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Big Tits

I’ve been waiting all day for you to come home. I’ve been playing it over and over in my mind and feel a wetness building as I think through what I plan to do to you.

Finally, you arrive. You’re tired and tense after a long day and a long week. I’ve prepared a soft and inviting arrangement of blankets and pillows on the floor for you to relax, with soft music playing and the flicker of candles gently breaking the darkness of the room.

You gladly lie on the blankets on the floor and allow me to remove your shirt so I can massage your back and neck. The sensation of hot massage oil trickling down your back makes you quiver with anticipation. I push my hands up length of your back, culminating at your neck, which I rub and knead until the tightness loosens and I hear a pleasurable moan escape your lips. While I yearn to have you inside me now, I know that my patience will be rewarded in time.

Moving to your shoulders, I gently extend your arms above your head in front of you. Focussing all my effort on remaining in control, my hands run up the length of your arms, extending your massage all the way to the tips of your fingers. Just when I feel you yield to the relaxing motions of my hands, I quietly retrieve a scarf I’d placed under the cushions earlier in the day. With a swift movement I’d been practicing in my head, I tie your hands together, gentle enough not to hurt you, but firm enough to know I’m in control.

I roll you over so you’re facing me. Your face pleads me to free your hands to let you explore, but I remain strong. I lean forward and kiss your lips, parting them with my tongue and feeling the hotness of your mouth. Slowly I trail my tongue down over your chest. You know where I’m heading and you writhe with expectation. My hands continue to rub and knead the muscles in your arms and shoulders, as my tongue grazes over your nipples and down to your navel, which I circle playfully, knowing the suspense casino şirketleri will be driving you crazy.

I undo your belt and pull your trousers down your legs. I smile as I see your cock straining against the satin of your boxer shorts. I take my time to kiss my way back up your legs, as I get closer, your cock starts to twitch, desiring my attention. By now, I want to taste your cock as much as you want me to, so I give in, slide your boxers over your thick, hard cock and lick around its tip. The pre-cum which has started to leak from it tastes beautiful. You start to protest your predicament, but I’m not ready to untie your arms yet. I tell you to lie back and loose yourself in the pleasure. I know this is driving you crazy, and that’s the point. I want to build your desire so that when you finally do fuck me, it will be mind-blowing.

Thick, hard and not too long, your cock is amazing. I need to take it slowly to allow my lips to adjust to fitting it all in. I like to taste it every chance I get and tonight I plan to savour it for as long as possible. Taking just an inch, I swirl my tongue around the tip, rubbing your balls with my hands. I hear you swallow hard and gasp, so I take another inch, and another, until you can’t help but moan out loud. It tastes so good, but I know I’ll have to relent soon.

Still not ready to untie you and release you from my control, I straddle your stomach and start to undo the buttons of my shirt. Your eyes are pleading me to let you touch, but not yet. As my shirt falls away, my hard nipples are pushing their way through the fabric of my bra, which is soon also discarded. Fixing my eyes on yours, I bring two fingers up to my mouth and suck on them until they’re soaking with my saliva, which I then use to rub, squeeze and pinch the nipples of my tits, right in front of your face. Your tongue breaks through your lips, wanting to reach my nipples. I tell you to casino firmalari wait.

I stand and drop my skirt and panties to the floor. The aroma of my wetness fills the room. Your nostrils flares as you take a deep breath, relishing the smell of my desire. I again straddle your stomach, but this time insert two fingers into my hot pussy. I dip the fingers in and out while pinching my nipple with my other hand. My eyes never leave yours, which have now widened with amazement. I remove my fingers, dripping with the juice of my pussy and I offer them to your mouth, which you open eagerly and devour my fingers hungrily, licking and sucking my juices from them.

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to control myself much longer, I want to taste your cock one more time before it penetrates my pussy. I manoeuvre down your torso, and position your cock between my tits. I roll my tits up and down your cock, licking and sucking the tip as it breaks through the top of my tits. It’s too much for you. You beg for me to fuck you. I’m only too happy to oblige.

Moving up again, I position myself over your cock. The tip is just resting in the hot lips of my pussy. I again fix my eyes on yours, I want to watch your face as I lower myself onto your cock, as your cock opens up and penetrates my cunt. I’m not disappointed; the look of ecstasy on your face is worth the wait. I grind down on your pelvis bone, wanting your cock to go deep into my pussy, to fill me up.

I know it’s now time. I lean forward, my tits just hovering over your face. You strain your head up to grab a nipple with your teeth. It’s my turn to be overcome. I’m frozen as you devour my nipple and beg for the other one. As you turn your attention to my second nipple, I manage to collect myself long enough to untie your hands. Immediately they start massaging my tits, pinching and kneading which ever nipple isn’t being nibbled in your mouth. When the pleasure güvenilir casino becomes unbearable, I replace my nipples with my mouth, exploring deeply with my tongue into your hot mouth. Breathless and gasping, I whisper in your ear, ‘fuck me now and fuck me hard’. You know what you need to do.

Moving out from under me, you position yourself behind me doggy style. You lean over me, draping your hot mouth and tongue down my back. I move my ass against you, hurrying you to start pumping your big cock into me. You do.

I can’t help but let a whimper out as you put your cock to work. You spread my arse checks so you can get as much of your cock into me as possible. I beg you, ‘harder, fuck me harder’ and as you do, I hear your balls slapping up against my arse as you plunge in and out. You now consider that you’re in control, so you slip your thumb into my arse. Feeling my tight ring loosen, you decide to step it up a notch when you notice my vibrator I’d also hidden fortuitously earlier that day. You don’t waste any time putting it to work. Slowing down your own pace, you start rubbing the end of the pulsing head around my arse, and then slowly start to move it in and out until it feels comfortable. I am now unable to control my moans and screams of pleasure while being penetrated in both my arse and cunt. Your pace quickens so I know you must be getting close. This is confirmed when you tell me to start rubbing my clit. At first I don’t obey, so you slap my arse which stings, but only heightens my excitement. You tell me again to start rubbing my clit and this time I do.

Knowing I’m going to come, I start screaming your name. You know I only do this when I’m about to come, so it’s a signal that you can start to unload. And unload you do. With a few big thrusts and my pussy starting to pulsate around your cock as I come, you pull out quickly and start spraying your hot cum up my back. You know I like that. As the final streams of white cum spray out of your cock, you release a loud sigh from deep inside, and I know I’ve been successful in my mission tonight. You’re a very considerate lover so I know it’s only time before you’ll get your own back with me. And I can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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