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“Hey baby” I smile as you hop off your Ducotti. I can’t see your face yet through the helmet but I know you’re smiling. You set it on the seat and walk over, your leather
coat and chaps creaking. You pull me to your chest and wrap your arms around me while drawing me close for a kiss. I can smell the leather and your sweat and
with a small smile I think of what I have planned later, growing warm and wet as we kiss. I turn and lead you up to my apartment, remembering to wave my hips and walk just
fast enough up the stairs to stay out of reach for all but your eyes.
“I’ll get you for that later naughty girl.”
I laugh and smirk back “You’ll have to work for that one.”
“Not very hard” you laugh and smack my ass as I open the door. Oh if only you knew. I smile and walk in, closing the door behind us. I twirl you around to face me and gently
press you against the wall, kissing you deeply and running my hand up the inner seam of your jeans. As I begin to grab you pull my hand down;
“Not yet, I’ve been riding for a while and I’m all sweaty and gross.”
“Hmpfh fine then stinky boy,” I squint and pull back slightly while thrusting my hips forward. “Then how about you hop in the shower and I’ll join you in a minute.”
“Already? Have something planned?” you ask, a small smile spreading accross your face. I wink and pull you forward, patting your ass and pushing you towards then bathroom.
“Not really, I just wanna leave my clothes in the hamper instead of the bathroom. Besdies, you should get less stinky before I hop in with you.” You stick your tongue out at
me and start stripping as you make your way to the bathroom. I laugh and walk over to the kitchen, waiting until I hear you close the door and start the shower before reaching
into my knife drawer. After some debate I put the chef’s knife back -too big for what I want- and pull out my smallest curved paring knife I keep for fruit carving. I grab a
small bowl of chocolate chips and cup of ice cubes and make my way over to the bedroom. By now you’ve started the shower, but I still try to walk quietly past the door. Since
I don’t have much time, I quickly slip the knife under the bed pillow, and stuff the ice and chocolate under the bed. I open the closet door and smile softly as I look at
everything I have set aside for us. I pull on my thigh-high fishnets, and favorite boots. Unfortunately they aren’t real leather, but they are knee high and lovely, with
a large heal, buckles all up the sides, and long laces to tie up. I then slip into something new, a leather harness that fits snugly around my form, with multiple straps and
buckles that make it criss-cross around my breasts, stomach, and down to my girl. I tie a collar with a large chrome ring that hangs flat against my collar bone and toss a few
choice items onto the bed. After lighting some candles on the nightstand and slipping into a silky purple bathrobe, I walk slowly, quietly to the bathroom. I open the door
just as you turn off the water.
“Sorry I shut the water off, I didn’t want to leave it running.” As you poke your head out to look at me I quickly step forward and slip a blindfold over your head.
“That’s alright, I wasn’t planning on getting in anyways.” I lean forward and kiss you, running my hands through your dripping hair and pulling you forward out of the tub.
“Don’t you want me to dry off?” You start to mumble as you reach for the towel; I bite down on yourlower lip and start pulling you forward gently with my teeth.
“Not really.” I let go of your lip and lead you to the bedroom. Just as we enter, I shut the door, spin you around and press your back against it. I lean against your pelvis
with mine, feeling you grow hard as we kiss and grind. I run my hand up your ass to your back, around to your chest and up your arms as I push you against the door and
push your arms above your head. You start moaning when I reach to the side and slip your wrist into one of the restraints attached to my door. You look up towards your wrist
in surprise just as I move the other into the next cuff.
“Sneaky girl. You planned this all along didn’t you?” You smile and pull gently against the cuffs, testing them. They tighten as you do so.
“This is just the start of what I have planned for you.” I smirk as I grab hard on your balls and lick up your neck. You shiver and moan as I gently play with your sack and
nibble at your ear, then gasp as I bite down on your lobe and draw my nail up along your cock.
“Oh hey! That hurt. Not so hard.” As you begin to pull away I bite harder and slap your balls, which forces you to freeze.
“That’s what you get for trying to fight back,” I whisper quietly into your ear; “Do it again and I’ll draw blood.” You moan as I grind against your dick and slowly drag my
nails down your back. “Tonight you’re going to be my bitch. You do as I say, when I say it. Arguing gets you punished, cooperating gets you rewarded. If you’re particularly
well behaved I may even give you a choice every now and then. Understand?”
“Heh no. You always say I’ll be your bitch but it never comes true. Before the end of the night I’-” before you get any farther I backhand you across the face and quickly bring
my knee up between your legs, only stopping short enough not to cause damage. You gasp and begin to softly pant. I feel your blood pulse canlı bahis in my knee and bring it up higher.
“I don’t think you understand. Fight like that again and this is going to be a loooong night.” I grab the hair on the back of your head and sharply pull. “Understand?”
“…Yes” you whisper. “So what do you want me to do then?” You quip with a tone I don’t approve of. I reach over and grab one of the candles burning on the nightstand;
“Scream” I whisper in your ear as I step back and drip wax down your chest and nipples. You gasp again and yelp as the wax hits your flesh, instantly cooling against your moist
skin, causing goosebumps all over. You yip as I drag the bottom of the candle down the center of your dick, as if I had dripped on it even though it remained untouched.
“That was mean” you sigh as your teeth chatter from the suprise and cold.
“I figured you needed help drying off.” I giggle and set the candle down. “Perhaps it was a little mean. Should I be nicer?” You hesitate to answer, and I take the second to
reach forward and grab your throat, slamming you against the door. “I asked you a question.”
“Yes, please be nicer” you say quietly.
“Hmmmm, since you asked so nicely. …Maybe.” I smirk and pick up the cup of ice and walk over. You turn your head in my direction when you hear the clinking.
“What’s that?”
“Something to help cool off those nasty little hot spots from the wax.” I pull out an ice cube and rub it over your nipple, causing it to stand out like a little dagger
“That’s just as mean!” You gasp as you squirm from the sensation. I continue to rub the cube along your nipple until you start to shiver.
“There’s just no pleasing you is there?” I ask and look down at your rock-hard manhood, pulsing in time with your gentle panting. “Well, maybe there is. You’re enjoying this,
aren’t you?”
“…yes” you whisper.
I smile and lean against you; “Good boy, see how easy it is to be honest? Now I’ll give you a small reward for behaving.” I move down slightly and start gently sucking on your
nipple, flicking it with my tongue and gripping it softly between my teeth. You moan and grind into my chest, causing the robe to open a fraction as I rub my tongue bar across
the hard little nub. I move onto the other nipple and suck slightly harder, to a rhythm you quickly begin grinding too, then guickly draw back and watch you grind and whimper.
“I can’t let you get off too much yet. There’s still the whole night ahead of us. I love watching you squirm. Now don’t move.” I run my nails down your chest, drawing one last
shiver before I walk over to the bed and pull the knive out from under my pillow.
“What are you getting now?” You ask as you tip your head, listening for something that will give you a clue of my plan.
“I”ll show you” I say, and press the flat of the small blade against your quivering tip, causing you to squirm and gasp anew. “Careful big boy, you know how sharp this is.
Don’t move or I may slip.” You become still, though continue to shiver slightly as I turn the blade and slowly, gently run the tip down the length of your shaft, around your
balls, down to your thighs, then up across your stomach and chest.I turn the blade so the curve is facing you,and draw it slowly down your lip, catching the bottom one and
pulling it slightly. With a small flick, I draw the knife back, creating a small cut down the center of your bottom lip, where blood wells up slightly. I lick up your chin and
lip, then suck your bottom lip, tasting your blood and spit and growing more excited. You’re panting heavier now and shivering from mild pain instead of cold.
“Hmmm, I’m having a problem reaching everywhere I want. We should fix that.” I set the knife on the nightstand and tighten the straps attaching your cuffs to the door frame,
lifting you up so only the tips of your toes reach the ground.
“Babe this is really rough on my shoulders.” You wheeze slightly, your weight against your arms and shoulders making it slightly difficult to breathe.
“I know sweetie, I”ll fix. Lift your leg.” You lift your left knee up as high as you can, and I pull down another strap of the restraints and tie a cuff around your knee,
then help your right leg into the other strap and adjust your wrist restraints around your elbows to help balance out your weight. “Better?”
“Yeah my shoulders feel better, though I don’t trust how exposed you’ve made me.” I chuckle and rub my hand along the back of your exposed thigh, staring at your ass as you
subconsciously clench it in response to my touch. I pick the knife back up and run it slowly along your hole, causing you to jolt back only to find the door and straps holding
you in place. “Mmmm your squirming is lovely hun. I love that ass. Are you clean?”
“Yeah, I double checked in the shower.”
“Good boy. I think that deserves another treat.” I pull the knife away and slowly lick up your thigh in one smooth motion. I chuckle as you shiver and moan, grinding softly as
I draw ever closer to your ass, then pull away at the last moment. Just as you start to whimper I pull your firm cheeks wider apart and lightly lick up along your rim. You moan
even louder and push agains the door towards my tongue, forcing the very tip in ever so slightly. I chuckle again and lick upwards, along your balls, then slowly along the hard
line bahis siteleri of your cock. “Mmmm you taste good” I moan, “I love toying with you. Speaking of toys, I think your ass could do with a little…stretching.” I walk over to the closet and
pull out a small plug, which I draw up along your stomach, chest and neck all the way to your mouth. You moan and open as I slowly push the little toy past your lips. “I want
you to suck this until it’s nice and wet.” You hungrily suck the plug, licking along the base and tip to get it as wet as possible. I lick along the plug to your lip, then
slide my finger into your mouth. As I pull it out a small string of spit runs from the tip of my finger to your lip, which I twirl onto my finger as I lower it to your crack.
I slowly run my finger around your hole before gently slipping it in to the first knuckle. You moan and suck harder on the plug, and I lean my leg forward against my hand,
forcing my finger all the way into your ass. I rock back and forth and begin moving the toy in and out, slowly fucking your mouth with it. I pull my finger and the plug out,
and kneel down to lick up your ass and dick again. “You’re covered in pre-cum. I love making you this horny. Do you want me to keep going?”
“Yes” you shudder as I begin eating out your hole, quickly licking up and down before tongue fucking you. YOu grind and moan in my rhythm then loudly gasp as I quickly slip the
plug into your ass. Pre-cum steadily drips from your dick, which I quickly suck up then step back. YOu shudder and moan, then begin to whimper and wiggle your hips, begging
for more.
“Heh I can’t let you cum yet love. Though you came close there. I think it’s about time to move you though. I’m getting tired of standing.” I lower the straps around your
elbows, causing your ass to stick out farther until I detatch the straps from the cuffs on your knees. As your feet touch down on the ground, I detach your arms. YOu waver
and fall forward into me before finding your balance again. I guide you over to the bed, and lie you down on your back. “Now listen closely” I whisper as I kneel, stradling
over you; “If you promise to behave, I won’t tie you back up. I’m sure your limbs need the break. But, no matter what position you find yourself in, if you don’t do what I say,
not only will I tie you up again, but I’ll drip so much wax on you you’ll be begging for ice, then whip your ass until it’s red. Understand?”
“Good. I stand up so my feet are on either side of your hips and pull off my bathrobe. “Take off your blindfold.” You gratefully pull it up over your head and squint slightly
in the dim light until your eyes adjust to being open. When you see what I’m wearing a smile spreads across your face.
“Remind me to tie you up in that later.”
“Cheeky boy.” I smirk, take a step back and drop to a knee between your spread legs, then grab a paddle lying at the base of the bed. I pull your knees up and smack your ass
hard with the paddle. You moan loudly as I hit the base of the plug sticking out of your ass, forcing it farther in. I continue to slap your ass until it’s a vibrant pink color.
I drop your leg and shimmy back up, so my knees are wrapped around your hips and my pussy is mere inches above your throbbing cock.
“Don’t move, not even to grind. All you get to do is hold my ass.” I move your hands up so they’re holding my cheeks, then slowly lower my hips until my lips are just touching
your tip. As you moan and try to pull me closer, I lift my ass and slap your face. “I said don’t move. Try that again and you get nothing.” You whimper but hold still, only
moving to squeeze my ass harder in your palm. I move my hips down, and slowly drag my pussy alongthe tip of your dick; only far enough to spread my lips but not penetrate. I’m
so horny at this point that I’m dripping down my legs with cum, and have to resist slamming your dick into me. You moan and squeeze my ass even tighter, digging your nails in
and forcing a small gasp and moan to escape my lips.”Mmmm not yet love.” I try to lift my ass and you tighten your grip. “Let go or you get the wax.” With a small whimper you
loosen your grip and let your hands fall away. “All this grinding has left me in the mood for fucking. I think it’s about time we give your ass an upgrade.”
I smile as you close your eyes and moan, and turn around so we’re 69ing. “I think I need to be cleaned up, and your ass looks like it needs to be wetter.”
I widen your legs apart as you grab onto my hips and pull my pussy to your mouth. I moan loudly as you lick along my slit and hungrily suck my clit. I begin to grind against
your mouth and bend forward to lick along your crack. You moan and lift your legs some and pull my hips closer when I begin fucking you with the plug and licking along your rim.
I suck my finger as I pull the plug out, then slide it deep into your ass. In response you wrap an arm around my hip and back, and start licking up and down my pussy to my ass
before sliding two fingers into my slit. I gasp and shiver as your fingers spread me and your tongue grazes my ass.
“You know, I got clean earlier too, and I love it when we play together.” As soon as I finih saying this, you begin finger fucking my pussy and eating out my ass. I moan
louder and respond in kind. I nearly come when you move bahis şirketleri your middle finger from my pussy and slip it into my ass, simultaneously fucking both my holes. “Oh god yes! That feels
so good.” I grind against you until I’m on the verge of cuming, then pull forward and away at the last minute. “Mmm I want to fuck your ass. Get on your hands and knees.” As you
roll over I crawl forward, and stand, walking my way to the closet where I pick out my strap-on and a small black vibrator and a large clear dildo almost the same size as your
dick. “I want you to know what it feels like for me when you fuck me.” You lean lower and raise your ass as I kneel behind you. I spit on the dildo to get it wet, then line it
up with your hole. Very slowly I push it forward, stretching you as I thrust. At last the head of the dildo passes your rim, and the rest of the dildo thrusts deep into your
ass. You yell as your head pitches forward into the pillow, and I leave the dildo as is to let you recover. Once your breathing slows I slowly begin pulling out and thrusting
back in. You moan deeply and beging grinding against me, gasping as the whole toy fills your ass. I grab your cheeks and pull them apart, then start thrusting harder and more
urgently. You let out a deep “ah” every time I thrust forward, until our legs begin to shake and we have to stop, both on the verge of cuming.
“I want you to fuck me, but don’t cum untill I say so. Since you’ve been such a good boy, I’ll let you choose where to cum when the time comes. Where do you want?”
“Your ass. Please let me fuck your ass. It’s so tight. I love filling it.”
I smile and kiss your neck “Alright, but I want you on top for now. My legs are tired.” I remove the strap on and set it next to me as I roll over onto my back. Instead of
going for my ass, you lie on top of me, rubbing our nipples together as you wrap your arm around my back and neck, drawing me close for a deep kiss. “Mmm this night seems to
be ending a little differently than I thought.” You laugh and kiss me again, then slowly, almost painfully push forward into my pussy. Your dick is so large and hot as it fills
me. I shiver and grab your ass, digging my nails in and forcing you deeper as you had to me. You moan and hug me closer, the leather straps leaving imprints from being pressed
together so hard. As you fuck me, I pull the small black vibrator forward and lick it wet, then slowly slide it into my ass. The sensation is ecstatic. My legs begin to shake
even harder as you thrust forward in time with the vibrater.
“Mmm I can feel that vibrator in your pussy. It makes me want to cum.” You grind harder against me and grab my hair, pulling it tight as you kiss me and bite my lip. I respond
in kind and slap your ass, then finger it in rhythm with your thrusting.
“I want you in my ass. I want you to fill me in both holes.” I pull the toy out and start sucking on it, cleaning it and wetting it further. You reluctantly pull out of my
pussy and position the tip of your cock against the rim of my hole. “Wait, I want us both to be full.” I slip the small toy into my pussy, then grab the strap on with the dildo
still attached and pull it over. After flipping the straps around, I position it behind you so the tip of my dick is spreading your hole as well. As I give it more pressure,
you lean forward as well into my ass. I tighten around your dick as you grind forward and pull the straps closer. Our dicks both slide into the other at the same time, causing
us to scream with pleasure. The feel of the toy vibrating in my pussy and you throbbing in my ass is overwhelmingly pleasurable. I start moaning without pause as I fuck your
ass in time with mine. We both thrust deeper and deeper, faster and faster.
“Ah I’m coming!” You yell as I pull the toy all the way into your ass. Your dick fills me and I start yelling as well.
“I’m coming too! Fuck me! Fill my ass! Mmm I want you to come with me!” You wrap your arms tighter and dig into my back so hard you break the skin. The sensation makes me shiver
and I can only bite on your neck in response as my pussy throbs and my hands tighten around the straps on your ass. All at once I feel you shudder and my ass grows even hotter
as you pump it full of cum, and I yell uninteligibly as my ass and pussy tighten around you in orgasm. We hug eachother close, frozen as we shiver from our mutual orgasm.
Finally I begin to relax, and start to giggle.
“You were wonderful. Though I’m afraid we’ve got a lot to clean up. Actually…” I reach down under the bed, you moving with me, unwilling to pull out yet, as I grab the small
bowl of chocolate chips and bring them up. “I totally forgot to use these.” I put one on my lip and suck on it softly, and you lean heavily agaisnt me, squirming as we both
continue to throb, and suck the chocolate off my lip. We continue to kiss softtly but deeply, the taste of cum, blood and chocolate mixing beautifully. When we pull out, both of
us squirt cum and laugh. I look at my sheets and sigh “looks like I have a lot of laundry to do.”
“Yeah,” you reply, “but look at it this way: we can fuck on the washer while it vibrates your sheets clean.”
“I like the way you think” I laugh and kiss you lightly. I lean back against the pillows and sigh. “I love you.”
You smile and kiss me deeper. “I love you more.”
“Cheeky little brat. Shut up and agree with me.”
“Mmmm yes mistress.” We laugh and settle down, wrapped in eachother’s arms, and drift to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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