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When I met Julie in college, I never imagined that she would fall as hard for me as I had fallen for her. Julie’s enthusiasm for life infected everyone around her, and I counted myself lucky to be in her close circle of friends during our first few years of college. During that time, it was all I could do to hide my undying crush on her. It didn’t help that she was gorgeous: a tall, slender brunette with a knock-out set of curves and a beautiful, vibrant face. When my yearning for her finally won out over my better judgment one night in her dorm room junior year, I was shocked to find her lips welcoming me. I took myself to be a reasonably attractive, well-built guy, but I was convinced that Julie was out of my league. That night, however, was the beginning of a steamy, college romance.

After graduating last year, we ended up getting jobs in different cities: me in Boston, Julie in DC. With the bad economy, we decided that we had better just take the jobs and keep up a long distance relationship until we could find new work in the same city. Needless to say, living hundreds of miles apart was tough. We did the best we could to save up the cash to visit each other as often as possible. It had been a month since she came up to Boston, and this weekend was my turn to fly down to DC. It was a long, holiday weekend, and I was thrilled to have three straight days with Julie.

As the plane rocketed off the tarmac at Logan Airport, my chest pounded with exhilaration. The only benefit, and I mean the only one, of a long-distance relationship was that these weekend trysts were always HOT. In the beginning, we would rarely make plans with other people, knowing that we would inevitably end up locking ourselves in the bedroom to release a month’s worth of pent-up sexual desire. This was always an uncomfortable situation, however, for Julie’s roommate, Lily. Lily had been Julie’s closest high school friend. She was a cute Hawaiian girl with a tight, athletic build. The three of us always got along, but on several occasions we had woken her up in the morning to the sound of the slamming headboard. We knew that she must have felt awkward staying around the apartment during the day while we continued our weekend marathon. Lily mentioned this to Julie a while back, so lately we had been making a point to emerge from the bedroom more often during our weekends so that Lily wouldn’t feel so isolated.

Still, our minds were always on sex the whole weekend long, and Lily was always on the other side of the wall to hear us speak our minds. And she didn’t have to leave much to her imagination! After the weekend would be over, Julie would always gossip all the details to Lily—new things we had tried, the little surprises I had been spending a month dreaming up, and whether the latest tips Julie and Lily had read in Cosmo turned out to as effective as they claimed to be. The best of friends for years now, Julie and Lily probably knew more about the details of each other’s sexual exploits better than all of their past boyfriends put together.

When Julie first let slip to me that she had been sharing all of the delectable details of our love life with Lily, she assumed that I would be upset. But as she went on—as a result of my prodding—to recount their conversations to me, I couldn’t help but think that this was hot! The very idea of Julie describing all those steamy details to Lily’s expectant ears, the two of them conjuring up images of my body as a sheer instrument of pleasure, Lily living out her fantasies vicariously through Julie’s sexed-up body—the mere thought of their conversation made the ecstasy of that one weekend reverberate throughout the month that I would have to wait until the next one came around. Once Julie realized what a fantasy this was for me, she would recount the conversations to me after each weekend in full detail—the way she described things, the way Lily squirmed and trembled at the thought of them, and so on. The sound of Julie’s soft voice tickling my ear with these images was enough to make me lose it right then during our phone call.

The echoes of last month’s conversation rang in my mind as the plane soared towards DC. I couldn’t wait to enact what Julie would be describing to Lily three days from now. Ever since Julie had started telling me about these conversations, sex had become for us like a grand performance—each weekend, we would dream up new and exciting ways to pleasure each other, knowing that come Monday the curtain would be lifted, and Lily would become the adoring audience of our latest revue. I didn’t know what Julie had in mind for this weekend, but my blood rushed with anticipation as I felt the wheels touch down at National Airport in DC.

Julie was waiting for me just outside the security gates as I emerged from the rotating glass doors of the terminal. She didn’t see me immediately, and I took that chance to impress her on my mind in the present, where up to this moment she had dwelled with me in memory. bahçelievler escort She was beautiful. Her shoulder-length brunette hair fell effortlessly around her face, tucked behind an ear on one side, loosely hanging in front of one her rich brown eyes on the other. It was clear that she had come straight for work to meet me, as she wore a casual brown business skirt and a white blouse. Even in her work clothes, the shapes of her tight but curvy body screamed out from her slender figure. The skirt hugged her firm, round ass before trailing off down the smooth lines of her legs. The blouse, clearly unbuttoned a little lower since she left work, clung to her torso, giving her breasts that same look that they had when bare: refusing to be contained, roundly thrusting themselves out over her flat but tender stomach. I took in the lines and curves of her familiar but breathtaking figure as I took each longing step toward her.

With the next step she caught sight of me and, sweeping the dangling hair away from her face, cast me a beaming smile that nearly stopped me in my tracks. The excitement kept pressing me forward nonetheless, and in moments I felt her arms clinging around my neck, her breasts pressed against me. I dropped my bags, lifted her up by her waist, and pressed her warm belly tight against me. As I set her down, we locked in a kiss, both our lips trembling from what we hoped was ahead of us.

On the train to her apartment, we did our best to distract ourselves with talk about weekend plans. My college roommate, Steve, had recently moved to DC, so we had agreed to meet up with him at a bar that night. We would invite Lily to come along so that she wouldn’t feel abandoned when we locked ourselves up in the room for the rest of the night.

By the time we arrived at Julie’s apartment, it was nearly time to leave for the bar. We rushed into the apartment as quickly as possible so that we would have enough time to “relax” a little before having to spend the rest of the evening in public. As Julie pushed open the door, I noticed that Lily was home. Having to make small talk with her was just one more obstacle to the bedroom, but I was always happy to see Lily. She was a cool girl, and irresistibly cute. Growing up in Hawaii before moving to the mainland for high school, she had cultivated that tight, little surfer body. When we entered the apartment she was reclined on the couch wearing a little tank top and these tiny, tight shorts that hugged her round hips. With her bare feet planted on the couch, legs bent, and a Cosmo resting on her knees, the first thing I saw of her was her cute little ass barely contained by her shorts.

When she heard us come in, Lily set the magazine aside and stood up. Tucking her fingers into the waistband of her shorts, and bunching her shoulders up as she greeted us, it was obvious from the bounce of her chest that she wasn’t wearing a bra under that tank top. Her long, wavy black hair was tossed over her right shoulder, and she threw me a cute little smile when she saw me. This was the face I imagined every month quivering with excitement as she ate up all the juicy details from Julie’s stories. Julie set her keys on the counter, and Lily came over to give me a friendly hug. She was shorter than Julie, and compared with Julie’s tall, voluptuous body that could hold its own in the bedroom, I imagined Lily must have enjoyed the way her past boyfriends could toss her around the bed like a little toy. Still, Lily had a sporty physique, so I’m sure she could put quite a grip on a guy when she felt like it. I felt this grip as she pressed her arms around me. I gave her a little squeeze, said how nice it was to see her, and turned to bring my stuff to Julie’s bedroom.

“We’re going to get dressed for the bar,” announced Julie, “Are you still up for coming along?”

“You said this guy Steve is pretty cute, huh?” asked Lily, “Who am I kidding? I haven’t had a guy in months now! Of course I’m in.”

Julie chuckled as Lily pranced off to her bedroom to get changed. Julie followed her down the hall and met me in her own bedroom. She darted into the room, and immediately shut the door behind her. Before I could even walk across the room to meet her, she popped open the remaining buttons on her blouse and unzipped the back of her skirt, dropping it to the floor. I grabbed hold of her, feeling the heat of her body through my clothes. She pulled my face to hers and thrust her tongue into my mouth. She was hornier than ever! I could tell she needed some satisfaction and quick. She pulled me onto the bed and pushed my face down towards her hips. I took my tongue to her soft stomach, licking around her belly button and sucking on the ridges of her pelvis. I pressed my thumbs up under the little straps of her blue, silk bikini briefs and pulled them down over her hips, past her knees and onto the floor next to the bed. I lifted her legs from under her knees, and they melted bahçeşehir escort apart readily. I kissed my way down her thighs to her awaiting pussy. Spreading her lips with my fingers, I extended my tongue to her clit, tickling it ever so lightly as she gasped and begged for more. Flattening my tongue to cover the whole area with broad strokes, I patiently lapped up her juices as she whimpered with delight. Pushing my tongue deeper, I felt her legs start to shake in my hands. Following her responses, I reintroduced each part of her pussy to the tongue it had been craving for the past month. As I wiggled her throbbing clit rapidly with the tip of my tongue, her hips thrust upward and she burst forth with a yelp that I knew Lily would hear next door. The yelps continued with each breath until the orgasm subsided. I teased her just a bit longer to bring her down until she took hold of my head and pulled me up alongside her. Gratitude shone from her face, and she pressed her lips against mine.

I placed my hand on one of Julie’s breasts and started to caress it gently, hoping we still had time for a full-on romp before the bar. I loved the firmness of her breasts, and I could feel her hard nipple pressing through her bra. Her breasts were just barely contained by the blue, silk bra she was wearing. She was always just a little too big for a C cup, but not quite a full D, so she would buy D cups for comfort and C cups for her sexier bras. And she was damned sexy as she laid there with her chest still heaving with excitement, her breasts aching to be liberated. Julie reached down to my crotch and felt that my erection was rock hard. She gripped it tightly and with a look of disappointment in her eyes said, “If we don’t go now, Steve might get upset that we’re late, and I don’t want to put him in a bad mood for Lily. Don’t you worry, I promise we’ll take care of ‘him’ later.” Julie liked to personify my cock, talking to ‘him’ and making ‘his’ needs a priority. Lily knew about this little detail, too, of course, and she thought it was adorable.

The grip of Julie’s hand around my cock made it ache for more, but I knew whatever she had in mind was worth the wait. I smiled, kissed her once between her breasts and then on the lips, and we proceeded to get ready for the bar. Julie slipped into a casual, gray, knee-length skirt and a pink, low-cut, sleeveless top. I changed into some khakis and a button-down, and we went to meet up with Lily in the living room.

Lily was bending over to slip on her shoes as we walked into the room, and I could see her breast hanging, nearly exposed in her low-cut, little black dress. Julie noticed this too, and shot me a little smirk. Julie knew she had me wrapped around her finger. Far from being upset when I noticed other women, she would amuse herself by seeing what attracted my attention. Lily was the opposite: she was never quite confident around guys, even with her past boyfriends, despite the fact that she was a complete knock-out. As a result, she didn’t make an effort to go out very much, and though she had been in some relationships in the past, none lasted for very long. I was glad that Steve had just moved to the city because I figured he was just the kind of guy who could bring Lily out of her shell, and any guy would be lucky to be with Lily.

“Ready to go?” asked Lily as she stood up and adjusted her dress, completely unaware of how sexy she was.

“Ready,” said Julie, “Let’s go get you laid!” Lily smiled and rolled her eyes at this, but as the smile lingered a while on her face, it was clear that she was hoping to have some stories of her own to gossip to Julie on Monday.

We arrived at the bar about ten minutes late, but Steve had just been waiting at a table for us, already enjoying a beer. Steve and I gripped each other’s hands and gave each other the customary ‘guy hug.’ He and Julie hugged and gave each other a peck on the cheek. Lily was hanging back a little bit, but Julie prodded her forward and introduced her to Steve. She gave him a shy but adoring “hello,” and it was obvious that they were both immediately taken with each other. Steve invited us all to sit at the table, and we had a great time catching up over beers for the next few hours.

As the night dwindled on, the bar slowly emptied out, and there was just one other couple sitting in our section. Julie and I had been trying to talk between ourselves for a while to give Lily and Steve a chance to get to know each other. Our waitress came over to let us know that it was last call, and we ordered a last round of beers. The waitress was a cute blonde—maybe a college student—and I couldn’t help but drop my eyes to notice her nice, round ass in this little skirt as she walked away from the table. This glance didn’t evade Julie’s attention, of course, and she leaned out from the table to check out the waitress for herself. “Tight little ass,” she whispered to me with a smirk.

I smiled back, bakırköy anal yapan escort and she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. Lily and Steve were oblivious to this exchange, they seemed to be getting along great as they laughed and flirted on the other side of the table. It was a tall bar table with one end against a wall, and we sat on stools, me next to the wall on one side, Lily next to the wall on the other. When Julie kissed me on the cheek she placed her hand on my thigh, reminding me of how much I longed to be back at the apartment right now. Julie glanced around our section of the bar where one other couple sat diagonally from us behind Lily and Steve. I assumed Julie was looking to see if the waitress was returning with our beers. But when she looked back at me, I felt her hand move up my thigh to my crotch. I swallowed hard, but Julie put her other arm around my shoulders and leaned close to me to try to keep me from reacting too obviously. To anyone else, including Lily and Steve, it probably appeared that we were just having an intimate conversation, and the tabletop was high enough that the motion of Julie’s hand was not visible. Under the table, she massaged my crotch through my pants as my cock grew harder and harder. She would try to make small talk with me as she did this so that we wouldn’t draw anyone’s attention, and I tried my best to mutter some replies. It was clear that she was getting a kick out of seeing me try to keep my cool while she handled my manhood under the table.

My cock was getting so hard, and as Julie ran her hand up and down its contours through my khakis, I wished we were home already. Julie knew how much she was teasing me, and I felt her stop rubbing for a second. But the next thing I felt were her fingers rummaging for the zipper as she silently unzipped my fly. I almost gasped as I felt her hand reach through the flies of my pants and boxers to find my throbbing member. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself as I felt her warm fingers trying to get a hold around my cock. The feeling of her flesh on mine, here in the middle of a public bar, was so erotic. She grasped my cock inside my pants, and I could feel her thumb start to rub right under my head. She uttered some meaningless small talk to try to remain discrete but added in a whisper, “Think you can keep your cool?”

How could I keep my cool?! But ‘no’ was not an answer I was about to give right now as I craved her touch more and more. I nodded hesitantly as she continued to work her thumb around my head. I glanced over at Lily and Steve, and they still so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t have the slightest idea what was going on. I would do whatever it took to keep my cool if it meant Julie would keep touching me that way for just a few more seconds. But when Julie saw me nod, she got a devious look in her eyes, and I knew I was in trouble. Just then, I felt her pull my cock right out of my pants! I looked deep into her eyes, simply trusting everything to her and to fate, and I gripped the edge of the table hard with my left hand. Julie slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft. She kept a loose grip and let her hand slide along whole length of my cock. She kept up this slow place for about a dozen thrusts, and then rubbed her hand over the top of my head, giving special attention to the most sensitive areas. She resumed her slow thrusting and repeated this several times. I simply sat there, stunned, focusing on Julie’s face as we did our best to make it sound like we were having a conversation. Julie was very good at keeping up this façade, but my end of the conversation consisted mainly in nods and “uh huh”s.

As I was trying to keep my face from showing signs of the extreme pleasure I was feeling, our waitress came around to the table with our beers. Julie didn’t skip a beat. As the waitress leaned in to place each beer on the table, her cleavage paraded in front of me. Even though they were a beautiful set of tits, I normally wouldn’t have gawked. But here with Julie yanking on my cock under the table, I was so thankful to have such a hot waitress. When she had placed all the beers, she said, “I’ll give you your check. We close in a half hour, so drink up, and have a good night!”

She reached into her apron to take out our check, but as she pulled it out, she dropped her pen on the floor. I froze. Oh god, I thought to myself, what if she bends down and sees what’s going on under this table?! But Julie didn’t stop. I think Julie had noticed where the pen had landed because she gave me a coy smile. The waitress took a couple steps away from our table, turned around, and bent over to get the pen that had rolled across the room. Lily and Steve were distracted as they looked over to see where the pen had gone, and Julie took this opportunity to give me several more forceful jerks. I took Julie’s cue and stole a good look at the lower part of the waitress’ ass that was revealed as her little skirt rode up. I was convinced that this was a ploy to get some bigger tips from us guys, but little did she know just how much service she was offering me right now. When the waitress stood up and placed the check on the table, Julie resumed her slow, discrete massaging. As the waitress walked away, Steve said, “I guess we should probably get going soon, huh?”

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