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I’ve always been backwards in coming forwards with regards to the female of the species. My desire to not come across as a ‘lad’ has seen me lose several opportunities for if not romance, casual sex. For example, I have never had a one night stand. Nor have I had sex on a first date. All that changed the day I started working for Mary. Never had I met someone quite so erotically switched on.

The moment she opened the door and scanned me with those big, deep brown eyes, I knew we were going to end up in bed… Or the sofa… Bath? Kitchen table? Potting shed?

It was the approving nature of her glance. I shivered with delight as she mentally removed my clothes. Her eyes following the contours of my body. Even then, I was still too timid to give her the same once over.

Incredibly I made it through my first day without ‘incident’. But her looks, the way she spoiled me with tea, and cake, the flirtatious behavior, even a spliff at lunchtime, all conspired to ensure that by home time I was very frustrated and plagued by mental images and soundtrack of some of Mary’s more outrageous comments… Nice ass being one of them.

I quite literally sprang from my bed the following day, eager to see Mary again. On arrival, although dressed she seemed almost more than illegal bahis naked. A tight vest top showed her to be bra-less and the way her slacky bums hung, I could tell she had no knickers on.

Little did she know that in my new found confidence, I too had forgone jockeys.

Rather than directing me around the side as she had the previous day, she invited me for tea, with a look from under lashes. It was extraordinarily seductive. I shook off my boots and followed her perfect bottom down the hall.

She’d already racked up a pot and a plate of pastries stood on the table. She resumed her seat, suggested I help myself and watched me over the rim of her cup.

Casually I poured a brew, selected a Raisen Danish and looked into her eyes as I munched. Neither of us spoke. She sipped and I munched.

As I popped the last bit of Danish in and picked up my tea, she put her cup down. Her hands disappeared beneath the table. She held my gaze. When her hands didn’t reappear, I studied her closely. Her eyelids had drooped and her pupils were massive, her lips seemed redder. She gently bit her lower one. Her chest flushed and a slight sheen broke out on her skin.

When her breathing quickened I noticed a quiver to her body. Her eyes closed and her head craned illegal bahis siteleri back. Again she bit her lower lip as her body suddenly stiffened. The tiniest of whimpers escaped her.

When she looked at me again, she brought her hand up from under the table. Her fingers were glossy and wet. She slowly raised them to her mouth and holding my gaze the whole time, licked them clean.

I simply stared. Too turned on to move. It was the single most erotic thing I had ever seen. But it wasn’t over. The next thing to disappear beneath the table was Mary herself. She somehow managed to slide gracefully and lithely off her seat.

I felt long slender fingers at the waist band of my jeans. Within seconds Mary had unbuttoned my fly. She squealed with delight from beneath the table as she discovered my commando status. Warm hands drew me from the confines of my trousers and stroked gently down to cup my swollen balls.

I groaned as her mouth closed over the tip of my cock, and fought to control myself as she continued on, taking all of me. She kept me in and massaged the head with swallowing motions. I stroked her hair and tried not to buck my hips. I didn’t want to bash her head on the table.

Her technique was devastatingly effective. Cupping my balls, canlı bahis siteleri stroking my ass and rhythmically sucking drew me close to cumming. She could sense my imminence and slowed, edging me with skill. Too much now and I would tip over… A good few minutes of this passed and I felt fit to explode. I heard Mary moaning and sighing, I assumed she was edging herself as effectively as she held me.

Without warning, she stopped and with surprising strength pushed the chair I was in backwards giving her space to writhe her now, surprisingly naked body up my fully clothed one. With my cock painfully erect she positioned herself over me until her pussy rested with just the tip nestled between her lips. At which point she began to gyrate, massaging the swollen head of my cock, now roped with engorged veins.

I groaned as a trickle of juice flowed from Mary and tickled it’s way down warmly over my balls. It was almost violent when she finally sunk all the way onto me. The heat of her, taking me in was almost too much to bear. But she like me was struggling to contain. We moaned and whimpered together, our rhythms matched as Mary pounded down onto me with an animal ferocity.

I stared open mouthed for the second time as she came, this time loudly and wetly. Her pussy convulsing tightly around me, the flushing heat of her gushing, her tight, grinding, sinuous body knocked me over the edge until we both bucked and screamed our release. Each staring wild and frenzied all the while into the others eyes xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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