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He lay on the bed with no clothes on during a warm summer rain outside his open window. As he lay there, his eyes began to grow heavy as he thought about his depression and loneliness. It had been three weeks since the woman he fell in love with departed for her parent’s house on the other side of the state and was not expected back for another three weeks. He hated summer and summer vacations. As he started thinking about her, his eyes grew heavier until darkness enveloped his sight.

He felt a soft hand on his knee later in the night. The hand was different than his true love he thought, but his eyes would not open. He tried to reach up to feel why, but his hands wouldn’t move either. To whomever he was being touched by, he was their prisoner. He tensed a bit as the hand on his knee gradually moved down towards his foot. A soft finger seemed to graze his in step as he laughed a little. It was not common knowledge that he was very ticklish. The finger began to trail up his inside leg, up his calf to the knee again before it began to trail up his inside thigh.

As it edged closer to his cock, he felt himself tense a bit before he felt lips close on his lips to relax him. The kiss tasted of strawberry lip gloss. The kiss had the tranquilizing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri effect as his cock remained erect while the rest of his body was relaxed. The soft finger began to massage the underside of his stiffened member down towards his sack that started filling with seed. It wound its way to underneath as one side of his sack began to be cradled by fingers. A soft hum could be heard as the other side was weighed, almost like comparison.

It was difficult for him to hold back. He knew in his mind that his love would have already swallowed the head of his shaft and began to take it inch by inch down her throat in an effort to suck him off quick before taking it out of her mouth and allowing it to spray all over her pretty face. She was never into the porn star ideal of swallowing his seed or letting him climax in her mouth. He thought in his mind how no woman was really into that sort of thing that he would ever meet. With the sensuous touches, he desired to climax again quickly.

The hands sensing that began to roll something down his shaft. It felt constricting, like a band of rubber tighter than the width of his average member. It seemed to take its sweet time until it rested right above where the skin of his sack güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri connected to the shaft itself. There the band stayed for a time. He then felt the fingers pressing against the head to collect his clear fluid that started to form. The fingers starting to allow it to spread over the head as more started to flow out. He began to moan a bit from the feeling of the fingers taunting him like that.

He then felt something different than fingers as he felt a pair of lips kissing along the shaft, teasing him. It was torture to him knowing full well he would have already been inside his true love’s mouth already and about to climax. He started to think relaxing thoughts as the little kisses peppered the underside before he felt one right below the head. A tongue then began to press where the last kiss ended until he felt a slight sharpness of teeth. His mouth opened in a wide o form as he felt the mouth first inhale his member inside. The lips were slow and deliberate just like the fingers as it took almost a full minute to reach almost to the base. There the mouth seemed to pause. A few moments of time freezing until the lips moved up towards the head again. He could feel the tongue pressing against the underside güvenilir bahis şirketleri again as the mouth rose up towards the head before it slowly went down again.

The lips seemed to stop right above where the band was holding down his ejaculate that threatened to finish the experience too quickly. They crawled back up his shaft again until it stopped at the head again before he felt a breeze caressing his moistened skin. It was then he felt a movement as the band seemed to have been getting removed from his dick and was slowly being slid back up again. Once the band was free of his dick, he felt the lips sliding back onto him again, only faster and inhaling more until he could feel his dick desiring to shoot its venom. He began to open his mouth to warn him, but his mouth opened too late as it began to explode inside the mouth.

He was surprised to feel the mouth swallowing his seed versus letting loose. If anything, the mouth seemed to pause as he kept shooting volley after volley into the open cavern and he felt the throat engulfing everything he released. He then felt the tongue begin to lick all over his shaft again almost like a mother kitten bathing her kits. His eyes seemed to become heavy again as he fell back asleep.

The light of the sun’s rays awoke him as he looked down and saw his body uncovered. He quickly rose out of his bed to check the door of his dorm room to find it locked from the inside as he remembered it. He began to ponder if his night time activity was just a dream until he saw the cock ring on his night stand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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