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The sun had long gone down and the third bottle of wine was but a memory. Claire was curled on the sofa with her feet on David’s lap, Lydia sprawled in an armchair, more than a little drunk.

‘Bedtime?’ Claire offered hopefully. David nodded his assent.

‘Right Lyds, you know where the bathroom is? Cool, see you in the morning’.

David and Claire headed upstairs, her slightly unsteadily. Lydia followed suit a few minutes later after draining the dregs of the wine. As she passed her hosts’ bedroom, she heard an unmistakeable moaning sound.

The doors of the old cottage were not perfectly fitted- where the ancient wood had warped over time there was a noticeable crack. Tipsy and reckless, Lydia put her eye to the door jamb. She was rewarded.

Through the crack between the door and the wood she saw Claire on all fours, with David behind her thrusting. Claire was still fully clothed, apart from her jeans and blue knickers which were around her knees. Her skin was red and flushed, and David had a triumphant grip on her dirty blonde hair.

David was fucking her hard, sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin. Her back was arched and her neck exposed. His hair pulling looked painful.

Lydia felt her pussy tingle once more, as she watched Claire being fucked like a cheap tart. Her triumph was complete as she saw David mouth the name ‘Lydia’ over and over again as his hips pumped and thrust.

She did not wait to watch them come, or to see Claire gasping her satisfaction. Although the idea of watching her friend climax was not intrinsically unappealing.

Returning to her room, Lydia slipped off her cotton sundress, and unclipped her bra. Pulling a skimpy vest top on, she walked along the hallway to the bathroom and cleaned her teeth, still hearing the muffled moans and squeaks from the master bedroom.

Edging back to her room along the dark hall she slipped into bed and switched out the bedside light. A quick glance at her phone revealed no messages. Lydia set the alarm and settled down to sleep.

She was woken not by her phone, but by a light tapping at the door. She whispered her permission to enter, and was thrilled to see David slipping through the door.

David was nude, the stiff black curls framing his cock as it hung between his thick thighs. His broad chest more than compensated for the slight swell of fat about his midriff, the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri consequence of lavish living and slightly too many missed gym sessions.

Lydia slid from the bed and fell to her knees in silent supplication. She looked up at David pleadingly.

He shook his head, and motioned for her to stand. As she straightened up he kissed her hard, his penis pressing against her stomach. Wordlessly the two kissed, frozen in a tableau in the half light.

His hand reached down and tugged her knickers down, letting them fall around one ankle. David lowered Lydia onto the bed as her questioning hand wrapped itself around his cock.

As she guided him inside her, Lydia arched her back in pleasure. And when she informed him that she could still feel his come inside her from their earlier session in the kitchen, he felt like he would burst. This time David took her slowly and intently, driving her into a succession of noiseless orgasms. Her knickers hung off her right ankle as they fucked.

She came again and again. After what she felt must have been the sixth or seventh climax, she pushed him away, her pussy sore. ‘No more darling, I think you’ve broken me’. Lydia lay sprawled across the bed, and began to wank David off towards his long deserved climax, whilst his hands explored her pert little breasts.

‘Oh, better idea’.

She whispered her thought. He nearly came in her hand.

Lydia rolled over, her arse high in the air, and allowed David to kiss his way down her back. Reaching the swell of her buttocks, he ran his tongue down the crease, tasting the musky rivulets of sweat.

His tongue flicked and lapped around the dark pucker, as Lydia buried her face in the pillow.

Lydia tensed as she felt the thick helmet of his cock pressing against her. He leant forward and murmured encouragement into her ear, and circled her nipples in his palm. Lydia thrust a hand between her legs and began to stroke her clitoris.

‘Go on…slowly’.

There was a tangible pop as David penetrated her most intimate hole. He allowed her to acclimatise to this alien presence before slowly beginning to rock his hips against her, each thrust taking him deeper inside her bum.

Lydia moaned at the complex mixture of pain and pleasure that she was experiencing, as her arse was fucked expertly by her lover. She came yet again as his hands güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri clamped down over her boobs.

David could barely control himself as he fucked Lydia. Anally penetrating this model-thin girl with a cut glass accent made him impossibly aroused. It felt like all his filthiest teenage fantasies about public school girls had come to life. Visions of white blouses and tartan skirts filled his mind.

Understandably, he could not last any longer.

This time David did not come inside Lydia, he withdrew at the last possible moment and fired his load across her tanned arse cheeks with a groan. His thick come splattered across her skin. He collapsed onto her back, his twitching cock pressed against her bum.

‘Fuck’, he stated flatly.

‘Fuck’, she agreed.

Lydia rolled over, smearing his ejaculate against the bedsheets, before wriggling herself back into his arms. The two indulged in a little more kissing and petting, before he pulled himself away from her.

‘I’d love to stay all night darling, but Claire will miss me’.

Lydia pouted. ‘Well. Ok then. See you tomorrow I suppose’.

‘To be continued’ he whispered as he slipped out the room.

When Lydia awoke, she still ached between her legs. As she stretched in the morning light, she felt a further twinge. It had been a while since she had allowed a man into her arse, even David. She sensed that the weekend’s debauchery had some way yet to go.

Lydia wrapped a towel round herself and went to the bathroom. As she waited for the water to heat up she examined her naked self in the mirror. Lydia had never been the sort of girl to wish for bigger boobs, she was satisfied with her prenaturally pert pair, tipped with dark nut-brown nipples. She idly tweaked the dark hair above her pussy, neatly trimmed into a strip. The thought of shaving it came to her mind.

Lydia stepped into the shower, clutching her bottle of shower gel, and exhaled appreciatively as the hot water hit her skin. The residual ache of well exerted muscles reminded her of the previous day’s exploits.

This thought aroused her. As she began to lather her firm young body Lydia began to fantasise again.

She knew from the previous evening’s conversation that a country walk was planned, and was already thinking of ways to separate David and Claire long enough for an al güvenilir bahis şirketleri fresco fuck. Thoughts of trees and dirt and grass filled her mind. As she washed herself with foaming gel her nipples engorged, and she began to stroke herself in gentle circles. Her reverie was interrupted by a knock at the door.

‘Breakfast in 10’, called Claire.

‘Ok, just coming!’ shouted back Lydia.

The interruption had lost her her train of thought. Lydia stepped out the shower and picked up her towel. She began to dry herself, the luxurious thick cotton caressing her long legs.

Lydia noticed in the corner a large wicker laundry hamper. Intrigued, she opened the lid- and was immediately confronted by an elaborately lacy pair of black Brazilian-cut panties. Clearly Claire had been shopping at the sexier end of the underwear market.

Lydia picked up Claire’s discarded knickers, and inhaled the scent of her friend’s cunt. It stirred something in her. She ran her tongue along the gusset, tasting them. She decided here was her entertainment for the morning. She pulled on Claire’s panties. They were a little loose, but close enough for what she had planned.

Digging deeper in the basket of dirty clothes, Lydia found another pair that appealed, a white pair of boy shorts- a little more generously cut. These smelt even richer than the black pair.

Sitting on the toilet seat, Lydia began to frig herself through her friend’s undies, the lace tickling her clit. With her left hand she pressed the white pair to her face, drowning in the scent of pussy. This double stimulation worked its magic quickly.

Lydia imagined herself in a sweaty, red faced clinch with Claire. Her attraction to other girls was most usually expressed after a few drinks, but she enjoyed the taboo sensation of getting off over her best friend.

As she drank in the spicy-hot cunt smell, her hand moved faster and faster, tenting the black lace of the knickers. Her stomach muscles tightened, and she began to emit short panting noises. Frigging faster, she imagined Claire straddling her thigh on the toilet, and grinding up against her. She imagined a flat Mancunian voice urging Lydia to fuck her cunt.

She came hard, adding her own juices to those already secreted in the borrowed knickers. Lydia pressed as much of the material as she could into her pussy as she shook in climax. Her orgasm was swift but potent. The taste of pussy and sweat in her mouth felt like her own.

Her morning lust slaked, Lydia returned Claire’s knickers to the laundry basket, and once again wrapped her towel around herself. Switching off the bathroom light, she padded back along the landing.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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