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My boyfriend Trent and I live together. I’m 25 years old, very thin, with dark eyes and dark, shoulder-length wavy hair. I have small tits, but beautifully perky with dark pink little pointy nipples. The perfect kind for nibbling on. Trent loves to suck one whole tit in his mouth at a time. I am generally a modest person, but I have to admit that I have a fabulous ass. The kind of ass you just want to slide your fingertips across the bottom of as you squeeze the cheeks with both hands, spreading them for a better view.

My boyfriend is in his mid-thirties and is 6’4″, broad-shouldered with tattoos and a sexy growth of manly hair. I love running my fingers through his chest hair when we are lying naked together. Trent has thick wild curly hair that I love to cling to when he licks my pussy, sucks on my tits, and moves his mouth all over every inch of my body.

His cock is perfect for my pussy, fitting like a jigsaw piece, filling me deep into my stomach. Touching every pleasure spot inside my wet hole. And I love licking his cock clean of my pussy juices.

I also love it when he sticks his cock in my tight asshole. Fucking me hard in my ass while I rub my clit, I cum harder than any other way. Oh yes, and if he sticks his finger in my dripping wet pussy with one hand, while doing all of the above, grabbing my hair with the other hand, then I go over the edge of pleasure.

Trent works as a bartender. I took canlı bahis off work one week while one of my best friends, Tabitha, came to visit from out of town. She stayed with us at our place, and we had so much fun catching up the first few days she was there.

I have to admit, I was always sexually attracted to Tabitha. She had curves in all the right places. Half Hispanic with fair skin, large brown eyes and full red lips, Tabitha also had beautiful, long straight dark hair. She was blessed with voluptuous full C/medium D tits, a sexy round ass, and a flat stomach to give her the perfect hourglass shape.

One evening toward the end of the week, we had gotten about halfway through a very large bottle of Sangria. The conversation moved into sexuality. Tabitha and I had always been open about our bisexuality with each other, but we had never experienced or even discussed that concept.

I decided to confess my attraction to her. When she laughed and took another sip of her wine, I felt embarrassed.

She then took the wine bottle and filled up our glasses. She held up her glass to mine and said, “Cheers, drink up.”

We both drank our glasses of wine in silence, and as soon as we both set them down, she came closer to me and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

Our mouths opened; our tongues intertwined; and our bodies pressed closer together.

By now, I was ready for her body. I began running bahis siteleri my hands all over her body, as she felt my body in unison. I was feeling her ass, sliding my finger across her covered crack. I moved my hands up, taking her shirt off, and sat back for the view. She took that moment to take my shirt off. Mouths together again, we unsnapped each other’s bras, and slowly slid the straps down, letting our bras fall into our laps. I looked into her eyes, then down at her sexy tits. I could not restrain myself and I pushed her down on her back as I started sucking her tits. Oh god, her nipples in my teeth, she began to moan. As I sucked on her tits, I started sliding her pants and her panties down her hips. I moved my mouth back up to her mouth as she kicked her bottoms completely off and started pulling my pants off.

She stuck my tit in her mouth, making me moan, and slid her finger down my slit.

“Fuck, you are so wet, baby,” she said.

“Taste it,” I said, and pulled her hand to her mouth. I looked her dead in the eyes as she sucked her finger clean.

“Yummy. Now let me go down there and taste it,” Tabitha said.

She began to turn her body to reach my pussy, but I pushed her back down. “Only if I can taste you too, you horny slut.”

I turned my body around so my cunt was on her face and I had a close-up view of how wet her pussy was. She shoved her tongue right into my hole, needing more of bahis şirketleri my juices. She began licking my slit. So fucking wet, so fucking horny, I slid my finger all the way up her crack across her pussy to her clit. My finger was sopping wet so I sucked it clean, then shoved it into her pussy. She moaned right into my pussy, making me even more horny, so I started licking her clit.

Tabitha and I were licking, finger fucking, and moaning so hard into each other’s cunts when we heard a voice.

“Holy shit. Goddamn that is so fucking hot.”

Trent had come home from work. We must have lost track of the time.

I looked at his huge bulge. “Well baby, please come bring that hard cock over here and we will put it to good use.”

I got up as he came closer. “Come on Tabitha, let me show you how amazing my boyfriend’s cock is. Help me take his pants off.”

We both walked up to him and got on our knees in front of him. She started unbuckling his belt, while I felt his hard cock through his pants. I looked up at him. “You ready for this, my sexy man?”

His answer was apparent as his hard cock was released from his pants that were now at his ankles. I grabbed his dick, looked up at him, and then turned to Tabitha. I wanted his to watch us making out, nipples touching, bodies against each other.

I told her to spit on his cock and she did. Then I took his cock into my mouth and brought it all the way down my throat. I pulled my mouth off, grabbed the bottom of his shaft and the back of Tabitha’s head forcing his cock down her throat too.

And that was only the beginning of our fun.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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