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The feel of his massaging hands was sublime as I lay on my side. The massage of his fingers helped to take away the ache of what carrying a child almost full term felt like.

My hands moved out over my belly in the darkness and I smiled as I felt our boy kick against the soft skin of my stretched belly. To say our child was active was to put things mildly.

I clamped up painfully as one of those kicks hit something sensitive. I loved the boy, but he was trying to kill me.

Caleb shifted and I felt him rise up behind me and lean over me to speak directly against the skin of my belly, “Hey, stop that! You don’t hurt your mama like that.”

Instantly the baby’s restless actions calmed and neither of us doubted that Caleb’s words had an effect on the baby. The baby loved the sound of his daddy’s voice and now as he began to move again his actions were much gentler.

“That’s more like it squirt.” Caleb said as his own hand pressed warmly over my huge belly. There was pressure from within as an answering touch was reciprocated and the hearts of both of us were melted.

“Oh God!” Caleb whispered thickly against my shoulder.

My hand smoothed over his to hold it in place as we shared in the moment. I let out a contented sigh, only to then take note of a fact of nature.

No matter how big and bloated I had become in this last stage of pregnancy Caleb’s body apparently had no off switch or if he was to be believed he actually found me more beautiful than ever. I didn’t see how that could be, but it must be so.

His cock lengthened and grew against my backside. The tip of it wetly pierced between my ass cheeks and I blushed in the darkness.

We’d already made love, but an hour ago and I was both exhausted from it and actually even sore. He seemed to know both things as if I’d said them out loud.

He began to move back from me, but my grip on his hand tightened. He stayed put, but it must surely have been a torment for him.

The tip of his shaft pressed into the cleft of my bottom just above my asshole. I could feel the tension in his thighs against mine.

The very real male urge when presented with the feminine to push and push in order to find release was easily discerned in the moment. I smiled into the darkness as I listened to his elevated breathing.

He was too much a gentleman of caring nature right now to see to his own needs, but I was his wife and his needs were my number one priority.

Softly I broke the silence by saying, “You know we haven’t talked about the reality of me not being able to be available for Mr. Lawman in the not-too-distant future.”

His words were dry, as he tried to pull back from me once more, “Don’t worry about me Anya. I assure you that I will survive.”

“Of course you will. I know you would do or suffer through anything for me. I appreciate that, but honey, I’m better off when I know you’re satisfied and taken care of.”

“What are you saying?”

I shifted and the head of his cock pressed directly against the ring of my tightly closed anus. He jerked and I smiled in the dark feeling completely relaxed.

Seductively I said, “Can you tell me that you don’t want to?”

No answer came, just the feeling of increased tension. Reaching back, I gripped my fingers about the thickness mobilbahis güvenilir mi of him.

Oh, he was big to be sure, but it did not matter. Speaking softly as I rubbed the head of his shaft against my anus, I said, “Here I was made for you too. I’m sorry I haven’t offered it to you before. I… I’ve had bad experiences. It has never been consensual, always something taken against my will. I want you to change that. Like everything else where you take the bad memories away please now do the same with my ass. I need to be a whole woman and to be so I need to be wholly yours and I… trust you.”

I left off stroking his now turbulently hard cock. Curling more into a fetal position I pressed my anus even harder against the head of his cock.

Sounding choked, he asked, “You really want this?”



“I want to please you.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“I always worry about you.”

“I know, but just the same my ass along with the rest of me needs you as the master of it. Don’t be afraid. I want you to have my ass. Please don’t fight me or deny yourself something that you know you really want.”

He sighed heavily. The bed shifted and he was gone and then he was back and I eased my upper leg up higher and rolled over as much as my big belly would allow.

His oily thumb touched down upon my anus and I felt a jolt of unexpected sensation. Thickly he said as his thumb rubbed, “I’ve never done this.”

“And I’ve never had anyone who cared to do it right. Again, my love I wish I was a virgin for you in this.”

“Anya I…”

“I know Caleb. Please don’t get angry at me.”

“Angry… how could I?”

Time passed as all he did was rub and gently press. Pleasurably I began to look forward to something that had only brought me agonizing pain and tears in the past.

The pressure of his thumb was anything but painful. Then one of his oiled fingers slowly began an inward journey and as it did I filled my mind with all the positivity that Caleb was to me.

With ease his finger slid all the way in and I gripped about the entirety of its length with surprise even as I heard him groan. Tightly my ass constricted for a moment about the finger, he had given me to the hilt, but there simply was no pain to be had.

Rubbing my cheek against the pillow I bit my lip as his finger began to move in and out.

“Honey, you know what?” I whispered.

“What?” He asked, sounding strained as his finger came to a halt within me.

“I like it. I think you should put another finger into me.”

In the silence that followed that statement I felt the entry of the second and breathing deeply I accepted it fully into me until it was enshrouded by the tightness of my rear as hotly as the first was. The lack of pain was simply astonishing and for the first time in my life the reality of having something bigger back there actually sounded like something that might actually be a good thing.

Slowly his oiled fingers moved and I completely relaxed. Everything about the moment was warm and loving.

In and out his fingers worked and as they did, I got wetter and wetter between my legs. Shifting I whispered, “I had no idea that this could feel so good.”

I turned mobilbahis my head to look at him only to see a man entirely focused upon the task at hand. Turning my head back forward I accepted the reality of the moment as it came to me.

I very much wanted to be penetrated by this man’s cock to the hilt in my ass. Whether it was like the wonderful stroking pressure of his fingers, or like the sharp rending pain of the past I truly didn’t care.

Feeling like a whale I rolled over fully onto my knees. My belly rested against the bed and with it cradled supportingly I shifted into what I felt would be the best angle.

I was comfortably ready for more and as if in answer my mate’s warm fingers returned. First one and then two and then the tips of three were teaching my ass to stretch wider for what was to come.

His fingers left me and with a heavy sigh, I waited and then wetly oiled for the task at hand the head of something bigger began to slide into me. He was a bigger man than any before who had made use of my ass against my will, but this was of my will and I was finding the experience vastly different.

Gasping, I threw my head back and breathed in deeply as bit by bit he powerfully expanded me with his shaft.

“Do I need to stop?” He gritted out even as I felt the grip of his hands upon my hips almost shaking with the need he had to plunder what he was now penetrating into for the first time.

Letting out a deep breath I groaned with a guttural quality all of my own, “Don’t you dare stop!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Realizing the sharpness of my words I whispered out, “I’m sorry. I… Oh yes!!!”

After a long moment of him remaining still before sliding deeper I breathed out in exclamation, “Tell me I’m not dreaming this.”

“Honey, you will always be a dream come true for me.” He said, as the wiry hairs about his shaft’s base pressed fully up against my ass now full split apart by his cock even as his heavy balls rode up against my soaked womanhood.

I squirmed with pleasure and felt shock at the reality of being fully stretched wide about my man. He stayed still and I groaned in want of more.

He began pulling outward slowly and I gasped in denial, “Baby… Ohhhh!”

He was sliding right back in, only wetter and far more quickly. My mouth opened and I coughed as I felt my insides conform to his tender invasion.

Breathing heavy I stayed poised on my knees as his groin once more pressed up against my ass. He was all the way in and it felt incredible.

The moment was not without discomfort, but the feeling of pressure and of him and something else simply made for an experience that I was becoming entirely enamored with. He started to withdraw again and desperately I shook my head no, only to exclaim, “Yes!!!” As he pressed all the way back into my depths again with a gentle tenderness that I adored.

Caleb was nothing but a blessing. Whispering I said, “Please… I… harder.”

His inward thrusts into me lost a degree of tenderness and became more like his usual nature and with the change I nodded my head emphatically and on my knees, I shuddered as I held still for the pleasurable invasion of my ass by my husband. Biting my lip against expressing the extremeness of what I was feeling I felt him in turn mobilbahis giriş smack the one side of my ass firmly.

I gasped hard at the unexpected sensation of not only his hand disciplining me, but also the way it felt all the way to the core of me as his shaft vibrated.

“Don’t be quiet on me now Honey.” He said with force and I obeyed.

The groans coming from me seemed almost animalistic and yet I gave over to the sensation of expressing them, indeed the pleasure of what it was like to have him dominating my ass with his large cock became something vividly expressed across all fibers of my being. I heard him groan and he swelled even larger within me and then he was pressing as deep as possible and I felt the bathing of his hot seed within me in a place where he’d never put it before.

With a heady little shock to my system I realized that while I was no virgin when it came to this act his seed, however was going to be the first to ever be expressed freely within the depths of my ass. The others had all worn condoms, but not Caleb.

Shuddering in orgasm he bucked into me and I held steady for the outpouring of his orgasm completely gored repeatedly to the hilt by his cock in my ass. Breathing heavy he came to a standstill and yet he held his shaft deeply with the clear reluctance to remove it from me.

Lovingly I squeezed him then and I felt a ripple of pleasure radiate through my vagina when I did so. His fingers dug into my hips as he groaned further still at the unexpected feel of an even tighter clasp about his cock than what my vagina could give him.

I relaxed my squeeze about his manhood and with a shuddering sigh, he slid free from my ass and collapsed onto the bed beside me.

Laughing softly I whispered, “How was that Mr. Lawman?”

“Incredible and…” His eyes came to mine in the darkness as he finished with, “and very special. Thank you.”

I collapsed onto my side and snuggled into him as best as I could as the feeling of having been taken deeply in a fundamental way by my man continued to reside very strongly upon me. It was an odd feeling to relate to, but I had the sense of being owned now not only physically, but mentally by my man in a way that was not up for debate.

“Now we have a solution for you dear in the days ahead, when you can’t be in me the other way.” I whispered against the hairs of his chest.

“Days ahead… Honey, I’m going to stretch your ass around my cock for the rest of your life!”

Giggling, I asked, “Promise?”

“Promise.” He stated with emphasis.

Smiling, I nudged my head under his chin. Life was so full of joy right now.

It was wrong not to admit to the need to thank God for it. My faith was new, being only a few months in the making, but with each day I saw a new reality open up that was so widely removed from the darkness of my past that it was indeed staggering.

Everything had changed. It had changed before I had even believed in God.

A God who had put a man in my life like no other in order to show me the way to Him. The last thing I had wanted in life was to ever be put under the control of a man again, but God had known better.

By giving me a godly man he had laid all my best fear laden plans aside and birthed a future of wholeness and joy that I had never dreamed was possible.

“I love you God.” I whispered out softly as I gave in to sleep, with my body and spirit on a whole feeling very loved, even as emotionally I was supported by a man that had prayed for my well-being before he’d ever been given control over me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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