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Joey and Tony are brothers, both 18 at the time of this story. They were born exactly 9 months apart, to a set of hippie parents who were part-time nudists. They were the first to explain sex to their boys, and demonstrated how babies were made to them as well.

Shortly thereafter, both boys came out to their parents as gay. Unconcerned, they demonstrated anal to their children, and urged them to experiment with each other as they pleased, something both brothers took to with relish.

Joey was taller, at 6′ even. He had a stocky, cut build; wide shoulders and thick limbs. This physical characteristic extended to his penis, which was 7″, cut, and thick, with a large head which dwarfed his already massive cock shaft.

Tony was shorter and slimmer, at 5′ 7″. His shoulders were small and rounded, but his physique was also cut, though much smaller than his brother’s. Tony’s cock was longer than Joey’s, but thinner. 8″ and cut, it bent upwards towards his belly, with a proportioned head.

Both brothers had long, red hair. Freckles were all over their bodies, including their cocks and ass cheeks, as both brothers spent quite some time in the fresh mountain air, roaming the woods and skinny dipping in the rivers and lakes.

Joey had a thick, well trimmed beard, and he kept his hair in a ponytail most of the time, whereas Tony kept his flowing free.

Both brothers had decided to go on a camping trip after Tony’s 18th birthday, Joey being the elder of the two brothers and already 18.

They made preparations, and set out a week after Tony had his party, a small affair in which many of their friends, most either attractive women or flamboyant men, got together at their house and played XBox all night before passing out in a cuddle pile in the living room.

They drove to the start of the trail, Joey driving, listening to trance music kocaeli escort as they ascended. Parking, both got their pack out, put on light jackets, and started out, putting their gear on as they started out.

After several hours where they met no one, they decided to make camp, which took a few hours, as they wanted to find a private spot in which to camp.

They had both decided that tonight was the night they would lose their virginity.

Once camp was made, and a fire was burning in their fire pit, both brothers sat and began cuddling, rubbing each others arms and legs as they snuggled together next to their fire. Joey ran his fingers through Tony’s hair and leaned down, kissing his brother on the lips, his tongue slowly pushing his mouth open, Tony eagerly thrusting his tongue forward, their hands groping and removing clothing until they were in only their pants.

Without a word, they moved to the tent, Joey zipping the flap as Tony removed his pants, revealing his bare ass, freckles spread over it’s tight surface.

He had a feminine body shape, and was the more submissive of the two.

As Joey turned, Tony leapt on him, sucking his lip into his eager mouth, and then trailing down to his nipple, licking each in turn before moving to his brothers pants, unzipping the jeans and releasing his bro’s magnificent cock from it’s confines.

Forcing them around his ankles, Tony shoved the thick cock head deep down his throat, having already explored this aspect of their sexuality together. Joey groaned, and shoved his thick cock head further back into his throat, causing Tony to gag and pull back so that the massive head was filling his mouth, his teeth barely able to get around the crown and his chest flaring as he heaved in fresh air.


Tony smiled, which Joey felt as a tightening around the base of his cock head, and groaned.

At kocaeli escort bayan this point, Tony was rock hard and stroking his cock, twisting his fist as he did so in a back and forth pattern. Slowly, lovingly, he slid the thick dick back down his throat until his nose hit flesh, and then gagged as he removed his sibling’s rock hard tool slowly from his throat.

Joey sagged at the knees, and Tony stood up, Joey slurping down Tony’s cock as he did so.

Tony gripped his own nipples and tweaked hard as Joey began bobbing fast, up and down the 8″ cock presented to him. He worked it eagerly, no frills as his tongue curled into a tube and his hands caressed his brother’s balls softly. Tony groaned and shuddered as he came hard, launching his come down his brother’s eager mouth, who lodged the cock shaft into his throat, shooting the load directly into his stomach.

As he relaxed and released his nipples from his own grip, his brother Joey stood and kissed Tony on the lips, who returned the favor and stroked his bro’s dripping cock head, leaking precome like a faucet which won’t stop leaking.

He pushed, turning Tony around and bending him at the waist. Reaching for his bag, Joey removed some lube from the front pocket and squirted a liberal helping onto his cock head, which he smeared around by rubbing it against his brother’s tight pucker.

Once ready, he slowly pushed his thick head into Tony’s asshole, who flexed and beared down, allowing the first half of the thick head to slide in before it tightened up involuntarily.

Feeling this, Joey stopped pushing forward and waited. After a few moments, Tony pushed his anus back outward and Joey moved forward again, popping the crown into his sphincter before he again felt the tightening of his brother’s muscles.

Joey stopped, and this time Tony waited several minutes before izmit escort he pushed back and slid 4″ of his brother’s thick 7″ cock into his warm honey hole on his own, which elicited a groan from both. Tony moved forward, and then shoved back, nearly impaling himself on the now throbbing cock shaft as it twitched and began shooting a load into Tony’s bowels, Joey’s head falling back as he grunted, Tony fucking his cock faster as the come lubricated his tightly stretched hole.

Joey gripped his hips and pushed him down, placing his knees on either side of Tony’s slim ass and began grinding downward into his tunnel of love, Tony mewling and whimpering as his cock shaft flexed against his own sleeping bag, precome leaking from it in great big globs.

Gripping his younger, smaller brothers flowing red hair, he forced his head up and slapped his ass, Tony’s moans of delight echoing with each smack of an ass cheek, Joey’s thick cock rubbing his brother’s now deflowered asshole raw in pain/pleasure, his cock aching towards an orgasm from the prostate pressure of Joey’s large cock head pushing it down hard on each pull of his dick out.

Joey released his hair and gripped Tony’s hips, pulling him upward and hammering his asshole hard as Tony moaned lewdly and came hard, spurting his come to his own face, coating his chin and neck as his head was turned to it’s left, his hands clawing through the fabric of the tent bottom as he screamed, Joey’s cock head flaring as he too comes, further coating the inside of his baby bro’s tight gay ass, breeding his own flesh and blood like a primitive beast.

Tony collapses with Joey on top of him, both panting hard as their respective cocks slowly deflate, come and blood leaking out of Tony’s battered asshole as Joey’s still thick cock head pops itself out of the well fucked orifice.

“Happy birthday,” both brothers say in unison.

“Jinx, you owe me another fuck,” they parrott to each other, and then laugh as an owl hoots in the background.

It was gonna be a good trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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