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It was after practice for everyone. I thought I was going to get a ride home with the girls, but when I walked out of the lockerroom, their car was gone. I was ticked. As I walked around the building, a bunch of the guys from the football team were hanging out. I grew up with most of them and remained friends with them as well. Charlie lived about 3 blocks away from me and I went over and asked if he could give me a ride home. None of the guys thought anything about it since I wasn’t like the other cheerleaders that put out for them. I was almost like one of the guys and in a way, I like that better than being talked about like a piece of meat.

Charlie and I got in the car and we made a stop at the 7-11 since he wanted a slush. Unlike a normal person, he would take the top off and drink it without the straw. We continued to drive and started to talk about some of the girls on the squad. As we were laughing, Charlie went past a stopped short when he nearly went past a stop sign and his slurpie went all over me. I was covered in cherry cola. My uniform top was going to be stained if I didn’t get it into water immediately. We were a block away from his house and he said that I could borrow a shirt if I wanted to just soak my top to stop the stain. I used to play at his house all the time when we were little so I basically helped myself to his bathroom. I took off my top and put it in the water to soak and saw that my skirt was okay. Thinking that he was still downstairs, I peered out of the bathroom hoping that he wouldn’t see me in my bra. With the coast clear, I walk over to his bedroom door and look over my shoulder seeing that I was along. I opened his door and stop in my tracks. There Charlie is, his naked back, tight ass, strong shoulders and arm…..wait! I caught myself staring at him just as he turned around. I turned my head, embarrassed and started to stutter trying to apologize. He grabbed a towel to cover himself with and then said he was decent. Decent my foot. I was walking down his casino siteleri hallway when he asked if I wanted a shirt. I forgot I was just wearing a bra!

Holding my arms up to cover my breasts, I went back to his room. His towel was tightly wrapped around him and I couldn’t help but stare at him. It must have done something to him because a huge bulge started to form. I walked over to him and said that I couldn’t get over how built he was. He said the same as he stared down at my arms. I was feeling tingly inside as he stared at me. He got closer to me as I dropped my arms down. I wanted to see more of him. He looked into my eyes and then kissed me. I put my arms around his waist and slowly undid his towel. It was a long time since I slept with a guy and after his kiss, I wanted more of him. I let my hands run over his chest. Damn he felt good. He went to his bed and sat down. As I looked at him, he was hard as a rock. I walked over to him and he worked his hands up to my now very alert tits. He started to kiss them as he pulled them out over my bra. My fingers grabbed at his hair as he started to suck. I was in a trance biting my lower lip! As I was enjoying this, he went under my cheerleading skirt and started to play with my panties. I seperated my legs and his fingers found their way to my very wet pussy.

Charlie pulled my panties down and I went to take my skirt off and he told me no. I kissed him hard as I pushed him back to lay down on the bed. I knelt beside him and started to play with his very stiff cock. He was so big, and gasped when I started to stroke it. As I bent over and licked around his chest, his fingers played with my very wet pussy. He had me breathing heavy and I could only think about was how great his tongue would feel…… I swung my knee over him and sat on his face. I sat straight up as his tongue danced around licking, sucking, my hips moving around in circles. I worked my way down and licked his monster. He was so big, so hard. I licked him up and down. I canlı casino teased it. Listening to him moan, my mouth closed over his cock and I started to suck. Up and down, slowly at first. My hand playing with his balls. His tonge was driving me crazy that I didn’t notice that we were not alone. I opened my eyes to see his dad by the door, watching, playing with his own cock. I wanted to put on a show for him. He was also built from his days in football and having him watch made me even hornier. Charlie didn’t even know he was there especially since my skirt basically covered his head. As I licked and sucked Charlie’s cock like a ice cream cone, I saw his dad come in the room. I slowly sat up, my full 36d’s out ready to show off. I sat straight up and as Charlie’s hands pulled me down so he could eat my pussy harder, I started to play with my tits. I looked over to Mr. Collins as I started to play with them. He was stroking himself and licking his lips. I started to suck my finger as he took a chance and walked over to us. He took my hand and put it on his cock and I started to jerk him off, slowly. He put his hand on my head and came closer to my face. I licked the tip of his dick and I felt so nasty. Here I am, 2 men at once….father and son. The though got me so hot and made me feel so wicked that I took his cock all the way in my mouth. He was holding back trying not to make any noise and I was moaning and so turned on!

Suddenly the phone rang in Charlie’s room and his dad ran out. The answering machine went on and his mom’s voice was talking. I got off his face as he wiped his mouth. He didn’t want to take the call since it was quite clear that he wanted to fuck right then and there. I told him to take the call since I had to get home anyway. I grabbed a shirt and then went into the bathroom. After I closed the door, I couldn’t get over what just happend. I was still very wet and wanted to play more but I thought it would be best for me to go. I twisted my uniform top to get the extra water kaçak casino out and went into Charlie’s room. He said he had to go pick his mom up from work. I started to go out his door and he grabbed me, and kissed me hard and passionately. I wanted to jump on his cock! He said that we would get together again, very soon to pick up where we left off. He went into the bathroom and I went downstairs.

As I was heading for the front door, I didn’t see Mr. Collins anywhere. I walked by the study and heard my name. I went in and Mr. Collins was sitting at his desk having a drink. He told me to close the door and I did. I didn’t know if he was going to be mad at me or what. All I knew is that I was still horney and I wanted a good fucking. I put my bag down and went over to his desk. As he started to say that he didn’t plan on anything happening, I started to take off my shirt. As I walked around the back of his chair, I pulled my tits out over my bra. He was still talking a bit as I took off my panties. I walked around and sat on his desk and stared at him. He took another drink and I got up and slowly started to titty fuck his face. As he started to suck one, he was undoing his pants. I pulled his head closer to my tits and I bent down and told him I wanted to suck his cock. I had him stand up and he kicked his clothes away. I went down on my knees and took his dick in my mouth and started to suck madly. His hands on my head, he held on as I took it in all the way. His moans told me he was at hot and horny as I was. As I stood up, I turned around, legs spread, inviting his cock to fuck me doggie style. He entered and held my hips as he pumped in and out of me.

He sat back down and I straddled him. Up and down, with my hips moving around, shaking my titties in his face. I was now in charge. I fucked him hard. His cock was huge and I tried to take it all in to my tight, wet pussy. Right when I told him I was cumming, he pulled me down on his cock hard. And again. He pulled me down again and he released. It was total sexual satisfaction. He kissed me, and I realized like father, like son.

I got dressed and went home. Smiling all the way. Wondering……what would it be like to have them both to suck and fuck? Hmmmmmm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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