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Many thanks for the feedback I have received from Ch 1 & 2. Of course David should have turned RIGHT at the end of the road. One wonders how he made it to the airport!

Chapter 3

By the time he got to the bathroom Astrid was sitting on the toilet pan. She beckoned him towards her and gently cupped his balls to draw him closer as soon as he was in range. She proceeded to lap their combined juices off his cock. Smacking her lips and giving his balls a final squeeze she said “OK, that’s you done, now get out of here and wait for me in the bed, I won’t be long darling.”

David headed for the bedroom and had just laid down on the clean white sheet when Astrid came out of the bathroom, kicking off her heels and easing herself out of the flimsy undergarment, she joined him on the bed. They lay together fondling and kissing, their heads on the pillows, both Astrid’s hands busy pulling and squeezing on David’s cock, while David’s hand cupped her sex, his middle finger penetrating and occasionally grazing her clit.

“So David, my pussy was the sweetest sight you have seen since yesterday huh? Tell me the story, come on fess up!”

David thought back to last night, he was a bit uncomfortable discussing his marital sex life with his wife’s mother but he reasoned that the relationship had gone way past being squeamish about these things. “Well, Sally and I were having a fuck session last night, we had a nice romantic dinner and hit the sack early. Sally loves to have her pussy eaten almost as much as I like eating her, so we moved to our favourite sixty-nine position then followed up with Sally riding cowgirl style.”

“Hmmm, I’ll let you in on a secret David, its like mother like daughter, I love to get my pussy licked, and sixty nine used to be my favourite when George was alive. I need to be on top though, don’t want to get bed head as I work on your cock.”

David moaned as Astrid pushed him over onto his back and proceeded to leave a trail of kisses down his chest, over his stomach pausing to poke her tongue in his navel. He stroked the inside of her thigh encouraging her to lift her leg over his head so her knees were beside his head, he looked up at the lovely sight of her cunt glistening with dew.

As Astrid moved further down she took hold of his cock in one hand and slipped the head into her mouth, she then placed both hands on the bed. Her breasts grazed his stomach, he could feel the tips of her nipples caressing him as she shook her head from side to side while keeping his cock held gently by her luscious lips.

David lifted his head, and licked a long trail from her clit through her pussy lips and as far as he could across her perineum. He raised his arms güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to pull her down closer so he could extend the reach of his tongue to lightly lick around the puckered opening of her ass.

Surrendering to the force of gravity Astrid stretched her long legs and allowed her full body weight to lay on David, thus allowing her to get more of David’s cock into her mouth, as well as ensuring that his mouth came in close contact with her cunt.

David was in seventh heaven, his cock half way down the throat of this gorgeous woman while he licked and sucked on her cunt, pausing every now and again to swirl his tongue around her clit. She pulled her head up allowing David’s cock to slip from her mouth so she could speak. “Oh David, lick that clit please, more, more!” she said grinding her pussy down on his mouth.

More than happy to oblige, David redoubled his efforts on her clit.

Groaning with pleasure, Astrid resumed her task. Her head bobbed up and down while David’s dick, slick with her saliva, moved in and out her mouth – the head just touching the back of her throat on every stroke in. David’s mouth was busy, his tongue worked its magic on Astrid, her moans and the attention she paid to his cock were evidence of that. His nose was pressed tightly into her cunt.

“I have died and gone to heaven,” He thought, “if only I could breathe through my ears, I could keep this up all night!”

But of course David could not breathe through his ears and he came to the conclusion that he had better take a breath very soon. He placed his hands on Astrid’s hips from underneath and pushed up, took a deep breath and pulled Astrid back resuming his ministrations.

“Oh you wonderful man.” Astrid gasped as she felt herself nearing orgasm. “Keep going, I’m almost there!”

For his part David was almost pleased she had spoken, he was close to coming himself, her mouth had being doing things to his cock he could not believe, Astrid shaking her head from side to side bobbing up and down on his cock.

Astrid’s orgasm came over her quickly, she pressed her cunt harder against David’s mouth. “Ohhh David, you’re the best!” she moaned as the orgasm overwhelmed her. Quickly moving position she rolled over on her back, spreading her legs. “Now David, I want that lovely cock of yours inside me again. Fuck me David.”

Positioning himself between her legs David held his cock at the entrance to her sopping pussy, Astrid’s talented work with her mouth had left him harder than chinese arithmetic. He slowly pushed inside her, knowing it would not take long given his state of arousal before his cock spat its load inside her.

He began a slow güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in out motion, as Astrid lay beneath him, her arms behind her, hair spread out on the pillow, her lovely breasts succumbing to the force of gravity and flattening against her chest, the nipples poking invitingly from the alabaster surface.

“Hmmm, just like that David,” she breathed as David paused balls deep to savour the feeling of her clutching cunt on his cock. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He sawed his cock in and out, in and out a few more times then slammed it home as his potent load spewed forth. Astrid felt his orgasm approaching and wrapped her legs tightly around him holding him fast inside her, revelling in extreme pleasure as he pumped into her, warming her from the inside. Opening her eyes she looked into his face, the intense pleasure of the moment evident in his expression of pure ecstasy.

After another quick cleanup, they both collapsed on the bed, the time well after midnight, he spooned behind Astrid, his arm around her cupping her breast, she reached back between them and held his cock in her hand as they both fell quickly into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 4

David woke to an empty bed, he went into the ensuite bathroom for his morning pee, then he pulled on his boxer shorts and went to see where Astrid was.

He found her in the kitchen leaning over the counter reading the morning headlines in the newspaper, she had slipped on a silver satin house robe that barely covered her lovely ass as she bent over. The kettle hummed in the corner almost boiling and a tea pot was waiting with two mugs to be filled.

He moved in behind her and leaning over kissed her ear, “Good morning,” he whispered.

“Good morning to you too Stud,” she answered pushing and wriggling her ass against him, feeling the press of his cock between her ass cheeks. “Just getting some tea ready, I was going to surprise you with tea in bed.”

Just then the phone rang and Astrid picked up the portable handset from the bench.

“Hello, Oh Hi Darling” she covered the mouthpiece with her hand “Its Sally,” she whispered.

David took advantage of the situation by raising the back of her robe and fondling her cute buns, he dragged his finger over her puckered asshole thinking how nice it would be to put his cock in there.

“Yes, Darling, David’s already started work on my back door… Oh yes he is such a hard worker.”

David spotted a bottle of vegetable oil on the counter, he flipped the lid up and poured some on his fingers.

“What’s that Dear? Last night? Oh we just got a movie and had a couple of glasses of wine before an early güvenilir bahis şirketleri night.”

David had now inserted two fingers into Astrid’s bottom, working his fingers in and out loosening her up.

Astrid moaned into the phone, not getting her hand over the mouthpiece fast enough. “The noise? Oh…I just kicked David’s hammer, he left it on the floor…”

Meanwhile David had greased up his cock with the oil and had it positioned at the entrance to Astrid’s bottom. In anticipation of the invasion she spread her legs further.

“Yes dear I will tell him to be more careful with his tools… Just a sec dear…” Astrid put her hand over the mouthpiece and groaned as David slowly fed his cock into her ass. She looked around at him and they kissed as he bottomed out. David started to pull back and then thrust as he moved his cock in and out of Astrid’s delectable bottom.

“Can you talk to him? Not just now Dear, he’s just started using his tool on my back door, I don’t want him to lose his concentration.” She stifled another groan, “he might slip and injure himself.” “Or slip out!” Thought Astrid.

“Just one more thing Sally darling, I was wondering if you would mind if I…” Astrid paused biting her lip as David’s cock moved up her channel, “…kept David here for, uh, another day or so, I’ve got a couple of more jobs that I would like him to do.”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t know how many pairs of underwear he packed Dear, but its not a problem I could always go get him a spare pair at K mart.” “Not that he is going to need underwear for the jobs I have in mind,” thought Astrid as David continued to saw his cock in and out of her ass. “OK Dear, thanks for the call, I’ll get David to call you later” “Maybe while I’m sucking his cock so I can get some of my own back.” “Bye dear…”

Astrid hung up the phone and looked back at David, as he increased the pace of his thrusting. “You David, are a very naughty man, but I love what your cock is doing to me.” She began to thrust back at him feeling her orgasm rising, and sensing that David was just about to come. They came together, David sending a load of spunk deep into Astrid’s bowels.

David slipped his cock back down Astrid’s channel, hearing an audible plop as his cock popped out of her ass. The kettle had long since boiled and turned itself off.

“Ready for tea now, Darling?” Astrid asked slipping her arm around him.

“Sounds great, I’ll be right back as soon as I’ve cleaned up this tool of mine. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to look after your tools,” he laughed as he headed for the bathroom.

I’m going to leave it there for the time being, I’m working on some other stories. I have some thoughts on where to take this though, the sister, as one reader suggested, maybe the wife… all three?


I’m up for suggestions and any feedback is greatly appreciated, unlike others, I can take negative feedback, Australians have thick skin and … I know where the delete button is.

Thanks Nana!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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