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Female Ejaculation

Usually Walt hated visiting his suppliers, unless they were in driving distance. He disliked the time away from Rhonda, and the trips were never fun; he always had to bring office work with him, and he would end up on two planes in two days, sleep in a crappy hotel bed, and eat food he wasn’t used to. Besides, most times if a visit was needed it was usually because there were issues with their business, like rising costs, failure to ship, or the like, and so they were never fun.

And this vendor was the one he disliked the most.

Sure, Bredelman’s pricing was reasonable, and the quality was consistent, but the guy was a complete ass. Walt didn’t even like talking to him on the phone; he cringed when he saw his name on an email, and negotiations over the simplest issues turned into gladiator tournaments. He was full of himself, thought he was better than he really was, saw everyone he dealt with as a potential victim, and just plain sucked at conducting business. He’s been out to see him six months ago, had the worst vendor visit ever, and came home disgusted. No vendor got two visits in a year, but this account needed lots of hand holding, and his boss had insisted he go straighten out the current imagined mess.

He especially hated the timing. Rhonda had been acting a little odd recently, since the night she came home late from drinking with her friends. Maybe she was a little embarrassed that she’d drank too much, and left him to sleep alone. Frankly, he’d been a little pissed that she had been out so late; he’d been looking forward to some hot sex, and had ended up only getting a good night’s sleep. She’d tried the “funny text message” but it hadn’t been as funny as the vacation text. On the other hand, he had fucked that sweet Vanessa that trip, and returned Rhonda’s joke message with his own, except his was was really true. But she didn’t know that.

He preferred sleeping on long plane trips, but found he couldn’t relax, and thought about Rhonda, wondering about her mood. She wasn’t aloof, or distant, and she didn’t ignore him, and they’d had plenty of sex, hot sex, since then. But there was something about her he couldn’t put his finger on, and couldn’t ignore. She was attentive, as always, she loved him, he loved her. But every once on a while she’d get a look on her face, like she was miles away, doing something else. He tried reading a book but couldn’t concentrate. He’d rather be home with his wife, and settled uneasily into fitful naps.

Hours later he was pulling up to the vendor’s offices in the car they’d sent for him. He appreciated the ride, but knew the asshole would throw it in his face, as though he’d sent a limo with strippers. It beat renting a car and driving himself, sure, but wasn’t worth having to hear about it. They had a short meeting scheduled this afternoon, and then he would go to his hotel to do some work, but had to go to dinner with the asshole this evening. The next day would be a visit to the plant, and then back on the plane home. This trip sucked, he thought, entering the elevator. As he rode up, he braced himself for the onslaught of ridiculous posturing and over the top negotiating he’d have to endure.

The secretary, a pretty young brunette named Jennifer, was talking to a well-dressed woman about Walt’s age when he arrived. She buzzed him in, and he waited patiently, enjoying the view of the older woman’s ass in her skirt, and her slim, sexy legs as she leaned on the desk, her back to him. They were speaking in low voices, so he assumed they knew each other. Jennifer nodded to her, and the woman stood, said goodbye, and turned and left, giving Walt a polite smile. She was shapely and well put together, and seeing her face, probably a few years younger than him. Not overly beautiful, but elegant; a classy, confident woman. He saw it in her stride as she let herself out.

Jennifer came from behind her desk and took his overnight bag, and offered coffee, which he accepted. He was early, and they chatted amiably, interrupted only by the occasional phone call. It wasn’t like they were strangers; they had conversed many times on the phone, and she was easy to talk to. And not too hard on the eyes, he thought. They talked of work, and business, and then he finally asked.

“Do you like working here?” He was shocked at his boldness, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him. “I mean…”

“What, working for an asshole?” she asked, grinning. “Mr. Bradelman has his moments, for sure,” she quipped wryly, “but the pay is good, and I’m friends with Mrs. B, so if it ever gets too weird I can always tell her.”

“Mrs. B? he asked.

“His wife, Gloria. The woman who just left. We’ve been friends for years, she’s really nice. And she looks out for me.” She was interrupted buy the phone, and then told him to go ahead in. As he made his way to the office door, he wondered what a beautiful woman like that was doing married to such an asshole as Bradelman.

The meeting was as unpleasant as he’d figured, Bradelman making ridiculously irrelevant demands, and throwing the car ride in his face, and canlı bahis generally being the dick he always was. Walt stayed professional, denying his desire to choke him, and played the game of winning back concessions. Waste of my time, he thought, we could do the same business, more even, if the guy wasn’t such a jackass. At the end of the hour he suffered Bradelman telling him how he had provided a car to take him to his hotel, and that he would meet him there for dinner. He excused himself, and left. He rolled his eyes at Jennifer as he retrieved his bag, and thanked her for the hospitality. She smiled and wished him a good afternoon.

The tension and dissatisfaction was still with him when he exited the building, looking for the car. He stood, surveying the street, when he heard a female voice at his side.

“I sent the car away,” it said, and he turned to see Gloria, Mrs. B, standing there. “I’ll drive you. It’s Walt, right?” He looked at her, as attractive in the afternoon sun as she had been upstairs. He wondered again what someone so elegant and classy was doing being married to an ass like Bradelman. She was dressed nicely, in a tan skirt that ended a few inches above her knee and a dark blouse, her blonde hair settling nicely at her shoulders, eyes hidden behind stylish sunglasses. Her skin was light and unblemished, but slightly tanned, and a light friendly smile playing at her lips, which bore a hint of red lip gloss.

“Oh, that’s all right, I can get a cab, thanks.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s no trouble.” She escorted him to a Lexus parked at the curb, and he tossed his bag and briefcase into the back seat before climbing in the passenger seat. She had already started the car, and pulled away as he buckled his seatbelt. It was odd, being driven by the wife of a vendor he couldn’t stand, and he felt a little uncomfortable as she eased into traffic.

“It’s Gloria, right?”

“Yep, Jennifer tell you?” she asked in clipped speech. “She’s a good kid, and very helpful to me.” She paused, and the silence was uncomfortable. “Are you married, Walt?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Happy? You love her?” She didn’t look at him as she spoke, just focused on driving.

“Yes, very much.” He answered, watching her for clues as to where this odd conversation was going.

“Hm-mm,” she murmured, adding, “I love my husband, too, although he can be a dick sometimes.” Walt let that one hang without commenting. They stopped at a red light, and she turned to face him, her expression thoughtful. “Have you ever cheated on your wife?”

Walt stammered with surprise. “Wha- What? I – I don’t think that…”

“So, yes, then. That’s okay, I’m not judging.” The light turned green and she resumed driving. Walt shifted nervously in his seat. What the hell was this? His suspicious paranoia formed scenarios in his mind: that dick Bradelman trying to trap him, and use it against him, or worse, his wife knew this woman somehow, and suspected him of the fling with that young girl at the convention. He opened his mouth to speak several times, looking straight ahead, unable to look at the woman.

Then he asked, “What do you mean, yes? I didn’t say-“

“You didn’t say no immediately. If you did, you’d either be honest or lying. But you didn’t, so I assume you did.”

“What business is that of yours?” he asked, a hint of anger creeping into his voice.

“Because I cheat on my husband, even though I love him,” she stated, matter-of-factly , “and because I plan to have sex with you at your hotel.”

His mouth dropped open and he turned to stare at her, but while her expression hadn’t changed, one hand was unbuttoning her blouse. He watched, dumbfounded, as two, then three buttons opened, to the top of her trim stomach, and she casually slipped her right hand inside, steering with her left, and cupped her left breast. “It’s maybe another fifteen minutes to the hotel,” she said, and then pulled her hand out, pulling the right side of her blouse aside, and cupping her exposed breast; she wore no bra, and she raised the fleshy mound, showing him her rosy nipple, hard in the air conditioning, surrounded by a small, pink areole. “I hope that’s enough time to convince you to fuck me.” She removed her hand then, signaled, and turned, her breast still exposed. It was a nice one, he had to admit, and despite his nervousness, felt stirring between his legs.

“You like?” she asked. “they’re real. Go ahead, give it a feel.”

As if in a dream he reached over and touched her exposed flesh. It was warm, smooth and full, not too large. He flicked a thumb across the nipple.

“Nice, right?” He nodded, and sat back. “Have I convinced you?”

“Why?” he asked. “Why do you want to do this?”

“Why do I want to fuck? Or why do I want to fuck you?” She laughed, a light-hearted sound that conflicted with the bizarre circumstances. He watched her breast jiggle as she spoke. “I like sex, I like fucking. And you are an attractive man that does business with my husband,” she explained, nonchalantly. “He’s a good man, I know it’s hard to believe. But he’s a terrible bahis siteleri businessman, and I do what I can to help him out. I’ll fill you in on how that works afterwards.” She paused, but he said nothing. “Frankly, he’s a good lover, but not exciting. So I make my own excitement.”

“By seducing his business contacts?”

“Just the hot ones,” she answered, smiling seductively. “So? Are you in? Or do you need more convincing?”

He saw her hand fall to her lap and begin pulling at the hem of her skirt, drawing it up, exposing the tops of her thighs, which were just as attractive as the rest of her leg. Then he stared in wonder as she shuffled her hips, and pulled her skirt up past her waist, exposing her crotch. She wore no panties, and had a trimmed patch of blonde hair nestled above her shaved lips. “How about now?”

He hoped that Rhonda really had fucked the car rental guy, because he was going to cheat on her again. If she had done it with that guy, at least she might understand his infidelity. “I’m convinced,” he said softly, then repeated, “I am definitely convinced.”

“Good then,” she said, “we’re almost there. After we have some fun, I’ll tell you what you need to know to improve your business with our company.” She pulled into the valet area. “And then we can have a little more fun!” The valet came to the door and opened it, and froze gawking as she swung her legs from the car, her pussy still exposed, and smoothed her skirt down as she stood. Walt got out and grabbed his bags. She hooked her arm in his and walked into the lobby with him. “Did you see his face?” she asked, grinning. “I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head!”

She told him to check in and drop his bags in the room and take a quick shower, then meet her at the bar. As he went to his room his head was swimming. For the second time in his life a woman was seducing him, and he was going to have sex outside of his marriage. Last time he’d been seduced he hadn’t really seen it coming; this time it was obvious, and he was willingly cheating. Intentionally cheating. He hoped that Rhonda would never find out. What would she think, he thought nervously as he showered, rinsing the travel grime from his body. Oh, Walt, that’s great? Not likely. More like, Oh, Walt, you bastard, I want a divorce.

And then he thought, what if she said, oh, Walt, me too? I fucked that guy from the car rental, it was so good, oh, I’m glad you’re getting some! Tell me about it! Was she hot? Mental images flooded his mind then, Rhonda sucking another man’s dick, Rhonda getting fucked, legs spread, another man’s cock inside her, Rhonda cumming, screaming as she was fucked, lost in passion. He found his dick fully hard then, imagining his wife having sex, enjoying it as they did together, screaming, insisting harder, pound me, only it was someone else pounding her. There was nothing that excited him more than seeing his wife enjoying sex, having an orgasm, seeing her surrender to her passion and scream as her climax gripped her, it always made him cum.

He was hard as steel. And soon, he’d be slipping his steel into a blonde, shaved pussy.

He dressed in a hurry and made his way back to the lobby, and found her at the bar, chatting with the young lady bartender. She saw him and smiled broadly. “Well, that was fast!” she quipped, and he grinned sheepishly, embarrassed at his eagerness. He noticed her blouse was still undone, and the girl was peeking at her breasts, not trying to be subtle. Gloria told him to sign for her drink, and leave the young lady a nice tip, then scooted off her seat. She linked her arm in his, and apologized for not getting him a drink. “We don’t have all day, unfortunately,” she said as they stepped into the elevator. As the doors closed, she turned to him and draped her arms around his neck, looking up at his face, and kissed him. Without hesitation he kissed her back, their tongues swirling against each other from the start. Her breath was warm on his mouth, and she made small sounds as they rode up to his floor. When the doors opened she pulled back and they walked to his room.

As he was reaching for his key card he saw her unbuttoning the rest of her blouse, standing right there in the hallway. He fumbled, distracted, and she giggled a little. As he opened the door she slipped her blouse from her shoulders, and stepped in topless. He was almost speechless at her antics, and let the door close behind them. “You are something,” he managed, his eyes switching from her face to her breasts, unable to control his focus. He was getting hard already, and she indicated the swelling at the front of his pants.

“Looks like you enjoyed it,” she smiled, “I told you, I like excitement. And right now,” she said, unzipping the side of her skirt, “I am excited to see your cock.” She pushed her skirt down and stepped out of it, a vision of grace and elegance, so unusual for a woman undressing. He felt his pants tightening as she stood before him, naked, folding her skirt neatly, and watched as she draped it over the back of a chair. Her ass was fine, slim bahis şirketleri with rounded cheeks, not a hair on them, just a small untanned triangle above her crack. She looked back at him, saw him staring, and bent almost to the floor, legs stiff, exposing her shaved pussy and ass to him, her hands slipping up her thighs. She watched him staring, then stood up straight again.

“I guess you liked that move, huh, Walt?” He felt himself nodding. “Good,” she said, stepping towards him, “now close your mouth and get your pants open.” She reached for his belt and easily slipped it open. Seeing she needed no help he unbuttoned his shirt, pulling his arms through as she dropped his pants to his ankles. He was kicking off his shoes, pants wrapped comically around his ankles, freeing his arms from his shirtsleeves and pulling his tee shirt over his head. As he tried to do everything at once, Gloria dropped to her knees, yanked his boxer briefs down, and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.

Off-balance when his dick was enveloped, he nearly lost his balance. He pulled his head clear of the tee shirt and looked down to see her elegant glossy lips wrapped tightly around his shaft about halfway down, her eyes closed. This classy, gracious confident woman was sucking his cock. He rested his hands on her head as he finished freeing his feet, and stood naked in his hotel room getting blown by the lovely Mrs. B. And she was very good. She twisted her head, swirling her mouth up and down his shaft, teasing the head with her tongue, and used her hand to stroke the base of his shaft as her mouth pulled back. He groaned, feeling the smooth delicate fingers gripping him firmly. She pumped her head up and down several times, then popped off with a loud smacking noise.

“You ready?” she asked, looking up at him with a sly grin. Before he could ask for what, she opened her mouth wide, and pushed her head all the way down until her nose was in his pubic hair. He felt his cockhead push past the back of her mouth, into her throat, and he grabbed her head, hard, and pulled it into his crotch, letting go only when he felt her pushing back. She popped off, and a string of saliva connected her mouth to his cock. He felt it dripping onto his balls. Fuck! He’d never been deep-throated before! She was stroking his cock, catching her breath, and then did it again, holding his cock in her throat, and he felt her muscles as she swallowed, squeezing and massaging his head. She pulled back again, taking a few deep breaths as he tried to control the shaking in his legs. Holy shit! He looked down and she was staring up at him, rubbing the head of his cock on her lips as she smiled.

“Fuck my mouth,” she said hoarsely, “give it to me.”

He needed no additional encouragement, and held her head as she opened her mouth again, taking his cockhead, and he pumped into her, only halfway at first, holding her head still and pushing his hips forward. She put her hands on his ass cheeks and pulled, driving him all the way in, and he fucked her face like a cunt, long full strokes into her throat, feeling it open and close around his cock as she made disgusting strangling noises. He kept it up until she signaled him to stop, and he eased his grip on her hair, and she pulled back.

“God, that’s so hot. I love going back to my husband with my throat sore and abused, he has no idea.” She was stroking him, slow, languorous caresses. “I don’t do that for him. Does your wife do that?”

“No,” he said, an image of Rhonda sucking his cock, and then the image changed, and she was sucking another man, worshipping the feel of the cock in his mouth. “No, that was my first time.”

“Good, right?” she asked, and stood up, and kissed him, hard, pulling them together and pressing her breasts into him, grinding her pussy against the base of his dick. His tongue danced inside her mouth, and he reached around, grabbing her ass cheeks, and lifted her. She squealed into his mouth and wrapped her legs around him, and he raised her up, felt his cock at the entrance of her pussy, and lowered her, entering her sopping hole in one full stroke.

He heard her breath leave her as she settled onto his shaft, groaning at the sudden entry. His cock was gripped tight, he felt her clench her pussy around him, clutching him as he began to thrust in and out of her. He took a few steps, still gripping her ass tightly, and carried her to the wall, and pressed her against it. She grunted as he began pumping into her, hard, driving his cock the full length on each stroke, pulling back slowly, and then ramming it back in. Each time he slammed into her she grunted, and he felt her fingers on his back, pulling him harder. He shortened his strokes then, picking up speed, jack-hammering into her, lost in the passion of fucking this wonderful hot woman. He heard her cries escalate, rising in pitch, and he knew she was approaching a climax. He pumped furiously, angling his hips to strike her clit with his pubic bone, and she wailed, and screamed, and came, soaking his cock, his balls, and his upper thighs. Fuck, what a cunt! He drove his cock into her and held it there, wriggling his hips from side to side, pressing her, extending her orgasm, and she squeezed him between her legs, emitting a long, hearty groan, before collapsing in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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