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After months of living apart the final flight back to Berlin was taking place for Hans. He had dreamed about this moment for the last six weeks since the last time that he and Gretta and been together. He missed her incredibly as well as his two children who had grown up slightly since he had been away. As the plane bummed in the turbulence he could only focus on the beautiful woman that awaited him at the airport. The last time Gretta picked him up at the airport she surprised him with the sexist outfit he had ever seen and the drive home kept Hans thinking about for the last six weeks.

“We are now approaching Berliner International Airport, please fasten your seatbelt and put your chair in an upright and closed position,” announced the flight attendant.

Hans gathered the only item he brought on board and that was a dozen, red roses that he knew would be special for Gretta. She loved long-stem roses for their dominance, beauty, strength, smell, color, and hint of nastiness due to thorns that would prick if someone where not careful. Hans always thought that the rose was a perfect representation of Gretta for these characteristics. He and he love where now only minutes away from being bonded to one another again.

In the terminal Gretta sat back reading her latest novel of love and conquest. It was 7:35 pm and for now she had no worries. Her parents where at home putting the kids to bed and told her that she could sleep in the next day as the older generation would be talking the children to the zoo. In Gretta’s mind she was already in Munich as the house in Berlin was sold, she had a new job starting in 8 weeks, her old job finished yesterday will little fanfare, and best of all her husband would be coming back to her for good. The question on her mind would be whether or not to tell her about the last girl’s night out. Tonight was for her and Hans and reuniting themselves. No more e-mails, late phone calls, disturbing job requests, and bitterness about the long hours. Tonight would be simple and trite.

The plane landed and Hans made his way off and down the terminal. What would Gretta have in store for him tonight? He mind wandered about lingerie, porn movies, sex in the car, or possibly the chance of being intimate in the restroom. Hans couldn’t love another human being more than he did his Gretta; she was everything that he could possibly have dreamed of when you first noticed girls. Beauty in the shape of an hourglass body with jet black that now bobbed around her ears. Intelligence that kept him from always being alert to the fact that she pushed him into knowing things that she had little interest in, next was parenthood. She was the mother to his children, guardian to the financial investments, and intimidator to all that would question their integrity. He was a lucky man and he knew it. Now it would be moments until their togetherness.

Gretta observed the sign regarding flight
521 and noticed that it was at the gate. She would be late as the sitting area was nowhere near the terminal. She panicked and began to run down the hall. What was she thinking, after all the long months without him now she would no be there to greet him? She dressed in the outfit that he purchased in Munich that accented her breasts and waist. She loved when Hans brought her clothes. He always purchased items that she would feel uncomfortable with at first because she didn’t think she had a body of a 28 year old but Hans always made comments about her beauty which made her feel appreciated and desired. Her Hans was a man who loved sex with her no matter how she thought about herself.

Hans approached the end of the terminal and watched as couples hugged one another, kids ran to their parents, and teenagers reunited themselves with their friends. Where was Gretta? He searched in the hallways and behind him to see if maybe she was playing a joke on him. She was not there. He reached into his pants to see if there was a message on the phone indicated that she was running late but again nothing. Stunned! Hans made his way to baggage claim to get his bag. On this day, the day that the long suffering of being apart would be over and Gretta was nowhere to be found. After the initial shock he thought that she probably was creating a plan and Hans would be walking right into it. He was excited again as he thought that canlı bahis he should walk carefully and do what any normal traveler would do. As he stood by the baggage rotunda a figure approached. “Here she comes,” Hans said to himself.

Gretta was doing double time just to get to the “C” Terminal to watching the unloading of people. She watched intently to see if Hans had arrived. In the far distance a group of travelers made their way through the concourse. She made it and Hans would never know that she missed his arrival.

Only a mere hundred yards away but on a different level Hans began talking to a woman who was questioning the baggage that he had submitted back in Munich. The woman, Ashley, worked for Lufthansa Airlines in the Baggage Claim department and explained that a cart of bags was accidentally loaded onto a plane headed for Amsterdam and maybe Hans’s bag was one of those. Hans played along with the game. Ashley asked for his claim tickets and asked Hans to step to the baggage claim room to complete some paperwork. For a person who just had his luggage lost Hans was more than happy to accompany this fine female to another area. Hans thought that Gretta had gone over the top to get this sort of cooperation with the airline. He was just going to play along.

Gretta stood by the end of the terminal and surveyed every person who walked by and none of them was Hans. Did he make the flight? Finally she saw a group of flight attendants leaving the area and she asked if the flight from Munich had arrived and they told her that it landed and deplaned over 35 minutes ago. She continued to ask if they had seen a blond-haired man in his late 30s. They said that they did notice a person who fit the description and that he had a dozen red roses. The flight attendants told Gretta that they had asked them who they where for and he commented back that they were for his wife and couldn’t wait to give them to her. Gretta’s heart sunk to her belly. She missed him at the terminal. She turned and walked to baggage claim. She knew that Hans would be disappointed in not seeing her at the gate. Hans loved every time that he flew that someone from his family would be there to greet him. Not today. Gretta ran to the escalator.

Hans walked into the darkened baggage claim room and asked Ashley why it was so dark, she responded that some bulbs had just burned out. “Gretta thought of everything, “Hans spoke to himself. Ashley asked him to fill out some paperwork and of course Hans gladly did but when was the surprise?

Gretta turned the corner to the baggage area to found nobody around in any of the four claim areas. Where was he? Hans was probably in the restroom and he would be out soon. Gretta waited.

“Is there anything else that you need me to fill out?” asked Hans.

“No sir we will be contacting you when your bags come in and we will drive them out to your house.”

In a quizative look Hans continued, “Are you sure that I am finished here?”

“Yes, goodnight,” responded Ashley and she left through a back door.

Hans turned and walked out the door. Disappointed he noticed a figure midway down the terminal. With his roses he strolled, disappointed toward the figure. As he approached he recognized the person as Gretta.

“Hi honey sorry I’m late I must have just missed you upstairs, “spoke Gretta.

“That’s alright I’m just happy to be with you again, “responded Hans. He handed the roses over to Gretta and they left the airport. Although Hans was disappointed with the outcome he was just happy to walk with his wife hand in hand.

After Dinner

With a few drinks in the both of them Hans admitted that Ashley was part of a large scheme created by Gretta to get Hans into some kinky stuff. Gretta laughed hysterically at the notion that she would sit back and watch her Hans get it on with some clerk. Hans tried to save himself by stating that anything Gretta tried on him that he was committed and faithful to her and that he would never do anything without her. Gretta of course laughed in his face. It was about 1:00 am and they began the drive home, they held hands in the car and Gretta slowly caressed his hand.

“Pull over there”, shouted Gretta.

“What, that’s a porn shop, why do you want to go there?” Answered Hans but he did pull into the driveway.

“Hans bahis siteleri you always initiate the sex in our relationship and you always are the one picking out the porn in the house. I want to have a turn and see what is available. “Gretta was on a mission and Hans was more than happy to participate.

As the two lovers approached the door the sign read, The Castle Playground and Cinema, couples welcome. They opened the door and were in awe of the size of the place. Two story, approximately 9800 square feet of just neon signs, DVDs, VHS, and toys. Gretta’s mission continued as she firmly asked the counter attendant where the group DVDS where. He pointed to the purple neon sign that read, “Group Sex”. Gretta pulled Hans with her. When they finally reached the area she could not believe the amount of selection. MMF, FFM, MMFF, Swingers, Gangbangs, and fetish groups where all represented. The background music was Green Day and the people in the place kept to themselves and their heads where down. Gretta began to look at the titles. Hans didn’t know what to do was she doing this just because she felt guilty about being late nor was she serious about being in this place? He figured that he should take advantage of the situation and play right along. “Hans I really liked that Gangbang DVD you left the last time you where here. I played with myself and dildo for three nights straight just trying to get past the first scene. The woman was got fucked by those five guys seemed to really enjoy it. I could never do that, too much stimulation.” Gretta continued. Hans was shocked to her Gretta talking like that so openly in a public place. “What do you think of this?”

It was a DVD of a girl with three guys fucking her in all her holes and a person sitting in a chair. The title of the media was “Wife Banged in Front of Husbands ” The picture was of a woman in white stocking and lace bra around her waist as she swallowed one cock and had another cock in her ass and pussy. She wore high heel white shoes and was focused on sucking this guy’s cock. Hans noticed that the guy in the chair was stroking himself as he intently watched the woman. Hans concluded that the woman was the wife and the guy sitting was the husband. “Let’s buy this.” Insisted Gretta.

As a purchaser of fine quality porn Hans told Gretta to look at some of the detail. Length of DVD, number of scenes, date of production, condom or not, and additional features. Gretta was shocked to think that there was more to buying porn. “We could preview it if you want.” Stated Hans. We just have to get a booth in the back and he guy up front will play our DVD. It will cost us a couple of bucks but then we don’t have to buy it if we don’t like it. Gretta immediately agree. She was making it up to Hans by being so involved in this porn selection. But Gretta was intrigued with the process, this was not her and the little slut in her was starting to show. Hans made the arrangements with the front counter and pointed Gretta toward the back rooms. Nervously, her and Hans stepped into room 8 and closed the door. It was very small, maybe a 10 x 8 room with a screen. The room had a bench for two and they sat close as the movie started. Gretta had her head tucked into Hans’s shoulder and held his hand tight. As the figures on the screen started to undress Hans moved his right arm around Gretta and began to massage her right breast. At the same time Gretta ran her finger tips up and down Han’s thigh. The moans and sounds of the porn came from the back of the room as the speakers where loud but kept the mood festive. As the woman on the screen had three cocks in front of her and she sucked on each of them, Gretta unzipped Hans’s shorts and pulled out his hard cock to stroke. She couldn’t believe that she was actually doing this. Hans smiled.

Gretta watched intently as the sex on the television was getting more intense. She wanted to suck on Hans’s cock but that would mean not watching the show and she didn’t want to miss anything. Hans stood up and walked behind Gretta and whispered in her ear, “Let’s get naked and fuck right here, don’t worry there are no cameras.” At that time he unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped the bra that held her firm tits. Hans began to yank on her hardened nipples. Gretta couldn’t keep her eyes off the woman who now had one cock buried in her pussy bahis şirketleri and another being forced into her mouth while she sat in a missionary position. Gretta had to relive herself and inserted her whole hand into her lime green pants and began to finger herself.

A noise emitted from the wall to their right. A hold opened up the size of a large fist. Gretta and Hans watched as a semi-hard penis emerged from the hold. It stuck out from the wall and sat there. Gretta looked at Hans and visa versa. This member poked out and in from the hole. At first Gretta was scared as she thought that maybe people could see the two of them in partial nudity and she felt violated.

“Touch it.” Suggested Hans.

“Are you kidding, you don’t know where that has been, “responded Gretta. She couldn’t help herself the opportunity to touch another cock when suggested by your husband couldn’t be passed. The sex on the screen, her breast in the open, her husbands’ cock out, and loud moaning in the background she had to grab a hold. Gretta placed her right hand on the shaft and slowly began to jerk it. The anonymous cock began to grow in size. She couldn’t believe the effect she was having on this strange cock but it motivated her and she speed up her stroking. In the meantime, Hans moved his body next to the wall with the strange cock so Gretta could stroke two cocks just like the movie on the screen. Gretta happily accepted the challenge. Two cocks and she worked both equally. Hans was very hard and helped Gretta out of her blouse and bra and tossed them to the side. The strange cock was as hard as could be. Now Gretta leaned forward to suck on Hans. So she sucked on the shaft of Hans and stroked the stranger. Gretta could feel the wetness in her pants and she needed to touch herself but she didn’t want to let go.

Hans pulled his cock out from Greta’s mouth because and more watching her stroke another man while she sucked him and he would be cumming. Hans moved behind Gretta to unzip her pants and pull her panties to the floor. Gretta helped this process proceed quickly as she hoped that Hans would push his hard cock into her and he did just that. Hans’s cock easily pushed into his wife right up to the balls. He watched her continue to stroke this cock as he pounded away at her sopping wet pussy. Gretta moaned in enjoyment as she finally experienced two cocks, and she didn’t have to worry about who it was. She wanted to suck on the cock but didn’t feel comfortable with the cleanliness of it. “Do you want to fuck it?” asked Hans.

She couldn’t believe her husband of 15 years would be asking such a question. “How?”

Hans had purchased a condom at the counter while renting the video. Gretta took hold of the condom, ripped it open and rolled it onto the foreign penis. She turned around in the small room, bent over, and stepped backwards. With her hand Gretta guided the head of the cock into her slit and she eased herself back until she was up against the wall. Now it was his turn. Gretta braced herself as she knew that now this other cock was going pound her. She looked at the screen and watched another group begin their assault on another woman. It pushed forward and then out, forward deeper and then out. Gretta’s legs began to quiver as this new cock fucked her pussy hard and extremely fast. Her tits swayed back and forth almost in tone with the fucking she was receiving. Hans stood back as first and just fisted himself. Hans moved forward and put his cock in Gretta’s face. She gladly took another hard penis into her mouth. She turned toward the screen it was an identical scene as was being played out in this booth. She pulled Hans out of her mouth because she couldn’t take it. She could only stroke because this “new” cock was growing inside of her which only meant one thing. It didn’t stop, it grew and grew! Finally she yelled out, “Fuck” and Gretta has a mind blowing orgasm that squeezed this penis and she could feel it jet out sperm into the condom four times. At the same time Hans was triggered to having a load of cum shoot out onto the floor of the room. Gretta stroked her husband until he was out of cum and getting limp. The strange cock eased out of her and disappeared back into its hole. Gretta stood up and she felt light headed almost causing her to pass out. She turned to the screen and saw the woman coated from head to breasts in cum. “At least I don’t have to clean up like that.”

Hans and Gretta left the store without buying the movie as they both agreed that they would be back again to preview more porn together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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