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Matt now took the initiative. His limbs now returned to him in full strength, he scooped Sarah up into his arms and carried her through to the lounge.

“Not here,” she murmured, and turned her gaze to the staircase. Matt took the hint and carefully set her down. She took his hand and led him upstairs – to the scene of their inaugural fuck – her bedroom.

Around the room she had placed unlit candles. She’d always had a fantasy of making love slowly under candlelight. Still naked, she picked up a box of matches and lit the candles one by one before turning out the light. Matt stood dumbly in the doorway, staring at her sleek form, accentuated by the soft light. His sense returned to him as she moved towards the bed and laid out on the soft top cover. He moved towards her closing the door behind him.

Matt went to lie beside her but she pulled him on top of her, wrapping her soft hands around his broad shoulders. Matt steadied himself with his elbows taking care not to put too much weight on her. As he began to gently kiss her neck she resumed her light purring.

Matt began his descent slowly, taking care to caress every inch of his skin with his lips. His tongue slid between the cleavage of her tits. He moved his attention over to one of the pert orbs, licking every inch before moving his mouth over her now erect nipple. As he slowly sucked the bud, Sarah moved her fingers through his hair, pulling his mouth tighter to her tit. The feeling was exquisite as his tongue circled her ever-hardening nipple. She could feel an orgasm building but instinctively knew that it wouldn’t be enough to send her over the edge.

As if he read her mind, Matt reluctantly removed his lips from her breasts, making a mental note to pay more attention to them later. He slowly eased down her body kissing her abdomen. Sarah parted her legs further as he settled himself between her knees.

Matt focussed his attention to her upper legs, licking up her inner thighs from her knees to within a millimetre of her pussy. She gasped each time as he came ever closer to her pussy. Matt was enjoying teasing her like this, knowing all the while that when he finally clamped his lips to her labia, she’d enjoy it all the more.

Sarah was straining against the urge to pull his lips onto her pussy. Every time he got closer to her moist snatch, she got that much closer to orgasm. She was clasping the pillow behind her head with both hands tightly. She was seconds away from boiling point

He couldn’t hold off any longer, and as his tongue slid up her inner thigh, he continued over her soft perineum and parted her hole with his muscular tongue, burying it as far as he could. She instantly came, thrashing hard on the bed in an uncontrollable fit of pleasure. He licked slowly but firmly over her clit and her body shuddered again as she shouted out his name in one long moan. Her eyes fluttered as her orgasm began to subside, but he again licked over güvenilir bahis her swollen clit and sent her over the top once more.


He responded to her moan, by holding her down firmly and swirling his tongue over her clitoris for a final time and she thrashed beneath his grip.


As her thrashing subsided, he moved up her body, licking gently over her breasts once more before returning his attention to her neck, settling down beside her as she recovered. As she came to her senses again, she embraced him with what energy she could muster.

“I love you. Fuck, I love you. Promise me you’ll do that to me again.”

He replied by kissing her full on the lips, letting her taste her own love juice on his tongue. She didn’t seem to mind. They laid there in each other’s arms, kissing and fondling each other for nearly an hour. Sarah’s strength had returned and they were both in need of further release. Matt’s erection was stabbing up between them, eager for her tight pussy.

Sarah broke their embrace, gazing intently into his eyes. She pushed him down onto his back and moved her smooth body over his, bringing herself onto her knees, but lowing her chest to touch his. She again gazed into his eyes before kissing him passionately on the lips. Matt reached round to caress her ass and she reached behind her for his erect tool, pacing it beneath her sopping entrance. Matt parted her pussy lips with his fingers as she lifted her chest away from him. She lowered her pussy slowly down onto his cock, taking in just the head at first. Matt steadied her with his hands, clasping her shapely ass. She moved down an inch at a time, cooing with pleasure as his cock spread her inner walls. Soon enough she was completely impaled.

Ever so slowly she eased her slender form back up his tool before impaling herself once again. She did this about ten times before settling into a steady rhythm. As she encased his cock, the head rubbed gently against her G Spot, and she arched her back to allow further pressure on this area, moaning each time Matt’s cock slid over it.

“Oooohh! Ummmmmmm! Ahhhhhh!” Were the only ‘words’ she could formulate as he body slid up and down on his cock.

Matt’s hands moved away from her ass as she picked up the pace. He massaged her breasts paying special attention to her erect buds. He gently tweaked them to gauge her response and was encouraged as she moaned deeply.

Sarah’s steady up and down motion degenerated into a frantic thrusting, and Matt once again clasped her ass, pulling her back and forth onto his cock and pushing up deeper into her. They were both fast approaching another mind-blowing orgasm. She again lowered her chest onto his, giving her thrusting motion a better angle. She was rewarded as his shaft rubbed over her G Spot, while his pelvic bone simultaneously teased her throbbing clitoris. Her sensitive nipples were also receiving türkçe bahis friction from rubbing over his chest.

“Oooh…yeah…ahhhhhhhhh!” Sarah exploded into orgasm.

The wave of pleasure engulfed them both within seconds of each other. Sarah’s orgasm caused her whole body to ripple and pulsate. Her pussy tightened hard on his cock.

“Fuck…ahhh!” The added pressure caused Matt to peak instantly. His cum gushed from deep within his cock. Despite releasing a load earlier, his juices flowed freely from him mixing with her natural fluids.

Sarah rammed down hard again, her clit rubbing against him and she set off another orgasm. She collapsed onto him, almost melting into his body as she panted. His arms folded around her body and she lay on top of him, completely exhausted and, more importantly, completely satisfied. Her pussy continued to flex around his cock giving them mutual pleasure for a few seconds longer. Sarah closed her eyes with a broad smile on her face, before dozing gently on his chest. He’d never been more in love with life than at that second. He followed her slumber minutes later.

They slept for a few hours, Sarah waking first. She kissed him gently on the lips before getting up and heading for the shower. The smell of their mutual sweat might have seemed an aphrodisiac while making love, but she wanted to smell her best for when he woke. She turned the hot water on before stepping into the small shower unit. Sarah lathered herself up, and as she moved her hands over her breasts the warm tingly feeling she had felt earlier returned. She imagined that they were his hands, as she slowly kneaded her tits. She let out a long groan of pleasure.

The sound awoke Matt and he stumbled off the bed in search of her. He opened the door to the bathroom, gazing approvingly at her fine figure, which was visible through the glass of the unit. She was about 5’9″ and her body was perfectly formed. When they had first dated three years ago she’d been lacking in the chest department, but now, at eighteen she had flourished in all areas. She had her back to him allowing him a perfect view of her shapely ass. Sarah didn’t notice as he slid open the unit door and stepped in behind her.

Sarah jumped as he put his hands on her waist, but then settled back into his embrace. His cock was already throbbing with anticipation and jutted up between them. He slowly slid his hands up her torso and onto her firm breasts, gently tweaking and pulling on her nipples, forcing a light moan from her lips.

Sarah turned to face him, an intent look on her face.

“Can we…umm…”

“Do it again?” He interrupted.

Sarah’s sultry smile answered his question. They locked lips and tongues in a passionate kiss. Sarah brought her leg up around his ass and pulled him close to her. They leaned back against the tiled wall of the shower unit, the stream of water flowing over their bodies. Sarah held his cock and directed güvenilir bahis siteleri it towards her pussy.

Matt bent his knees slightly allowing him a good angle to penetrate her. The held of his cock gently parted her lips and he eased up into her, her groan almost deafening in the confined space. Matt withdrew slowly, before gliding back in savouring every inch of her tight pussy. Each time her eased into her it took him several seconds to bury himself to the hilt.

Sarah was loving every second of this slow approach. This feeling was exquisite as he slowly slipped over her G Spot. Her clitoris was getting the attention it needed with the tightness of their embrace forcing it against his pelvic bone. They made love like this for what seemed an eternity. Sarah’s breath became long and hard, with her groaning deep and guttural. Matt was having trouble restraining himself from pumping fast into her, but he saw the effect he was having on her and continued to glided gently but deeply into her pussy, while licking her neck and shoulders.

Sarah felt like a Princess. It couldn’t have been more romantic, with his hands around her waist caressing her neck with his lips. Her climax was building slowly and she knew that it would intense because of the long build-up. He gently eased up into her for the millionth time, his cock rubbing her sensitive inner area. She gasped as he did it again. She started to climax, but it was so slow and intense that her vision blurred and her mind whirled. Her inner walls flexed hard on Matt’s cock and squeezed down on him trapping the tool deep inside her. That sent him over the top.

“Unngghhhh…ahhh!” He yelled. She was so tight and her pussy squeezed onto him hard.

“Ummmmmmmm.” She felt like she was being electrocuted, all of her nerves fired off at once as she came again. It seemed to last forever as he came deep inside her. His cum literally gushed into her and she grunted her acceptance of it. She nearly collapsed, her knees failing on her. The only thing that kept her from doing so was his embrace and his still erect cock deep inside her.

They both stood there for a few minutes, still connected at the crotch and panting heavily as they came down from the intense sexual high. Sarah opened her eyes are stared into his with a mixed look of bemusement and love. She never dreamed anything could feel so good and couldn’t put into words how much it had meant to her.

Likewise, Matt was shocked at how intense their lovemaking had been. Only a week ago they’d both been virgins – now they had become insatiable sexual beings.

When a modicum of strength had returned to their limbs they proceeded to wash each other, lingering over each other’s genitals, delighting in the effect they had over each other with the simplest of touches. They then dried each other off before ending up back in the bedroom.

“Matt…I don’t want you to go tonight. I’m too exhausted to do anything more than sleep now, but will you stay with me?”

“I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.” He stepped up close to her, taking her in his arms again. They kissed and collapsed onto the bed in a gentle embrace, drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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