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Old habits die with a hard-on.

Statistics! Let me tell you a few! My tits are 38dd. My Mums, she is coy when she says she had 36c. My Dads cock size is a very thick nine and a half inches. You will get to know how I know that if you have a little patience.

My Dad is 6.2ins tall. I am 5.9, my Mum is 5.7. All three of us have nice arses and good legs. We are lean of meat and fitness fanatics without even trying. We fuck a lot, that’s the most exercise we get. My Dad, being 44 had his hair shaved off his bonse when he started to go grey. Now Mum shaves his pubes as well as her own. My girlfriend Jo, shaves mine once a week. She wont lick my pussy until she has done it, so I humour her. I shave hers as I can’t get enough of her pussy juices. They sure do hum, but they taste good.

My Dad was away a lot, earning the cash to see me through college. When I graduated, he got himself a cushy 9 t0 5 job. When he was away he used to write to my Mum and me and he was forever telling me what he was going to do to me, to my tits, to my pussy and more excitingly, to my bum. He practically wrote the same letters to my Mum. We swapped, they gave us a great laugh, especially when we read the juicy bits out aloud to each other.

Trouble with Dad, he thought he was a stallion and Mum and I were his always-on-heat mares. The night he packed up his away job, he spent half of it fucking my Mum and the other half until 7 in the morning, fucking me.

I wasn’t a virgin. Jo, took care of that with her strap-on which equalled Dad’s cock in length and girth. She was aided and abetted by my Mum who also wielded a pretty mean dildo of the strapped type. Jo often slept over and she made no bones that she fancied getting into my Mum’s panties as well as my own. I knew her in college, but never got it on with her until we met on the train on the way home. She said she didn’t like to go to the loo on her own when she was on trains. She said one of her friends was raped on a train. In the loo she fingered my pussy while I was pissing! Any of you girls who have had that done to them, will back me up by telling you too, that it feels good. Real good! Of course the practice had spread to my mum and Dad. He loves to do it to me as he knows how it turns me on. He fingers my pee into my bum too, usually just before cock-up-my-bum sex. He does the same to Mum and Jo. Oh! Yes! He fucks Jo too! The three of us girls, sometimes fight over Dad’s cock. Now we draw straws.

This story is about the night our quartet was spied upon and we became victims of fuck-me-or-I-will-tell blackmail. It was a guy named Neil. While I’m on names, my Mum and Dad are, Bill and Nancy. I was christened, Agnes until I got a glimpse of my name in a mirror. Now I am called Senga! Yes, I know! I’m a clever pussy!

Neil lived in a tower block across from where we live. As my family live in a 4 bedroom flat in which just has to be at the top of a six stories building. We seldom bother drawing curtains or the lowering of blinds even though all our windows are equipped with both. Apparently Neil, owns a very powerful telescope which he fits his camera to. He sent us copies of his pics of some of our love-in sessions which were brilliantly crude. Neil didn’t want money. He wanted in on the action! We did not hesitate. We told him to send us a pic of himself in the nude with a hard-on and we would get back to him. He came himself with a fistful of snaps of his cock from all angles. Twenty-eight hours later, he let himself out of our flat. Now, let me tell you what happened in between.

After we had all seen Neil’s pics and agreed on some ground rules and swore on oath and a few sacred promises. We sealed the quintet union with pin pricking our thumbs to make them bleed and we all sucked each others thumbs in a sort of daisy chain thingy. During this, Neil managed to get his spare stinky finger into my pussy which was nice. It was readily agreed by Neil that he should take part in an initiation, that the four of us should fuck his ass. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Dad first with his cock and Mum, me and Jo using our strap-ons.

We stripped him by each of us taking off one of his bits of clothing. Out came the straws. I drew his boxers. Jo got his sandals. Mum got his ski-pants and Dad his T-shirt. When I removed his boxers, Neil’s hard cock got accidentally locked between my teeth to stop it whistling its way down my throat. He yelped! I relaxed my grip and it still went down my throat. I went for him and started to suck him off in top gear. We were parted like rabid dogs. My Dad was patiently waiting with a large tube of KY Jelly in one hand and his terribly hard cock in the other. Neil got to take off, three pairs of wet crotched knickers and to pick Dad’s undies off the floor where he had already shed them in his haste. Dads will be Dads! Horny old bugger! Listen to the pot calling the kettle black! The juice was oozing from me, I was that randy to get Neil’s cock in me.

I could see by the way that Jo was ogling him that she wanted some cock action too. Like me she was going to be jealous that my Dad was going to fuck Neil first. I moved over to her and clasped her against me, my knowing fingers manipulating her tits.

Mum was getting into her strap-on. For her age she was a very horny looking woman. She threw our harnesses across to us and Jo picked mine up and slid the pussy-cock into my pussy then she adjusted the Velcro strapping around my waist so that my ‘cock’ was sticking out like a barbers pole. She quickly lay down on her back and presented herself so she could guide my ‘knob’ into her wet slit. I thrust it hard up her! I felt Neil’s eyes before I looked round at him. He was bent over and my Mum was lubricating his asshole. He wasn’t too perturbed about being corn-holed. I guessed he had already had had his virginity taken by a guy or two. Not as it worried me. He was fresh meat! He was young, virile meat! That’s me all over, I was fucking my girlfriend and was still seeking other avenues. Why can’t the whole human race be blessed with cocks and cunts? Imagine the whole human race coupling up into a joint daisy-chain? You have to admit, it’s better than fighting and killing each other. Horizon to horizon fucking! Woweeee!

Meanwhile, Neil, down on the carpet playing hands, knees and bum like crazy. Well wagging it anyway. Dad not one for having a lot of patience slapped Neil’s arse to get him to hold still long enough to line up on his anal target. Neil’s eyes rolled up to the whites and a big, ‘Aaaagh!’ emitted from his vocal tubes when Dad got lucky. I held still for a moment in Jo’s pussy then I naturally fell into fuck stroke with my Dad. We winked at each other in a co-spiritual sort of way. I was jealous, he had feelings in his cock. All my fuck-stick did was held me away from Jo’s delicious pussy. I rammed it up her harder, jolting her spine because of my phallic lack. She didn’t mind, she thought I was being extra friendly. Her pussy odour wafting my nostrils helped some. I looked down at her sumptuous tits, her highly suck-able nipples, my heart softened and I bent to kiss her, her arms came around my neck and we snogged just like ordinary lesbians do, greedily! It’s a good job my tongue is fixed. I am sure that bitch wanted to eat it.

‘Ooooh! Yes! Yes! Do it! Fuck me in my asshole! Go on! Harder! Deeper! faster! Fuck me! Ooooh! God! Yes! That feels so good!’

The boy could speak! His verbal emissions had Jo and I giggling into each others mouths, which made me lose control of my saliva. She had to swallow quickly or she would have drowned. I saw Mum loitering in the background wielding her rubberised phallus like a stallion at a mares tea-party.

Dad, cleared his throat of phlegm and shouted, ‘I’m cumming!’ which changed from alto to contralto towards the end. Anal sex always makes him drain his bollocks until he is practically exhausted. Neil’s dick was still hard and dripping pre-cum which made güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my mouth water profusely which dripped onto Jo’s right tit. She was lying with her eyes closed with a sublime look on her beautiful face. I pulled my cock out of her to its latex rubber tip and shoved it back into her cunt in a pile driver motion which made her open her blue eyes and her mouth form into a pink chasm, with an shout of, ‘Ooooh!’ I laughed at her and pulled my cock out with a muted pop!

‘That was a great fuck, Senga! I enjoyed that. I love it when you fuck me hard and deep like that. You made me cum a lot.’

‘I was only up your cunt to please, Darling. Let’s do it again sometime!’ She laughed and slapped my left tit. It made my nipple tingle. Oh God! I am ready for a fuck!

Mum had Neil up on the bed. He was laying prone and she was fingering pink stuff into his asshole with two, then three fingers. Neil seemed to be loving it. Then, she gave me the shock of my dear life when she stretched his buttocks wide apart, speared her tongue out of her mouth and then plunged it into his asshole! I looked at Dad for his reaction and he was fingering the resurrection of his erection which made my anus contract tightly and so making iron ingots of my ass cheeks.

I was sitting on the bedside chair, mainly because it was pushing the dildo in my quim up into regions which were more beneficial to the nervous system surrounding my womb entrance. I got up and went over to the bed to pick up the pink jar, not so much that I was nosey, but inquisitive. On the label it read, Anal Lubrication Lotion (strawberry flavour) Trust my Mum to take the easy way in! I could see the anal-ogous reason for Mum’s choice of bum flavours. It’s amazing what you can get in the supermarkets nowadays.

Thank god it was my turn next to go into action, but I would have much rather Neil did the fucking. I was as horny as herd of stag reindeer. Can you get ill for wanting to be fucked? You know? The need is so great that it makes you ill? I get the feeling of an empty belly in my pussy, a void ness. My cunt felt like a bus garage with all the buses out on the road. You know how that feels, don’t you girls? Maybe not, I am a slut onto myself.

Mum positioned herself nine inches from Neil’s asshole. I can be exact because I know from experience that it is the length of her strap-on cock. I closed my eyes and felt it for him. Her knob just caressing his puckered anal bud. She moved over him, arms outstretched, her hands on the bed either side of his shoulders. Knees slightly bent as if she was preparing for a high dive. In a way she was. Neil’s asshole was to be her nine inch deep swimming pool.

There she was poised, Dad, Jo and I knew and had sympathy with Neil at this stage. Mum did this for effect. She waited for her victim to start trembling before she struck like a cobra. I was holding my breath as I saw the serpent invade his ass and totally disappear within his strong male buttocks. Strong muscular buttocks turn me onto a man. They are the machine that drives the cock, that shags my holes, that sends me to Senga’s Heaven. I was already busy sewing on my wings. Does anyone know if sluts like me go to Heaven?

All of Neil’s rhythmic sighs, gasps and groans were coming up from his digestive system as Mum pummelled his spinal column. I wasn’t in position to see the tears streaming from Neil’s eyes, but I knew they would be there. The times she has fucked me, I still do not know if I cried because of pain, fear or pleasure. All I know is, she could make a house brick cum.

It was my turn! How the fuck do I follow my Mom? Mum got off the bed and I was the original eager beaver to take her place. I still had my cock on and I had not bothered washing it, so it was still glistening wet from being in Jo’s pussy. I have told you my heart was not in this. I wanted to be fucked, not me fuck him. I just kneed my way in between his legs, got my cock’s knob lined up on his hole and stabbed güvenilir bahis şirketleri it in. He yelped, I laughed and lunged in deeper. My strategy was to hurt him, just so he we would do the same to me when he fucked me. I drew all the way out and rammed my cock back up him to the hilt. We repeated our yelps and laughs. I rejoiced at his apparent discomfort. Of course when Jo started to clap her hands so I could get the timing right literally forced me to fuck him in co-ordinance with the speed of the clapping. To be honest, I do not know if the poor guy came or not, after a while I just stopped and pretended that I had got my pussy juices in the off mode. Sorry girls, did I give the game away, there?

You can imagine my chagrin when Jo takes my place on the bed minus her strap on. There was a hue and a cry mainly only by me. I was over-ruled and Jo was told to get herself fucked if that was what she wanted. There was a major ooze from my chuff-piece and I knew without looking that it was green-liquid cheese. Dirty filthy little bitch! How could she? I think I had a legitimate reason for falling out with my parents who seemed to make and break rules at will. These two, fucking on my parents bed were outsiders!

The guy had inveigled his way in by way of blackmail. Now, my parents were giving into Jo, my friend, who was also in the position to do us ill. There was foreboding in my heart as well as the need to be fucked in my pussy. I think my Dad was reading my mind because he came over to me and cuddled me into his arms. His fingers walked deliciously down my spine and played about around my rosebud like dancing fairies treating it like a May-pole. You can’t do that to a girl who is desperate to have a pole inserted inside her.

‘Oh Daddy! Yes! Do it to me! Fuck me in my asshole! I can’t wait any longer!’

He turned me and bent me forward over the chair and I felt the coldness of the lotion being fingered inside my rectum.

‘Yes! That’s nice. Do it to me hard! Hurt me, ram it up me! rape me, Daddy! Fuck your Daughter like you have never fucked her before.’

There seemed to be a look of disappointment on Neil’s face when he saw my Dad plunge his hard cock up my ass. I felt that, Neil had a thing for me and he had set the whole thing up just to get into my knickers. Once again I had a twinge of an uncomfortable feeling. Woman’s intuition? Maybe. Jo had withdrawn her cock from him and now they were snogging with Neil on top of her. I was still jealous. She moaned out aloud when he entered her. I was being fucked in my ass by my Dad, but my mind was on the bed, underneath Neil. I desperately climbed back into myself and started to work with my Dad. The magic wasn’t there anymore! For the very first time I realised that this was not what I wanted. I wont ever admit that it was wrong, but there are other paths in life to take. It wasn’t just Neil! It was his youth! It was my youth! Today was the first time I had ever seen another naked boy. Seeing Neil fucking my best mate, Jo. Seeing her obvious enjoyment. Seeing the honest way she was giving herself to him. That was the cause of my jealousy. I suddenly realised that I was missing out on the best part of my life. I wanted Neil’s babies! Dad sensed the change in me and he had pulled out of me without me even realising it. Mum cradled me in her arms and whispered, ‘I know, darling. I know!’

Two days later.

I was in on my own when the door bell rang. When I went to the door it was Neil with a bunch of flowers and a shy smile.

I asked him in and we talked. He admitted he had fallen in love with me, just by spying on me with his telescope. He asked me if I would be his girlfriend. He knew about my Mum and Dad and he had talked to them. He said that they realised that they had to let me go to get on with my life. We talked about the sex thing, his bending over for my Dad. He laughed and said he would keep bending over for my Dad as long as I would promise to go out with him.

Now, Neil and I are engaged to be wed early next year. I share his flat with him. Does he bend over for Daddy? Only when we get invited round there for a meal. about once a month. Then, it is usually a no holes barred affair. Quite often Jo is invited too. Do I let Neil fuck Jo? Do you think I should?

Old habits die with a hard-on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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