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I have been married to my wife Beth for over 22 years. Our kids are grown and out of the house, so we are able to have a little more flexibility in our lives. We met when I was 25 and she was 23. We were both into the arts and met doing summer stock in Texas. I knew I wanted to be with her when I first went into the makeup studio before our first show together. I had never done summer stock, but she was a veteran, even at 23. When I went into the makeup trailer, all the young actresses were sitting at their vanities topless.

Beth was sitting in just her panties with her beautiful 34C breasts on display for anyone to see. She, as well as all the other girls, caught me looking at them in the mirror as I put on my own makeup. To my relief they all just giggled at my surprise and lecherous looks, especially Beth. From that moment on, I knew I was going to like working in the theater. We dated various members of the cast over that long hot summer but eventually ended up in bed together and the rest is history.

Even during our dating years, we had couples and select singles in our bed. Beth experienced many different men and I many women, usually in the same room. She also had her first girl/girl experience during this time and was very open to almost any sexual experiences. I am very open as well, and I don’t have any problem being in the same bed with another man as long as he is focused on and giving pleasure to the women. I have no inclination to be with another man but am not homophobic. Just not my thing.

I am very turned on by seeing Beth with other men or women, but especially when she is being fucked by two men at the same time or being fucked while going down on another woman. I am a voyeur to a degree and love seeing her being pleasured but after watching for a while I just have to join the fun. I am not a cuck in the truest sense and have no interest in the humiliation aspect associated with some cuckolding but find watching immensely erotic, nonetheless.

During our early married life, we continued our hedonistic ways but stopped when we had children. It was just too nerve wracking and really not practical when running a typical American family household. When our kids left home to start their own lives, we discussed getting back into the lifestyle and what that might look like. In the past, we were usually fucking around with couples or singles that we knew. There was no internet then and the sex papers were hard to get where we lived and when we were able to get one in a larger city, they seemed somewhat sleazy.

As we discussed the idea of inviting people into our bedroom, it stirred our juices and really rekindled our sex lives. The internet also opened us up to the various possibilities we might want to participate in. We would look at websites on our laptop or on our smart tv when we were in bed. The huge variety of sex sites was unbelievable. The sites that really turned us on were the ones featuring gang-bangs and threesomes featuring two men and a woman. I am a healthy 8 inches, but Beth was especially turned on by the scenes where several men well-hung fucked the woman and then covered her with large amounts of cum.

When Beth and I first started fucking, I would fuck her hard then pull out and spray her face, tits or cunt with my cum. She had never experienced that and really got off on it. She would orgasm when I came on her, then rub it into her cunt and chest, bringing herself to more orgasms. I loved watching her do that.

This was a sex practice that we had continued throughout our life. When we started considering re-entering the lifestyle, her fantasies usually centered on being fucked by multiple men and being bathed in their cum.

We ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar decided to place an ad in a national swinger’s website, being non-specific as to our fantasies, but seeking select couples, singles or single men for a gangbang and bukkake party. We placed the ad with sexy but discreet photos of us. They were not nudes but sexy, nonetheless. Beth is 5’3″, 34 X24X36, blonde and fit. I am 6’2″ blonde, fit and 225 lbs. We had many takers respond to a blind email or to a burner phone we picked up just for this.

Within several weeks we had over 50 respondents, mostly single males and 3-8 fit the type Beth was interested in. They were attractive and some were hung to Beth’s satisfaction. The couples that responded were a mixed bag. Of the dozen or so that emailed or called us, 2 peaked our interest. They were attractive as well and very personable on he phone. They were experienced as well.

We met up with one couple in a neutral city and spend a great weekend getting to know each other and having some very hot sex. They were in their late 40’s and lots of fun in and out of bed. They woman was very sexual and loved to be Dp’d. I had never done that and found it to be incredibly erotic. Watching a strange woman’s face contort and sigh as her husband filled her ass as I filled her cunt was fantastic. Beth and I had been doing anal occasionally for years, but she had never been Dp’d. Watching our new female friend take both cocks had made Beth crazy wet and horny and she agreed to try it.

I lay on my back and facing me, she squatted onto my cock while the other wife worked several dildos of gradually larger and larger sizes into Beth’s lubricated asshole. Beth was quivering and cumming almost continuously while this was happening. After 4-5 minutes of Beth being stretched, the husband crawled up behind my wife and slowly worked his large cock into Beth’s ass. He popped the head in first and let Beth adjust to this new sensation. He then gradually worked all 7 inches into my wife, then held still while she got her body and her breathing under control.

She looked into my eyes with lust and a bit of fear, then without a word, nodded to me and we began a slow but deliberate sawing in and out of her holes. Beth gave a small cry as she got used to the new sensations and before long was encouraging us, saying, “Ok, guys…that’s good…give it to me…” And did we ever. We built our rhythm gradually and withing several minutes were truly giving her the fucking of her life. She was crying out, moaning and cursing for us to not stop. We were able to hold off for 3-5 minutes then we both shot copious amounts of cum into both her holes. She orgasmed too many times to count.

After we uncoupled, the other wife crawled into bed with Beth, kissing and stroking her until they both fell asleep. We continue to see this couple to this day and have repeated the scene many times.

This experience set the stage for an encounter that happened several months later. Beth had reminded me of her desire to be gangbanged and have the men shower her with their cum. I asked her if she wanted to try and set it up and she suggested we do it when we were on our next vacation. We were scheduled to go to Vegas later in the year, so I set to work searching the internet for a solution to Beth’s request.

I found several escort services online, mostly for people looking for females, but eventually found some that catered to couples or women looking for males. They were all eager to help us. I spoke with a young woman several times at this one service, and she convinced me her guys would take care of Beth both sexually and safely. She assured me they elvankent götü büyük escortlar were all young, healthy and hung. She sent us photos of a dozen guys and Beth was impressed. She decided to go with it.

We had arranged everything for the following month on a Saturday night. We were to check in to our hotel several days before and get settled in. I scheduled Beth a full spa day prior to that particular evening. She would be pampered and prepped to be thoroughly sated on that evening. If all went according to plan she would have her greatest fantasy realized.

During the months leading up to our Vegas trip, Beth worked out especially hard and really took care of herself. She was healthy, tanned and wanted to be in prime physical condition for her night with her men. She also fucked me silly during those months. We really focused on getting her used to anal sex by not only using her various dildos but had the gentleman from our previous encounter join us, along with his wife, in stretching Beth anally, both by Dp’ing her multiple times and having his wife use the dildos on her. The two women also spent a large portion of those evenings making love to each other. The husband and I would sit and watch them pleasuring each other eventually allowing us the ejaculate all over them multiple times.

Beth was ready for her night. We arrived in Vegas, checked in to our suite and anxiously awaited Beth’s debauchery. She went for her spa treatment and returned several hours later refreshed and extremely horny. It was now a matter of waiting for the men to show up.

At precisely 8:00pm, six very large, attractive men were at our door. Beth waited on the couch sipping a strong cocktail, having taken a tab of ecstasy an hour earlier. She was naked except for red heels and white thigh-highs. She could not have been hornier or sexier. The men entered the living area and voiced their approval. Beth stood and standing on tip-toes, greeted each with a deep, sensuous kiss one-by-one. The X had definitely kicked in. We were both in for the treat of a lifetime.

Beth knelt down and had the men surround her. She reached up and began unbuckling their belts as they removed their shirts. As their pants dropped they stepped out of them. I went around and gathered the discarded clothes and put them in the dining area. Beth was breathing rather heavily as she rubbed and kissed the men’s cocks through their briefs, something she loves to do before removing them. As I stood to the side videotaping the scene she lowered their underwear and gazed with undiluted lust at the array of large, swollen cocks before her. She went around the circle, licking and kissing the cockhead of each man, some drooling pre-cum. She would touch her lips to the cocks and strings of pre-cum would attach to her as she pulled away.

Slowly, without using her hands, she would lean her head under the tumescent cocks and cover the heads of their cocks with her mouth, letting it stay there for a few moments, lightly sucking them, only to move to the next and repeat the act. As she repeated this each cock began to grow to its full, throbbing, massive erection and at that point she would reach her tiny hands around the shaft and bring a stream of more pre-cum to her mouth. The men were moaning and making lewd comments about her technique and the patience she was showing with them. She soon enveloped each cock fully with her mouth moaning and mewling around each one as she got hotter and hotter. Some of the men would grab her by the back of her head and forcefully face-fuck her while others would let her do all the work.

This went on for 10-15 minutes with her sucking slowly and sexily etimesgut çıtır escortlar on each cock. When they were fully hard and her cunt was flowing down the insides of her thighs, she stood, kissing each man as they intuitively knew she was ready. They passionately but gently crowded around her, twelve hands stroking and probing every inch of her. Some were kissing her; some were fingering her, and some were eating and licking at every crevice on her body. She was beyond turned on. Her breathing and vocal sounds were enough to drive any man insane. I was no exception. I put down the camera and removed my clothes as well. I was not to participate in the actual gangbang but was to hold off until they had completed their mission. I was to enjoy sloppy sevenths.

When she could wait no longer, she had a large black man with a vein covered, 10 inch cock lay on his back. She squatted over him and slowly lowered her cunt onto his shaft. Her eyes were rolling back in her head as more and more of him entered her. After a minute or so she had settled herself, fully impaled. Her heel-covered feet were flat on the floor as she began raising and lowering herself slowly up and down on his cock. The other five men waited until she was comfortable and began fondling her and kissing her and feeding her their cocks. She was cumming in small, shivering orgasms almost from the time the black cock entered her. She told me later the moment when she was fully impaled and all the other cocks were around her was the single most erotic moment of her life. She said she was so focused on the feeling in her cunt, the sight of the hard, leaking cocks and their aroma that it was almost otherworldly. She was lost in a haze of lust and longing for more.

As I videotaped my wife and her stable of men, I was so horny myself, I would occasionally forget what I was doing and let the camera slid off to the side. I wanted to watch with my own eyes, not through a camera lens. What Beth was doing was beyond lewd and lascivious and I want in on it but kept taping as best I could.

Over the next hours, the men took turns fucking Beth in every possible position known to man or woman. Some we had never even heard of. At one point, two men were holding Beth up by her arms as two others held her legs spread apart while the other men took turns fucking her. Amazingly, none of the men had cum yet. They obviously were trying to hold back for Beth’s requested finale.

After a short break for a few cocktails and some lines of coke, the party resumed with Beth being taken anally by several men after being properly lubricated with a large dildo. It was necessary because Beth had never had a cock in her ass as the men were sporting. After having her ass reamed several times, she lowered her asshole over a man as he lay on the floor. She lay back on his chest as he reached around twisting her nipple hard. Two men took her ankles and pulled her knees up by her head.

The remaining five men individually inserted their cocks into her pussy as she thrashed on the man under her. Her toes curled repeatedly as she climaxed over and over. Eventually the last two men in her couldn’t hold off any longer and, with her loud encouragement erupted and filled her to the brim.

As she lay there still fully stuffed with two large cocks, the other four men stood over them and masturbated until they showered her face, mouth and chest with their cum.

She shook and cursed “Oh, fuck yeah!!” repeatedly as she was being bathed in their warm sperm. As their cocks wilted they moved closer and fed her their greasy members until she had cleaned them all, including the gentleman who had been in her ass. That was a first, but I hoped not a last. As they backed off, I went to Beth and stuck my painful erection in her cum covered face and she gratefully sucked me dry while the men clapped their approval. She was sated and exhausted. Several of the men picked her up and lay her on our bed and left. I thanked them and crawled up next to my beautiful sexy, cum covered wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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