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The countdown had started and the couples were scattered around the floor, all naked and ready. At the crack of midnight the men were all going to slip their hard cocks into the women and if everything went as planned they would set a record for the largest simultaneous fuck. It was an exciting affair, seeing all the naked bodies, all of them enjoying some form of foreplay. If anyone was counting they would have seen twenty seven separate nipples becoming erect in their partner’s mouths, forty three fingers slipping in and out of pussies and eighty seven cocks being sucked.

A lot of the couples were older, and little blue pills were selling like crazy. A lot of the blow jobs were intended to keep the men hard. Even the director of the event, who was using a megaphone to coordinate the activities had a woman kneeling in front of him working to keep him hard. There were a few extra couples, so if some couldn’t complete the task, they still had a chance at breaking the record. They also had made a few other “secret” provisions to help guarentee the record would be broken.

Amid all the preparations and now the countdown, Don was nervously stroking his cock, trying hard to get it up. His partner had been sucking him but gave out after a good twenty minutes when a cramp locked canlı bahis her jaw tight. Fortunately, Don’s tiny cock had slipped out of her mouth just before her teeth clamped together.

“Claire, that pill should kick in any minute now,” Don said, still stroking furiously. Noticing she was crying he stopped stroking and watched in amazement as his cock suddenly got hard. He quickly moved to shove it into her, but she held him back.

“There’s still two minutes left before midnight, we can’t start now,” she mumbled, moving her legs together. Massaging her jaw she looked over at the clock to confirm the time. The director had planned to use the megaphone to count the last twenty seconds out loud, so Claire prepared herself.

Now that she had stopped crying, Don felt his erection subsiding and began stroking again, hoping Claire wouldn’t notice. Thinking that perhaps he could still penetrate Clair even if he wasn’t totally hard, he tried to hide his problem from her.

The time was now approaching one minute until midnight and Don’s cock had gone completely flaccid, he also needed to take a piss, so whispering to Claire, “I’ll be right back,” he rushed to the bathroom. Once inside he found he couldn’t go, so she stood there for a few seconds, waiting for something bahis siteleri to happen.

Suddenly the door banged open and a woman moved toward the toilet. Don shouted, “Hey, it’s occupied!”

“I can’t…” and then she vomited, splashing come into the toilet, some on the floor and some onto Don’s pubic hair. He stepped back in disgust and then strangely noticed that his cock had grown rock hard. Not wanting to lose the erection he quickly rushed out of the restroom and headed toward Claire.

She had been looking for him, calling out his name, “Don, Don, where are you?”

At the same time the director was calling out the time, “12-11-10-9…”

Claire called out again, “Don…”


“Oh gross Don, go wash yourself off,” she screamed, just as another man moved toward her.

Don rushed back to the bathroom and cleaned himself off. After a few minutes he dejectedly walked out of the restroom, his cock flaccid once again. He returned to Claire and said, “I’m sorry Claire, I know you wanted to be part of the record. I’m sorry I let you down.”

“But I was part…”

“No Claire,” he said, kneeling down in front of her, “Let me make it up to you.” He gently took her knees and spread them apart.

“But Don, someone…” bahis şirketleri she stopped as Don moved his head between her legs and shoved his tongue deep into her soaking wet pussy. While everyone else was mopping up the cum from the record breaking simultaneous fuck Don ate Claire like he had never done before, licking her clit, sucking the abundant juices from her pussy and quickly making her come.

When he finished he sat up, feeling the cum run down his chin. Smiling proudly he watched as a man walked up to them. Clair said, “Hi Jerry, I thought you were leaving.”

“No I decided to stick around and see how they did on the record. I know it was a last second thing, but I enjoyed helping set it with you,” he said, smiling at Claire.

Don looked at Claire, who sat silently, trying to avert her eyes from him. Looking back at Jerry he asked, “What do you mean helping set it with her?”

“Oh don’t you know. They had a couple of extra guys available just in case the participants couldn’t get it up. Claire was alone, so when it turned midnight we fucked. Oh I see you are into felching, here, you got a bit of my cum on your chin there he said,” grabbing a handkerchief and dabbing it off. “Well, talk to you later Claire.”

Jerry turned to walk away and then stopped. Turning back to Claire he said, “You know, we ought to do this again next year, and hey, bring your friend, it looks like he’s into the felching.”

Don looked down at his cock and noticed it was rock hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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