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Hey Yuki,

Well, I promised I’d sit down and write you another story, I hope you like it. It’s got a small element of bondage in it, I hope that is something that you enjoy.

I walk up the path to your house, the spring night warm and soft against my skin. Through the window I see your shadow moving inside, restlessly waiting for me to arrive. I knock on the door, and when it opens you are on your knees, wearing only a short, white silk robe. Your long, black hair hangs over your shoulder on one side, laying across your breast. I put down my bag and with one hand lift your chin so your lovely almond-shaped eyes gaze up at me. I bend over and kiss your forehead.

“Hello, Yuki, you look lovely,” I say. “Are you ready?” I ask in a gentle voice. You don’t speak, you don’t move, you just lower your eyes. “Very good,” I say. I reach into the bag I’m carrying and pull out a black silk blindfold. I put the bag down on the hardwood floor and move behind you. I drag the silk across your face, caressing your skin with its softness. Then I pull it across your eyes and tie it snugly . I then walk in front of you and take you by the hand and lift you to your feet. “Stand up straight, Yuki.” I whisper in your ear. You arch your back as I undo your robe and let it fall to the floor. Your small breasts fall up and down with your breath and your brown nipples are swollen with excitement. canlı bahis I run my hand across your shoulders and then trail the back of my fingers over your nipples. I then take your left nipple in my hand and squeeze it, rolling it between my fingers. Feeling the rubbery flesh harden, listening to the small moans that leave your lips. You murmur something in Japanese as I squeeze harder, I don’t speak a word, but I understand you perfectly. I let your nipple go and slide my fingers down over your belly, pushing your legs further apart with my foot as I slip my fingers over your jet black mound and push between your legs, into your sweet cunt, feeling your juices. I push a finger inside of you, testing you and feel how wet and steamy you are inside. My finger slides in easily, you shift your legs further apart and lean against my chest, wanting so much more. I pull my finger away and lift it to your lips, your mouth opens at the touch of my finger and sucks it in greedily, suckling on your juices.

“You like the way you taste?” I ask, knowing the answer from the way you lap at my finger. Mmmmm hmmmmm” you moan. Your tongue swirls around my finger, velvety and wet, reminding me of what pleasure your mouth is capable of giving. I hook my thumb inside your mouth and lead you into your bedroom, where candles flicker. I put my hands on your shoulders and push you to your knees, bahis siteleri and then push you face down onto the bed. I silently undress behind you, catching our reflection in the mirror. A small Japanese girl at the feet of a blue-eyed, black-haired barbarian. Your tiny body makes me look larger than I am. My cock stands up and away from me, filled with need. I kneel behind you, not touching you, but I blow gently between your legs, admiring the shiny juices on the inside of your thighs.

I then press my tongue against your sweet asshole, pushing inside of you, tasting your musky smell, loving the squeal of surprise that you yelp into the bed. Your body goes rigid, and then you push back against me as my tongue swirls inside your ass. I slide up, cupping your tiny breasts in my hand, loving how fragile and hungry you are. I hug you against me, my cock rubbing between your lips, teasing you. You grind against me as I reach down with one hand and rub my prick up and down your pussy. My head feels your heat and wants in, so I angle myself so I am just inside you and then shove my entire length inside you. You’re so wet, I slide easily in, like sticky, slippery honey coating me…I hold myself deep inside you, pressing against your round little ass, and then I begin to fuck you, fuck into you. I take your hair in one hand and pull you towards me, forcing your beautiful back into bahis şirketleri an arch as my cock finds its way in and out of you.

With my other hand I reach around and find your clit, my big fingers rubbing your nubbin of joy, feeling it grow fat and juicy, like a small cock. I pull on it like I know you like, wanting to hear you babble in Japanese while your cunt grips my cock. I stroke your clit, my finger son either side and I feel you tugging on your nipples, stretching them so hard…and then the words come, the sweet, meaningless words that you cry…I hear your sob, cry out…feel your cunt clasp at me as you erupt in joy…I feel my own pleasure building up as your shaking and shuddering subsides. I growl as I feel it coming…feel my pleasure inching towards me.

You shove me away, stripping off your blindfold as you spin around, a feral look on your face as you suck my cock, shiny with your sweetness, deep into your mouth. Your hands find my ass, pulling me into you. your tongue laps at the sensitive underside, swirling around me. You cup my balls in one of your tiny hands, your red fingernails clawing at me, almost hurting me but feeling so good. With your other hand you slide a finger into my ass, shoving me off a cliff as I shake and spray my cum deep into your greedy mouth…you suck and suck, stroking my shaft with one hand as you finish me, shooting on your face and chest, my cum so white on your brown nipples, in your black, shiny hair.

I pull you to me and kiss your mouth, tasting my own cum on your mouth. Kissing you for the first time this evening. But not for the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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