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Dear Readers, please continue to send me your invaluable feedback via comments or direct email. There is nothing that pushes me more to write than appreciative readers.


It had been just two weeks since I received Carrie’s first email. She said nothing more than a few good words about my stories and how she shared similar interests as me. Of course, my interest was to give and hers was to receive. We started exchanging emails on a daily basis and got pretty close. We weren’t really “friends”. We were probably two strangers polite enough to respond to each other’s emails. Carrie lived in the United States and I lived in India. Nothing was ever going to happen. Or so we thought at the time.

As luck would have it, one of the departments at Carrie’s job got outsourced to India. Carrie was among the chosen few to travel to India to train the new team. When Carrie sent me this news over email, we both knew what was in store for us. Maybe we were suddenly shy, or too excited to express feelings, or maybe it was something else, but we never discussed the possibility of anything sexual between us. We did plan to meet up of course. I even offered to pick her up from the airport, but she said she would be with colleagues and that some guy from work was going to pick them all up. I was disappointed that I would lose out on precious time with her. I was supposed to meet her the next morning at her hotel, while her colleagues were going to go do touristy stuff. She was going to pretend to have a massive headache and an extreme case of jetlag. Obviously, no one would doubt that, nor force her to go out with them either.

I rang her doorbell at 12:58 am, 2 minutes before our decided time. Early as usual I thought to myself. Thoughts were racing through my head. I had seen pictures of course, if you have read my stories; you know that’s a rule. I had no doubts that this 27 year old girl was a looker, but was she just a fan of my writing? And nothing more than that? I mean, I am a big fan of some not so good looking female singers. I love their songs and have written them fan mails, but haven’t meant or expected anything more than a “Thank you”.

I had decided on the way that it would all depend on the way she dressed. If she wore something sexy, a short skirt, a skimpy dress, just a bath robe pretending to be out of the shower? I told myself that any of these would mean that she’s giving me the green light. So maybe I was a little disappointed when Carrie opened the door wearing a tight pair of blue jeans matched with a grey tank top. Wait, I think I made that sound bad. Not what I meant. She still looked like a freaking goddess with her perfect boobs and shapely legs. A good amount of cleavage escaped the top of her tank. I could push my face down that opening if manners didn’t exist. So I went in for a hug and welcomed her to India. She led me in and asked me to take a seat on the couch. She asked me if I would like a beer and she pulled out 2 beer cans from the mini bar. tuzla escort After handing me my can, she sat down right next to me on the couch. It was hardly a 2-seater. There were two other couch chairs facing us and the whole bed, any of which would be an ideal spot to face me to have a normal conversation. But she chose to sit right next to me. That was a good start I told myself. Like a girl who takes the first step. “Message received”, I told myself.

We talked about all sorts of things. Mainly things she needs to be careful of while in India. Diseases, crimes, etc etc. Eventually we got back to the source of our friendship and she asked me if I was writing anything new. I said I was taking a break as I was out of fresh ideas.

“Come on, you must have something?” she urged me.

“Well, I could write about us,” I said.

“But we haven’t done anything,” she said with a naught wink.

“Yet,” I replied.

I don’t know who started the kiss, but we kissed for a good twenty minutes before I realized we needed more space than this couch offered. I didn’t even break the kiss. We continued kissing as I pulled her up, walked to the bed and fell down with her onto the bed. The kiss never broke. I let my hand up her tank top and held on to one of the most perfectly shaped boob I have ever felt in my life. I massaged it for a while before I switched to the other.

“Oh my god, you’re killing me,” she said breaking the kiss.

“You’re killing me too! Wearing so much clothing! I’m missing out on everything!”

“Who’s fault is that!” she said laughing.

I got my green light! I pulled the top off her in half a second, messing up her hair which made her look hotter than she already was. The view of her bra was breathtaking. Two peering eyes beaneath her black lace bra stared back at me. I touched one of them over the cloth and it became bigger and harder. You know there are times when you want to delay things by teasing and making it sexier by taking things slow? This wasn’t one of those times. I didn’t even bother to try and unclasp her. I pulled down both cups with both my hands and started licking and sucking on the left tit like a mad man. While switching my attention to her right tit, I undid her jeans button and zip. She did her best to lift her hips to let me slide down her jeans, but her tight jeans were attached to her like my mouth was to her tit! We both burst out laughing.

“Are you serious? Now you’re gonna think I have a fat ass!”

“One, I’m not thinking that, and two, it’s not a bad thing if you do. Anyway, I saw your ass after you walked back after letting me in. It’s perfect.”

“How can you tell by that! The room is not that well lit.”

“Well… You’re right. Think I should take a better look.”

I hadn’t even uttered the last word when I jumped off her, turned her around and got her on all fours. I pulled down her jeans to her knees after which she turned to help me take em off easily. If the bra was the cake, her panties tuzla escort bayan were the icing. An amazingly thin, see through fabric was all that was between my salivating mouth and her hot wet pussy. I was so hard that my jeans suddenly felt like a straight jacket. That didn’t stop me. I couldn’t wait another second. Not even the second it would take to push aside a little of the fabric to expose her wet spot. I dived in and started sucking her juices off her panties. It was delicious. Carrie couldn’t take it anymore and made some adjustments which exposed me to her glistening pussy which was overflowing with her juices. I gave her about 4 to 5 broad upstrokes collecting all her juice and deposited them on her clit. Her juice trickled down and joined more of her juice that she kept producing. I attacked her opening and dove in with my tongue, but she pulled me by hair and pulled me up and placed my mouth on her clit.

“Can’t wait. Just finish me off.”

She had a major orgasm and locked my head tightly between her thighs until her orgasm passed. She was out of breath and I enjoyed watching her boobs go up and down with each deep breath she took. She let her hands fall down to the mattress too as they were probably tired; one holding my hair and the other keeping her panty from slipping back into place. This is when I realized that I had already given her an orgasm and her panties weren’t even off her. That was promising. I knew there was so much more to come.

“Don’t get so comfortable. I’m not done.” I said with a smile.

“I can’t even talk right now,” she said short of breath.

“You don’t have to. Just lie back and relax.” I said while pulling her panties down and off her.

Her pussy was very wet all around and she wiped it dry with a bedside towel. The view I had of her clean shaved pussy was more than inviting and I went in again. I knew she was tired after round 1 so I gently placed kisses around her lips. I slowly sucked her lips and in no time her juices started flowing down her thighs again. I thinned my tongue and entered her. She moaned loudly as I continued fucking her with my tongue. I had a feeling she was ready and flicked her clit very delicately with my thumb. I thought I was too rough cause she jumped up at contact. She just said she wasn’t expecting that and it didn’t hurt at all. That calmed me down and I went back to work.

My tongue was trying to get in as much as it could. My tongue was full of her juice and it started building up in my mouth. I had to swallow it to avoid choking on it. I increased my thumb speed and I could tell by her body movement that she was close again. I quickly replaced my tongue with two of my fingers and went up to her face to face. She understood my intentions and opened her mouth wide. I spit out all her juices mixed with my saliva into her mouth. She closed her mouth, let the whole thing spread on her tongue, gave a “mmmm” as she enjoyed the way she tasted and swallowed the whole thing. We kissed and escort tuzla my fingers increased speed till she came again and she pushed me off her and sat up and lay down again wondering which position would make her more comfortable as the orgasm overcame her.

“Oh my god. I can’t do this again for maybe a month. You are so good.”

“A month? I think you deserve a break. You can take 15 minutes if you want. I can rest my mouth too. My jaws hurt.” We both laughed.

She drank some water and sat back and pulled the covers over her. “Hey”, I said and pulled it off her.

“What! You’re fully clothed!” she complained.

“Damn, you came twice and I’m not even shirtless! You selfish girl!”

As a fan of my stories, she knew I was joking, but she came close to me and started taking off my clothes. Shirt, jeans, my boxers; and I was naked. My hard on saluted her. She pushed me down on my back and started kissing my penis. She licked it from bottom to top while her free hand cupped my balls. Without warning she switched from my penis to my balls and started sucking them. I wanted to be the one licking her and here I was lying selfishly still, enjoying what this hot girl was doing to me. I stopped her and sat up and pushed her down and went down on her again. When she tried to stop me, I reminded her that I had yet to take a closer look at her ass and asked her to turn over.

“You’re right. Ok lie down and close your eyes. Trust me. When you feel something, open your eyes,” she said.

I didn’t question it and lay down. I felt her moving around and got a fair idea of what she was doing. When I felt her warm breath and her hot tongue on my penis, I opened my eyes and was welcomed by a perfectly puckered hole right in front of me. I had to have it. And within the next second, my tongue was half way inside her ass. The next 20 minutes were spent in and around her ass. I kissed her ass cheeks, I licked her secret hole, I darted my tongue inside her and tongue fucked her ass for a few minutes. Anything I could do with my mouth to her ass, I did. I even curved my hand around her thigh and played with her clit for her. On the other end, Carrie was doing a darn good job of sucking me out. She sucked my balls lightly while she played with my penis and kept alternating this till I warned her that I might cum soon.

“Try and beat me to it,” she challenged.

We didn’t need to hear another word and we both went at it with a vengeance. I started sucking her pussy from behind getting all her juices all over my face while my finger kept toying with her clit. Carrie kept up the good work too and we both came at the same time. She quickly collected all my cum in her mouth and sat back on my face briefly suffocating me before she realized it and moved her weight a bit. She still rested her pussy on my nose, but I could breathe with my mouth and she knew it. She let out an “Aah” which probably meant that she swallowed my cum.

“Mmmm,” she moaned and fell down face first onto me, resting her face on my stomach.

I saw a wet pussy right in front of me. It had no where to go. So I placed my mouth on it and started french kissing her opening.

Could she really go for round 4?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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