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Group Sex

Chapter Two:


Our second meeting was fixed for the same time the next week. I booked the training room in some anticipation – but anticipation of what, I Was not entirely sure. Whenever I sat down at my computer to try to write the slides and notes I had promised Louise, I found myself staring blankly at the screen, thinking about the casual

View she had given me of her beautiful long bare legs. It was Almost as though she had somehow deliberately implanted the image of her smooth beautifully tanned skin, and the sensuous curves of her long bare legs, permanently in my brain. I was becoming obsessed with her irresistible legs. I wanted to be able to experience their Texture now that I had seen them almost to their full extent. I even imagined that I had caught a glimpse of her panties, – even though I knew in reality that I Hadn’t.

It occurred to me in my musings that there was not a sofa in the Training room, so I was unlikely to get a repeat performance,

And I wondered if and when this would ever happen again. Would I have to wait until Madrid? Would it happen then?

On the Monday, two days before the scheduled second preparation Meeting, I had an e-mail from Louise, attached to which were

Some bulleted notes about what she would be covering in her part of the presentation, asking me to make sure that these points were reflected in the slides and speaker’s notes I was preparing. She Added at the end that Monica’s office would be free at 4:30 that Afternoon if I was free to have a quick chat about the content. This seemed to me to be a somewhat unnecessary pre-meeting arrangement, and I was slightly irritated because I already had

Another deadline to meet that afternoon. I decided to let it lie for a while, and to see if I could make up any time during the Morning before replying.

At about 12:15, my incoming e-mail alert chimed out, and I saw in my inbox a meeting request. It said:

“From: Louise Green

Subject: Madrid preparation issues

When: 4:30pm

Location: the comfortable room

Required: Becton Charles

Priority: high.”

Without assessing the progress of my other work, I clicked the “accept” button.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. I ate a sandwich at my Work station, and found myself thinking, as usual these days, About Louise, and more particularly about those beautiful legs Of hers. I wondered again why she had fixed this extra meeting. Once again, I felt a sense of anticipation, though again I did not know exactly what I was anticipating. I knew for certain, however, that it was something to do with those fascinating legs! All I could remember was the vivid image of her long bare legs, and I contented myself with the hope that I would almost certainly get to see them again that afternoon!

At 4:30pm precisely, I walked briskly along to Monica’s office, carrying a laptop with my draft slide presentation loaded onto

Its desktop. On my arrival I found the door closed, with a hand-written “DO NOT DISTURB” sign hanging on the outer handle. I knocked, and Louise’s soft voice answered.

“Come in, Charles,” it cooed, almost inaudibly against the hum and hiss of the air conditioning system. I entered the room, to find Louise stretched out on the sofa, waiting canlı bahis for me. She had both her legs over the short sofa’s arm at its further end, and had positioned them slightly apart so I could see fully their wonderful contours. Her skirt might as well not have existed. I walked casually over to the work station and found a space for my laptop.

“Hello, Louise!” I said cheerfully, as I disconnected the monitor from Monica’s PC and connected it to my laptop.

“Hello Charles,” she replied softly.

I looked across and smiled at her, taking in a spectacular view of her very long very beautiful bare legs.

She smiled slightly, and shifted her right leg, exposing a bit more of her firm smooth thighs. I turned away, and loaded the slide presentation. When I turned back, Louise was lying with her knees raised, with a clipboard propped up against her legs. Her head was turned towards the screen on the desk in front of me, and she checked off each slide against her bulleted list. She nodded appreciatively as she compared each slide with her own text.

“That’s absolutely brilliant,” she said with a congratulatory grin., leaning over to place her now redundant clipboard on the floor beside her, and allowing her skirt to ride up even further, exposing almost all of her glorious legs.

“There’s nothing I need you to change! You deserve a reward, Charles!”

With that, she sat up, allowing her skirt to ride still higher up her legs. Her legs were very long indeed, smooth, and perfectly shaved. She let them part slightly further as she crossed her ankles. I could now clearly see the white cotton band between her legs!

“Will this do?” she asked softly.

I didn’t know what to say. I just sat sideways at Monica’s desk, staring in disbelief at the vision in front of me. I had a completely unimpeded, unobstructed view of the sexiest pair of legs I had ever seen, and it was completely freely given, or so I thought.

“Don’t you like my legs, Charles?” she asked in a low murmur.

“Louise,” I started to say, “I’m not sure—“

“Well, I am! You look as though you are pretty sure! In fact I’d say you were pretty damned sure! Sure that you’d like to do more than just look at my legs! Am I right Charles?”

“Louise, can we—“

She interrupted me abruptly before I could complete my sentence.

“Yes we can, and we can do it right here if you want to. You don’t have to go through the motions of trying to get me drunk on cheap red wine in Madrid before you get round to stroking my legs! You can do it right here and now! Who knows what else you might be thinking about? There are limits though. Let me show you!”

She slowly and very deliberately pulled her short skirt up round her waist, exposing her tight white cotton panties. She started to stroke her legs sensuously, running her hands slowly up the insides of her naked thighs. When her fingers reached her crotch, they came to a stop. After a few gentle tantalizing strokes between her legs, they remained stationary, resting on the thin cotton band between her legs. She opened her legs very wide, to allow me to see both her index fingers, pressing herself firmly but gently , the palms of her hands resting on the inside of her thighs. The sight was unimaginably arousing!

“No further than bahis siteleri this!” she said in a somewhat instructional tone.

“Well, answer me Charles,” she continued in the same vain, “don’t you like my legs?”

Again, I was rendered almost speechless.

“Well, of course I do! I—“

“Charles, you don’t have to bother to explain! I’ve seen your eyes feasting on my bare legs every time you come into contact with me! I can’t help having been blessed with a fantastic pair of legs now, can I? Actually, I can’t resist them myself.”

She started her legs-stroking routine again.

“I really like the idea of men finding my legs irresistible too!”

She beckoned to me, and I got up from my seat at the desk and walked hesitantly over towards her.

“Kneel down here sweetheart.” she said with a broad grin on her face. She pointed to the area of carpeted floor between her legs.

“I don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting a proper look at my legs from there!”

I complied obediently, kneeling down in front of her between her long brown legs. As I shuffled into position, she took my right hand and placed it firmly on the inside of her left knee. My left hand was steadying myself, ensuring my balance. She took it and placed it in a position exactly symmetrical with that of my right.

She uncrossed her ankles, placing the soles of her bare feet together, causing her knees to fall wider apart. I gazed in amazement, my eyes wondering up and down her long smooth legs. I saw my own hands resting on the insides of her lower thighs, and I was so astonished at the situation in which I found myself that I could not even begin to move my hands.

“Stroke my legs if you want, sweetheart, there’s no one to stop you here!” she sighed. “I could do with a bit of tension release!” The mere’ mention of tension release caused my mind to wonder to the pressure I could feel inside my thin summer trousers. I found myself stupidly hoping she could not see the growing bulge which I was sure was evident to her from where she was sitting,

Until I realized that embarrassment was neither necessary nor appropriate.

“What do you think, Charles?” she asked softly.

“You’ve got fantastic legs, Louise!” I said falteringly.

“I know, I told you that myself!” she said. “You just enjoy my legs while you can!”

I considered this invitation carefully. There was I, a team leader and senior project manager, in my boss’s office, being openly propositioned by a young junior female project assistant, with no witnesses, having already compromised any authority or status I might ever have thought I had. I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, I decided! There was absolutely no way I could resist the allure of those lovely long bare legs!

She sat back, extending her shapely legs fully in front of her. My hands ran in parallel down from her knees to her slender ankles. As they moved back up her legs, my fingers reached round to caress the firm muscles of her calves, and came to rest behind her knees. I turned my wrists so that the backs of my hands brushed gently against the cool under-sides of her thighs.

She shuddered slightly. I ran the backs of my hands further up the insides of her legs, finally turning my palms so that my fingertips could bahis şirketleri explore the wonderful smooth warm skin on the inside of her bare legs. Both hands were now perilously close to her two index fingers, which were again resting lightly on the thin material between her legs.

“How do you like my legs now, Charles?” she asked, placing both her fingers over mine and pressing them gently but firmly into her cotton-covered crotch.

“Louise!” I replied my mouth dry and my voice slightly rasping in quality, “Like them! I absolutely love your legs! I just want to–too–be near them, to touch them – all the bloody time!”

“Well, Charles, I think that qualifies you as my latest legs slave!” she said, with a note of triumph in her voice.

Louise gently pulled my hands away from between her legs, and re-introduced them to the smooth skin of her inner thighs.

“Charles!” she said softly, “I want you to be able to enjoy these legs of mine whenever you want to! And, when you can’t, I want you to imagine that you are stroking my legs as often as you like! That way, me and my beautiful bare legs will always be in your mind! Just think! After today you’ll never be able to think about me without thinking about touching my bare legs! You’ll never be able to see a pretty girl with a short skirt and not think about stroking my long sexy bare legs! I’ve got you now, Charles, or rather me and my legs have! You’re our legs slave, our prisoner!”

She closed her smooth strong calves around my waist to reinforce the point, and pulled my head down so that my face nuzzled into the narrow channel between her smooth thighs, which felt warm and inviting against my flushed cheeks.

I began to kiss her legs, gently pulling her knees apart. Higher and higher I went, until my nose brushed against her cottonpanties.

“You’ll have to wait for Madrid until you get “upgraded”!” she said, somewhat sternly and mysteriously, “Just concentrate on my legs for now please, and think yourself very lucky to be allowed to do so!”

She lay back and opened her legs wide. I took each of her beautiful legs in turn, and ran my tongue from the inside of her knee to the tight tempting elastic of her panties. She smelled fresh and sweet and as my tongue approached her gorgeous v, she pushed her fingers eagerly inside her panties. I could both see and hear them enter her wet vagina!

“I bet you can’t wait to do this yourself, can you?” she teased, withdrawing her fingers and wiping them across my lips. I licked

Them eagerly, tasting her potent sweet juices.

Suddenly, she withdrew her hand from my mouth, and pulled my head up and away from its resting place between her legs.

“Right! That’s enough for today!” she said sharply, standing up and pulling her skirt down. It only just covered the tops of her legs. I found myself stroking and squeezing her smooth bare legs in turn, in a kind of good-bye gesture.

“That’s right, Charles, say good-bye to my lovely bare legs!” she taunted. “Perhaps you’ll see them again on Wednesday afternoon at our final run-through – who knows!”

With that, she brushed my hand aside, gathered up her papers from beside the sofa, and swept out of the room, leaving me very frustrated and very confused, and, not surprisingly, extremely horny. Louise (or rather her wonderful legs) had indeed enslaved me. I could think of nothing else but those beautiful long smooth bare legs for the next two days. I could not wait for Wednesday afternoon to come around!

—- (Continued)

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