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Chapter 1 should be read before this follow up.

Freshened by the shower, and looking forward to whatever the rest of the evening might hold, Dan Carney dried himself, and put on the robe Cassie had mentioned. Unless he was mistaken it was brand new, and, as she said, had never been worn.

Going down the stairs he had his stomach juices teased by the aromatic cooking smells that rose from the kitchen. There was quiet gentle music playing on the radio, and Cassie was standing over the hob, as he entered. When she turned Dan thought she looked as lovely as ever, and rather sensuous in the clinging robe she had put on over her naked body. Her blue eyes viewed him appreciatively.

“That robe was bought for Gordon, my husband, just before he was killed,” she said, placing a steaming plate on the table. “He wouldn’t wear it, because he said it wasn’t manly. You’ve just proved him wrong.”

Dan moved around the table to hug her, before leaning back to look into her face, which, he guessed she had washed since their earlier lovemaking. There was no trace of lipstick. Once again he thought how it made no difference. She was just too naturally good looking to need it. Holding her close, that is what he told her.

She laughed and gently pushed him back, “Sit down and eat. Save your sweet words for later.” The intimacy of that suggestion held them both still for a brief second before she asked, “What will you drink with it. There’s wine or beer.”

“Beer will be fine,” Dan told her, and as Cassie moved to the fridge, he looked down at the plate before him. Sausage, she had told him, but she had dressed it up with what looked like a succulent onion and tomato sauce. Quickly tucking in, he was soon telling himself that he had never eaten such tastily done sausage, rarely sat opposite such a delectable lady, and even the beer tasted special.

They talked tentatively about how much more work his waterfall painting would need, and when he told her this one wouldn’t take long, he quickly added that it was only a first attempt.

Both knew that there were deeper things they would need to talk through. Once again Dan found his thoughts dwelling on how little time they has spent together, yet how stimulating that time had been.

Meal over, coffee poured, Cassie stood and saying, “You sit there, relax and enjoy your coffee. I’ll get my shower.” Dan watched her as she appeared to drift across the floor, her robe wafting out behind her.

Up in the bathroom Cassie, having turned on the shower, slipped out of her robe. Just as on the previous evening, she stood naked in front of the mirror. It was almost a surprise to see her body looked exactly as it had then. Yet it felt so different. The heat that Dan’s solid penis had injected into her in such a prolonged manner, just over an hour ago, had her whole being exuding excitement and the desire for more. It was like being woken up from a long sleep.

While the shower water splashed deliciously over her, she couldn’t help savouring her thoughts of Dan. In less than thirty six hours he had lodged himself into her thinking. Not many minutes ago he had actually stood, naked, on this spot. My God, he had taken charge of her libido. Already, between her thighs, she was being reminded what it would be like if he was here now. Not possible though in such a tiny shower cubicle. Still, his unseen power filled her.

With ten years in an unfulfilling marriage, followed by two years of total celibacy, was her reaction to an attractive strange man in just a few hours so very strange? Sure enough, in that time many men had been up to the house, most of them were familiar neighbours helping out in some way. Occasionally it would be delivery men, with products for the farm. Yes, one or two had made unsubtle advances, so easily rebuffed, but none had an effect like this stranger, this Dan, had managed.

She tried to close her mind to the thought that she might only be an occasional conquest to him. Pushing that thought away, she told herself, ‘Enjoy it Cassie Masters, while you have the chance.’ But she knew she wanted more than just ‘having a chance.’

Dried, she doused her body with a fine, subtle spray of lavender and, even though it was still rather damp, her hair brushed out to her satisfaction. Cassie slipped her silken robe on, and eagerly made her way down stairs.

Dan had been sitting facing the window as she entered the kitchen. Immediately, he stood, and once again she thrilled as his eyes stroked over her body. “Refreshed?” he asked, holding out a hand. “I’ve poured you a coffee.”

She took his offered hand and allowed herself to be led to a chair alongside where he had been sitting. On the radio, with the volume low, Jennifer Rush was singing about ‘The Power of Love’, one of Cassie’s favourite oldies. Cassie looked into Dan’s warm brown eyes as she sat down. He could easily hypnotise her with those eyes.

Watching Cassie settle beside him, noticing how her robe gaped for a moment at the top, Dan tried to shed the troubling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri thoughts that had assailed him. In an effort to overlay those thoughts he asked lightly, “Do you always spend so much time in the kitchen?”

Cassie laughed, and nodded, “It has become something of a habit.” She went on to explain how the living room had the television, and when the children were home it was always on. “So this kitchen, being so big and comfortable, and with most of my household work centred here, is where I relax, listening to the radio or reading.”

That led them into discussing what books she read, and it was good to find they had tastes in common. Dan was fascinated by her animation when she talked about Vince and Angela, her children. Her face lit up on the good points, and lines appeared between her eyes when she spoke of any mischievous behaviour..

But they were skirting the real issue, and at last he saw in Cassie’s face that she was building up to ask a searching question. When it came, he was not surprised at all, “How long did you intend to stay in the area?”

Dan thought it best to stick with his genuine intentions, “I had always thought in terms of two weeks.”

Cassie nodded her head, but all she said was, “Oh.”

Quickly Dan added, “That gives us plenty of consideration time.”

Cassie nodded, “That’ll be useful. Well, better get cleared up here.”

Together they cleared the table and side by side at the sink they washed the few dishes, and for Dan it felt good to be in a domestic situation like that. Outside the light was fading as the sun had just disappeared behind a row of trees.

“Come out onto the porch,” Cassie said, taking his hand.” I often sit out at this time as the sun disappears.”

It was very pleasant to sit out on the bench seat out there, and Dan thought how easily they could sit like a long established couple. After a while the radio gave out with a romantic orchestral piece that Dan liked but could never remember the name of.

“Do you dance?” he asked,

“I’m hopeless,” Cassie admitted.

“So am I. This should be good.” And he stood, pulled her to her feet, drew her close, and they stepped briefly around the porch before he guided her back through the door into the kitchen.

Cassie gave a little sigh, and laid her head against his shoulder, as they moved, perhaps a little clumsily, yet cosily, over the floor. Enthralled by the intimacy of the moment, Dan pulled the cord of her robe loose and slipped one hand inside to glide over her skin.

He heard her make a little ‘Mmm’ sound and next minute she was repeating the action on his robe, and within seconds they were skin to skin, belly on belly, and Dan sensed his penis rising against her.

Cassie had been happy to be held close to him, and to find that he hadn’t lied. He was just as poor a dancer as she was. None of that mattered as they drifted over the floor. When his hand had slipped inside her robe and glided over her skin she felt all the familiar tingles of earlier returning.

She had no hesitation in repeating the action on him, and the sensation of the bare bellies rubbing together made her awkward steps even clumsier. That was as nothing though as when, what had been a gentle nudge became a clear hardness, and she wondered whether it would be all right to reach for his erection. Instead she made the more obvious suggestion, and thought how daring her phrasing had been, “Dancing on the bed?”

“Sounds interesting,” Dan murmured, his lips nuzzling her hair.

Holding his hand she led him, for the second time that day, up the stairs, and into the bedroom. As they entered she felt his hands pulling her robe from her shoulders. She turned to push his towelling to the floor, and stepped in close so that his now solid erection pressed against her belly, making her tremble. “You look wonderful,” his voice was almost a growl, as his hand slid over one breast. What extra delights awaited her, she wondered.

Dan had a clear idea of what he intended, but was determined to make it as good for her as was humanly possible. He didn’t want to take, he wanted to give, to show his gratitude to her for just being here, as though she had been waiting for him.

The kiss they shared as they stood by the side of the bed started off very gently, lips circling, tongues only teasing. That was the way Dan wanted it to start. Carefully he eased her back onto the bed, where she lay flat, her legs slightly parted, maybe expecting a quick entry. That wasn’t in his plan.

Kneeling alongside her, Dan switched on the bedside light to lend the scene a quiet glow, and then he asked her, “Would you mind if I just looked at you?”

He saw her eyes widen in surprise then they closed, as her head gave a little shake.

Earlier Cassie had been inhibited about him seeing her naked body. She felt none of that now, even though his request had surprised her. His eyes were on her face as he asked the question. She gave a little shake of her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri head, closed her eyes momentarily, but opened them almost immediately to absorb the thrill of being seduced in this way.

His handsome face, those deep brown eyes were directed towards her breasts, and his head was nodding in warm appreciation. Being regarded like this was so totally new, so exciting, that Cassie was sure she had started to moisten already.

Dan’s eyes moved very slowly, like some hovering hawk over her breasts, before, with equal steadiness travelled over her belly. Cassie’s breath shuddered in her throat. It was becoming like some magic caress, as his eyes lingered on that point where her thighs joined, that point disguised by her pubic hair. Was his look a fond one or was it lustful? She didn’t care. Finally, giving her thighs calm regard, Dan raised his body from crouching to kneeling so his gaze seemed to require a full exposure of her whole body.

Cassie could not believe that being regarded with such intimacy could be so stimulating. So much so, that when Dan lay down alongside her, and leaned in for a kiss, her response was immediate and almost desperate as her tongue searched inside his cheeks before tangling with his. He would want to be inside her now, she thought.

His hand was smoothing through her hair, before passing to her shoulders and neck. Stroking, stroking, oh so respectfully, and then very slowly it moved onto her breasts, one and then the other, circling over the slope of them, fingers light on her nipples, before tenderly rubbing at them. Electronic pulses coursed from her breasts throughout her body, centring deep, low in her belly, where everything felt to be melting. Cassie became aware of her breathing being difficult.

Dan’s touch was so caring. This woman he’d known, this Vanessa, had she shown him the way to a woman’s deepest desires? He certainly knew how to find them. What now?

Dan had broken the kiss, and his mouth moved down the side of her neck, then back again, down and back, down and back. What a wonderful sensation. Connie hadn’t known that could be so pleasant.

“Oh, Dan, that’s so—“

“Just go along with it, Connie. The pleasure is all for you.”

How kind he was, how—“Oh!” Her involuntary gasp had escaped when his hand moved from her breasts, but the sense of disappointment had been brief as his lips and tongue began exploring where his hand had been. His tongue licked and probed around her nipples. Next moment his lips closed around a nipple and he was sucking at her. Each suck sent electronic messages to her vagina. God, he was driving her wild.

At the same time, his hand had drifted down, circled her belly a few times, before riffling through her pubic hair. Oh, yes, he was going to touch her secret part, and she knew he would find total moisture. But no, his hand moved onto her inner thigh, where it stroked smoothly, and hinted at touching into her labia.

All too much, all one way, Cassie could hardly keep her head still, but she felt compelled to do something for him. Desperately she groped her hand down over his belly, searching out his erection, longing to reward his manhood, which earlier had afforded her so much pleasure. Her fingers reached the bulbous head, almost silken in its texture. Under her delicate touch his erection felt so large, and she tried to grope along his length.

He gave out a little grunt of pleasure but now—now-

Dan, having been so circumspect and deliberate in his caresses, was well aware that they were reaching a crucial point. He was listening carefully to her breathing and any other sounds she was making. It was all a question of how far he could take her along this next step before she lost total control.

Her fingers reaching over his penis had given him a real buzz. He wondered if he should move his body so that she could get a better grip on him, but that could mean not being able to get his mouth where he intended it to go. He wondered if he turned his body completely to what would be a near sixty nine position whether she had the nous or the incentive to take him in her mouth.

Moving his fingers onto her labia, he decided against that idea. His whole intention was to pleasure her, and with that last touch, he felt her whole body spasm, and her hips lift. Her labia did not need probing, she was so moist, and it was as though his fingers had dived into a warm pool. Her gasping cry also told him that progress had to be steadier.

“Dan, what are you doing to me?” Her words came out as individual croaks of wonder.

His fingers ploughed along the whole valley of her, touching carefully at her vaginal opening which was clearly wide and ready. But when he moved forward to find her already erect clitoris then she really began gasping for breath. Her fingers pinched fitfully on the end of his penis. How would she handle the next move he intended to make?

Cassie, when she could think straight, could not recall a time when her güvenilir bahis şirketleri sexuality had been so exposed. Things were happening to her body that had rarely happened before. There had been one young man, just before she met Gordon, who, with his hand up her skirt, had briefly touched her clitoris, but then he had immediately lost it, and that affair went no further. Gordon in the first few weeks of marriage had made cursory probes but never lifted her to where she was at that moment.

Dan’s fingers were calm in their caressing, subtle in their exploring. She had to catch her breath. Surely she was about to explode. But what was he doing now? She felt Dan’s face moving swiftly down over her belly, his mouth nuzzling in her pubic hair.

She reached down to catch his head, “No, Dan, you can’t put your—Oh, no one has ever—Dan! Aah”

His lips were there. One hand stroked her thigh, and while the other was poking gently at her opening, his tongue was lapping at her clitoris. All too much, too much, she felt her whole lower body gaping to greet what she knew was going to be a massive climax.

She tried to warn Dan, but her voice was a mere gurgle in her constricted throat.

Dan knew exactly where she was heading so he slid his mouth away from the creamy, musky centre of her. Quickly moving up over her body, he placed his penis into her desperately hunting vaginal passage and was sure that it was being sucked up into her. He allowed that first stroke to be a deep hard one, for he knew, from her cries, from the heaving of her hips and the wild tossing of her head that she was in the throes of her orgasm.

Her gasps, groans and cries were all of pleasure, and that had been his aim. Now he could just ride up into her, again and again, feeling strong within himself. He was pretty certain that, on this occasion, she would have climaxed even if he hadn’t entered her. Too much foreplay was not always the best move, but on this occasion it was so right.

As Cassie gradually came down from whatever cloud Dan had driven her to, she was deliriously fulfilled. Her whole body had spasmed, her vaginal walls were—My God, Dan was still thrusting into her, deep and deeper, harder and harder. Cassie had to admit that one of the benefits of having a fast orgasm was that she then had time to relish the sensation of Dan’s erection inside her, that total piston effect.

Yet, in spite of that, she was compelled to give to him, and as his thrusts increased, filling her, thrilling her, she responded with hefty lifts of her hips driving up at him. With a sense of triumph she sensed the brief hesitation in his strokes as he realised she was pulsing with him. He was at full stretch inside her, not drawing back, just push, push, pushing as his climax approached.

Dan had thought he was in charge, knew Cassie had had her orgasm, so when her hips started to match his own efforts he was just a little shaken. God, she was really pushing at him, and he forced himself up to the hilt, he knew his scrotum would release very soon. Without any drawback he flexed his own hips against her, and within seconds he was bursting inside her, releasing his storm as her hips met his demands,

Delighted that her efforts had brought Dan to climax, Cassie just lay warmed by his weakening twitches, and the fading, gasping grunts that sounded in her ear as he collapsed over her.

“You witch,” was the next sound he made in her ear.

“I did nothing,” she half chuckled, “except get caught in a rapturous storm.” As he began to slip out of her, Dan rolled to one side, and Cassie reached for a tissue. They were quiet for a while, regaining some composure.

“Dan, I’ve got some bad news for you,” Cassie said at last, and almost laughed as Dan sat up and leaned over her anxiously.

“What is it?”

She gave him what she hoped was a lascivious stare and said, “I’m going to tie you to this bed so you can’t get away.”

His half smile was pleasing, as he leaned over her, kissed her breast, before kissing her gently on the lips, and then saying, “I’d be happy to let you do just that—” He gave a significant pause before going on, “—if I didn’t have a living to earn.”

“Could you work a farm?” Cassie knew it was a hopeless question.

“I believe I could, but my painting isn’t just a hobby.”

Cassie had expected that answer, but was half pleased that he didn’t dismiss the idea of working the farm. They talked on, admitting that the idea of parting appealed to neither of them. She weakly suggested that he stay for a few nights. The children weren’t due back from camp for until Sunday, four days away.

She wasn’t surprised when Dan resisted that idea, “We might be establishing something that would make it more difficult for us,” he told her.

Sadly Cassie had to agree. In the end they agreed that until they could somehow resolve the situation Dan would continue his painting through the day and come back to the farm in the afternoon or early evening. For Cassie it wasn’t satisfactory but at least she would be with him for some part of the day.

She knew she couldn’t accompany him to the falls every day. There were too many farm chores to attend to which she couldn’t leave to Anna and Barry all the time. They were willing workers but she couldn’t impose on their goodwill too much.

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