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This is my first ever story and may be the first of a series of fantasy adventures with my flatmate Sarah, if you think it worth me carrying on. I tried to find an editor but sadly no one came forward, so I apologise for grammatical errors despite my best efforts. I hope you enjoy my story. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.



“Towels Jane! That’s all it is, just changing a few towels – a couple of hours tops, and no one will mind or care really.” Sarah looked at me with puppy eyes.

She had missed so many of her chamber maid shifts, she felt sure the manager would be ‘very cross’ in her words. In my view, the manageress had given her a final warning. If it had been a man of course, it would have been a different story. She had a way of twisting people around her little finger, which she relished, especially men; but she could also twist me because she knew I loved her despite all her self-centered faults.

“And your interview?”

“Meeting my agent, darling, ” Sarah crooned, knowing she had got her way. “I can’t mess him about. It’s big. I’m twenty-two and that’s old in my profession.”

I knew Sarah, like me, had done a great variety of jobs, but none of them would I describe as either professional or, come to that, well paid. She was just like me which was why we scraped together sharing a tiny flat. However I would not be the one to stand in the way of her career dreams. I nodded my assent. She kissed me on the forehead and flounced away.

“You better tell me what to do!” I called after her, and then I had another thought, “Do I have to wear that uniform?”

Actually I was surprised by how well it fitted. Sarah was smaller than me, especially around the bosom, but I squeezed into her maid’s outfit surprisingly well. I looked down my cleavage and it seemed to go on down forever, walls of smooth pink breast either side pushed up into place. This was the first and only time I would cover for Sarah. Much as everyone, me included, admired her pert button ass cheeks this was the last time I would save it this way.

I looked in the mirror of the hotel’s small cellar-like locker room. The uniform could have been a cast off from a porn set. My black stockings, at least they were my own, thankfully, reached up beyond the hem of the dark silk like dress that just about covered my own ass. Any deviation from perpendicular and I would expose that band of my flesh between the bottoms of my suspenders and the tight white panties cupping my twenty- three year old pussy. I was a music graduate for Christ’s sake! What would my mother make of her child prodigy in this? I had these conversations with myself quite regularly once. What would she make of me being just a piano teacher? What would she think of me waitressing to make ends meet? What would she think of me with Mr Mercer wanting to fuck me on the Bluthner baby grand, my family heirloom? His wife came to collect him, saw me and that was his last ever lesson from me. He had concentrated on brushing my thighs and staring down my cleavage more than he ever did his pieces, but that was not on the programme. I knew what my mother would make to that. I was having fewer of these conversations nowadays. I had a sexy body more obviously than clever fingers and hell I looked a man’s fantasy slut right now from head to toe.

I grabbed my phone and took a full length selfie. Dam whatever anyone else made of me, I was hot! Fucking hot! This was a photo for Facebook. My brown eyes were large bottomless pools of ‘come to bed’. My lips were ‘out there’ painted a dark bold red. No man, or maybe woman come to that, could see my mouth and not think secretly of kissing, and licking, and sucking. My long brown hair bunched up in a bun beneath a cute lace cap. I wanted to bury my head into my own bosom! I turned to see myself side on. A long elegant neck looked ready for biting and kissing. So much of my upper chest was exposed it accentuated my full breasts, making them all more erotic and enticing. I smiled saucily at myself, mouthed something definitely French, followed it by wiggling my little pointy tongue and saw my own brown eyes twinkle with a cheeky thought. I turned my back to the mirror, bent down to touch my toes and twisted as best I could to take one more selfie. This time, legs slightly apart there was clear sight of the white tops to my nice curved thighs and the gusset of my panties was in plain view. This one was not for Facebook. I would not want even my closest friends to know that a maid’s outfit had turned me into a randy perv.

I looked down at the pile of towels to deliver and my laundry trolley and started to come round from my own dirty thoughts.

How hard could it be? You take in the clean towels. You take out the dirty. In and then out of each room along the corridor. The guests were at breakfast, packed and leaving, out for the day or out for good. The place seemed pretty still. The first couple canlı bahis of rooms had signs of occupation but no occupants. One was tidy, the other a mess; the en suite looking like a football team had showered with a gang of cheerleaders. The bed was a mess. The bedside table held an empty bottle of liquor and a couple of unused condoms. I left the room quickly and went to the next.

I knocked, took a few steps into the room and stopped. The curtains were still drawn and I was surprised by how little I could see, but before I could work out my way to the window I could see a shape on the bed and as my eyes began to adjust I made out the naked torso of a man.

“Sorry, ” I said weakly, ” .towels” and nodded to the bundle in my arms.

I could just see his head fall back and him staring at the ceiling and at first I thought this was exasperation because he let out a long sigh, but then I saw the bed linen domed above his groin. Had he been masturbating? How embarrassing.

“Is it… , ” I began to ask permission. He moaned quietly just a little more and raised an arm weakly as if to try and wave me on, or away, I wasn’t sure. As I adjusted more to the gloom I could see the heap of sheets moving slightly and enlarge. I stepped sheepishly toward the bathroom through the thick fug of the last night’s breathing. I was followed by another slightly louder groan and worrying he was actually ill turned to see his head rolling.

I looked again and saw a man in his thirties, disguising deep breaths, his abdomen tensing and releasing and his hand clenching the sheets about him.

The mound of sheets over his waist was much larger than I first thought and rose and fell and only now could I see there was someone else underneath with him in the bed. Our eyes met in recognition and we held each other’s’ gaze. He looked helplessly into my eyes and I stared hard into his transfixed. He continued to stare but his look changed gradually to lust as he took me in; my face, my legs and most of all my breasts. As his eyes began to burn into me my nipples grew hard. He let out a pant and snort like a rousing bull and both hands gripped the linen shape rising and falling on his lap. I made out a ragged slurping sucking noise gaining speed and two people struggling for breath, but all the time he continued his stare straight at me, challenging, arrogant almost. I didn’t know what to do. I flushed from head to toe. My pussy wanted me to cup it in my hand, but all I could do was grope for the en suite light. Suddenly desperate to spear completely the bedclothes above him, he thrust up from the mattress and his whole body tensed rigid and jerked, again and then again, and he grunted amazingly loudly each time.

A band of light shone across the bed from where I switched on the light. Suddenly, the man grabbed the bedclothes and defiantly pulled them all away. He deliberately revealed the naked woman beneath. The mushroom of his fat cock was still within her mouth. Its reddened stem shone with her spit and flecks of spunk. One thick dribble of sperm leaked over her lips. His cock was still rigid, big and fucking awesome.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” I thought I would buckle at my knees. It was like he had cum on me, like his warm spunk had shockingly spattered my naked body not in the mouth of the naked woman beside him. He continued to look at me knowing my thoughts, undressing and fucking me hard with impaling eyes.

His woman looked up blinking, bewildered and squinting into the light. She released his cock from between her lips and wiped her mouth clean of spit and a stubborn strand of spunk with the back of her arm. She maybe made out my silhouette.

“What the… ” She began.

I made out his mesmerising still hard rod, still twitching defiantly and still I could feel his eyes. His cock was so fat, so big.

“You know you want it, you know you want to feel it filling you, pushing out the walls of your pussy, splitting your cunt.” I could sense him saying it in my head just using his eyes.

I could not cope. I dropped the fresh towels on the counter top and fled the room.

I leant against the corridor outside breathing deeply and trying to recover some composure. The ordinary daylight and empty passage felt reassuringly mundane and safe.

The next room was empty. The guests’ suitcases were packed and ready but abandoned. The curtains were drawn back and everything tidy. All the drawers were left a little open to show they had been checked that all belongings had been packed. I also noticed all the toiletries had been gathered up as I picked up the used towels. They were probably still at breakfast maybe or checking out.

A sanctuary, the room was a chance to catch up and reflect, calm down, but I noticed the first thing I did as I sat on the edge of the bed and looked into the room’s narrow, oblong mirror, was unconsciously lick my lips. I looked again at the reflection of the sexy maid. Her chest rose and fell deeply. bahis siteleri Her knees were spread apart and she noticed the streak in her panties between her lips. I pulled up some strands of hair that had escaped from my bun, but gave up with others and twirled these ringlets between my nervous fingers.

Shit! I parted my legs wider, swung my skirt out of the way to pull my panties up tighter. I thrust my hips forward and imagined rubbing pussies with the maid in the mirror; rubbing our sopping clits until we came and clung together.

My face flushed. And then I heard the noises from nextdoor and it flushed some more. He was obviously returning the favour. She was, like me, a lover who gave out words of encouragement and guided her partner to gain the most satisfaction.

“Oh yeah babe, that’s it right there… oh yeah… mmm, ” she crooned.

She was nextdoor on the bed like me, only naked, legs spread wide apart, her man licking and sucking on her pussy. I tried to recall her face and body. She was blonde, a little older than me maybe, big breasted, bigger than me even. I called to mind a breast bulging squashed between her torso and the mattress. I could remember the sight of a big globe of pale flesh being revealed as she raised her head from his cock.

“Oh yeah that’s good! Suck it… flick it. Oh shit yeah! Fuck! mmm… put some fingers inside”, she continued, followed by a more guttural squeal as he obviously found the spot she was hoping for.

I lay back on the bed and my legs spread further apart and my hand crept over my mound. I felt the heat through my panties and rubbed. I could imagine her holding her own breasts, pulling her own nipples and groaning. She would be thrusting her pelvis, offering up a soaking pussy. One of his hands would hold her ass clamping his mouth to her pussy: his tongue dancing madly on her clit. Two fingers of his other hand would be hooked deep in her cunt rubbing, going in and out. Jesus, I was getting so wet and horny.

“Oh… oh fuck! I’m going to cum on your tongue… Oh… you fucking bastard… oh shit!” She was on the climax ride now, no more instruction necessary. Her legs pulling in tighter, her back arching and pelvis thrusting madly. Soon her leg muscles would tremble uncontrollably, her flush skin turn shiny with sweat and his head all the while would be clamped tight between her thighs, as she arched, bucked and heaved, as the most intense orgasm blew out every cell of her body and made her explode.

“Ohhhh Fuuuck! Yes… ” she screamed.

My own timid finger slid and turned the enlarging wet bud of my own clitoris. It felt good – really good. It went lower to explore and slide between my lips and feel inside my moist hot cunt. I wanted more inside me.

“Oh fuck! Yes I’m cumming” She bellowed from nextdoor.

The door handle rattled. The guests were entering and as if driven off the bed by an electric shock, I shot bolt upright, in one leap, finding myself standing in front of a middle aged couple: a nice couple; a man in a jacket and jeans, a woman in a black casual dress. They were as surprised to see me as I them. A further loud sexual groan from next door increased their look of surprise a little more.

We stood opposite each other in silence for what seemed an age but was probably just a few moments. Then the woman gestured with her head. I showed puzzlement and she gestured again.

“Your skirt, dear.” She half whispered in a maternal way.

I noticed then that my skirt had stayed lifted and was stuck up more like a belt exposing my suspenders, thighs and panties. I smoothed it down hurriedly and my hand sought strands of fallen hair to tidy away. Just then from nextdoor as if to dam me:

“Oh shit, you fucking horny bastard!” The words were followed by two loud grunts and resounding thumps as their headboard hit the two rooms’ party wall. No one in the room mistook this as any other noise but the prelude to the woman being vigorously fucked. There was no doubt in my mind that his cock, that cock, was now deep inside her cunt fucking her to heaven. She wailed loudly.

“My god they’ve got some stamina, ” said the newly arrived man quietly to no one in particular.

There was another pause, ended only by another almighty thrust, wail and bang from nextdoor.

“I suppose you are a hotel maid… I mean a real maid” the woman asked me suspiciously.

“Yes… well… yes I am”, I answered unconvincingly. I could see how my dress, exposing myself, tousled hair and probably the smell of sex I was giving out, not to mention the obscene music from nextdoor, might just beg the question.

“Right… ” An ambiguous flicker of an expression went across her face… “Right”, like reflecting or reminiscing, she was possibly disappointed. Perhaps I was a prostitute on a call. Perhaps she would like to watch her husband screw me or eat his spunk from my dripping pussy.

“Towels… ” I said weakly once bahis şirketleri more.

“Right, ” she said more definitely, landing back in reality.

I scooped up the used towels and manoeuvred passed them awkwardly. They stayed still, rooted exactly where they had caught me with my panties exposed.

“Well, ” said the man quietly to his wife as I departed, “I can’t fault the room service… ”

The next three rooms were empty of guests so as I travelled away I drew apart from the noise of love making, thrusting, groans and orgasm.

I saw that nextdoor middle aged couple leaving quietly down the corridor with their luggage. He looked at me over his shoulder hopefully and smiled. She, of course, noticed, pulled him beside her by the waist and I saw her hand wandering to his ass, wonder about squeezing him and then did so, tenderly, as they carried on their way.

I smiled to myself now the excitement was ebbing and cleared more empty rooms of dirty towels. I knocked and entered, knocked and entered and so on. Sarah had said the work was boring but that man’s cock was in my head and still had me completely turned on. Then I burst into a room that seemed to have become an office.

The room was occupied by a woman in one of the hotel bath robes and a towel wrapped around her hair. She spoke so rapidly into her mobile that it was no wonder she did not hear me knock. Twenty four hour news rolled across the TV and a laptop beamed out a dull looking presentation slide.

“It’ll be fine, ” I heard the woman continue, “the products sell themselves. I only really just have to make sure I turn up on time.”

She saw me and paused. She was slightly stern in the face, high cheeked, but with dazzling blue eyes no one could disobey. She seemed very confident, young and up and coming: a woman who would definitely make an impact walking into a meeting for all the right reasons as well as the wrong ones. It was hard to tell covered by a robe and the towel about her hair, but she was probably stunning.

“Yes?” She asked me.

“Towels, ” I said offering them up.

“OK.” She motioned with her head the way to the bathroom, though why I would need directions I really did not know.

The bathroom mirror was steamed up with condensation and the counter top packed with what looked like expensive toiletries and cosmetics. I struggled to find a space for my towels and, in attempting to slide them on, a few of her bottles and tubes fell to the floor. It was lucky none of them smashed. I bent down quickly to retrieve them just in case she came straight right in to check on the small commotion.

The first thing I picked up was a vibrator. It was stainless steel or chrome, beautifully shaped and modest in size. I held onto it, admired and wondered about the little pleasure tool in my hand. Was it warm, still warm from whirring some pussy joy in the shower? I imagined this tube of pleasure pulsing in her pussy while the rest of her body quivered under the rods of water tingling all her skin. I made to sniff it, I really don’t know why, but before I could a hand reached over my shoulder and took it from me.

“No, ” she said, “I didn’t cum in the shower.” and after a pause for reflection she added, “I’m just so fucking… tense!” I heard the vibrator whirr into action behind me and then switch off. She seemed to be talking so slowly and deliberately and seductively. I could tell she was looking over my body and was tempted to tip up my skirt and get a closer look, or was I just so horny I was imagining. I was too embarrassed or frightened to turn around, I cleared the condensation from the mirror and brought her into view. I swallowed hard. She removed the towel from her hair carefully letting a sudden mass of long hair tumble down before swinging it back from her face and over her shoulders.

“Towel… ” She said as if offering a cigar she had just rolled that minute between her thighs.

I turned and she replaced her toy to the counter top.

“So fucking tense… ” We looked into each other’s eyes. “I suppose you’ll want this?” There was another pause while I struggled with what she meant, then she seemed to somehow shrug her robe from her body in a single move. It fell or rather slid from her in one single smooth movement, revealing perfect round breasts, pert nipples, her flat tummy, a completely smooth pussy and fantastic legs. She was a goddess risen from the sea standing completely naked before me. Yes, oh God, I wanted her. Her piercing blue eyes struck me dumb. Whatever she asked I would do without question. I stared at her perfect body, awestruck.

“The robe, ” she said, “don’t you want that too?”

When did she switch the TV off? How did the room become suddenly absolutely and so utterly silent? She would be able to hear my heart beat, my eyelids flutter and the blood pump to my own pussy lips unconsciously puffing up and lubricating. The sexual tension of these moments stretched like an hour, half frightening, half intoxicating: the man has stopped completely dead and tensed and waiting, waiting, suddenly bursts, shoots, flings cum from his cock and neither knows nor cares where.

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