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“So, since we have a few days, what do you say we share the cooking – I cook tonight and you cook tomorrow night?” I asked her as I opened the cabinets.

“OK – it’s a deal. But how will we know who is the better cook?” she replied, winking.

“I don’t think that matters – we’ll both have great meals and plus, we don’t have to compete on this! Let’s not add more stress to everything else going on,” I added.

“Yeah, you’re right…. so, can I least watch the master chef prepare his meal? It’s time for a cocktail and I could use some entertainment…besides, it’ll be less to pack!” She made her way over to the kitchen cabinet where the bottles were kept. As she bent over to look in the cabinet, I couldn’t help but notice her panties peaking out above her low-rise jeans.

“OK, wise ass… pour me one too… I cook best when I drink.” I started gathering the pots I would need.

She took out two glasses and picked out a bottle of whiskey from the kitchen cabinet. The bottle was half empty, and looked like it hadn’t been opened in 10 years. Luckily, there were plenty more bottles of varying size and shape just waiting to be drained. She poured me and her a generous portion. We raised our glasses and toasted.

“To Mom and Dad,” I said.

“Cheers,” she smiled a sad smile and took a drink. I let the whiskey fill my mouth and felt its warmth make its way from my tongue, to my throat and into my chest.

My sister and I were at our parents… our LATE parents… house down south. They had passed away a few months ago and because of complications with their estate, we weren’t able to settle their affairs until recently. I came down a week ago to start packing and cleaning up. My sister arrived this morning to help out. We spent the day going through all of their things, overwhelmed by the sheer number of their belongings. We had a couple of weeks before the house would be put on the market, but both had to get back to our lives up north soon. It was the end of a long day and we both needed a break.

I hadn’t spent much time with my sister since I graduated from college and moved out on my own – over 25 years ago. We had kept in touch and would visit each other occasionally but I wouldn’t have said we were close. I was looking forward to spending some quality time with her. We never had the chance to spend time together outside of the occasional holiday or visit and while we both had our own lives to tend to, I always felt that we had a stronger connection, but never got around to exploring it.

My sister was attractive – long brown hair, blue eyes, mid-40’s, slim build and athletic. She liked to run and keep in shape and never had any children. Looking at her in her white t-shirt and jeans, I started to think about what she looked like under those clothes. My cock started to swell in my jeans. I had always been attracted to my sister but since we hadn’t spent any quality time together, I could only imagine what it would be like with her. I thought that she felt the same way about me, but couldn’t be sure. Maybe this time together would give us the answer.

I started to prepare a simple meal of pasta and salad – there wasn’t much of a choice from the local market – while my sister drained her first glass. My glass was almost empty as well, the first one always going down quickly. She picked up the bottle and refilled her glass and then mine.

“So, tell me, what’s going on with you? Are you happy?” she asked.

“Sure, I have nothing to complain about, why?” I replied, wondering where her question was leading.

“Oh, nothing. I just want to make sure my big brother is doing OK.” She smiled a dreamy smile. I could see the stress of the day melt off of her shoulders and she slumped a bit on the stool.

“How about you, are you happy?” I asked. I knew my sister wouldn’t have asked me the question she did unless she wanted me to ask her the same question.

“Sure, why wouldn’t I be?” she replied, not making eye contact.

“I’m just asking. I want to make sure my little sister is doing OK,” I smiled, mimicking her response to me earlier.

She smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine… “

Her eyes told a different story. I wasn’t sure of it was that quick first drink or just the lighting, but it looked like her eyes were watery. She turned her head so I couldn’t see her face.

“Hey, are you OK?” I put down the spoon I was holding and went over to her on the stool. “What’s wrong? You don’t look OK…” My smile disappeared and I put my arms on her shoulder.

“It’s nothing… you know maybe I’m just getting old – once you hit forty, you start to get sentimental about things.” A couple of tears ran down her cheek.

“What are you getting sentimental about? Is everything OK? How are things with Bob?” I casino siteleri asked.

Her husband Bob was 15 years older than her. My sister had met him years ago and while he was a nice guy, I always felt she could have done better in the looks department.

“He’s fine… It’s just being down here at mom and dad’s house, it makes me think about how short life really is. Makes me wonder about the choices I’ve made and what my life is like,” her voice cracked at the last few words.

“Hey, we all feel that way as we get older.” I poured both of us another whiskey and sat down next to her.

“You’ve done pretty well for yourself – you can’t look at the past – you have to look ahead.”

“Yeah, I know, it’s just that there’s not much ahead for me.” She took a deep sip and sighed.

“What do you mean?” I asked, placing my hand on the small of her back and moving it slowly in circles.

“I mean, I love Bob and all, but we’re not very close. Our relationship has always been more….”, she struggled to find the word.

“More…?” I prodded.

“More cerebral than physical, if you know what I mean.” She looked at me, making sure I understood.

“Ah… I see… so it’s been awhile…” I nodded in understanding.

“Awhile?” she laughed. “It’s been years! We haven’t had… I mean… we haven’t been intimate in a long time… I mean, I feel kind of funny saying this to you, but certain areas of my life are not being fulfilled, know what I mean?”

“Yeah… I hear what you’re saying… but what can you do about it?” I replied. We both took another sip of our drinks.

She was silent for a minute and I could see she was struggling as to whether she should continue. “I almost had an affair a couple of years ago, but couldn’t go through with it,” she said. “There was someone who was interested in me but I really didn’t know him. I couldn’t risk my marriage for a fling. I need to trust the other person.” Her eyes started tearing up again – I put my arm around her shoulder and held her close. She buried her head into my shoulder.

“I’m sorry to hear this. I wish there was something I could do,” I said as I held her closer. Her body was so warm and I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. Maybe it was the whiskey.

I held her for another minute. She pulled her head from my shoulder and looked me in the eyes.

“Well….there is,” she sniffled. “I trust YOU. Completely.”

I looked at her. My breathing sped up and my whole body got warm and tingly. “I trust you too, but….what are you…”

She slowly, hesitantly brought her lips towards my face. I opened my mouth and felt her warm breath brush across my cheek. I put my hand on the back of her head and guided her mouth to mine. My mind was racing. What was I doing? Does she know what she is doing?

Her tongue found my tongue and we both held each other so that neither of us could end the kiss that we both had longed for our whole lives.

After a minute, we both opened our eyes and looked at each other, our lips still glued to each other. I could tell she was smiling.

Our lips parted and we both exhaled.

“Wow….” I said. I couldn’t think of anything more to say at that point.

“Yeah… wow.” She smiled again.

“I hope…” I started.

“Please, let’s not think too much about this. I don’t think words are necessary,” she said.

She grabbed the back of my head, moved her mouth to mine and buried her tongue deep in my throat. After another minute, our lips parted, she grabbed my hand and got up from her stool, leading me upstairs. We got to the guest room and stood near the bed. She pulled me close, pushing her body against my rock hard cock. There was no hiding that I was ready for more. Her hands moved down my chest and she started to unbuckle my belt.

“Hey, are you sure…?” I said. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Um……I said no talking. Let’s just take this where it goes, OK?” she said. Her eyes were dreamy and she was smiling.

“OK,” I said.

After unbuckling my belt, she unbuttoned my jeans. As she pulled them down, the pressure from my cock against the fabric of the jeans was released and there was a huge bulge stretching my boxer briefs. There was a dark stain where my pre-cum had made a very large mark. She pushed me against the bed and got down on her knees. She licked her lips and moved her nose against the stain.

“Mmmmm… I have always wondered what you smelled like,” she said as she took a deep breath.

“Hey, I thought you said no talking?” I smiled.

She smiled. “OK wise ass…. no talking… just action.”

She pulled my briefs over my cock and it sprang out, a large drop of precum oozing and dripping onto the floor. She tried to catch canlı casino it with her tongue but was too late. She then licked her lips again and opened her mouth. Her tongue flicked once at the tip of my cock. She tasted my cum and smiled. She opened her mouth again and took the whole head of my cock into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm…,” she said as I could feel her warm breath envelop my cock.

At this point, she was on autopilot. After a couple of more tastes, she took my whole cock in her mouth and kept licking and sucking. I had only dreamed of this ever happening, so I knew I wouldn’t last too long like this. However, there was no way I was going to stop her. I felt the cum building up in the base of my cock. I knew it was almost time. So did she. She sped up and when I knew I was ready to explode, I had to tell her.

“I’m going to…,” I struggled to talk as the orgasm built.

“Mmmmmm…,” she looked up at me her head slightly nodding.

“…cum…….!!!!” I finished.

I felt my cock draining spurt after spurt deep into her throat. I looked at her face. She looked so happy. There were tears in her eyes. She kept her mouth on my cock until every drop was gone.

She took my cock out of her mouth, stood up, and looked me in the eyes. She laid down next to me and gave me a deep kiss – I could taste my cum mixed with the smell of her saliva and started to get hard again.

She moved her mouth away, stood up and said, “Now it’s my turn”.

She pulled her t-shirt off, then quickly unbuttoned her bra, letting me see her B-cups for the first time. They were almost as I imagined – the nipples a little smaller than I pictured in my mind as well as through her shirts on those cold days years ago, but they were still as perky as I remembered.

“What are you smiling at?” she said with a smirk. “Like what you see?”

I nodded. “Very much…. I can’t wait to see the rest.”

With that she unbuttoned her jeans, shimmying them down her hips and stepping out of them, slowly, one leg at a time. Her panties were sexier than I imagined she would be wearing. Maybe she was expecting something to happen? Hmmmmm… I wondered. There was a wet spot where her juices had been leaking…. I could smell her and I bit my lip in anticipation of being able to taste her.

She pulled my shirt off and pushed me back on the bed and straddled me, moving her knees up to my head, so her wet panties were in my face. I pushed my nose into her crotch, letting it play with her lips, rubbing her clit ever so slightly.

“Ooooo, I like that… it is so sensitive down there,” she said.

“And wet…” I replied, as I hooked my fingers under her panties and started to pull them off.

She moaned, helping me to pull them off. Her pussy was dripping. I parted my lips and took her lips into my mouth, sucking the juices that were starting to flow even more.

“Mmmmm… don’t stop, that feels amazing.”

I opened my mouth and let my tongue flick her clit. I could tell by her response that it wouldn’t take much to set her into ecstasy. I flattened my tongue against her lips and started to move it back and forth, making sure to give her clit a healthy rubbing each time it passed over.

“Ahhhh… keep going….. oh, yeah….” she said.

I started to slightly increase the motion, her body started to tense. My eyes looked up – she was looking down at me with a face that said “Do not stop under any circumstances!”

Her hips stopped moving and I could feel the pressure from her entire body release onto my face. Her hips, ass, thighs and pussy went from being rock solid to liquid putty in a matter of seconds. She opened her mouth and for a couple of seconds nothing came out. Then..

“Oh my god!!…. wow….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…” she shouted.

She pushed my head away slightly and her entire upper body collapsed onto me. My face and her pussy were dripping with her. She opened her mouth and devoured mine. She licked up her juices like a person who was obsessed.

She pulled her face from mine. “That was unbelievable… I never thought… I mean, wow… how could I have lived so long without….” Her eyes were focused on mine. She smiled. “I think this trip is going to take a lot longer than planned.”

I smiled and held her close. She looked at me and then said. “Now I need to feel your cock inside of me. I need you to fill me with your cum.”

“But…” I responded.

“But nothing, there’s nothing to worry about. I can’t get pregnant. I need you to fuck me NOW. We are nowhere near being done,” she had this focused look in her eye. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

She didn’t wait for a response, moving her hips down my torso and lowering her pussy to within an inch of my cock, kaçak casino which was rock hard again. A large drop of cum was oozing out of the tip.

She looked in my eyes and said, “We’re OK, right? Nothing against your will? Things are about to change and we’ll never going to be just brother and sister. You OK with that?”

I nodded…. “I like change…. this is like a dream come true.”

“Speaking of cumming, ’bout time I felt you cum inside of me,” she said as she lowered herself so that the outer lips of her pussy just touched my cock and then raised her hips a bit. The drop of cum that was there attached itself to her, forming a short strand of liquid between us.

Seeing this, I grabbed her ass and lowered her pussy so that just the head of my cock was inside of her. She was so warm and the walls of her pussy tightly clenched my cock and pulled it deeper into her. I could feel the cum being milked out of my cock and lubricating the already soaked walls of her pussy. As she pulled my cock deeper and deeper into her, I moved my hands up to her breasts and playfully pinched her nipples. She moaned…..

“Ohhh… that feels amazing.” By now, she had lowered herself fully onto my cock, which was buried inside of her. She let it stay there for a minute, while she clenched and unclenched the walls of her pussy around it. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“I think we fit pretty well together, what do you think?” she asked.

I nodded. “Too well…. I could get used to this.”

“Oh, you better – and we still have a lot more exploring to do. You’ll never be so used to this you’ll be bored – I’ll make sure of it,” she said.

She then slowly raised her hips to where only the head of my cock was still inside of her. Then she started moving up and down – the shaft of my cock was coated with her juices. The cum from my previous orgasm was leaking out of my shaft and mixing with her juices. My balls were coated in our combined lubrication.

As she straddled me and lifted herself up and down, she made sure that her clit was rubbing against the top of my shaft. Her body was starting to tense. Her breaths were getting quicker, more shallow. She closed her eyes and was in another world.

I started to raise my hips as she lowered hers, getting my cock deeper inside of her. I could feel the back wall of her pussy. She started to groan.

“Ohhhh… that feels amazing – don’t stop…. I think I’m about to……” she said.

At that point her body tensed even more and I could feel her juices surround my shaft.

“cummmmm……… Oh god!” she screamed.

She then grabbed my shoulders and stopped moving. I moved my hands to her ass and just massaged her cheeks as she melted on top of me. She lowered her chest so that she was laying on top of me. She opened her mouth and grabbed my lips and tongue with her lips and teeth.

“Wow…. that was amazing…. but you didn’t cum yet?” she asked.

I hadn’t – usually I like to make sure the other person cums and then I could cum in my favorite position – doggy style.

“Not yet, but very soon…… can you turn over?” I replied.

“Ohhhh, an ass man – I like that!” She rolled off of me and stuck her butt in the air. The lips of her pussy were swollen, pink and drenched. “Like what you see?”

“I think if I don’t get inside of you now, I’m going to cum all over the sheets,” I said.

“Well, hurry up – I need to feel your cum drench the inside of my pussy. There’s a fire in there that needs to be put out,” she smiled.

I moved behind her and put both of my hands on her ass, guiding my cock into her pussy. I noted that her ass was nicely puckered and knew it would only be a matter of time to explore there. As I moved my cock deeper into her, she moaned and then lowered herself onto the bed, so I was able to get deeper inside of her.

“Wow, I could feel how swollen your cock is,” she said. “I’m ready for you whenever you want.”

I was only able to thrust a few times before my balls swelled and I could feel the rush of cum moving up my shaft. I put myself deep inside of her and unleashed torrent after torrent of cum deep into her. I could feel it start to coat the side of my shaft and then drip out of her pussy and start to coat my balls.

I collapsed onto her and moved my head to her face – she looked up at me and smiled. Her back was soaked with sweat and mixed with the sweat on my chest.

“Wow, that was amazing – if I had known all these years what I had been missing, I would have jumped you a long time ago!” she said.

“Me too…. that was great,” I smiled dreamily.

“It made me hungry, though – is dinner ready?” she smiled.

“Well, I hope that having dessert before didn’t spoil your appetite!”

“I think we’ll be having a lot of dessert at all times of the day and night – think it might be the only dessert we’ll have where we burn calories!” she laughed.

We both smiled and knew this was only the beginning…


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