.

“I didn’t mean to make this about me,” she blushed, inhaling sharply. “People here just don’t know how to take me. But I’m glad that you seem to.”

Kate unbuttoned her shirt, revealing deep cleavage wrapped in an overly burdened lacy bra. Her breasts hung full and her perfect alabaster skin invited my inspection. Noticing my preoccupation she slipped off a shoe and raised her bare toes, gracefully pointed like a dancer, to my lips.

She gazed into my eyes penetratingly as, mesmerized by the rise and fall of her breasts, I began to kiss each toe tip. In my peripheral vision, I could see her eyes narrow in delight as my lips slowly enveloped, tasted, sucked, savoured, and fully pleased each of her toes and the sensitive spaces in between.

“You don’t find me… …overwhelming, do you?” she laughed lightly, extending her thoroughly pleasured foot down to my dripping erection. I could feel the wetness of my own tongue on my shaft as she teased me with tiny flexions of her sole.

“N-n-no,” I stammered, transfixed on her bosom as she unclasped her bra, allowing the full weight of her carriage to hang forward, for my delight. “I’ve always liked your intensity, creativity, and intelligence.”

“Must you always talk like a teacher?” she smiled, noting my hungry fascination with her recently revealed, heavily engorged nipples. “Compliments and criticisms in threes… Although I’ve always admired your sensitivity to the students, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me positively wet on the occasions when you were strong and decisive with them: not taking any shit, and commanding their respect with your calm, composed strength.”

Her foot, toes spread, tantalized the throbbing top of my cock. Without thinking I slowly leaned in, my eager lips mere inches from her intoxicating skin.

“The truth is, bahis siteleri if my time could be full of time with you, my workday could hardly be called work,” she giggled, pushing my forehead straight back before turning around and leaning over my desk, arching her back and presenting her gorgeous behind for my attention. “Need me to mark anything while I’m here?”

She grabbed a red pen from a mug on my desk and began looking over a fresh set of grammar quizzes.

I rose from my chair, standing behind her, pressing my hardness between her thighs. My fingers ran through her long, blonde hair and came to rest on her belt loops. I tugged her body towards me before answering.

“I’d love some of your attention on those quizzes. It seems the students are beginning to get the hang of things. I doubt it’ll take you long to finish once you see what I’m looking for.”

“Well, okay, then,” she replied, reflexively touching the end of the red pen to her tongue before studying the first quiz.

With slow, gentle, rhythmic pulls on the unbuttoned waistline of her jeans, I revealed the rest of her curves, one millimeter at a time.

Glasses on, intent on her marking, Kate frowned thoughtfully and bit her lip, “Jesus, Jeff!” she muttered.

Impatiently and without looking, she reached back with her free hand and slipped her pants and thong fully down over her hips to the floor in one swift, practiced motion.

My mouth watered at the sight of her perfectly symmetrical, full and pure ass, spread before me like heaven. The sweet smell of her arousal overwhelmed my senses. My mouth watered at the side view of her breasts falling out of her unbuttoned shirt, delicately bouncing on the cool glass desktop, nipples erect and bursting out from under a thin red band.

“You’re right. Your students were well primed for these questions. They’re scoring nearly perfectly on the first section.” She licked her lips, writing a mark at the top of the page and turning it over.

“It does get a little trickier before the end,” I said, smiling wolfishly at her silken asshole and placing a thumb along the rim, stretching her folds taut. “They have to make a distinction between the main clause and any subordinate or dependent phrasing.”

I crouched behind her. Exhaling slowly onto her hole, I extended my flat tongue low over her moist and pouting pussy lips, allowing her nectar to gather on my tongue, feeling her pulse beat into her hot, now sweating sex.

When I could hold no more liquid on my tongue I began one, long, excruciatingly patient sweep, dragging the wet heat of my tongue from her dripping folds, along the full length of her labia, up her smooth perineum all the way to the top of her dark, starry crown, where, lathered in her honey, I pressed in, waiting for her body to respond.

“Now that does seem a bit trickier,” she admitted, subconsciously spreading her legs and arching her hips a little more, her newly melted cream threatening to pour out of her.

Holding my mouth firmly against her hole, enjoying every contraction, I slowly pressed two fingers into her cunt. Her sweet water poured over my hand as my fingers carefully ventured deep, pressing down onto her rock-hard g-spot.

Kate shuddered with pleasure, one heel leaving the ground and catching under my chair. She flexed her lifted leg hard, the muscles in her thighs and sex contracting, sharpening the tight valleys of skin around her labia.

Her body gripped my inserted hand like a vice, pushing it outward. She groaned gutterally as a gush of hot fluid burst from around my fingers, and my tongue finally slid, throat deep into her pulsating asshole.

Held down and shuddering under my tongue’s impaling thrust, she managed to silently arrive through her first crashing pleasure wave, the only sound being the sweep of her arm and flutter of quizzes hitting the floor, as she cleared the desk in one ecstatic stroke.

Her deep exhalations spread condensation on the desktop like breath on a winter window.

I stood up, wiping my face dry on the arm of my sleeve, and I pulled Kate upright. She turned to face me, one hand spreading her labia, the other guiding my throbbing shaft into her inviting clasp. Kate placed her mouth over the hollow in my throat.

With slow small circles of bahis şirketleri her hips, and alternating licks and nibbles on my neck, she brought me to the brink of insanity, pausing to press me away just far enough to hold my tip against her clit until my breathing slowed down again.

Seeing me sufficiently enslaved by this treatment, painfully erect, and sweating desperately for release, Kate stepped one leg out of the pants around her ankles, sat back onto my desk, and guided my willing mouth to her soaked and pulsing pleasure point, again.

Her free leg spread wide, beautiful foot poised elegantly on the armrest of my chair, her womanhood literally dripping lust beneath a striving, throbbing clitoris.

Getting low, I allowed the drops of sweat and honey from her body to drip onto my face as I opened wide and gently sucked the entirety of her folds into my hot, horny, mouth.

Kate’s hands gripped the back of my head, and she gritted her teeth as my nose grazed the underside of her lady erection. She writhed, splaying her toes as I teasingly tugged at her body: sucking, swallowing, and breathing in her essence.

I released her lips from my embrace and slid a finger into her body, finding the swollen backbone of her sensual center. My other hand gripped the top of her mound, pulling upward, stretching her wet skin taut, exposing her desire for my undivided attention.

I extended the tip of my tongue to the base of her shaft and she shuddered at the slightest grazing. Her frantic hands clutched the sides of my head and her foot left my chair to sprawl across my shoulders.

I began to torture her with a rhythm I knew she couldn’t withstand. Soft, and unrelenting, commanding and composed, I powerfully drove her over the cliffs of wild and heady delight…

Kate bucked viciously, rigid and spastically riding my face for a full 8 seconds, before screaming, “OH, MY, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

The ecstasy of seeing her eyes roll back as she lay, sprawled and spasming on my desk was overwhelming. Her soaked and quaking body trembled for what seemed like minutes. Her eyes remained closed and her cheeks shone a dark shade of rose.

Before I could worry that she was falling asleep, she sat up, spun us around, and sat down in my chair. Her beautiful green eyes staring up at me, full of gratitude and mischief.

She reached for my over-full balls, unable to cup them both in one hand, she tightly gripped one, bringing a mild yelp from me, and a burst of pre-cum from my swollen, cherry colored tip.

With a delighted arch of her eyebrows, Kate slid the heat of my erection between her sweat covered breasts. Gripping them she leaned over, exhaling onto my sex and proper fucking me with her tits.

I watched as she pinched and rolled her nipples, pleasuring herself as my rock hard molten member speared through her cleavage, up to her waiting mouth, where she delivered a sinful dark-lipped embrace and suck.

Desperate to last longer than she did, friendly competition always driving our relationship, I slowly counted to 10 as she rode me like an animal, ferociously feasting on my cock at the end of every thrust.

I must have been counting down out loud, because at “one” she released me from her cleavage, guided the width of me through her lips, and deep down into her gorgeous, velvet, throat.

My girth was too much, but she adored me and swallowed me whole, her body wracking with the effort of devouring my soul. Only after my last drop was spent, and my shaft began to bend, did she release me from her worshipful throat, quivering, taking a deep, deep breath in.

As she lay recovering, now reclined in my chair, I restored my pants, belt, and shirt to their original positions.

Kneeling at her feet, I brought her jeans back around both beautiful ankles. Her thong, wet as a washcloth, lay in a puddle next to me. Slowly, tenderly redressing her gorgeous curves, kissing each inch, as it disappeared back into propriety.

She sorted out her upper half, and stood when it was back to workplace standards. We shared a long embrace. I savoured the pressing of her breasts against my chest, and all the rest.

With a quick, open mouth kiss, and a flick of her tongue against my lips, she turned on her heel, and noticed, as if for the first time, the quiz papers and pens scattered all over the floor.

“No, Jeff,” she replied. “You’re not difficult to work with at all… But you should really clean this place up a little.”

And with a wink. She was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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