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‘Jen!? Get in here.’

It had been a bad morning and the afternoon didn’t look like getting any better. The presentation I was working on just wasn’t coming together. I needed to take a break and relieve the tension. In other words I needed to take out my annoyance on my office slut.

Responding to my shout the intended reliever of my frustration tottered in to my office on ludicrously high heels. Her tiny black skirt barely covered the lacy tops of her stockings and her lovely hard nippled breasts jiggled under her transparent blouse.

‘Yes Sir?’ she asked, perhaps already guessing what was required. Her heavy, tarty make-up was as per my requirements and her crimson lipstick highlighted her smiling mouth.

She couldn’t type worth a damn but her other skills and proclivities more than compensated

‘Under my desk, with your mouth open. Now!’As she dropped to her knees and eagerly crawled under my desk I unzipped my trousers. I felt her hot wet mouth engulfing my hardening cock.

Now Jen is a good slut and she deep throats like a desperate crack whore. But I needed to be in control, so I grabbed her head and buried my cock in her throat, driving it in so hard that her head banged against the underside of the desk. Soon her bright red lipstick was smeared all over my cock as I enjoyed the sounds of her gagging and chocking, gasping for breath as I raped her mouth. But there were no sounds of complaint, no attempt to pull away from my relentless thrusting. Her mouth just took me in deeper and deeper..

When I was close to cumming I slowed my thrusts and, sensing my needs like a good slut, she changed her own pace and started licking my shaft slowly and lasciviously, then moved down to tickle my balls with her talented tongue.

‘On the desk!’ I ordered brusquely. She slithered out from under my desk and bent over in front of me. I admired the view that her crotchless knickers offered me of her leaking wet cunt.

‘You just love having your throat fucked don’t you Jen?’She looked over shoulder at me, eyes dreamy with lust. ‘Yes Sir.’ she admitted without shame.

From her arse protruded a fat butt plug. I grabbed it and pulled it out, admiring how her anal pucker gaped. Taking my saliva wet shaft I pressed the head against her arse and drove my hips forward. As I slid into her my breath hissed in my throat at the fabulous combination of resistance and acceptance provided to me by her sphincter – the ultimate combination that I was looking for.

She sighed as my cock filled her fully. ‘I think you should start on the 4 inch diameter plug tomorrow.’ I instructed as I began to thrust. ‘Just a little more stretching and your arse canlı bahis will finally be tailored perfectly to my cock.’

‘Yes Sir’she grunted as I started to fuck her arse harder. I felt her finely trained muscles contract on my cock, trying to milk my cock as she began to rock back against me, desperate to feel my cock more fully in her.

It wasn’t long before I was once again close to cumming, so I slowed the movement of my hips and withdrew my cock, causing my whore to whimper with frustration.

I laughed at her neediness and told her to turn over on her back. ‘You’ll get enough cock by the time I am done with you my little fuck toy.’

Once she was in position I pushed her legs back until her knees squashed against her tits. I marvelled at the usual swampy wet mess of her cunt, rivulets of excitement leaking from her.

I eased my cock back into her arse, making her squeak with excitement. I took her hand and placed it over her soaking slit.

‘Finger yourself, fill your cunt. But don’t cum.’ Eagerly she did as she was ordered as I ploughed her arse. I loved watching her face as she tried to fist herself whilst I ruthlessly buggered her. I could see her fighting the orgasm that was building, eyes screwed tight shut, whimpering with passion. But she never stopped burying her fingers in her slurping, sopping hole until her hand was wrist deep in her cunt and I was balls deep in her arse.

Finally I took pity and told her, ‘Stop.’ Gasping on the brink of orgasm, she obeyed; half grateful and half hating me for denying her release.

I grabbed a handful of hair and hauled her head up and shoved my cock back in her mouth.

‘Make me nice and clean whore and I might fuck you and let you cum.’

This was the sort incentive a good slut loves and she attacked my cock, slurping it deep and swirling her tongue around my throbbing cock. What I relished most about my slut’s cock sucking was how obvious it was that she loved doing it. Performing the act gave her as much pleasure as I got from receiving it. Nothing else was on her mind but giving me pleasure. She lived to be a proper three-hole fuck toy, existed only to be used by me.

With difficulty I pulled my cock from her needy mouth and laid her head down on the desk, lolling part way over the edge. I walked round the other side of the desk and dropped my trousers.

‘Let’s see if you can clean my arse as well as my cock.’ I told her bending over slightly to proffer her the target.

Without delay she parted my buttocks and lifted her head. Seconds later her nimble tongue was in my arse, flickering and probing, making me groan with lust and almost flinch as she found bahis siteleri my most sensitive spots. It was filthy and taboo and she did it! That was the real, deep pleasure of this act. I wanted her to perform this degrading act and she willingly, happily, joyfully, expertly obeyed because I wanted it and because she knew it would give me pleasure.

Eventually, reluctantly, I straightened up and kicked off my trousers. With a motion of my finger I instructed her to turn around on the desk, so that once again her arse and cunt were in view. As she did, instinctively understanding my needs, she placed her hands behind her knees and drew her legs up and apart, revealing herself to me in all her unabashed, slutty glory.

I took up the butt plug from where it had been discarded earlier. I shoved it roughly back into her arse – and she actually smiled as it went in. With my other hand I took the shaft of my cock and rubbed it over her slit and clit. I could feel her hard button rub against my glans and see her twitch and writhe with the need to be filled and fucked. I imagined, almost felt, her cunt trying to suck my cock into her desperately wet, fantastically ready, incredibly enticing cunt.

‘You want my cock slut?’I teased.

‘Your slut needs your cock Sir’ she mewled.

‘Where?’ I goaded, as I pushed it in an inch

‘Anywhere you want Sir. Just so long as you fuck me.’

I pushed in another inch or two.

‘Do want my cum as well?’ I whispered.

‘I live for the gift of your cum Sir, please reward me with your sperm. In my mouth, in my ass, in my cunt..please….please fuck me, cum in me..please.’

Her begging was so abandoned, so desperate, so pure and lovely. Such submission deserved reward and I leant forward to spear ever last inch of my cock into her. Her sigh of pleasure as I did so was the sweetest sound I ever heard. I felt her legs move and entwine behind my back, ankles looked, heels digging into me like spurs, urging me to give her everything I had.

I inclined my head and gently bit a nipple. Her eyes opened and caught my gaze.

Smiling, finally, I told her, ‘when I cum you may cum’. I saw her beam with pleasure and then I felt her delightfully trained pelvic muscles squeeze my cock with expert control. She giggled when my face betrayed the pleasure that gave me.

But, as I started to move inside her, that control started to disappear. As the pace of my cock quickened the clenching of her pussy on my prick was not an erotic technique; it was the precursor of a mammoth orgasm. I could feel the plug in her arse rubbing against my cock as I fucked her harder and harder. With both her holes full she was soon bahis şirketleri panting, mouth opened, cunt opened, arse opened.

But on the edge of total abandon there was a slender tendril of control that held her, conscious of my instructions. I could tell that her long delayed orgasm was no more than an instant away, yet she delayed it, clamped down on it, biting her lip, postponing it; seemingly by force of will alone — until I was ready.

That tiny, horny detail was what it took to shred the last of my control. With a final, deep thrust I tried to split her with my cock and bellowed ‘CUM!!!’

I emptied myself into her, hosing her with the hot, pent-up, spurting, spraying jet of my sperm.

My thighs trembled, my vision blurred and my breath rasped — and all the while I came. And as I did I saw, heard and felt Jen cum too. Shrieking like a soul lost in Hell’s torments whilst shaking and twitching in an orgasm that seemed to consume her totally

Eventually I staggered backwards a little, almost collapsing into a nearby chair. As my breath gradually returned to normal I watched as the huge load I had just deposited began to dribble from my slut’s red, well-fucked, gaping cunt, pooling on my desk as she shuddered over and over.

My presentation wasn’t any closer to being finished. The difference was that, right now, I didn’t care.

As my cock slowly deflated I felt the familiar sensation of a full bladder. Jen was still sprawled on my desk, floating on a post orgasmic cloud. Well, I couldn’t let my staff lie around so unproductively during work hours could I? I stood, a little unsteadily, and moved till my cock dangled over her face. Languorously she opened her mouth and accepted my cock, perhaps thinking I wanted it cleaned. She must have almost immediately tasted the piss that started flowing into her mouth. She smiled impishly around my cock as she revelled in our favourite kinky type of ‘after-care’. I squeezed my muscles and slid my cock from her mouth. Relaxing again I released the last of my pee over her breasts, ensuring her blouse was as transparent as a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest, the flimsy material clinging to her breasts.

‘Clean my desk up – with your tongue.’ I instructed as I pulled my trousers back on. Diligently she licked up the mixture of her juice and my cum from the desk, getting her trailing hair soaked and chin smeared with the pungent mixture. Then she stood up with the satisfaction of a good job well done. She tugged her skirt down as she waited for my orders, make-up smeared, soaked with sex and smiling.

‘Back to the reception desk Jen. I am expecting clients in 30 minutes. Be sure to make them welcome when they arrive.’

She smiled even more. ‘You know I will Sir.’ Then hurried off to do my bidding

I couldn’t help feeling that yet another ‘excellent’ rating was coming for Jen at her next Employee Review.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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