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“Oh my, I’m so full!” my mother belches out as she burps half way through, rubbing her swollen, cum filled belly. My sister Jenny and I both laugh as she does.

“Well we certainly are full” my sister replies “I can’t think of how you did what you did brother but I’m not complaining, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life” as she crawls over to me, body dripping with sweat and cum “I wonder, what could possibly be the source of this new found wonder??”

I grin as my cock sways in the air, as if having a mind of its own.

“Well sis, seeing as you’re now part of the act, what do you have in mind? I mean, I can literally do anything” I smiled.

Jenny turned to her mother a smiled, before looking back at me.

“A penis”

I looked at her confused. “I’m sorry what??”

“A penis! I’ve always wondered what you guys find so damn amazing about having a penis, so, yeah, I want a penis!”

My mother burst out laughing, spitting out a drink she had taken a sip of.

“What?!” Jenny pondered, half smiling and a little embarrassed now.

“It’s fine sis! Honestly” I replied. “Mother is just jealous because her own penis is not as big as mine….”

In a split moment, I had given Sandra her own penis, which was now dangling between her legs some 8 inches long, thick as her wrist and flaccid. Jenny and mother both looked down between her legs to see her new appendage.

“HAHA!” Jenny laughed, that’ll teach you! Sandra gasped, backing against the wall for a moment as she came to the realisation of what had just happened.

“Don’t you be chuckling at our mother squirt, she may just come over there and fuck you with it!”

I quick thought in my mind and it was already happening. I grinned as mother’s penis stretched and grew, expanding in girth and length, her balls inflating as sperm began to fill them.

Sandra smiled, gripping her new penis and stroking it with both hands as Jenny quickly came to the realisation that she could not move. I had blocked her ability to walk.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?!” Jenny squirmed.

“The ‘big’ idea, as you put it sweet daughter, is that your mother is about to fill your pussy full of momma’s big cock!” Sandra smiled.

I watched from the sunbed as my mother walked over, tits bouncing and belly swaying with all my cum as she pointed her rock hard cock at my sisters pussy. Mom pushes Jenny over on to the nearby table as she doesn’t even stop to appreciate the situation as I hear a huge gasp from Jenny as mother plunges her huge cock deep into her pussy.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!! Oh kocaeli escort shit mom! Jesus! You could have fucking warned m……ARGHHHH!!!”

Sandra wasted no time in taking my sister. She held on to her waist as she rammed her thick, hard cock deep in to her daughters overflowing pussy. I watched as my mother slid her thick cock deep into Jenny’s pussy over and over, the sight of these two heavily pregnant ladies going at it was hugely erotic. My cock twitched seeing my mother and sister’s huge tits sway back and fourth as mom pumped Jenny hard.

“Oh mom! Your cock is freaking huge! Ohhh wow I can feel you deep inside me!”

I began to stroke my cock as I lay back, enjoying the sight of my mother fucking my sister with her huge cock. Pretty soon, mom’s animistic instincts took over as she began ramming her cock harder and harder, deeper and deeper inside Jenny, as my sister was now gripping the table in front of her as hard as she could just to stay upright. I could see her face wincing each time mother thrust her cock into her, she was moaning and groaning as both women began to lose breath.

“Oh god baby I’m gonna cum! Momma’s gonna cum inside your hot, wet cunt!”

That was a new one on me, I’d never heard mom use the ‘c-word’ before, but then I’d never seen my mother fucking my sister with a real cock before!

Faster and faster my mother went until she gave out a loud roar as she grunted her last efforts before filling my sister with her cum.


I came hard as my mother came deep inside my sister’s womb, watching as her belly stretched and expanded, swelling even more, I was so turned on, came all over their bodies from several feet away.

“Ohhh FUUUUCCCKKK!! FUCCKKK!!” I groaned as I sprayed them both with my cum, dripping down their incredible bodies as Sandra collapsed onto Jenny’s body, wrapping her arms around her daughter’s body, licking and sucking my cum off her body as she embraced her cum filled daughter.

“Urghhh fuck mom, that was intense! Mmmmm god your cock felt wonderful inside me, and I loved your big, heavy tits pressing into my back as you fucked me. Jenny recalled catching her breath on the table.

“Mmmmm, I glad you enjoyed it dear, mommy is always glad to make her baby feel good” Sandra replied as she continued to lick all the cum off Jenny’s back and neck.

I stood up from my sunbed and walked over to my gorgeous ladies, placing my arm on mothers back as I leaned in and took Jenny’s mouth kocaeli escort bayan to my own as I kissed her, savouring the taste of my own cum upon her. Our tongues danced as my hands wondered her huge breasts and round, cum filled belly.

“Mmmm, you dirty sick fuck” My sister spoke as she bit my lip.

“Takes one to know one” I grinned as I slid my hand down over her bulging belly, lower and lower to your dripping pussy, feeling mom’s hard cock still pulsing inside her. As we continued to kiss, my rubbing of her clit caused it to swell.

I continued to suck on Jenny’s tongue as she began to breathe harder, feeling what I was doing to her. As I pinched and rubbed Jenny’s clit, it began to grow, just as I intended. Jenny was gasping now as she broke my kiss to look down.

“Wha….what the……WHAT THE FUCK?!!” she groaned.

I smiled at her. “Just giving you what you wanted sis”

Jenny’s cock began to grow, larger and larger.

“How big would you like sis?”

She was gasping now, groaning as if the very growth of the cock was giving her an orgasm.

“Fucking huge! I wanna be bigger than mom!”

I smiled as I continued to rub her large cock growing under my touch. I gripped her new member, stroking it to life as it grew 7, 8, 9 inches and still growing.

“More??” I quizzed.

“YESS!! Keep going!!”

I raised an eyebrow, I remembered to compensate for the extra blood-flow that would be required to fuel such a large cock. I was a little concerned about my sister’s sudden wild, raw animal lust but excited at the same time, as my own cock indicated, now touching my sisters.

“Ahhhhh fuck this is hot, I want your ass my sexy slut!” my mother barked from behind Jenny. Sandra pulled out from Jenny’s pussy with a ‘plop’, causing Jenny to groan, but nothing compared to the scream she gave as mother rammed her thick, hard cock deep in her daughter’s ass!

“Fucking hell mom! A little warning?!!” Jenny gasped, overwhelmed from her cock growing and mother piercing her daughter’s ass.

Mom laughed as she pulled Jenny back, holding her tight with almost superhuman strength as our tongues were ripped apart, Jenny’s ass being well and truly stuffed from mothers cock ramming inside her.

Jenny’s new appendage was slapping her belly back and fourth as mother fucked her from behind. Sandra had her arms under Jenny’s as she effectively restrained her, lifting her off the ground as she fucked Jenny hard.

Not wanting to be left out of this action I moved in, taking my cock in hand and pointing it under Jenny’s huge cock izmit escort and back into her pussy. Jenny groaned as my cock entered. I could feel mom’s cock in her ass inside my sister as we both began to double team her, ramming our hard cocks in and out of Jenny, pistoning in and out consecutively as we fucked Jenny hard.

That sight was incredible as mom and I fucked Jenny. I could see Jenny’s new cock in-between us, grinding between my chest and her cum-inflated belly. I stroked it once more, causing it to expand and grow even more. Longer and longer it grew until it was between our lips!

We both looked at one another as we had the same idea at the same time. Both at once we attacked her cock with our lips, licking and sucking wildly like it was the most delicious cock ever. We began a series of swap-a-cock as we sucked hard on Jenny’s new cock while my mother and I filled Jenny’s inside’s full of cock.

Eventually I wanted to focus on fucking Jenny and left her to suck her own cock. What a crazy scene it was to see her sucking herself off as her mother and I rammed our cocks into her body harder and harder. Mom was beginning to weaken holding jenny up so I took Jenny’s legs in my arms as we increased the pace, ramming our respective cocks harder inside her.

Jenny was about to pop, 3 cocks inside her in all holes. She was screaming on her own cock as she began to cum. I took a hold of her cock in her mouth and held her head close. A look of horror on her face as she looked at me, knowing I was going to hold her in place as she came.

All three of us began to grunt hard as we unleashed a wave of cum inside my sister.

“Arrghhhhh FUUCKK!!! I’m filling your ass sweetie!” Mother cried.

“FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!” I screamed as I unloaded another massive torrent of cum inside my sister’s pussy as my mother filled her ass. Meanwhile Jenny was struggling to swallow her own cum. I could see her cheeks puffing wide as dribbles of Jenny’s cum leaked out of the side of her mouth, she was swallowing as fast as she could, I was watching her gulps down her neck.

Eventually I let Jenny’s head go as the last few drips of cum spouted up in the air, splashing down on us all.

Sandra and I let Jenny down easy, our cocks still embedded inside her as Jenny collapsed on to me, gasping for breath.

“You……you…..oh fuck, you little shit!” Jenny giggled as she coughed up some cum in my face.

“Ewww, sis keep it down” I chuckled.

“Fuck that was amazing kids!” mother spoke up. “Can this day get any freakier?!”

“Ahem, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!!!” came a voice from the patio door.

My father stood in the doorway, mouth open.

“Awww shit I grinned, forgot about you…..” chuckling to myself


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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