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John and I were both in the 12th grade when the following took place. All of the individuals that took part in this event including us were over 18 at the time. This happened on Thanksgiving Day in 1985. Most of John’s family and friends were massive Detroit Lions supporters. On Thanksgiving Day, everyone has an early dinner and then the guys head to a friend’s sports bar and the woman and kids all hang out at John’s house. I told John there was no way I was staying at his house and he better plan on me going with him. The bar was closed for the holiday but they have a private party there every year.

His mother had dinner on the table by 11am. Even thought it was before noon, everyone still had several glasses of wine with dinner. John made me an Irish coffee to go with my dessert. As soon as dinner was over and cleaned up, we headed to the bar. John and I left in my car. John’s dad and brother left in their own car.

John spent the trip to the bar playing with my tits and telling me how hot I looked. He also told me that he watch his brother looking at me through most of meal. I asked him if he liked knowing that his brother was checking out my tits. He tells me he was sure that several other of the guys at the table had been checking me out including his father. I laughed at him and told him no why was his dad checking me out. That is when he told me that I did not know his dad very well. He told me that on several occasions his father had told him how hot I was and that he would love to fuck me if he had a chance. It was a little weird to hear his dad wanted to fuck me but it also turned me on.

By the time we got to the bar, I was close to coming and I tried to get John to finish me off before we went in, but others were standing in the parking lot. I just had to wait to later. When we get into the bar, Al the owner of the bar was there with a few other guys. As we entered the bar, he told us to come on in and get a drink. I noticed right away that out of the eight of us, I was the only female. I was a little uncomfortable being with all of these men. John told me not to worry that he was sure everything would be fine. He told me that he was sure I would be the center of attention with this group.

Let me set the stage I found myself in at the time. I was in a closed sports bar. The bar was large enough to hold a couple hundred people. There was a bunch of televisions all around the bar tuned to the Lion’s game. On one side of the building was a large bar that ran the length of the wall. On the opposite side of the bar was a large wood dance floor. The dance floor was raised up a couple of feet. There were chairs on the front side of the floor and mirrors on the back wall. The group was made up of John my boyfriend, his father (Harry) and brother (Tom), the bar owner (Al), and a couple other friends of John’s father (Ken, Tim, and Bob).

I still had my thanksgiving outfit on. The top was a white blouse that was a little bit sheer. My bra was visible through the material but was fancy enough that it went well with my outfit. John had giving the blouse and bra a few days before and I loved it. I was also wearing a knee length black A-line flared skirt. Under the skirt, I had on some black thigh highs. I left off my panties because I was hoping to have some fun with John later that day. I also had on a pair of black and white mary jane’s with 3-inch heels.

John and I arrived at the bar in time to watch some of the per-game show. Al let everyone know that the bar was open and we should help ourselves. Even though John and I were only 19 at the time, no one seemed to care if we were drinking. I started with a few shots of vodka, because that was what we drank at our parties.

Al asked me why I was drink straight vodka and I let him know that was what we had to drink most of the time. He said he had something I might like better and made me a long island ice tea. The first one went down quickly, and I told him they were great. By the time the game started, I finished off three more teas, a couple shots of vodka, two glasses of wine with dinner, and one Irish coffee. I was feeling great (just a little drunk) and with all of the attention the guys had been giving me, I was totally turned on.

All of the guys were being very nice to me. Most of them had told me that I looked good in my outfit and that they were glade I decided to watch the game with them. I overheard a few of the guys telling John that they could not believe someone that looked as hot as I did would even consider going out with him.

John and most of the guys were bragging about their team. The Lions were only 6-6 and the Jets were 9-3 but the guys were sure the loins were going to win. They were all telling me that the loins always do better on Thanksgiving. I was giving them a hard time the whole time, telling them I hoped they did not cry too loudly when their team lost big. I told them that watching grown men cry was going to be so sad. I really did not watch much beylikdüzü otele gelen escort sports but I had drank enough that I was having a good time poking fun at them.

As it turned out, that might not have been the best idea. Before I knew it, they guys were trying to get me to agree to a bet on the game. I turn them down several times but in the end agreed to the bet. We bet that at the end of each quarter if the Lions were behind the guys would lose a piece of clothing but if the Lions were ahead I would lose a piece of clothing. If the score was tied then everyone would lose a piece of clothing.

They set the rules as to what defined a piece of clothing. The first rule was that socks and shoes would be considered 1 piece of clothing. I argued shoes and hose should be two different items. I was out voted because we would be left with too much clothing on in the end. Pants for the guy and my skirt would be considered one piece. A shirt was one piece. Finally, underwear for the guys and my panties and bra for me was one piece. This meant if any team lost every quarter the supporter/s would be nude. I tried to protest but they kept taunting me, that I was all talk. They kept telling me I was too afraid to back up what I was saying. In the end, I agreed but told them I was looking forward to seeing what they had under their cloths. I am sure the main reason I agreed was the amount of alcohol I had consumed.

Just for some background, over the last year and a half, John and I had been in situation where I had been pushed to go past my comfort level. Tonight would be one of those times. Most of the situation I found myself in, involved me being drunk, like I was at the time. The first few times I had sex or did some showing off with someone other than John, involved lots of alcohol. I would be drunk and close to passing out. Sometimes I would be completely passed out before I would have anything done to me. I was not always drunk when things would go on, but most of the time I was. I found out early in my relationship with John that being in these situations was the biggest turn on to me. I absolutely love the feeling I get when guys are doing whatever they want to me and I have no means to stop them.

Up into that time I had always been with people I knew and felt comfortable around. This situation was something way past what I was used to doing. I did not know most of these guys and they were all much old then I was. I had some type of sexual contact with about nine different guys before that day. This was going to be something very different if things did not go well with the Jets. John just kept telling me that there was a good chance the only one to be losing cloths was going to be the guys. I tried to tell John that this situation might be more then I was ready for. John assured me that he would make sure I was protected.

The game started slowly with neither team doing much. The Lions were the first to score a field goal. The guys all started telling me to get ready to start stripping. I remember Tom telling me that he has been waiting to get a good look at my tits sense the first time his brother brought me home. I told him that is funny because I was just thinking that it was going to be fun to see him doing a little dance for me.

At that point, I felt nervous but hoped the Jets would do something. Luck was not with me, the quarter ended and the score was three to zip. All the guys were laughing and told me to get up on the stage. The guys put chairs up on the dance floor in a semicircle so that I would be between them and the mirrors. Al started up the jukebox and turned on the lights for the dance floor, including the disco ball. He put on the stripper song you always hear at wedding receptions, during the garter dance.

John walked me up onto the dance floor. All of the guys were yelling take it off, repeatedly. John told me to pick an item to remove. I thought about taking off my shoes and thigh highs but changed my mind. I went for my shirt first. It was sheer enough that most of the guys could already tell what my bra looked like.

I was drunk and horny enough by then that I was actually willing to do a little strip dance. I took my time unbuttoning my shirt. I would dance in front of one guy for a little bit and then moved to the next. I would undo one button each time I stopped in front of someone. I pulled my shirt open and leaned down so he would have a good view of my cleavage each time. When I finally pulled my shirt off, I tossed it to John’s brother Tom. I grabbed my tits, held them up high, and asked Tom if this is what he had been waiting for. He laughed and told me not yet but with some more luck, he was sure he would be getting the view he wanted. I dance around in front of each of the guys a little more until the song was over.

By the time we turned our attention back to the game, the Lions had already scored a touchdown. The score was 10 to zip. Shortly beylikdüzü rus escort after that, the Jets scored a field goal. I felt like maybe they were going to start a comeback. My hopes ware short lived, as the Lions came right back with a touchdown. Everyone kept asking what was coming off next. I told them I thought it would be their shirts. I was not overly concerned because there was still half a quarter left for the jets to catch back up. At half time, the score was still 17-3. I was worried at that point, not because of having to remove my shoes and thigh-highs that was going to be no big deal. I feared that the way the Jets were playing, it looked like they were not going to be able to come back at all.

Through most of the quarter, the guys were spending extra time standing around me. Most told me that they loved my bra. Some of them told me they wished their wife would be as open to things as I was. Several time John would wrap his arms around me from behind and grabbed my tits. He would ask whoever was standing in front of me if they liked my tits. My nipples were very hard and clearly poking through the material. As John was asking them, he would run his finger over my nipples sometimes-even pinch or pull on them.

As the halftime show kicked off all of the guys were back in their chairs on the dance floor. I only drank a single tea during the last quarter, so I was still a little drunk but stead on my feet. Al started up the jukebox again. This time he played “She’s got legs” by ZZ Top. I started to dance around the floor in front of the guys to the beat of the music. I danced over to John first. I put my left foot on his crotch and told him to take my shoe off. He slowly pulled my shoe off and tossed it over his shoulder. He started to rub my foot and started up my calf. I pulled away before he even got to my knee. I told him to bad but I think these other guys might want a chance to help a little girl out.

I danced a little more and then place my right foot on Tom’s crotch. I told him to take my other shoe off. He did the same as John but I let his hands roam up my leg until he reached the top of my thigh-highs. My skirt followed his hands up my leg. It was clear to everyone that I was wearing thigh-highs. I heard Al telling Harry how he loves girls in thigh-highs.

I pulled away from Tom, before he got any higher up my leg. I danced my way over to Al. I place left nylon covered foot on his crotch and ask him if he could help a little girl with her stockings. I used my best little girl voice when I asked him, just to add a little sexiness to it. He took his time running his hands up and down my leg from my foot to almost my crotch. While he was doing that, I kept rubbing his cock through his jeans with my toes. After a few trips up and down my leg, he rolled my stocking down and pulled it off. I took it from him and draped it around his neck. I pulled him in close to me and gave him a kiss making sure to force as much of my tongue as I could into his mouth. I asked him if I had given him more reasons to like girls in thigh-highs.

I headed over to one of the guys that worked for John’s dad. Ken was maybe in his late 30’s or early 40’s. I sat down on his lap and worked my ass into his crotch. I asked him if this seat was taking. I felt his cock pressing hard into my ass. He told me it has been waiting for me to use it all day. I turn to the side to face Bob who was sitting next to him. I forced Ken to turn with me, so I could keep his cock rubbing into my ass.

Bob was probably the oldest guy there. He was maybe in his late 50’s. I placed my right foot on Bob’s crotch. I started to rub his cock through his jeans. I told Bob I needed his big old strong hands to help me with my stocking. Once again, I used my little girl voice. He told me it would be his pleasure to give such a cute little girl a hand. I kept rubbing my foot up and down on his crotch, while he was moving both of his hand up and down my calf. I could tell he was completely hard. I love the fact that I can make men go wild when I am teasing them.

Bob picked my foot up and held it up close to his face. He then kissed each of my toes. With my one leg this high, my legs were completely spread and my skirt fell back. I quickly used my free hand to pull my skirt in tight to cover the fact that I was not wearing any panties. Bob used my foot to caress his check and used his free hand to run up my leg all the way to my crotch. I let Bob run his hand up and down my legs several more times, before I reminded him that he should be taking my stocking off.

After he finished pulling my stocking off, I first gave Ken a deep kiss sucking his tongue into my mouth as far as I could get it. Bob continued to run his hands up and down my leg the entire time I was kissing Ken. I broke off the kiss with Ken, and then used my stocking to pull Bob over to me. I kissed him the same way I had kissed Ken.

The whole time Bob was taking beylikdüzü türbanlı escort my stocking off, Ken had been rocking my ass over his crotch. He had his hands on each side of my hips and was dry fucking my ass. Before I was done kissing Bob, I felt Ken hold me tight to him. I knew I had just made this grown man cum in his pants. When I stood up, I thanked Ken for the seat. He told me I was welcome to use it anytime I wanted.

I head over to the bar and got Al to make me another ice tea. When John got to the bar, I told him that was fun and hoped he was not going to be mad. He told me that was never going to happen. I finish off another three teas through the rest of halftime and the third quarter.

The guys were now being much more aggressive in playing with me. Every time one of them came to the bar to get a drink, they would move up to me. They would rub my neck or grab my ass. A few of the guys even moved up behind me and rubbed their cock into my ass. I was doing my best to encourage them. I told them how great that felt when they rubbed my neck. The ones that were brave enough to rub their cock into my ass, I told them how big their cock felt. By the end of the quarter, I was close to coming.

Once again, the Jets let me down. The Lions scored first with another field goal. Finally, the Jets scored a touchdown late in the quarter but was too little and too late. The score was 24-10. I told John that it was his fault I was in this situation. I asked him if he was happy. He told me he was very happy and thought that I was just as happy as he was.

I asked him what he would like me to take off next. He told me to go for the skirt. His logic was at least I would still have my bra and panties on. He said it would be like going to the beach. That was when I told him he was half-right. I let him know I did not wear any panties. He got a total evil grin on his face and said looks as if you have a hard choice to make. As the quarter ended, the guys moved back to the chairs on the dance floor.

On my way to the dance floor, I stumbled a few times. I was having a hard time walking with everything I drank. John’s dad took my arm and helped me on to the floor. The music started and it was Money for nothing, one of my favorite songs at the time. I skipped the dancing this time and just straddled Tim’s lap. I was facing him, with my arms wrapped around his neck. I leaned back and pushed my crotch into his crotch. I started to work my pussy back and forth over his cock. As I was grinding my crotch into Tim’s cock, I looked around at the other guys to make sure I had their full attention. I told Tim to unhook my bra. Once he had it undone, I pulled him close to me so that my tits were pressing into his chest. I started to kiss him, while I worked one arm at a time out of my bra straps. I made sure that my bra stayed in place the whole time.

I continued dry fucking him, while I worked my arm out of the straps. I keep telling him how great his cock felt on my pussy and that I was going to cum at any moment. I was speaking loud enough that all of the guys would have been able to hear me. Once I got the straps off, I leaned back and pulled Tim’s face down to my tits. I used his chin to pull my bra away from my tits. I then pulled his face between my tits. The way I was leaning back, my tits were fully exposed to everyone. Tim took my right nipple into his mouth and started to suck on it. That sent me over the edge and I started to have a massive orgasm. I let out a loud long moan as it washed over me and then just kept saying fuck repeatedly. The song had ended but I just kept humping him for another minute or so until I came back down. I was sure I had felt Tim coming as I dry fucked him. I give Tim and deep kiss and then get up.

I moved over in front of John’s dad Harry. Al had turned on Girls just want to have fun on the jukebox. I told him it looked like he was going to have to help his son’s little girl out of her panties, weather he wanted to or not. I sat on his lap with my legs between his. I leaned back into him and wrapped my arm around his neck. This pushed my tits out and up high for everyone to see. I love to show my tits off. I have large D cup tits with very dark areola and thick nipples. I worked my ass into Harry’s crotch. I felt his hard cock pushing into the crack of my ass. I start bouncing a little so my ass was working up and down on his cock. As I was riding my ass over his cock, my tits were bouncing up and down. I saw all of the guys watching them bounce. I also could see myself in the mirror on the wall. Harry moved his hands up to my tits. He grabbed each of my tits and started to play with my nipples.

I continued to grind into his lap for a little while before I finally stood up. I bent over with my ass right in front of his face. I said, “Please daddy can you help me take off these wet panties. He let go of my tits and I replace his hands with mine. I started to pull and flick my own nipples. I felt Harry’s hands slide up my legs and over my ass. As he ran his hands up my ass, he pulled my skirt up at the same time. He flipped my skirt onto my back. He asked if some little girl forgot to put her panties on today. I laughed a little and told him that he better check to make sure. I felt him run his fingers down the crack of my ass and continued over my pussy and up to my clit.

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