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As she became eighteen she had developed into a full woman.

In our country one of the normal things is to go to the sauna, at least once a week. This means that the family strips nude and goes into a small room with a temperature of around 90 degrees Celsius, that is quite close to the boiling point of water. You sit there for about a quarter of an hour getting warmer by the minute. You start sweating, the sweat running down your entire body. That is one thing you don’t feel embarrassed about. What you might feel embarrassed about is if you get a hard on in the midst of your family with parents brothers and sisters around. Alas, at some stage when the children are getting older, the mixed Saunas are discontinued. Then the females and males go separately. That doesn’t have to be the case in every family but in most of them.

As my sweet little sister Sue became eighteen I was twenty. Of different reasons there had been a pause in our regular Sauna gatherings. So now it was the time again.

My brother and myself were the first to get into the heat. There we sat talking about our summer plans. Our parents joined. My mother was still a quite attractive beauty, but the presence of my father prevented any fantasies from popping up in my head.

“Where is Sue?” my brother asked.

“I’m not sure whether she will come or not” my mother replied.

“Why is that?” my younger brother asked innocently.

“She said that she would consider it. Becoming a woman makes her a bit shy” my mother explained. “It’s a difficult phase in a girl’s life,” she added.

“Has she got tits?” my brother insisted.

“Yes” mother finished that discussion.

The door opened. Sue was standing in the door, her eyes staring at the floor not wanting to face us others. Her chins were as red as ours were, we having been in the heat for some minutes already. The causes of her embarrassment were obvious. She was exposing the most delightful firm breasts. Quite a change within a short time, I realized.

“You are accepted as a woman now. They look nice,” I said in a noncommittal way. “Sit down and tell me how you did at the tennis court.”

She met my eyes with a smile, as if my words had helped her over the worst. She started to tell us about her match and obviously forgot about her shyness.

Listening to her tennis experience I tried to concentrate my eyes into her face, but involuntarily they turned down towards her adorable tits, time after time. She noticed it but seemed to like my stolen stares. This she confirmed much later.

My own problem started. My prick started to get harder. I would at once have left the sauna to take a cold shower, but I couldn’t, as I had to listen to her tennis encounter. I tried to think about my family sitting around us to get my member to take it easy. The result was a semi hard poker.

As soon as it was possible, without being rude, I left for the showers.

Soon we sat, all family, in front of the fireplace having some snacks and drinks. Here we were all covered with towels so that my, from time to time, hardening little friend was out of sight from the others.

As the Sauna session was over the others left to their rooms to dress. Sue didn’t leave with the others.

She looked at me with a serious and warm expression on her face. Then she said, “I love you Charles,” stood up and left.

My thoughts were spinning. “I love her too,” I thought “but as a sister…I hope.”

The next year the Sauna sessions continued regularly. I had the erection problem frequently, but I managed to time the shower to avoid any major embarrassments. Her breasts grew in size and her figure, as a whole became fantastic. Around the time Sue had her nineteenth birthday the family decided to discontinue the mixed sauna sessions. As this was discussed Sue looked at me with a very meaningful glare. From then on I didn’t see her nude for a year except from a few times when I by accident went somewhere where she happened to be in her Eve’s costume, like after taking a solarium tan.

Meanwhile we had taken up a mutual hobby. We both liked to play the guitar and sing together. We did so, sometimes among the family, but often only the two of us. The private jam sessions were the ones I liked most. There were a lot of laughs and the feeling was very good. There was clear electricity casino oyna in the air. We both new that there was more to it than only the songs and friendship. Sue quite clearly made efforts to keep me warm as a man around her. She never omitted to put on something nice, actually sexy. She didn’t use a bra and it was easy for her to have on something that gave me a chance to see her delightful tits from time to time. As this happened she often noticed my glare, but she never tried to cover her self, she only smiled at me in a friendly teasing manner. The times I got a ravenous erection were numerous. Sue had no inhibitions to glare at my throbbing tool in my trousers. We never said a word about her tits, my erections or about our mutual sexual feelings. We both felt, that if incest might be OK, the time wasn’t right yet.

One beautiful day Sue had her twentieth birthday.

We gave her a party with family and friends attending.

In the middle of the festivities we looked at each other while entertaining the gathering by singing and playing the guitar. Sue nodded in a meaningful way and smiled. I smiled back, me having the problem again with an instantaneous hard on. Sue glimpsed at it, smiled at me, nodded again and commenced her singing. I just hoped that nobody else would notice my predicament.

At three in the morning the guests had left. The family sat down.

“That was a nice party” our father commented.

“Yes, thank you Dad, it was lovely” Sue said, “and you too mother”.

“So why don’t you thank your brothers?” I asked.

“Of course, you too boys” she added with a smile.

“Well, suppose it’s time to turn in” mother said and stood up to leave.

“Yes, one shouldn’t sleep the entire Sunday” my father added. He embraced Sue and smiled to us boys. “Boys, we are men already” I thought. The parents went upstairs.

“I think it’s time for a one for the road drink” my brother said and went to the bar. “What would you guys like to have?” he added.

Sue and I looked at each other. Why be annoyed? We had the lives in front of us. But we both were. We would have liked to be alone, the two of us.

“I’ll just have a Coke” Sue sighed.

“Give me a beer, will you” I said.

We toasted.

“Well Sue, now you are a woman” my brother teased. “Why don’t you see any guys?” he continued.

“I will as soon as the right one comes around. I will not go out with anyone less just to see one. I’m so spoiled with the perfect guys like you two. It isn’t easy to find a guy with the same qualities.”

“Aha, one has become polite over the night” my brother shot.

“I’m not being polite. It was a serious statement. You two are really the nicest guys I know, by a mile,” she said.

George had finished his drink.

“OK, with this knowledge I can go to bed and bathe in the glory” he said standing up and leaving for the upper floor.

“Have a good nights sleep you two nightingales,” he said over his shoulder.

Finally alone!

I took up the guitar and made some accords. That would sound normal to the people upstairs. I was sitting in the couth opposite the fireplace. Sue rose and came over to sit beside me.

“Happy birthday, Sue” I said taking her in a soft embrace.

“Thanks. My life has been wonderful, partly or mostly thanks to you Charles,” she said and responded to my embrace with warmth that I didn’t believe is possible.

She took hold of my right hand and pulled it to her left breast.

“I have wanted you to feel my tits as long as I have had them. I guess you have known that all these years. You are beautiful. I have tremendously valued that you have never touched me earlier. This all in spite of the fact that we have both known that we would like to caress each other…and much more.”

I held her breast in my cupped hand as if it were the most valuable treasure in the world. As so often my cock was rock hard. Suddenly I felt Sue’s hand on my tool. I unbuttoned a few buttons in her blouse. She massaged my prick softly. I let my hand go under her blouse and took hold of the earlier presented breast. I took hold of her nipple and squeezed it lightly.

“That feels gorgeous” she whispered. “O how I have been longing for you” she added.

She turned her face up towards mine and gave me a warm and soft kiss on canlı casino my mouth. I responded with poorly hidden eagerness. She continued to massage my cock, now on the verge of exploding.

“This is a slightly dangerous place to go much further,” I said between kisses.

“ I know. I’m only so damn eager to have you, to give myself to you” she said.

She had tears in her eyes. She even started to sob.

“I need you so much that I feel like bursting,” she said.

“For, I don’t know how many, years I have longed for touching your cock. Every time you have had your erections I have felt, as I will go crazy. You don’t know how often I have had an orgasm by only watching your pole protruding in your pants. Let’s go down to the sauna and sit in front of the fireplace.” “That’s a good idea, my love. I adore you,” I whispered getting up, reluctantly letting her breast go.

We went down to the basement. On the way we embraced and kissed each other many times. My prick was about to explode. We locked the door to the sauna section.

“Let’s hope that no one will try it tonight,” I said.

“Shall we light a fire?” I asked turning to see how much firewood there was.

“Perhaps not this time. I think that we can’t stay here for a very long while” she answered.

As I turned around she was naked, her clothes lying in a pile on a stool. I felt like fainting. She was so extremely beautiful.

“How can someone be so wonderfully fantastic?” I stammered.

“Come to me” she whispered.

Removing my shirt I approached her. She started to fondle with my zipper.

“No, I can’t wait. Take them off!” she ordered.

I obeyed. Looking down at my prick I noticed that it was deep red, harder than ever before. It felt good. I wanted to give Sue the very best I can master.

Sue looked at it with lust burning from her eyes.

“Oh how I love this,” she said.

She took hold of the dick, at first very tenderly, then with a little harder grip. She moved her hand up and down the shaft making me feel hilarious.

“May I finally take it in my mouth. I have longed for that for so long?” she asked not waiting for an answer.

She went down on her knees and placed her mouth over my best friend. It was entirely fantastic.

“You have to stop now, or I’ll cum in your mouth” I warned.

“I want to eat you, I want eat your cum, but perhaps not just now” she said releasing the throbbing pole. It was standing right up towards the sky.

“Lye down on the couch” I suggested. She sat down, lifted her other leg on the sofa and sank down, one leg still on the floor.

I went down between her legs, taking one of her firm and beautiful breasts in my hand. Simultaneously I moved my head to her soft adorable cunt. It was very wet.

Caressing her tit very tenderly I started to lick her lovely crave making her let out small sound of delight. Finding her clitoris I licked and licked. She soon exploded in a fantastic orgasm.

After a while she said; “That was the most fantastic feeling I have ever had”.

I had the feeling that I would cum at any second now, even without my prick being even touched. What should I do?

“Charles, I can’t wait for it any more. Come into me” Sue whispered.

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I climbed up between her legs.

“Do it carefully, it’s my first time you know,” she said very softly with strained eagerness.

“Lovely Sue, I would never hurt you, but I have heard that this might hurt a bit. Tell me if you want me stop.”

“Don’t even dream about interrupting this. By the way, I have used pills since one month now so you don’t have to worry about babies. Come to me now Charles my love.”

I lowered myself over Sue. We kissed with passion. My rod was coming closer and closer to Sue’s lovely hole. I didn’t have to aid the tool with my hands. It found the mouth. Slowly it started to enter. I had a feeling that I might cum at once. The expression on Sue’s face was tremendous to watch. The love shown in it was something I thought I would never experience. I kissed her on both her eyes. By now the head of my poker had entered.

“I love you” Sue whispered.

“I love you too Sue” I whispered back.

Tenderly I pushed a little further. This was something quite different from what I had fancied all kaçak casino the years. Instead of being the horny bull ramming my prick with lust into Sue, as I had thought I would do, this was an act overwhelmed by tenderness. I felt tears coming in my eyes. Carefully I pushed a little further, all the time believing I will cum any second. My balls contracted. Again I pushed in a little further. Now a few inches back and then in again, again a little further. I wasn’t teasing. I only didn’t want to hurt my love.

“Charles, love, do it now” Sue whispered.

I reached the cherry. I moved softly out and in softly pushing against the membrane. Suddenly I made a hard push. Something was torn in Sue. We both knew what it was.

Sue smiled.

“It wasn’t so bad. It was the first time you have hurt me. I loved it,” Sue whispered.

Now I stepped up the speed of my movements. Sue made opposed pushes.

“I love you, I love you” Sue repeated. We kissed again with renewed passion.

“I’m bursting now,” I warned.

It felt like a train would have rushed from my balls to the top of my rammer. The train was a long one. The orgasm never seemed to stop. Finally I was finished. Remaining inside her I started to kiss her all over her face.

With soft movements I touched her breasts.

“How I love all about you, everything,” I whispered.

“Me too,” Sue replied.

I didn’t feel any remorse in spite of the happened incest. I knew that this had been the first of many love encounters between the two of us.

Carefully I withdraw my, to my surprise still rock hard, member out of Sue’s adorable love channel. I looked down at my pride. There was some blood.

“Now we have to be careful not to leave any stains on the couch. I’ll fetch some paper,” I added.

Holding a paper against her cunt, Sue went to the shower room. I followed.

“This is all my fault, so I think I should clean you up” I said.

Using the hand shower I washed Sue from her breasts down. Doing this I simultaneously fondled with her lovely tits. With the water flux I tried to reach as deep as possible into Sue’s vagina. With a soft finger fuck I removed as much of the blood and cum as I could. During all of this my prick was protruding in all directions as I moved around taking care of the hygiene of Sue. The water running down on my penis didn’t soften it the least. Sue grabbed it with her soft hand and started to make light strokes. It felt good.

“This has to be emptied” Sue commented and increased the speed.

We were both looking at the pole, now dark purple in color. I felt proud. Seven inches isn’t the biggest prick in the world, but it looked nice. There was a new train starting on its way.

My cum flew at the wall some five feet away.

“That was high pressure” Sue commented with a giggle.

We kissed. Now finally the hardness started to disappear.

We washed the wall, dried ourselves and moved to the sitting area.

“I’m afraid we can’t sleep together even if that would be lovely,” I said.

“No, we have to find a solution to that at the soonest,” she said.

We dressed. You can’t run through the house in the nude with the family around. After checking that there was no evidence left from our lovemaking we left upstairs to our rooms for a much-needed sleep. At Sue’s door we embraced and kissed.

“Have a nice sleep now,” Sue whispered “and dream about me” she added.

“It will be very wet dreams” I countered. “Sleep well Sue, I love you,” I said pushing her softly into her private quarters.

“Talk tomorrow” she said pushing her door shut with a last smile.

Thoughts were racing in my head. It took me a long time before I fell asleep.

One year later I moved into a house of my own. I was 23 at the time. It was natural for a man to get independent at that age. The ultimate reason was of course to have facilities where we could, without sneaking and hiding, enjoy our love. Sue came over and stayed with me as often as she dared. We absolutely didn’t want our parents to know about our deep romance.

Five years later the situation was somewhat changed.

We were both married. I had rented a separate flat for only one purpose. We met there about twice a week.

Now we didn’t want our spouses to learn about our love.

We both love our partners, but it’s nothing compared with the feelings we have for each other. Only the society puts the obstacle for free love.

We don’t know who is the father of Sue’s daughter. We don’t want to know.

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