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(Erotic bisexual tale for open minded people)

My goddess and I attend a classy party. Invite from a sexy couple we met at this weekend’s Halloween party in Vancouver. She is resistant to getting too involved as she doesn’t want to share me but we love to indulge our exhibitionist /voyeur kink. I am wearing a black suit with a black tie and black fedora and she in her short red dress and black stilettos. At the door we are handed masks, conservatively feathered for her and mine with definite wolf features. She holds me tight as we begin to mingle.

She and I start with red wine in the kitchen on the main floor. This part of the party is sedate with casual conversation, trance music drifting up from the lower floor where a dj spins in a large rec room and people dance. The other rooms on the lower floor are fluid with hotter action; the naked dancing room adjoining, a room with the sign flex erotica playing bisexual orgies on a giant screen and the lounge with filmy curtains couches and cushions. From the kitchen you can see a balcony above, a hallway of doors to bedrooms being put to various uses by the party goers. A large covered deck with a large hot tub not yet in use that wraps around half of the house.

When some one suggests tequila shooters I heartily agree, knowing the effect that will have. She’s loosening up and gets drawn into a conversation with a gorgeous redhead while I switch to scotch and conversation with a few men. Our conversation turns to my Beauty and the redhead and how the men all agree that they would be a delicious treat for this pack of wolves. The couple that invited us arrives and the man joins our conversation while his natural blonde wife introduces herself to the redhead and greets my Beauty. My friend I find is wearing a suit that matches mine but no fedora and he confesses that he and his wife had conversed in depth about a fantasy fling with myself and my Beauty.

Shortly we leave the main floor to dance. In no time my beauty is stripping my top off to reveal my lean muscular upper body. This attracts the attention of a few men who begin to “accidentally” bump into me. My Beauty enjoys the sight, withdrawing to watch me getting mauled by the obviously horny men and I indulge her delight caressing and grasping there bulging hardons while I in turn am groped. At one point I notice her lust getting the better of her with her hand disappearing up her skirt. That’s when the redhead and my friends wife appear, delighted at what they see, flirtatiously laughing. In short order they are leading my Beauty back up to the main floor. I profess my need to follow much to the disappointment of my fellow dance partners but they agree to let me leave if I give them all a kiss to which I oblige. It takes quite some time and involved more than a kiss.

On the main floor I find things have become more comfortable and less tame. People are necking and cuddling in various corners and combinations. None of which is my Beauty. On the deck the hot tub is in use with naked men and women playing a game that involved blindfolds. Again my beauty was not among them. Around the corner though I spied her red dress, she was leaning against the railing a forgotten cigarette in her hand, the redhead beside her had her fingers gripped in my Beauty’s dark curls and their lips were locked together. My friends wife was on her knees with her face buried between my Beauty’s thighs, it was a sight to behold and got me rock hard in a second. I decided that my Beauty had upped the stakes sufficiently for me to match her debauchery and returned downstairs to find the men who had made their desires known.

I found them in the flex erotica theater, and they welcomed me to sit and watch with them. They all had their pants unbuttoned, hard cocks in hand admitting they had been discussing my earlier antics. I pulled out my cock and one other them slipped off his seat and positioned himself between my legs to take my shaft expertly deep into his mouth. Another stands to offer his large member to me and I start sucking him, enjoying the taste and texture of him. Shortly I’m switching between two of them and when they are ready they turn to each other and I watch them spurt their cum at close range covering each other’s cocks. The sight brings me to orgasm and the man in front of me shallows bakırköy türbanlı escort every drop before turning to clean off the other two.

As I recover my thoughts return upstairs, what is my Beauty up to now?

As I mount the stairs I notice my friend approach, he is of a similar build but his eyes hold to a grey blue. He has a smirk on his face and he tips my fedora off and places it on his head.

“Your Beauty has quite the snarky attitude when she drinks tequila” he laughs.

“That she does” I reply with a wry smile.

As we gain the main floor together I can hear her putting someone in his place. She handles herself like an experienced bar maid, all the more so when she drinks tequila. She has the attention of three men who grin as she berates them for old wolves. They compliment her and offer her the world and I can tell she is enjoying herself. My friend and I lean casually at the bar at a distance, listening in on the teasing banter. She is so hot in her confidence yet hotter still with her subtle teasing. Watching her handle the wolves as they were pups turns me on and brings my thoughts to how erotic things could get.

One man has his hand on her thigh and is gently stroking, slowly moving higher as he tells her how devastatingly beautiful she is. She rocks her hips a little with her desire before stopping his hand with hers but she doesn’t remove it. Another standing behind her brushes her hair while commenting how entrancing her green eyes are, he let’s his hand fall to her breast and starts gently massaging her hard nipple through the fabric. Her sharp intake of breath betrays her as she swats him away and he persists, breaking through her weak resistance.

I have never known my Beauty to accept the touch of random men. She was always so resistant, insisting that she only wanted me to touch her. Yet here she was, her body beginning to writhe with the pleasure given to her by strangers. Her journey towards embracing her inner slut was culminating tonight and it made her the most beautiful and deliciously sexy goddess I had ever imagined. The third man had pulled his erection out of his pants, emboldened by his partners successes, and when she saw its hard length she reached up and started stroking it. The second man slipped the strapless top of her dress down and bent over to suck her soft breast into his mouth and her resistance over, the first man slid his hand up her dress.

I was then surprised by the soft embrace and a gentle squeeze of my own hard cock by the redhead girl I had last seen corrupting my Beauty.

“Glad you find this as interesting and erotic to behold as I do” she said with a smirk. “You are as well endowed as your Beauty claims, I hope I’ll get a chance to see if you are as gifted as she says?”

“By the look of things you just might” I replied.

My friend’s wife while investigating her husband’s interest says, “It is apparent to me that we all have an interest in the corruption of your beauty.” Her own approval apparent in the lascivious grin and delighted spark in her eyes.

Back on the couch my Beauty is moaning and writhing in abandon as the men bring her to orgasm. The first with the skilled movement of his three fingers deep inside her with help from the third whose cock she still holds in her hand, deftly rubbing her clit. The second man’s attention to her nipples causes her breath to come in sharp staccato. All three men have their cocks out now and my Beauty is fully exposed, dress hiked up and top down, her legs held wide apart.

As she begins to come down from her series of orgasms the second man presents his cock in front of her wet lips and she hungrily takes in its length. I watch in awe as she one after the other brings them to cum, letting them cover her breasts in the evidence of their lust. They don’t stop stimulating her either, trading places and mercilessly licking and sucking at her pussy. When she finishes with the last of them he produces a handkerchief and cleans her off. She announces that she is done with them and they politely thank her, impressing their endless appreciation for her beauty.

My friend nods to the door to the deck and we slip away unnoticed while the two ladies approach my breathless Beauty.

“We’ve bakırköy ucuz escort concocted a game of sorts” he says, “and we will need a blindfold.”

She had never felt this erotically charged before. More than a little surprised by what had just happened with the three wolves yet completely free. She had started feeling mildly offended, but their persistence had eroded her resistance. The tequila mixing with the erotic energy of the party, until she had found herself driven by wanton lust. Her body a tapestry that they painted with their desire. Their hands roaming, kneading, delving inside her, stirring up her own lust until wrapping her lips around their hard cocks seemed perfectly natural.

Since the redhead and her blonde friend had taken her on the deck, a steamy encounter of lips and tongues, giving and receiving orgasm after orgasm, her dripping pussy had been hungry for her man’s perfect cock. Now the desire was driving her crazy with lust, where was he and what had he been doing all this time?

She stumbled a little getting up off the couch, her legs trembling, but she was caught in the soft arms of the redhead and her blonde friend.

“Where is my man?” She demanded with mock severity, “I have need of him, he was not supposed to leave me alone.”

“I’m pretty sure it was you who left him” the redhead smiled mischievously.

“My husband has been taking good care of him” laughed her blonde friend, “keeping him out of trouble which is more than can be said about you.”

She blushed crimson remembering how she had writhed with pleasure. “Well, where are they?”

“He said to take you upstairs, that he would be up soon to deal with his naughty little girl.” The redhead steered her towards the stairs.

What had he seen? What would he do? What she wanted more than anything was for him to bend her over and fuck her like the God he was, but thoughts of him sternly admonishing her for her slutty behavior and punishing her bare ass thoroughly made her juices flow again. When she made it into an empty room her friends guided her to a four post bed, neatly made but for some strips of black cloth seemingly discarded. With a devilish smile the redhead picked one up, “No reason not to entertain ourselves while we wait.” Removing her mask she tied the strip around her head as a blindfold. The material was lace that she could barely see through.

“I’ll go find your man” her blonde friend said as she left the room.

“I think he will be more pleased if we take this a little further.” The redhead said as she tied the lace strips to her wrists. Bringing her to her knees she fastened her to one of the heavy posts. Now she was bound, helpless, her pussy aching with desire. But before she could sort out her feelings about her predicament the redhead plunged her fingers deep inside her. She gasped and moaned as the slim hand of her captor filled her. She felt soft lips kissing her neck as she bucked with orgasmic pleasure.

“You are one gorgeous little nymph,” whispered in her ear “your slutty escapade has made me so horny. Watching you submit to those strange men’s desire. The very smell of you drives me wild. I can’t wait to see what your man has in store for you.”

Then the pleasure abruptly stopped, her body a trembling mess, tied and helpless. The delicate hand withdrawn and the feminine presence retreats to be replaced by an unmistakably masculine form.

Through the lace she could see the male shape approach, fedora set at a slight angle. The redhead begins to describe her wanton submission to the three strange men in erotic detail and her face flushed red again.

“Is my God displeased?” She whispers “have I been naughty?”

He nods as he reaches up, grasping her dark curls hard, pulling her head down to the soft sheets. His strong hand touches her wet pussy, confirming just how wet she had become while a third strong hand lifts her dress and grips her hip.

Bewilderment is swiftly stunned by a rain of smarting slaps punishing her bare ass. The pleasure of the thick fingers sliding between her wet lips in contrast with the pain of the spanking she let’s out a cry. 27 smacks, not meanly applied but firm, leave her ass stinging.

The fingers in her pussy withdrawn spread başakşehir escort her hungry lips and slide into her mouth to give her a taste. They are replaced with a hard pulsing cock, in and out, followed by another only slightly different cock. She was surprised yet delighted, and she set out to identify her man’s perfect cock from the two. This proved more difficult than she had thought as the two cocks were so similar that she began to wonder if he had a twin he never told her of. She finally contented herself with the theory that he had been cloned and simply submitted to their combined will to use her as the lustful slut she had proved herself to be.


I was mind blown by my Beauty’s perfect submission, delighted by her behavior and was thoroughly enjoying my friend’s and my sword play. He was so completely comfortable as we pressed our cocks in unison into her hungry little mouth. As the heads of our cocks popped inside we both groaned our pleasure.

“What do you say we take this up a notch” I propose, and we move behind her.

He lays down on his back beneath her dripping lips and pulls her down to devour her cunt and I straddle him hungrily plunging my tongue into her tight little hole. My cock rests on his muscled stomach and I can feel his pulsing member touching my ass. I slide my hand into my Beauty’s freely flowing juices and reach behind me to slather his rigid pole slowly stroking it’s length. I can hear him groan into her clit with the pleasure of my strokes and my Beauty is shuddering and gasping as we lap at her hot sex.

I move up and ease my cock into her softness, feeling his tongue alternate between her clit and my shaft. Long slow plunge, he guides my movements with his hands on my ass. I feel his fingers rubbing my tight hole with her juices. He pulls me out to curl his tongue around my shaft and my Beauty whimpers for more.

Smiling I nod him forward and he moves up so she can lower herself onto his eager cock. The sight is divine, my Beauty’s delicious little cunt being filled with his large cock. She is unable to control her body in this position, deep orgasms rocking her body. I can tell he is struggling to hold back his own orgasm as he sucks on her soft breast. So long I’ve desired to see my Beauty being filled and I start to lick them , moving from her tight little ass to his large cock.

Then I position myself to join him inside her, my helpless Beauty bracing herself to be filled as she has never been before. I can feel his strong fingers guiding my cock to slide in along side his own, pressing together as we stretch her wide enough and the sensation is like no other. She is wailing now, wordless cries of ecstasy, her body stiff kneeling over him, hands tied to the post in front of her like she is praying. We begin to speed up our thrusts and her breasts bounce as her body shudders with the staccato of our pounding. I feel intensely his cock sliding against my own inside of my perfect Beauty, our balls bouncing together with each counterstroke. As his body stiffens and he drives his cock into her as far as he can I let loose my savage ravishment of her, pulling her back against my hard thrusts by her dark curls. As his white hot cum explodes inside her, the splash of his orgasm filling her and engulfing my own cock my own fluid jets out. Together we drive into her, white liquid squirting around our shafts and her own orgasm delivering a warm rush that drenched us both.

As the pleasure subsides and I pull my still hard cock from my Beauty’s dripping pussy, the redhead hungrily swallows my length. I see my friends wife lapping our combined juices from her husband’s softening member like a cat with a bowl of milk.

I reach out and untie my Beauty from the post and she collapses back onto the sheets and I fall upon her swollen pussy, gently but thoroughly drinking from her full cup. The redhead joins me in drinking deeply of this love elixir then moves up to share it’s taste with my Beauty. I can’t resist her red haired pussy, lapping at her wet lips as she kisses and licks my Beauty. Their embrace turns to an erotic grinding and I slide my still hard cock between their wet lips. Yet another sensation I’ve not felt before as their beautifully soft bodies rock back and forth on the length of my shaft. I follow my Beauty’s gaze to where she watches my friend’s wife riding his reawakening cock. Her small breasts bouncing with her movements as they watch us. My second orgasm bursts out between the two luscious bodies before I collapse beside them. As we all cuddle together I kiss my Beauty passionately, savoring this perfect goddess who chose to make me her God.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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