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My first two weeks at a legal Nevada brothel would soon be finished. It was almost time to return home and work at my regular job as a clerk in a large box discount store. I had kept in contact with the store and had been told that my hours would remain the same but could be less.

It appeared that my part time job would become even more of a part time job. Each month is too long for the money I earn at the store. When I get back home, my potential earnings with even fewer hours means that I will run out of money with seven to ten days remaining in each month. Money is tight. I live in an inexpensive apartment in a suburb of a Northwest United States city. I need to buy a car, probably a used car. Also, I have some medical and dental needs.

The Madam at the brothel was pleased with the number of parties and the money I earned. During my first day as a worker in the sex business I only had three parties. Three fuckings, by three different men, during ninety minutes. One man had a cock so large that my cunt was sore for hours. It was difficult stripping and being intimate — very intimate — with three men. I only knew their first names or the names they gave me. Instead of actual names, they could just as easy been: One, Two, Three or First, Second, Third or A, B, C.

It was all so new for me:

Being available for work on a 7 / 24 basis —

Standing in a line up with other ‘girls’ —

Being selected by a man —

Negotiating a sex party and money —

Checking the man’s dick for any disease

Stripping for a man, actually a complete stranger —

Being intimate – very intimate — with a man I did not know —

After several initial days, being permitted to visit with men in the bar area —

Having the sex that the man wanted, within legal limits and house policy —

Quickie sex with a man who is just using my body for his own pleasure —

At times, the temperature in my bedroom was too high for comfort —

My bedroom was also my place of business — sometimes the scent of

male and female sex and the odor of sweat lingered in the room.

But that is the Brothel business — providing sexual services and sexual pleasure for a man. I essentially rented my body, for a period of time, to be used by a man that I had never seen before. Physically, the work was easy — — but mentally it was initially hard. But the pay was excellent — — and I definitely needed the money.

That first day with three parties was difficult. After my marriage years ago, I only had sex with my husband. After my divorce, I had not been intimate with any man for about two years. Then in two weeks I had lots of foreplay and sex in different positions with a number of men. Most of my parties were short — 15 and 30 minutes, my body was used for the sexual satisfaction of the man. But I also had some one hour parties. While most men had ejaculations either into a condom or onto my body, I did not have any orgasms.

According to my records, I had 35 parties in two weeks. I was stark naked — my breasts and cunt were completely exposed 35 times. For almost 35 different men, I spread my legs and was penetrated many, many times. I sucked cocks and was fucked by cocks of all different sizes — most were white, but some were colored. Many of the men possessed my cunt in two ways — several even three ways. My legs and body were placed in a number of different positions. Several times, I was really horny but did not have an orgasm with any man. Fortunately my latex vibrating friend provided some relief in the privacy of my bedroom.

I kept a record of the man’s name — or at least the name he gave me. But faces and names blurred and faded. Especially for those having the short 15 and 30 minute parties. Quick in — and quick out. Usually the 15 minute parties was a hand job till the penis was large enough to fill a condom, a blow job, then missionary or cow girl. The 30 minute party essentially was more of the same – but possibly with cunt penetration in two different positions. The one hour parties were much nicer — sometimes we had time to cuddle and talk. But after the man had been sexually pleasured.

Never in my former married life had my husband fucked me 35 times over two weeks. Usually, as I recall, we had sexual pleasures 4 or 5 times each week — at least early in our marriage. In our last year, before the divorce, our sex was once or twice a month. My cunt has really been used, these past two weeks, by many men at the brothel — — it became sore from over use. It has been filled often by hard, large cocks.

I slept on that bed and was fucked on that bed. Several times I was so tired from being fucked that I did not even change the sheets before sleeping. But my pocketbook is filled and happy.

I had been married for a number of years but gradually my husband and I grew apart. Our common interests faded – each of us started going in separate directions. During the last several years of our marriage my husband developed a drinking and gambling problem — and canlı bahis his attitude toward me changed. Eventually he left, a divorce followed.

I recall reading one statement that fits: “You grow old too early, and too smart too late.” If I had provided the type of sexual pleasure that my husband requested — and I refused — I probably would still be married to him. Now, because of my need for money, I am providing sex for men that I do not know — the type of sex that my ex-husband desired.

Before leaving the brothel for home, I thought about my future: work in a big box store on a part time basis or work in a legal brothel. At last my decision was made, I told the Madam that I would return in November.

My menstrual period would soon be starting. When I was married, my ex-husband did not really like intercourse during the times when my flow was heavy. The Madam and ‘girls’ said most men / clients did not like to party with a ‘girl’ when she was wearing a sanitary napkin or had a spark plug in her cunt. In fact the Madam wanted her ‘girls’ to go home during this time — but if her flow was light, possibly she could stay in the brothel but not work.


Soon after arriving back home, I started working again as a clerk in a big box discount store. Unfortunately, as I expected, my hours of scheduled work were decreased. While I earned some good money at the brothel, I was well aware that my financial situation would become difficult before the year was finished.

I sent an email to Marsha, my best friend from high school, informing her of a few of my experiences and saying I would telephone her.

Marsha: “Hello. This is Marsha.”

Betty (Kitty): “Hi Marsha. This is Betty. Just wanted you to know that — overall — my experiences at the brothel were satisfactory. The initial parties were difficult but once I got use to stripping for a stranger and providing sexual services I started to relax and even had some fun during some parties.”

Marsha: “Pleased that your experiences were positive — — everything considered.”

Many minutes passed as we talked about my experiences.

Marsha: “When do you plan to go back to the brothel?”

Betty: “Probably in early November.”

Marsha: “What a coincidence. I also expect to go back about the same time. We can have parties with the men and when business is slow we can really get caught up on what has happened since our high school days.”

Betty: “That sounds wonderful. It has been a long time since we have seen each other. Letters and emails are fine — but face-to-face communication certainly is best.”

Our telephone conversation continued for many more minutes. Finally we each said good by

— — see you in November.


The second time was considerably easier. The Big Steps during the initial two weeks at the brothel now seemed smaller. I enjoyed viewing the scenery during the bus trip to Northern Nevada. Obtaining the required work permit and the medical clinic exam brought me little concern.

Soon I was at the brothel and welcomed by the Shift Manager. She indicated that the lab results still had not been received but she would telephone regarding their status. She showed me to my room, I unpacked my suit case and put a few pictures on the desk. Then went to the ‘girls’ lounge to meet those working. And to learn more about the brothel business and especially this brothel.

About mid-afternoon, the Madam called me to her office.

“We just received the results of your medical exam and lab tests. Everything is satisfactory. You can be in the next line up and also visit with men in the bar area.” The Madam said.

“I did not expect any problems. But I am glad that is over.” I said.

“What name are you going to use, Betty?” The Madam asked.

“I plan on using the same name that I used last time — Kitty.”

“Our policies and house rules are the same. But with one slight change. I am allowing a more casual dress policy during the late hours — — from midnight to eight in the morning. You can be in a line-up wearing the clothing that you wear when sleeping — pajamas, long and short gowns, baby dolls with panties. We have even had two ‘girls’ appear in lineups stark naked.”

“That is a nice change.” I said. “A ‘girl’ will not have to dress up with a gown, hose and other items including make-up during the early morning hours.”

“Yes. In fact several ‘girls’ have appeared in a Late Hours Line Up wearing only shoes. But both got permission first.”

“I may want to try the nude line-up idea — if it means some more parties. Often I sleep in the nude.”

“You have my permission to be completely nude or partially nude in a Late Hours Line Up. Some men enjoy seeing a naked woman in a lineup — — other men like to have a little mystery about a woman’s body.” The Madam indicated.

“Also, on Saturday night, we sometimes have a wet T-shirt contest. We rent small water pistols and the man can shoot water at the woman of his choice. The rent money bahis siteleri is equally shared by the participating ‘girls’. When a man decides to have a party, he removes the wet T-shirt of the ‘girl’ he selects in the lobby. Most of the ‘girls’ are wearing only the long T-shirt so all can see her nude body. Then the two go to her room and complete the party arrangements.

“That sounds like good clean fun.”

“I think so. Almost always the ‘girl’ gets a long party. Also she has done some advertising which may provide future parties.” The Madam stated.

Our conversation continued about a few general topics. The bell rang indicating that a man wanted a line up.

“It is line up time, Kitty. Best wishes.”

“Thank you.”


Six ‘girls’, including myself, gathered in the hallway. The clothing being worn ranged from opaque gowns, short dresses, costume of a maid, and a two piece leather outfit. I was wearing an opaque black gown with red trim. A matching bra and thong panties, thigh high black hose and red shoes. The bottom of the gown just touched the top of my knees, a slit on one side of the gown stopped just below the bottom curve of my ass.

I probably was the oldest one in the group — also the one with the least amount of brothel experience. But this time, I was not nervous. I was very willing to be selected by the client, negotiate a party, do a dick check, obtain payment, strip, and perform the sexual services desired.

The Shift Manager had us enter the lobby single file. Then she said. “Ladies, please introduce yourself.”

When it was my turn, I took one step forward, looked directly at the client and said: “Kitty.” Then I stepped back into the line.

Within a minute, the man said: “I would like to talk privately with Jean.”

Jean walks toward the man and leads him down the hallway toward her room. Those remaining walk toward the bar to mingle with several men sitting on the bar stools but a few walk toward the ‘girls’ lounge.

Many minutes pass, finally the bell rings indicating that another man wants a party.

Five ‘girls’ including myself, gather in the hallway. Once we are ready, the Shift Manager has us enter single file — and said: “Ladies, please introduce yourself.”

Again, when it was my turn, I took one step forward and said: “Kitty.” Then stepped back.

This gentlemen looked carefully at each of us. It seemed that he was mentally undressing some of us. Finally he spoke: “This is a hard decision, I am considering two of the ladies — Carol and Kitty.

The Shift Manager asked: “If you are considering only two, can the other ladies be excused?”


He continued to look at both of us. I felt like I was stark naked and his eyes were touching most of my body. Finally he said: “I would like to have a party with Kitty.”

I smiled, walked toward him. Hand in hand, I lead him to my room.

A Party For Kitty With Ralph

“I am Ralph. And I came to Nevada to have some fun — gambling and pleasuring.”

“I know what you want from me. Thank you for selecting me. What type of pleasuring do you want?” I said.

“I would like a fifteen minute party. Once you give me a nice erection, I want you to ride my cock — cow girl. If you can get me to have an ejaculation by riding within the fifteen minutes I will give you a nice tip.”

“You would have a lot more pleasuring with a thirty minute party.” I suggest.

“Possibly I may extend the time. I want to see and feel what you can do with fifteen minutes.”

“I quote a figure of $170 for the fifteen minutes — $20 above the house minimum.”

“That is satisfactory.” Ralph says

“Please let me see you manhood.”

Ralph lowered his pants and underpants. I had him turn toward the table lamp and closely examined his equipment.

“You are aware that you will need to wear a condom?” I ask.

“Yes. I understand the law. No problem, we both want to be safe.”

I collected his money and left the room to book the party. In a few minutes, I knocked on my door and entered. He was stark naked and laying on the bed — his head elevated with several firm pillows. One of his hands is holding his balls, the other hand is rubbing his manhood. His cock appears to be ready. I could see his cock glisten as the light reflected off his lubricated cock.

“Please take your clothes off, but leave your bra on for a few minutes.” Ralph requested.

I stripped, but left my bra on. It felt somewhat strange to have my sex completely exposed — but my boobs covered. But that is what Ralph wants. After opening a condom, I fondle his cock and balls for a minute or so. Then I place the condom on the tip of his cock and roll it over the cock head and rim — — then down the shaft with my fingers.

“Remember, a nice tip if you can get an ejaculation. — cow girl position.”

Quickly, I straddle his body. Holding his organ in one hand, I slowly lower my body and guide his cock past my pussy lips and into my body. As he asked, I am still wearing bahis şirketleri my bra. Ralph briefly looks as his pubic hair meshes with my trimmed pubic hair, but he closely watches my covered breasts. I start moving my body up and down. Fast. Frequently.

“Please remove your bra. I want to watch your breasts swing and sway as you move.”

I reach around my back and unhook my bra. My breasts are free to move. Ralph closely watches my mounds of bouncing female flesh. From time to time, he reaches up with one and even both hands and fondles my mounds and nipples.

“You have nice ample breasts — and an attractive face. Ride my horn, Kitty. Don’t slip off. I may go into your dry hole.” Ralph says and laughs.

I only smile. But I continue riding his horn. I could easily feel his cock head and shaft rubbing the inside of my moist cylinder. His cock head is always inside my body.

I looked at the timer. I start going faster. Up and Down. Male pubic hair and female pubic hair mesh more and more. I could feel Ralph’s cock become larger.

“Oh, Baby. I love looking at a woman’s breasts bounce around. Your boobs really swing and sway the most of any I have seen. Beautiful pair of breasts and teats. I like seeing the tan line on your rounded mounds.”

“I am pleased that you like my boobs.”

I look at the timer — — there are only a few minutes remaining in our party. But still I continue riding his cock — fast and hard. Quickly up and down.

The timer rings — our party is over. I could not get Ralph to have an ejaculation.

“I am sorry, Kitty. I did not have an ejaculation. But this is the third party I have had today and I have already come twice.”

“I did the best I could.”

“I believe that you did. Since you appeared to be the oldest ‘girl’ in the line up, I thought you would have the most experience and able to get some cum.”

I did not tell Ralph that while I was probably the oldest ‘girl’ in the line up, I was also the ‘girl’ with the least brothel experience. There are some things best left unsaid.

I get off his horn and remove the condom. I look at the tip of the latex cylinder to see if there are any traces of a white fluid. Maybe Ralph did have a slight ejaculation — I see a little creamy fluid inside the condom. I show the evidence to Ralph.

“Yes. I believe that you did get me to have an ejaculation. You were riding me so hard that some cum came and I did not know it. I will give you a tip.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

Ralph cleans up, dresses, and hands me a nice tip.

“Thank you, I appreciate your kindness. I put on my brothel uniform — the opaque black gown with red trim, bra, and thong panties — and prepare my bedroom for my next client.

Hand in hand, we walk to the lobby and say good by. Please come again. As Ralph opens the door and leaves, I walk to the bar and start talking with another gentlemen.

A Party For Kitty, With Ted

It was early evening. I am in my bedroom sitting at the small desk writing a letter. The bell rings indicating that a man wants a line up. Quickly I opened the desk drawer and put the unfinished letter inside. I am wearing my other brothel uniform: a bright red opaque gown with black trim that just touched my knees, a side slit stops at my mid-thigh. My legs were covered with black thigh high hose and red shoes. Thong sheer red panties and matching bra completed my outfit. I look at myself in the mirror as I put on some lipstick. The shape of my breasts is evident, but not the details — then I went to the hallway.

Seven ‘girls’, including myself, answer the bell. All of us are dressed in opaque gowns of various colors and lengths. Most of the gowns had side slits that went from the bottom of the gown toward the woman’s slit between the juncture of her legs. Shoes and hose were very evident. It was obvious that several of the women were not wearing any panties or bras. Apparently they want less to remove.

The Shift Manager tells us to enter the lobby. We walk in and stand, facing the man.

“Ladies, this gentlemen is Ted. He told me that he would like a one hour party. Please introduce yourself.” The Shift Manager requested.

I was in the middle of the line up. When my turn came, I took a step forward and said: “Kitty.” Then stepped back.

For several minutes, Ted carefully looked at each of us. I continued to smile and look at him during the entire time.

“I would like to discuss a possible party with Kitty.” Ted said.

Still smiling, I walk toward Ted. It seems that his eyes were only looking at my breasts.

Hand in hand, I lead Ted to my room. We passed one closed door and heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. We distinctly head a woman say: “Give it to me — hard and fast. Ram my cunt.” A man’s voice replied: “I love fucking you, Baby. This is much better then our last party.”

We also heard the sound of a bed squeaking.

Once inside my bedroom, Ted said: “Those two must have been having some fun. I also want to have some fun.”

“What kind of fun do you want, Ted?” I ask.

“A breast massage, hand job, playing in your cunt with an adult toy, then cow girl, and rear entry. What kind of dollars are we talking about for a one hour party.”

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