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Although this story stands on its own, I encourage the reader to read the first part of the story – “A Midnight Snack – The Appetizer” to get an introduction to the characters – Mike and Kat.

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to people, places and events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to moondrift who sifted through endless drafts and suggested numerous improvements to increase the eroticism in the story. Any errors are mine alone.

I felt a breath of warm air caress my breasts, followed by a gentle tug on my nipples. I reached out and touched the hands, enveloping them in mine. They were rough and hairy.

“Man’s hands!” the thought registered in my brain.

I did not dare open my eyes, letting the hands caress my nipples gently and then twirling between the thumb and forefinger. Yet I felt no pain, just pleasure.

A moan escaped my throat, as a hand moved slowly down my body.

The fingers felt magical, bringing back memories of sex that I had deprived myself of for the last few months.

The fingers seem to stop at my navel, gently probing, teasing and I shivered in anticipation of the pleasure to come.

The fingers moved on, slowly, gently.

All sensation of time was suspended as I waited for the inevitable penetration.

The fingers seem to wash over my smooth mound, parting my labia. They rubbed the exposed clitoris, fingers soaking in the wetness.

Another sigh escaped my lips as I opened my thighs wider to receive the cock.

I groped with my fingers and I could feel the throbbing organ, so full of life, so erect, so hard.

There seemed to something familiar about that manhood.

As I spread my hands out farther in the dark, my fingers touched something that felt smooth and round.

“Balls!” kadıköy escort I said to myself as I allowed my hands to glide over the erect organ waiting to pierce my wet cunt.

I grasped the hard, throbbing organ in my hands, hoping to guide the pleasure rod into my liquid femaleness to relieve the mounting tension and fill my hole with glutinous cum.

Now I could feel him enter me, burying his erect cock deep inside me.

There was a blur of pumping as my hips rose and fell in sync with the movements.

A moment of hesitation and suddenly I felt my insides boil over as I came hard, squirting the wet juice all over my thighs.

In the dim light of the moon streaming through the window, I saw the smiling face of my brother Mike.

“Mike?” I gasped, shaken by the enormity of what had just transpired.

I opened my eyes and sat up, shivering in spite of the warmth.

I turned on the bedside light and realized I was alone. It had been an erotic dream and my hands and fingers had acted as the cock, penetrating my now sopping cunt.

“Shit!” I cursed silently and fell back on my bed, sated, yet feeling even hornier.

Sleep did not come as I tossed and turned, trying to make sense of the most erotic dream I had ever experienced.

Finally, I gave up all notion of sleep and decided to head down to the kitchen to grab a snack and some milk, in hope of catching at least some sleep.

I stepped out of the bedroom, and started heading towards the stairs leading to the kitchen when I suddenly realised I was naked.

I snuck back to peek at the guest bedroom. Through the partially open door, I could hear mild snoring and I could see the recumbent form of my sleeping brother.

Satisfied that he was üsküdar escort fast asleep, I continued on my journey down the stairs to the kitchen.

I padded over to the fridge and opened the door to look at possible snacks. I settled on a scoop of ice-cream over a fruit salad and half a glass of milk. Having made up my mind I moved to grab a bowl and glass, using the dim light from the refrigerator.

As I was filling up my bowl I was suddenly blinded by the kitchen light.

“Step away with hands up in the air!” the voice commanded.

I was terrified in part, but also excited knowing that I would be standing completely exposed in front of my brother.

I hesitated momentarily, when the voice growled, “Get the fuck away from the fridge asshole before I crack open your skull.”

I obeyed, backing away from the fridge with my hands raised and turned slowly to face my brother holding a baseball bat in his hands and with a menacing scowl on his face.

“What the hell?” his scowl turned to surprise, “what are you doing here in the middle of the night in your birthday suit Kat?”

“I came down to grab a snack,” I replied, “and I thought you were asleep, so didn’t bother to get dressed.”

“Not that I mind,” he managed to crack a smile, “if you were not my sister, I would lay you down and fuck you right now.”

My eyes took in his muscular bare chest and the erection threatening to escape the confines of his boxers. A red flush was creeping over his face, his breath coming in short bursts.

I made no move to cover myself and stood facing him.

“Really?” I smiled pointing to his growing erection, “but your cock seems to say otherwise.”

“Oh shit!” his eyes dropped down to his rising erection, “I am sorry. Let me head back up.”

“Uh-uh, can I look?” tuzla escort I asked, moving towards him.

He looked at me in confusion.

“It’s only fair, you saw me naked.”

I advanced further and stuck my hand into the waist band of his boxers. I pulled them down and his smooth cock sprang free, seemingly happy to be liberated from its confines.

I ran my fingers over the exposed head, and down the rigid shaft and around the balls. A drop of pre-cum made its appearance at the slit, which I wiped with my finger. I raised the finger to my nostrils, inhaling the intoxicating perfume and then ran my tongue over the finger tasting the nectar.

My touch seemed to have a visible effect on my brother as his cock grew further and even more erect. I could feel my nipples harden while my labia engorged with blood and my cunt was lubricated in preparation for prolonged love making.

“It’s beautiful!” I exclaimed, “and it tastes yummy.”

All my brother could do was grunt. I knelt down and took him in my mouth. I teased his love shaft with my tongue, spreading my spit all over, while I massaged his hairless balls with my hands.

“Oh my God, its incredible Sis” my brother managed to spit out between his gasps.

His hands reached out and held the back of my head. I gladly obliged by moving my mouth back and forth, fucking him with my mouth.

He held one of my hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it.

His breath was coming faster as he pleaded, “Yeah baby fuck me! Fuck me faster.”

My left hand snaked out to the back of his balls all the way to the crack of his ass, probing the crack for the smooth slit.

I massaged his back hole, violating his asshole with a finger, while I sucked on his cock faster and faster.

I felt him go rigid and suddenly it was as if a dam broke; cum came gushing out, filling my mouth. I swallowed it all avidly, hoping to suck him dry.

Slowly the surge of semen slowed to a dribble and some of his cum ran down my chin falling on the floor.

“Wow, that was some something Kat!” he gasped, adding, “let me return the favor.”

I smiled, looking forward to our next few days together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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