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Big Dicks

Fred lifted Sasha up into the air, where she raised her arms out and yelled, “Go Tigers!” He kept a firm grip on her legs, not wanting to drop her. He looked up and saw the most beautiful thing in the world. He was staring straight up at Sasha’s bright pink panties. He could smell her pussy from where his face was!

“This is why I became a male cheerleader,” Fred said to himself, bringing Sasha down a moment later. Her crotch landed right on top of his head, her skirt falling over his face. And he thought he could smell it before!

“Is it really?” Sasha asked, winking at Fred, as she got down. He was speechless. Sasha heard what he said. He watched her as she walked over to the cooler, to pour herself a drink. She was amazing. She had blonde hair, pulled back in a pony tail, which shaped a face almost too beautiful for Hollywood. She had the most perfect breasts, round and lively, bouncing with each seductive step. Fred imagined that her nipples tasted as sweet as honey, and often wished he could take a lick to find out. She was skinny, not too skinny, and nicely shaped. Her hips curved smoothly like a turn in the road, accentuating a very nice ass. Her legs were long and beautiful, and easy to hold onto when she’s above your head.

Sasha sauntered over to Fred, with a playful look on her face. Without even looking around to see if anyone was watching, she grabbed his crotch and gently began to fondle him. Fred couldn’t believe this, and looked around the football stadium to see if anyone was indeed watching. Everyone seemed to be preoccupied with other things, including the other cheerleaders, all women, who were sitting on the bench chatting up a storm. “After the game. In the girl’s locker room.” She released his dick, which was now completely erect, and walked away without another word.

He watched her go over to the other cheerleaders and whisper something to each one of them. The other cheerleaders were Ashley, the busty brunette, Allison, the dirty redhead, April, the fox with black hair, and Alicia, the sexy blonde. At this very moment, they were all looking up at him and smiling after being told whatever the secret was. Fred thought maybe Sasha was playing a trick on him. Maybe she’s not interested in him at all. Maybe she’s telling the other cheerleaders that he’s halkalı bdsm escort got some kind of crush on her. Maybe they’re all laughing at him.

When the game finally ended, Fred walked back to the locker rooms. All the cheerleaders went into the girl’s locker room, followed closely by Sasha, who turned back and said, “Five minutes.” She disappeared into the locker room.

Fred stood in the hallway, staring at the door to the girl’s locker room. He checked his watch to see what time it was. Five minutes later, he was still standing there. Was this just some big joke? He took a deep breath, and opened the door to the girl’s locker room. What greeted him was the most amazing sight he had ever laid eyes on.

All five of the beautiful cheerleaders were sitting on the floor in front of the lockers. They were still in their uniforms, their legs spread wide. None of them were wearing panties. He couldn’t believe that these exquisite women were sitting right in front of him, legs spread, pussies in plain view.

“We thought you could start by eating all of us out,” Sasha said, pulling her skirt up even higher, giving him a clearer view of the forbidden flesh between her legs.

“Yeah, and start with me,” said Ashley, releasing her brunette hair from a ponytail, pulling Fred over, and shoving his head between her legs. Fred was shocked, but highly aroused. He began to eat her out, looking up at her large breasts, as Allison crept up beside him. She began to rub his crotch as he did his work. Ashley started to moan a little bit, as Allison got under Fred and began to tug on his pants. She realized that they were tear-away and ripped them off, leaving him in his underwear. She pulled down his underwear, and grabbed onto his throbbing cock. She stroked it a few times for good measure, then began to lick him up and down the shaft. He was watching her now, looking at her red hair. He had always loved redheads. Ashley was moaning louder, and Fred was beginning to get a lot of juice in his mouth. Allison shoved Fred’s cock into her mouth, and went after it. She was an amazing blowjob artist, and he could barely concentrate on eating out Ashley’s pussy.

“Oh Jesus!” Ashley cried out, as her juices exploded all over Fred’s face. He lifted his halkalı elit escort face up and licked his lips. “You’re good. You’re damn good!” She got up and laid down on the floor.

Fred then began to concentrate on receiving the blowjob, but suddenly Allison stopped and got out from under him. He didn’t have time to complain, though, because April’s mouth closed on his cock the next second. He continued to get a blowjob from the black-haired beauty, as Allison laid down where Ashley had been.

“My turn,” Allison said, grabbing his head and thrusting it between her legs. He found that she was a natural redhead. It was not much work since she was already completely wet. She came within two minutes, and laid down on the floor where Ashley had been. By this time, Ashley was eagerly watching the festivities.

This time, Alicia was giving him the blowjob, while he pleased April. April had the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. It was glistening like the morning dew, when he began to lick it. It took a while for her to cum, in fact Fred almost came himself. Luckily, she exploded moments before his own climax would have been.

His mouth was then in Alicia’s crotch, when Sasha’s mouth finally surrounded Fred’s cock. She was gentle, prodding, perfect. He nearly came the second she touched him. But he didn’t. He managed to hold out until after Alicia came. She rolled away, and Sasha continued the blowjob. He wanted to fuck her mouth. He just couldn’t hold it anymore, and Sasha didn’t want him to. He came in her mouth, and she slurped it up eagerly. She licked up every last drop, then let him lie on the floor to recover.

Ashley began to kiss Allison. April began to kiss Alicia. He must have been dreaming. Not only did all these beautiful women give him a blowjob, but they were also lesbians! He watched them as they kissed and rubbed each other’s pussies and breasts. He couldn’t believe his eyes as they stripped off each other’s cheerleading uniforms and threw them off to the side. They stood there naked in front of him, big huge breasts in his face. They all got down beside Fred, kissing, fondling each other, and also fondling Fred. He was already completely aroused again. He couldn’t believe what was happening!

This is when he noticed halkalı escort Sasha in the background. She was pulling something out of a gym bag. Two things. They were strap-on dicks. Strap-on dicks? She walked over to the girls, and handed Ashley one and handed April one.

“Good,” said April, smiling, “I like being the fucker.” Sasha smiled too, and once again stood off to the side.

“And I like being fucked,” Alicia said, as April put on the strap-on dick, then pushed her down onto the floor. That’s exactly what happened next, April began to fuck Alicia. Fred watched in amazement, as April penetrated Alicia’s pussy with the fake member, then began to pump in and out of the blonde like some wild animal, her black hair falling over her face. Ashley was doing the same thing to Allison.

This was all great, but Fred couldn’t help but look over at Sasha, who wasn’t joining in on the strap-on fun. He got up and walked over to Sasha, who immediately tore off her cheerleading shirt, revealing that she didn’t like to wear a bra. Her breasts were perfect, and they did taste like honey, as he had suspected, when he finally got to test out that theory. He pulled back her skirt, and thrust his swollen member inside, causing her to scream with pleasure. It was so warm inside of her. Warm and wet. They needed no lubricant, for his cock had no trouble sliding in and out of her very quickly. Her blonde hair was no longer in a ponytail, and now flew wildly around her face as she got fucked harder and harder.

“Fuck me! Oh sweet Jesus, Fuck me!” Sasha screamed, meeting his every thrust. And he did. He fucked her until he felt like he was going to literally explode. It was okay though, because at that very moment, she screamed:

“I’m gonna cum, Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” So Fred went at it as hard and fast as he could, cumming at nearly the same time as Sasha. He removed himself from her, and laid down next to her, breathing heavily. He looked over at a smiling Sasha and laughed.

“That was unexpected,” he said, finally speaking.

Sasha laughed too. “We’ve always had a little crush on you, we just didn’t know if you were gay or not. I think we know the answer to that now.”

“Hey, why do you think I became a male cheerleader?”

Cleanup was fun too. The girls cleaned each other very well. In fact, the shower lasted another hour, in which Fred got two more blowjobs and a fuck from Sasha.

Needless to say the Tigers’ games were a little bit more exciting from there on out. Wait until you hear about our run-in with the cheerleading squad from the Lions!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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