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Saturday’s Fancy, Judy and Nancy — Part 2

They all piled into Warren’s car, and took off. After about two minutes or so, Judy turned to Eppy what sat beside her in the backseat. “He lives close by. We should be there soon.”

“You’re right and you’re wrong girl,” he said in his deep voice. “See, Warren wants to take us for a ride first so you and I can get acquainted. Actually, he’s taking us in a great big circle.”

“Acquainted, huh?”

“Ummmmm, like this,” and he lowered his head and kissed her gently on the mouth.

‘I’m gonna like this guy,’ Judy told herself, giving herself to the kiss, opening her mouth and accepting his hot, fevered tongue. She felt him growing against her thigh and extended her hand out to touch him. Eppy’s hands roamed all over her soft, sexy body as he kissed her with passionate fervor, feeling and squeezing the firm, mounds of her breasts through the skimpy top. Judy moaned her feverish excitement into his face through her flared nostrils.

Knowing full well that Judy wanted to get a taste of his black cock, he reached down and unbuttoned her shorts then resumed the kiss.

Judy reached between them and grasped the magnificent bulge of his beer can-thick cock through his linen slacks and tried to squeeze it as they groped each other and continued with their juicy hot kissing in the backseat.

Warren pulled into a side road that appeared to be rarely utilized by the park staff and parked under an elm tree.

“Come here,” he said to Nancy who literally dove into his arms. Nancy knew what to do this time, pulling his zipper down as he scooted his ass up off the car seat. She deftly rolled his shorts down and fished his long, undeniably hard dick out.

She smiled and thought that perhaps his wasn’t as big as Eppy’s, but he was about 8 inches and fairly thick too. She was quick to lower her mouth to him and licked his purplish head, getting him nice and slick before gobbling him up.

She could hear Judy and Eppy’s wet, sloppy kisses and decided to make wet slurppy noises of her own. Nancy gripped his cock in her hand and began to stroke it, but Warren grabbed her by her hair and began pumping her head up and down and Nancy gave up the idea of half jerking, half sucking him off.

In the backseat, Eppy’s hand was grazing along Judy’s upper thigh, over what he believed to be unbelievably soft, bare flesh of her inner thigh and directly to the hot crotch of her thin, cotton panties. He thought that he’d never felt such a saturated piece of material in his entire life. It was absolutely sopping with a warm slick liquid. Judy groaned loudly as Eppy’s middle finger probed against the flimsy material and felt the outline of her pussy’s twin lips.

“Oh, baby,” he moaned into her ear, “You’ve got the juiciest pussy ever.”

“You’re just . . . saying that so you can put that big old thang inside me.”

“I’m gonna do that anyway, baby. But I mean it, you are the juiciest ever.”

“Oooooh! Touch me! Kiss me!” She gasped.

“You gonna suck me, sweet?” Eppy asked already knowing the answer, but kissing her and deftly working his finger into her through her underwear. She began to thrash against his finger. In only seconds, Judy was coming.

In the front seat, Nancy rejoiced as Warren’s cock grew to full size in her mouth and pressed against the side of cheeks as he thrust up and down, in and out and sideways, making it look like she was chewing tobacco.

When Nancy shook his cock out to gasp for air, he whispered, “Take off all your clothes. I want to see your body.

Adroitly she shucked her shorts past her crotch and kicked them off, giggling as she watched them land on the dash as she was peeling off her top. She’d already stuffed her bra in her purse.

“The panties are okay,” he told her. “Maybe I’ll eat them off you.” Those words sent a shudder through her body and she suffered through an intense shiver as his fingers caressed the lips of her swollen labia.

“My God!” She exclaimed, “I almost came then!”

“You will come a few times before you head home tonight. I promise.”

Taking him at his word, Nancy turned her hips so that she was at an angle where he could get to her pussy. Warren had to peel the wet panties away prior to enter her with two fingers and finger-fucked her while squeezing and mauling her breasts with his other hand.

“Say, Nancy aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Wha?” A dazed and happy Nancy replied.

“You were blowing me, remember?” Somewhat bewildered, Nancy allowed his hand to force her mouth back upon his wet cock and as she resumed her cocksucking duties, she heard Judy ask Eppy, “Can I see it? It might be too big. You know I’m kinda small and all.”

Nancy ran her hand up and down Warren’s glistening shaft, well aware of the activity going on behind her. She was content that Warren was big enough for her.

“Sure I’ll show you,” Eppy said kindly, “and don’t worry about being too small. I just know we’ll get it in. Here,” and he leaned back and unzipped avcılar grup yapan escort his fly. Judy noticed his zipper was larger than most and pointed at it.

“Uh huh. I got to have a re-enforced fly, on account of busting out of the regular ones. Kind of embarrassing if you know what I mean.”

“I’ll bet,” Judy giggled, but grew apprehensive.

“Hey Judy,” Warren called over his shoulder, “Wait ’til you see it. It’s a whopper.”

Nancy sucked hard on his cock, then released him and said, “You guys, always bragging about your things.” She too was waiting to get a look at Eppy’s cock. Still, she was thrilled to have Warren for herself, although she was willing to share him with Judy. ‘It might be nice to see what Eppy was like,’ she thought, ‘after all, I shared Warren with her.’

“Eppy? You hear me bragging ’bout mine?”

“Nope. Was I alluding to the magnificence of my endowment?”

Warren laughed and said, “I don’t know what the hell you just said, but if it means you were bragging on the size of your leg bat, I don’t think so. More like you were stating a fact.”

At this they were all laughing, and Judy exclaimed, “What the hell is that?”

Warren and Nancy were peering over the seat at the couple.

“This?” Eppy grinned. “This is my holster,” and he pried his fly open to show them that his pants had been specially tailored with a sheath to keep his penis in place against his leg.

“Well, I never . . .” Nancy gasped.

Warren was still laughing. “It sure is impressing the ladies here. I think I’ll have my pants done up the same way.”

“Better get you a big gun first, my man,” Eppy guffawed.

“Come on, come on,” Judy pleaded, “Let’s see it,” ignoring the fact that the black musician was hoisting her top and exposing her breasts for anyone to see.

Nancy returned to kissing Warren’s prick, but after several very pleasurable glides along his shaft he lifted her chin up, smiled and said, “Let’s try something a little different.”

“Sure,” an affable Nancy said.

Warren leaned back in his seat and said, “Climb up on my lap and put it inside you. That way you can watch Eppy work his cock into your girlfriend while I nibble on these little titties of yours.”

“Okay,” she replied and nimbly clambered into position, grabbing his cock and inserting it and drawing in her breath as he drove it deep within her. Nancy was quick to develop a slow pace, rising and sinking down upon his rigid pole while he methodically chewed on her breasts. Her eyes never left Judy and Eppy who were actively getting it on in front of her.

Judy had her mouth open as wide as possible, trying to capture the monstrous member under her nose. She’d already spent some time kissing it and was now licking it in hopes of lubricating it enough to take in her mouth. Eppy’s huge palm pressed down on the top of her head and she managed to engulf the tip of his huge purple head. Her jaw felt as if it was going to break, then suddenly it was in her mouth! She did nothing but practice breathing through her nostrils for a minute, and then set to work with her tongue.

“Yes! Good girl!” Eppy said, encouraging her to continue.

Nancy stopped humping Warren and just stared at her friend and what she was accomplishing.

“Thas’ good Judy! That’s good, “Eppy crooned.”Lemme do you some now sweetness.”

Judy promptly worked him from her tired jaw and lay back on the seat. Both girls stared at his unbelievably big cock.

‘If I can’t get him in my mouth,’ Judy wondered, ‘how in the world can I accept him down there?’

She was distracted from that potential problem when Eppy knelt on the seat and placed her legs upon his shoulders spreading them further apart then bent to taste her. The musky odor emanating from her cunt inflamed his senses, and he went at her like a starving man–lapping, licking, and sucking like there would be no tomorrow. The car was soon filled with the liquid, slurping sounds that are only produced by passionate oral sex.

Judy grunted twice and came.

Nancy, riding Warren’s fiery cock and viewing the scene in the back seat found her orgasm arriving early and with a loud shriek came too. Realizing the possibilities, Warren gripped her hips and hoisted her in the air, providing him with room to maneuver, rolled her on her side and began fucking her furiously. Nancy was quick to respond, thrusting her hips to meet the cock that was the center of her universe, banging her ass into the steering wheel.

‘I’m gonna be bruised tomorrow,’ she thought fleetingly as the pain mingled with the intense pleasure. For that matter, the entire car was rocking with their violent fucking as Warren drilled her relentlessly. Nancy found herself coming again and again, emitting a long series of “uh, uh, uh’s,” each time he pounded into her. Then he was pouring his molten seed into her and collapsed upon her.

In the rear of the car, Judy came again as Eppy’s experienced tongue presented her with avcılar masöz escort carnal delights she’d never dreamed of. And as Judy was enraptured by yet another climax, he slowed down his oral actions, limiting them to slow licks and tickles with his talented tongue. Then he was sitting up and placing his huge cock in its sheath even as Judy lay in a licentious delirium.

Nothing happened for several minutes. They all lay spent and satiated, except Eppy. Finally, the black man tapped Warren on the shoulder and said, “Let’s get on over to your place man. I still got some serious fucking to do.”

Fifteen minutes later, the group was standing in Warren’s living room, Nancy nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Eppy made for the bar and poured a healthy amount of scotch into a large glass and gulped half of it down.

Warren stood in place, his eyes fleetingly darting from one to another.

Judy sighed and said, “Let’s get it on, shall we?”

They all laughed and Judy removed her top and tossed it on the floor. Warren was startled to find that Judy actually had one large breast and one normal one. He moved closer and her lips parted slightly. She took his hand and they moved to the sofa and sat down. Eppy and Nancy stood next to one another watching.

Judy lowered her eyes and leaned her head against his chest, enjoying his breath in her hair. Warren took in the herbal scent of her shampoo, her body odor, a rich, dank pungency that he found highly erotic. He lingered there for a moment then kissed the part in her hair.

Eppy put his arm around Nancy and steered her to an armchair and placed her on his lap.

Judy gripped Warren’s ribs tightly. The white curtains stirred as the wind came up outside. He rested his chin on her head and watched her nipples rise as the cool air rushed into the room. Dark clouds diminished the available lighting, creating a more romantic mood for the entire group.

Judy heard a distant clap of thunder as his teeth clamped on her stiffened nipple. It started to rain. Nancy hopped off Eppy’s lap and ran to close the windows as Warren shaped Judy’s breasts, molding his hands around one, then the other, as if trying to determine the difference through Braille. Then, brushing them lightly with his open hands, he let each nipple tickle a palm. Judy was amazed at his tenderness. She giggled and held her breast up and traced the puckered tips along the edge of his outspread fingers.

Nancy returned to Eppy’s lap and when his hand, well, actually his thumb, investigated her aureole, making smaller and smaller circles until it came to rest on her hardened nipple, she moaned happily and dropped her hand onto his rising member.

“My God!” She exclaimed, “I saw it before, but . . .”

“It won’t bite baby,” he said soothingly. “Fact is . . . after you’ve had it in you; you’ll feel empty for a day or so until that little puss of yours contracts back to its normal size again. But you’ll always remember old Eppy.”

“Can I?”

“Go on, take it out and play with it. But we’re gonna watch Warren and Judy go at it for a while, ‘fore I do you.”

“Okay, sure and she deftly opened his slacks and pulled his cock from its holster.

“Ummm, baby?”

“Yes Eppy?”

“Get rid of those clothes for now, huh?”

Getting to her feet, Nancy shucked off her shorts and panties and lifting her arms in the air removed her top. “Satisfied?”

His large hand cupped her mons. “Ummmmm, yeah, you’re getting wet baby.” And she hopped back into his lap, feeling him growing larger and larger beneath her crotch.

“Ummm, I feel kinda constrained. Mind if I move my dick around?”

“Of course not silly.” Nancy tittered and stood up.

Eppy smiled and unleashed his monster, then motioned for Nancy to return. She straddled his lap so that his cock rose up between her legs. She was astounded on seeing it pass her belly button.

“Gawd it’s big!”

“Don’t worry it will fit in there.”

“I don’t know . . .”

“I know it will,” he added reassuringly and fondled her perky tits as her seemingly tiny fingers traced circles on his cockhead.

Warren’s hands were also busy; sliding down Judy’s ribs, thumbs brushing the sides of her breasts, sliding in under them, traversing the hot fold. His callused hands moved down her narrow waist, palms brushing against her hips, fingertips at the brim of her pubic hair.

In a hoarse whisper, he said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she tersely replied.

He dragged her shorts and panties together down to her ankles and she kicked them off. Cursing her clumsiness, she struggled with his belt, loosened it and pulled the zipper down. He stepped out of his slacks and she tugged his shorts off.

Judy gripped the tails of his shirt and in one sudden opening of her arms unsnapped all the buttons.

“There goes forty bucks,” he said with a grin. His erection was bobbing up and down.

“Tell you what I’m gonna do,” he said avcılar otele gelen escort as her hungry eyes devoured him.

“Think I’m gonna eat you up and fuck you silly. How’s that sound?”

Judy lay back on the floor and putting her hands on her sex opened it as wide as she could.

“Sounds wonderful,” she said lewdly, “When can you start?”

“As soon as you get that delightful ass up on the sofa.”

With a suppleness that surprised even Judy, she sprang to her feet and leaped upon the couch and waited for him. She didn’t wait long. He was on her, kissing her hard. Their teeth clicked with the impact; then he was sucking her tongue deep into his mouth, she found the pressure almost painful and drew her tongue back as he skimmed it with his teeth. Her eyes were sparkling with lust. Soon both were breathing heavily, but Judy began panting harder when his fingernails raked across the taunt skin of her inner thigh. She sucked in her breath and momentarily thought she’d never take another, for somehow she’d forgotten how, when his callused finger traced along the rim of her vaginal folds. She cocked her left leg up to give him access, and discovered she could breathe again. Judy was humping his finger with wild abandoness, thinking obscene thoughts about what would happen next.

Warren told himself that she’d be expecting him to eat her next, but experience had taught him that keeping a woman off balance during lovemaking was always better for all concerned. Holding that thought, he continued fingering her, but also moved to her right breast and stroked his tongue languidly across its top. Judy jerked in reaction to the double assault, and wrapped her hands around his neck, leaned back, thrusting her tits to him.

“Yes, suck on them! Oh, yeah! I’ve longed so much for you to suck on me. Suck them. Please, suck them!”

“Like this?”

“YES! Bite them hard!”

Warren took the center of her breast into his mouth and sucked on it, using his tongue to draw small circles around her nipple, dragging it across the pebbled texture of her aureole.

Moments later he heard her grunt in satisfaction as he chewed hard on her left nipple. And when he switched to the right he changed tactics, using the gentlest of nips with his teeth.

“Yesssss,” she hissed through clenched teeth, “like that.” Just . . . like . . . that.”

He was fascinated by the different sizes of her breasts and tried not to favor one over the other. Judy’s head was thrown back and she moaned contentedly as he lavished his attention on them until she reached out and squeezed his shoulder and cried, “Fuck meeeee! I can’t take anymore!”

He kissed her again then reached out, rubbed his thumb over her cheekbone and said, “I’m going to eat you now.”

Judy began to cry with joy. She thought that she’d never been happier in her life than at that moment. But couldn’t understand why. Then it hit her. He was making love to her, not just fucking her. It was the first time she’d ever made love.

By now, Nancy was kneeling on the floor, working her tongue around Eppy’s enormous cock. The mewling grunts of pleasure coming from her lips goaded his cock into hardness not unlike that of a rock. Eppy could actually feel the blood rushing into the huge mushroom shaped head. It was wet now with a combination of his secretions of seminal fluids and Nancy’s saliva. He noted that she was using a two-handed grip and slowly massaging him as she coped with how to get him inside her eager mouth. He decided to help her and wetting his fingers lubricated the mouth that was half–way around him.

Outside the rain abated and a rainbow was clearly visible over the roof of the house next door. None of the four noticed it.

“Breath through your nose, forget about using your mouth,” Eppy told her and was pleased to see this helped her adapt to his XX sized cock. He began moving his hips in a slow pumping motion and with his right hand; Eppy grasped the back of Nancy’s head and applied light pressure downward, all the while maintaining his humping motion against her gaping jaw. Nancy shifted slightly and moaned.

“It’s okay girl, we’re almost there,” he said trying his best to make it easy on her, he pulled back from her lips and started stoking his giant, throbbing prick to heighten his sexual prowess. Nancy ran her tongue around her moistened lips and said, “I think I can do it. I just need to go slow. Okay?”

“Take all the time in the world Nancy, we’re not going anywhere for a while.”

Over the next few minutes Nancy found she’d managed to engulf most of the head and was savoring the pungent taste of his cock and pre-cum when Eppy decided to go down on her.

“Ohhh!” she cried out, startled as he picked her up and turned her upside down. Now her cunt was inches from his mouth, and she found herself looking at the ceiling, her hands stretched out over her head pressed on the carpeting to support her weight. Looking upward, she watched as he lowered his head and licked her.

Nancy’s entire body jerked as his lips closed over her folds. She found herself shivering as he planted wet, tickling kisses at her opening. She wanted desperately to touch herself, to speed her release up, but couldn’t move from her position. And when his hot, serpentine tongue lashed out and she felt its soft, flickering tip caress her engorged clitoris, she screamed as loud as she could.

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