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Alice looked at her naked body in the mirror. She cupped her full breasts and stroked her nipples with her thumbs feeling the familiar thrill as her flesh hardened and stood out in its brown glory. As usual she felt the thrill flow into her hairless cunt and she knew that her lips there were becoming thick and full of blood. She could almost see the clit stiffen and pull out of its protective hood. Slowly she slid her hands along her body and wondered if she would have the time to push something into her tingling cunt and make herself cum.

A cry from downstairs interrupted her thought and she hurriedly threw on a halter-top and skirt leaving herself naked beneath this top layer of clothes. A quick brush of her hair and she hurried to the hallway where she found her husband and their guests.

Still looking at him she felt her body stir. Though greying he still had what she thought as a hot body but then she didn’t look like the standard sixty-year-old. Good genes she thought to herself. Also that they could enjoy a comfortable retirement helped she thought. Still that didn’t matter at this moment to her as the couple with him turned and faced her.

“Happy Birthday,” they cried and moved in to give her a long and intimate hug.

“Mmmm my dear no underwear I see,” a husky feminine voice remarked as she moved her skirt up so she could hold and fondle Alice’s firm tanned buttocks.

While she was doing that the man with her pulled the halter to one side and licked around her nipple and sucked at the rising meat he had created. It was only with a firm effort that Alice was able to break free into her husband’s arms and then felt his lips pressed to hers and his tongue darting deep into her throat.

“God your a sexy thing,” he growled and ground his erect cock through his clothes against her pubis.

“Hey give me a chance wont you. After all I am old now,” Alice laughed.

“Old! And still a sexy, wicked woman,” Helen her best friend said. The same woman who had felt her butt only seconds ago laughed.

Like Alice Helen was sixty but could have put many a younger woman to shame. True her breasts might have fallen a little but her body was still toned and tanned since she and Alice followed a similar routine at the gym. The man with her was in his twenties and was of African descent, his skin so dark that it appeared black. Unlike Alice and George Helen and bakırköy escort Robert were not married but lovers. Robert gleamed as though polished and his shaved head glinted as he talked to George who now led them out to the pool and the refreshments there.

Taking a lead George poured out glasses of champagne and offered a toast,” To the birthday girl and may she enjoy many more.”

It was a toast that the others took up and Alice drank with them. Sure they would have a birthday dinner with their other friends later but Helen was as much Alice’s lover as friend. They had met when they had taken their children to school. Helen had been a single mother then and a lot of the other women had felt threatened by the good-looking woman.

Both women had seen the deep fires of passion in each other. Later Alice had introduced the blonde woman to her husband who had fucked her long and hard with Alice’s active help that night. That had been over thirty years ago now while there weren’t the grey streaks in her brown hair or in Helen’s blonde hair (dye could be a wonderful thing) they still burned with those deep passions.

Robert was the latest in Helen’s conquests and she had told Alice of that wonderful thick, long cock of his and how he fucked like an animal on heat. Still Alice thought so could George and his experience was enough to make her continue cuming for hours as he teased and made her scream with pleasure. She had been lucky that menopause had not affected her as badly as other women.

“Well this birthday girl is hot let’s go swimming,” and saying that she slipped her halter top over her head and dropped her skirt to the ground and gracefully dived into the pool next to them.

She quickly heard the sound of he others as they joined her in the cooling water. Hands slipped about her waist as George joined her and nuzzled her neck. She could feel his cock against her ass cheeks and she reached with one of her hands and took it in her fingers. God he was a fantastic man she thought and so good in bed. It promised to be a good birthday. Then another set of hands joined her as she felt Helen’s fingers playng with her tits as she liked to call them. Finally Robert was there and she felt his firm hands grip her ass cheeks.

They guided her out of the pool and into the hot tub where they fondled her body exciting her with their bakırköy eve gelen escort expert touch. Helen became the conductor as she told the men what to do. George sat on the edge of the tub and stroked his cock in front of her face until he guided her mouth to the hard spear. As she licked along its underside and along the edge of the glans she heard his moans of contentment. She felt Roberts hard cock slip between the lips of her cunt while he played and fondled with her tits. All the time while he was doing this she watched Helen rubbing her clit and calling out instructions.

George’s cock filled her mouth and as she had learnt she took it deep in her throat at first. Slowly it moved into her mouth until it settled into her throat. While he did that she played with his hairless balls fondling and squeezing them. Soon he was thrusting into her mouth quickly and this time it was only to her cheek as he felt her tongue slip along the furrow at the top of his cock and his hands held her face at his groin.

Behind her Robert’s cock filled her cunt as he drove it in and out of her body with lust driven energy. She felt her cunt pulse and juice with such pleasure and every now and again she felt that pleasurable squeezing of her cunt as she felt his cock inside her up to the hilt. Even as she felt him inside her, her fingers stroked and excited her clit adding to the pleasure she felt. With her experience she was able to hold both cocks from cuming right away but she felt George ready to cum soon.

Just as she thought that his cum spilled into her mouth and she greedily swallowed it down. Sucking on his cock for more she squeezed his balls as though she wished to milk them of any more cum that may be still there. Then as his cock softened and slipped from her mouth she felt Robert’s cock shoot his load deep into her cunt. Each thrust shot more of his cum into her body and she tried to squeeze the muscles about his hot pulsing rod.

Then he was no longer there but she felt the soft body of Helen embracing her. Her lips touched the other woman’s and her tongue was deeply into her mouth as though she was trying to lick George’s cum out of her mouth. Her breasts rubbed over Alice’s tits and she felt their nipples touch. Helen’s fingers pushed deep into her cunt and she crudely opened the lips so that she could push finger after bakırköy grup yapan escort finger into the gaping mouth of her cunt.

“Fuck my hand birthday girl,” Helen moaned as she was able to tuck her thumb in her palm and she pushed her entire hand into Alice’s cunt.

Alice’s cunt seemed to expand until she felt the fist slip into her hot cunt. Then this time she felt the woman’s hand and elbow sink into and then out of her cunt. All the time Alice continued to play with her clit feeling her orgasms trip through her body. Somehow she made out George behind Helen and she could imagine what was happening, she licked her lips as she thought of his cock slipping into her cunt as he held his body against those firm ripe ass cheeks. That would excite him he enjoyed fucking a woman’s ass. Then she imagined it in her ass as her body convulsed with a powerful orgasm that shook her body to the core.

Helen was rocking her head back and forth as George continued to thrust his cock deep into her cunt. Each thrust led to a thrust of the woman’s wrist. Then both women cried out with a deep ululating moan that seemed to come from deep within them as they came strongly and deeply. Suddenly Alice’s cunt was empty and it was such a shock. Helen also seemed dazed as hands helped the two women from the pool and led them to chairs.

Alice felt a hand push her down so that she could hold the back of the chair and hands pulled open her legs so that her ass and cunt were easily accessible. She felt cream being squeezed between her ass cheeks and then fingers rubbing the cream into her ass hole. She loved being taken in the ass and she willed her hole to open up to let them take her there. Then she felt a tongue licking along the lips of her cunt and on her exposed clit. Yet before she could scream in ecstasy a cock was roughly thrust between her lips.

This fleshy gag supplied by Robert stopped that short scream of pleasure and pain as George’s cock drove deep into her bowel and began its pleasurable assault on her ass. As he always did he slowly spanked her ass as he thrust his cock in and out of her body. She felt that deeply satisfying orgasm that seemed to cum from her bowel instead of her cunt. As she came she knew that she was squirting cum into Helen’s waiting mouth.

Then Robert was feeding her some cum and as before she greedily swallowed her bitter drink. Behind her a sharp grunt told her that George had cum in her bowel and he pulled out of her. Then she was being embraced and her face was being kissed by all three of these loving people and they were whispering to her happy birthday.

Crying with happiness she found herself humming an old Beatle’s tune about loving her tomorrow when she turned sixty-four.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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