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COMMENTS: Thanks to my Lit friends who have encouraged me to submit my story and to those who have offered suggestions and their editing skills.


This story was written several months ago, for a very dear friend. You know who you are!


I stood there on the cabin deck, waiting on him. It had been 3 months since our last meeting and I’d missed his touch more than I ever thought possible. To celebrate our birthdays, we decided to splurge on a rental cabin for a long weekend instead of the usual one or two day meeting at my place or at a motel.

Patsy Cline was going ‘Crazy’ on the radio, which allowed him to slip up behind me without my notice. When I felt hands covering mine on the deck railing, it startled me. “OH, God!”

He gathered me close, “I’m sorry, babe, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he apologized while kissing my cheek, then rubbing his cheek against mine. The scent of his cologne enveloped me. God, it felt good to be back in his arms.

He started kissing my neck, right there at my shoulders and worked his way up my neck, causing me to shiver. I tilted my head, give him better access and he took it. The warmth of his mouth and tongue gave me little tingles as he nipped at me, Oh Lord; he knows what that does to me.

I felt him tug my blouse out of my denim shorts and slip his warm hands underneath it to cup my sensitive breasts. He squeezed them gently, scraping his thumbnail across my sensitive tips.

“MMMMMMM,” I moaned.

“Do you like that, sweets?”

“You know I do.”

He pulled his hands free of my blouse and slid one of them up the back of my canlı bahis neck, and grasped my hair and tugged, turning my face towards his. As he kissed me, his other hand started to unbutton the top of my blouse. He deepened the kiss and pressed his hardness against my ass, once again causing me to moan. When I pressed my ass back against him, he gasped. In no time, he had my blouse unfastened and with a flick of his wrist, had my bra open. He cupped my breasts with both hands and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you so good.”

“God, YES!”

He tortured my nipples, knowing I loved that. Rolling them between his fingers, then tugging on them, raking his fingernail across the very tip. I just laid my head back on his shoulder and let the burning tingle float through my body. Lord, he knows how to make my body sing.

I slipped my hand back between our bodies and caressed his cock. And I smiled when his moan vibrated against my neck. “Is that what you want, baby?”


He slid one hand down my stomach, across my denim covered mound and cupped me. “MMMMM, I can feel your heat.”

I continued to caress his cock, more firmly now and he rocked against my hand. He unfastened the button on my shorts, unzipped them, and pushed them over my hips. Then he slid his hand inside my damp panties and ran his fingers up and down my moist, swollen slit. “Damn, you’re soaking wet.” He raised his fingers up so both of us could see how wet they were and then painted my lips with them. He yanked my hair again, turning my mouth to his and he devoured it. God, I loved his kisses. When he broke the kiss, he ordered me to, “Bend bahis siteleri over slowly and take your panties off.”

He undressed while he watched me. I intentionally bent slowly, easing my lace panties over my ass, down my legs, and stepped out of them. I tossed them to the side and slowly straightened up, arching my back, sticking my ass out towards him. He slid my blouse and bra over my shoulders and tossed them towards my panties and stepped closer to me. I moaned deeply when I felt his warm skin against my back. He hooked his foot around the legs of a small, child sized table and pulled it towards us. He lifted my leg, setting my foot on the table and then slid his hand up the inside of my thigh.

“Are you ready to get fucked now?” he asked.

“Yes, I am…fuck me good, baby.”

He slid his fingers through my folds again, circled them against my clit, then sliding one of those fingers inside me. And then another, and another, filling me with his fingers and started to fuck me with them. I rocked my hips against his hand, groaning at how good that felt. “That’s it, baby, fuck my fingers. I want you to cum on them before I fuck you with my cock.” His fingers moved faster, rougher, as did my hips. He alternated between nibbling on my neck and telling me to drench his fingers. God, I love when he talks to me like that. That voice!

I was humping his fingers now and when he pressed his thumb against my clit, my body exploded in orgasm.

“MMMMMM, that’s it, baby, keep going, don’t stop with just one.” His hand was pressed against my stomach, preventing me from moving, and he kept plunging his fingers into bahis şirketleri my pussy. When he bit my neck, I exploded again. Moaning deeply, as my body was raked with spasms.

Before I even caught my breath, he bent me towards the deck railing and plunged his cock to the hilt into my pussy.

“MMMMMMMMMM,” we moaned in unison. Within seconds, he was fucking me hard and I was begging for more.

“More, give me all you got!”

The wildlife around us heard bodies slapping against one another, panting and moaning. He wrapped his arms around me and thrust hard into me. Lord, it was good, so damn good. He had me cumming again, even harder the third time. I clenched around his cock and flooded him with my cum. He must have liked the way my pussy milked him, because with a grunt and deep moan, he was filling me with his cum. While he was exploding inside me, he leaned against my back and held me tight. It took us both a moment to catch our breath. I reached back to cup the back of his head and brought his mouth around to mine, and kissed him passionately, eventually turning in his arms and wrapping my arms around his neck.

Being the brat that I am…I broke the kiss and in a firm voice commanded, “Clean up the mess we made.” My hands on his shoulders, I pushed him down, until he was kneeling before me. I placed a foot back on that child’s table, cupped the back of his head and brought him to my pussy, dripping with our cum. He greedily lapped at me, sucking the cum out of me. And being the brat that he is, he centered on my clit and in no time had me cumming once more. He was a gentleman though, he cleaned me thoroughly again.

And when he stood, he led me over to the lounge chair, sat down and pulled me down on his lap and kissed me deeply. He hadn’t swallowed all of our cum. He saved some to share with me.

“MMMMMMMMM, what a man!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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