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After spending the holidays with Ken and his new friends, Bri was getting a little frustrated at not finding a decent job available. Although being a sex toy for the boys occupied a lot of time, it did not, however, pay the bills. She had noticed that Ken had less and less time to spend with her, and needed more time at work to cover the expenses of the mortgage and such. Eliot and the guys chipped in from time to time to help, but she was beginning to feel like she needed to contribute in other ways than keeping the guys satisfied.

She searched the local papers for weeks, until she found a position at a local trucking outfit for a night dispatcher. This fit right into what she was good at, as she had a few years with a trucking outfit back home. This was, after all, how she had found Ken. She told him she was going down to apply for the position. He at first wasn’t happy at having her take a night job, but soon realized the need for the extra income, and the money it would provide. After all she wouldn’t have to work weekends, the hours were clearly stated as Sunday night thru Thursday night only. That would still leave her all weekend to drive Ken nuts, and still have time to play with the guys if she liked. Anyway, she guessed, by now they needed to find a new hobby. Some of the wives were beginning to look at her like she was trying to steal them away, if they only knew!

The day of the interview came, and she decided to dress a little more conservatively, as it would be a position of some authority. She did not want to be thought of as just another dimwit with a hot body. She did have a degree in business and some years experience in the trucking industry. She dressed in a business suit, slacks and a somewhat prissy blouse, to show she was not a complete frump. The blue pinstripes went well with her lines and the white open neck blouse, just looked right. So with her resume’ in hand, Bri set off to impress the local Ma and Pa business. She was not at all nervous and thought she just might have a great chance at landing the job.

The place was a lot bigger than she had anticipated in this backwater town. It was a fifty bay dock, and seemed quite busy. She began to get excited; this might be a challenge after all. The receptionist took her application, and then grinned as she read what position she was applying for.

“Go right in Mrs. O, they are expecting you!” the receptionist said.

The office she was directed to was a little overstuffed for her taste. John Barister was a bear of a man. Standing some six foot seven and every bit of three hundred pounds. She could also see that aside from his slight beer belly, it was all muscle. She thought to herself, “Now that would indeed be a challenge to my smaller, somewhat more tiny frame!”

With a smile and a warm handshake, Mr. Barister welcomed her into his office and showed her a seat next to his rather messy desk. He took several minutes going over the application and her resume. He smiled and grinned when he read her extensive background and just sat back. For the longest time, he just rubbed his temples, and looked from her back to the application.

“I’ll be honest with you Mrs. O, we are in need of an experienced dispatcher. As you can see this is a very busy hub and we need someone who knows how to handle the workload! Plus you must be able to handle a lot of, sometimes, very nasty men!” he again looked at her.

She almost choked when he mention the handling men part, but held back and just said evenly,

”I think I can handle a lot more than they can dish out Sir”.

He looked her over, as if for the first time. Then with a little hesitation started writing on a small slip of paper. He slid the paper in front of her face down.

“I believe you’ll find that a generous offer, maybe not what you had expected or wanted but, it’s really the best we can offer at this time.”

He withdrew his hand from the paper.

When she glanced at the number and bonus offers, her heart nearly stopped. The offer was far more than she had expected and the incentives were far beyond any she thought she might get. Without giving away her excitement, she looked back at her new boss, and politely said,” When should I start?”

On the ride home she couldn’t help but find herself soaked with excitement. She really hoped Ken was there so he could fuck her senseless. She was not only starting a new job, but at a much larger salary than she could have imagined! As she literally ran in the door to tell Ken everything, she ran into Eliot and Josh as well. All three had just cracked open beers after coming home from a dig. All three were sweaty and covered in grime. She took one look at them and knew that the news of her job would be just the beginning to this evening’s fun! She threw off the jacket and went straight to esenyurt anal yapan escort Ken.

“I have some great news, I not only got the job, but look at what they are paying me!”

She showed him the slip of paper and the numbers that were written on it.

Ken just stared slack jawed at the paper. His eye’s seemed to refocus and his arms shot around her waist, lifting her high into the air. Josh and Eliot came over to see what all the excitement was about. Suddenly, all that man-flesh around her, coupled with the excitement of her new job, was more than she could stand.

“OK gentleman, this lady needs to have her world rocked! Are you up for it?” she said.

After looking at each other for a brief second, the grins were all she needed to see.

“OK, the new boss lady wants all three of you showered and in that hot tub as soon as possible! I’ll get the drinks and get it warmed up!” she wasn’t kidding.

She saw that Ken reached the bathroom first, much to the dismay of Eliot and Josh. She was about to have her three favorite men servicing her every whim for the rest of the night, and hopefully for the weekend. She went to the fridge and found two bottles of wine and a few glasses. Although this was a beer and shot’s bunch, she was in charge tonight! At least for now!

Bri felt the water in the hot tub, hot like she wanted it, enough so to allow the wine to work it’s magic. She decided to just strip and climb in. First she peeled off the frumpy blouse exposing her somewhat less modest sheer bra. The nipples were straining to be released so she unsnapped the front clip and let out her still impressive 36D’s. Next she slipped out of the slacks. Her husband swore her ass was her best asset. Just as the last of her modest clothing hit the deck, a chorus of whistles came from behind her. She turned to find all three of her lovers, watching as she stood up from taking off her panties.

“Well boys, like the view?” she said.

The raging hard-ons, and the stupid grins, was answer enough. She seductively posed, by leaning back on the hot tubs steps. She widened the view for all three of them to see she was soaking wet and ready for anything. Her pussy lips were already swollen in anticipation of the abuse it was going to receive. Her pussy juices, beginning to leave a trail down her inner thigh. The cool air had hardened her nipples to granite. At their full length and thickness, every bit of an inch in length, and as thick as a pencil, she couldn’t wait to have one or two of her men attend to them.

“Well, what do you need, an engraved invitation?” She added.

Like a starting gun had been sounded the three rushed to her. Eliot and Ken attacked her stiff nipples. Josh literally dove between her legs, almost smacking his head on the hot tub in his excitement. Bri felt the sensation of three mouths connecting to her body simultaneously. She came literally, at once! Eliot and Ken supported her now weakened knees by holding her under her shoulders and from behind her knees. She could feel all control slipping away as Josh’s talented mouth found every hot spot and sent her further and further from reality. She barely noticed his finger slide into her ass, but the electric shocks it made helped push her towards another small orgasm. She knew if she didn’t regain control soon she would be lost for the night. The sensations were overwhelming her mind. She could feel all sanity slipping away. She wanted to run the show this time, dammit!

She pushed herself free of the hands and mouths giving her so much pleasure.

“OK, OK, take it easy guys, I’m just one woman!” she said. They all laughed at that!

“Well we’ve all seen what you can do dear, and we all need to be on our “A” games” Ken said smugly. She smiled at that compliment.

Bri looked over her, now very excited men, and decided it was time to let them stew for a bit. She suggested they all get into the hot tub and relax. Dejectedly they all did as she directed. One at a time they climbed into the tub giving her a chance to, again, marvel at the variety of flesh she would encounter very shortly. Ken, of course, was a marvel to look at. He on his six foot frame, was built like a wrestler, all muscle and hard. Eliot, on the other hand was taller, about six foot four, lean with a swimmers build. Josh, he was more like a desk jockey, somewhat pudgy and soft, but he had stamina to spare. She never complained when he took it upon himself to spend, what seemed hours, pleasing her with his mouth. The size differences in the three were just as amazing. Ken had that monster cock, about ten inches, as thick as her wrist, definitely not for the faint of heart. Eliot’s, although much slimmer, was even longer, easily topping eleven inches. Josh was somewhat esenyurt escort more normal, at around seven inches. He was thick, but not in the way Ken was. Josh, however, could go for hours at a time. Even when he did cum, he was ready again, almost magically! She couldn’t think of a better trio to have for what needed to be done tonight!

Ken sat to her right, Eliot to her left, leaving Josh to admire the whole scene from across the tub. She poured out the glasses of wine and sank into the water, allowing it’s warm bubbles to embrace and relax her even more. As she came back up, the cool air felt good in comparison to the heat of the water. She noticed all eyes were again on her. “So, this is how tonight works. I tell you what I want, and when I want it. You do what I want, and

you’ll have a much better time. Any failure to do as your told gets you put out of the tub, understood?” she said!

They all agreed, and Ken said laughingly, “She’s gonna let this boss thing go to her head, I can see it now!” They all chuckled at the thought.

As the first waves of the wine started to hit, she put aside her glass and motioned for silence. Bri looked around and said, “Ken why don’t you go get the video camera?”

With a sinister grin he said. ”Yes ma’am” He slipped from the tub and headed to do as he was instructed.

“Now as for you two, Josh, you can watch for now. I want you however,” pointing to Eliot, “to get over here and slide that battering ram of yours into me now!” Bri said.

Eliot moved slowly into position between her now, widely splayed legs. He slid slowly up into position, placing the head of his massive cock at her opening. “Slowly now stud, I want to feel it all going in.”, Bri purred.

Doing as he was instructed, Eliot slowly began pushing into her welcome warmness. Bri could feel the head slowly stretching out the entrance to her womanhood with almost excruciating slowness. As the head finally passed into her, she could feel inch after glorious inch, slowly push into her .Her box tightened around the massive shaft. It seemed to take an eternity for him to finally reach bottom. Then just as slowly he began retreating. Leaving her wanting for more. His pace was deliberate, slow, as if taunting her to push back. She just relaxed and let the pleasure continue. She felt her hips involuntarily flex back at him, she knew it would not be long before the beginnings of a massive orgasm. Eliot’s head dropped to her chest, taking in her nipple sending an even larger charge to her, already, excited body.

“Looks like the parties already started”, Ken said. “What did I miss?”

Josh told him not much so far, they had just begun. Ken set up the camera so it was in a position to catch all the action. Plus he didn’t want it getting wet. Eliot hadn’t seemed to notice his return, nor did Bri. They were now fully into the moment. So, he slipped back into the tub and watched as his gorgeous wife, got impaled on his best friends massive cock. Ken looked at Josh, winked and pointed to the cooler of beer he had snuck beside the hot tub. Josh just rolled his eyes and went back to watching the action.

Eliot’s pace had started to quicken and Bri’s moans were edging towards the orgasm she was looking for. She lost control and said,” OK stud, it’s not made of glass, hit it like you mean to hurt it!” Eliot’s eyes lit up, and his pace became furious.

Ken and Josh watched as the water began to froth from the action. Bri’s moans became screams as Eliot slammed into her with all his might. Bri’s head sloshed water over the sides of the tub as she abandoned herself to Eliot’s savage assault. Her eyes rolled back, and they all saw the familiar sight of her body beginning to convulse. She screamed as wave after wave of the powerful orgasm slammed into her. Eliot did not let up; he seemed even more intent on driving her further over the edge. She was slapping into the side like a rag doll, all control lost. Eliot could feel his own orgasm coming on strong. He slowed down just in time to pull out. Josh watched as his cock spewed a fountain of cum onto Bri’s face. She was at first surprised, then opened her mouth and guzzled all she could catch.

Ken said,” Been watching too much porn there El, that was a new one!” They both laughed as Eliot lost it and with a smile slid back down into the water.

“Think we should let her recuperate?” Eliot asked. They didn’t have a chance to answer as Bri regained enough sense to say. “Not so fast, I may be a little out of it now, but I am far from done.”

She had regained a little composure and still a little short of breathe, but Bri was still in control. She grabbed for the glass of wine and downed it. For a few seconds she seemed to be fighting to come back to earth. Then she looked at Josh. “Feel esenyurt eve gelen escort like making me come with that mouth of yours?” He just grinned and moved towards her.

She relaxed as he helped her float to the surface. The chill of the air caused goose pimples to rise on her exposed flesh. Josh needed no instruction and dove right in. His mouth on her already twitching pussy was just enough to send her into another small orgasm. He sank down into the water and began in earnest to eat her out. His tongue found all of her hot points again, and in comparison to Eliot’s monster cock ravaging her, his tongue was tender and loving. She felt each touch like an electric pulse. Her legs wrapped tightly around Josh’s head, and she relaxed once again in the warmth of the hot tub’s water. It felt bizarre to feel cool above the water, yet steamy hot below it’s surface. The contrast, along with Josh’s tongue, set her off into a string of rapid- fire orgasms. Her body shook and convulsed for what seemed an eternity. Josh seemed to take it all in stride and swallowed all of her hot pussy juices. He seemed quite content to stay right there for the rest of the night in fact. She had other plans, of course.

After gaining some semblance of sanity again, Bri pushed Josh’s head away. “Thank you Josh, you are the best damn pussy eater a girl could ever hope for.”

Josh seemed pleased at his part and slid back into his seat to see what was next. Bri looked at Ken. “OK my burly hunk of man, get over here and please me!” she said with a leer.

Ken stood up and slid into place before her. Bri wiggled her finger in his face and motion him to sit. “ NO, no, I want this ride all for myself.” Bri smiled.

She pushed Ken down and slid her leg over his sitting form. Now with her legs to either side of him she slowly lowered herself down onto the cock she knew so well. As if for the first time, she felt the massive girth of him split her open. Even after all these years, she had to let him in slowly. She eagerly embraced her husband and lowered herself onto that log of a cock. As she finally settled to the bottom, she began the grind that sent him into orbit. She felt an explosion building and wanted nothing more than to embrace it. She bucked on him harder, trying to impale herself further. He reached around and grabbed her hips, pulling down hard. She felt him slam into her cervix and the pain/pleasure was too intense. She started fucking him wildly. Control was now a lost cause, all she wanted was to be used. She screamed, ”Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me!”

As if on cue, Eliot appeared next to her head. She saw that snake of a cock and immediately engulfed it. She wanted to be blasted by them both. Eliot grabbed her head and pushed until she was choking on his length. She relaxed and let his monster slide down her throat, gasping for air when she could. Then she heard Ken say,” OK Josh, there’s one left, go for it”

She felt Josh’s cock slide between her ass cheeks, then his head pushing against her tight, un-lubricated ass. She wasn’t sure if she could take that. She had had men there many times before, but not without some preparation. She started to protest, but Eliot just pushed further down into her throat, and Ken just pulled her ass even wider. Josh, like he was possessed started pushing his cock into her un-giving ass. The pain, along with the pleasure was overwhelming. Suddenly Josh’s cock popped into her. He uncharacteristically pushed his entire length into her with a single push. Now she was being properly used. She pushed back, determined to give all three the time of their lives.

Just as she felt she was going to lose her mind, something happened and all three froze. No one moved a muscle. Her mind was on the brink of total insanity; she pushed, pulled and ground at all three to finish what they had begun.

Bri went wild, she needed to reach her, now massive explosion, and nothing would stand in her way. She grabbed Eliot’s waist pulling him even further into her throat. She also slammed back onto Josh’s cock. She wanted them all to cum in her at once. She could feel the familiar tell tale signs as cocks enlarged, balls tightened, and staggered breathing took over. She was in her glory as all three came in a wild torrent of cum. Bri gulped all she could from Eliot. Ken’s hands held her tight as he pumped wad after wad into her waiting box. Josh spasmed and sprayed his load deep inside her sore ass. Then like balloons loosing their air, they all went flaccid. She was still jerking around in the last throws of her own huge orgasms, when she heard the sound of Eliot’s wife laughing!

She looked over to see the tall blonde, with her stunning looks, and waist length white blonde hair, just grinning. “I knew Eliot was doing you! But I never dreamed you were such a slut!” Karen stood there for just a moment smiling like a Cheshire cat. “I’m jealous! Do you boys have any left for me?” she said. Bri smiled back, “I’m sure they do!”

That’s for the next part however, so see you again soon when I can finish up the next installment! It’s been too long and I need to fill you in on all that’s happened. See you soon!

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