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Sitting in the dark on the front of the houseboat, I smoked one cigarette after another wondering if Trey would ever speak another word to me. I sensed he was still seething with anger. He had every right to be angry with me. I’d made a complete fool of myself by seducing my secretary when she was most vulnerable. Attempting to involve Trey in my lurid experience had backfired. I was humiliated and at my own doing!

“I’m going to bed.” Trey mumbled, rising from his chair. “I’ll sleep in one of the guestrooms.”

I let him do as he pleased, not wanting to get into an argument over something as frivolous as sleeping arrangements. Even if we slept together, there wasn’t a chance in hell we’d end up making love.

The gentle breeze wafting across the water made it difficult for me to stay awake. Sometime after midnight I crawled into bed after taking a long hot shower. Surprisingly, I feel asleep within minutes, not waking once during the night.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of the Fountain powerboat’s rumbling engine. My first thought was that Trey and Trevor were leaving. Leaping from the bed, I ran down the corridor to the salon. I barely caught a glimpse of Trey, preparing a fresh pot of coffee in the galley, but it was all I needed to put my worries to rest.

“Looking for somebody?” Trey question without turning around to face me.

“A….no.” I stammered. “I was just worried that somebody might be trying to seal your boat.”

“Yeah! Right!” He laughed.

“Fuck you.” I muttered, scurrying back to the master bedroom.

I didn’t feel much like wearing a bikini so I opted for shorts and a tank top. Returning to the galley, filled with the aroma of eggs and bacon cooking, I poured myself a cup of coffee.

“Pour me one too, will ya?” Trey mumbled, standing at the stove.

I did as he asked, seeing it was the least I could do. Thank God he was speaking to me again.

“Where’s Trevor and Connie going?” I asked, hearing the powerboat roar off.

“They skipped breakfast.” Trey answered. “Trevor mentioned something about going to Burnside Island State Park for the day.”

“Why didn’t you go with them?” I questioned.

“I think the two of them preferred to be alone so I declined their offer.” Trey replied. “I doubt if they really wanted me to go along.”

We sat at the diningroom table, eating in complete silence. I prayed for someone to drop a bomb just so I’d hear a noise but no one did. After cleaning up the kitchen I sat down at my laptop, hoping to make a wireless internet connection. Being in a secluded lagoon with sheer rock walls on three sides I couldn’t make it.

“Thought you were supposed to be on vacation.” Trey asserted, heading towards the rear of the houseboat. “Or is working how you spend your vacation?”

“I was just trying to see how things were going at the bank.” I replied, closing the laptop. “But I can’t make an internet connection from here.”

“Good!” Trey laughed. “That means you’ll have something else to worry about.”

“I’m not worried!” I shouted. “I’ve got a very competent Vice-President who can handle things until I get back!”

“Are you fucking him too?” Trey smarted off.

It was obvious Trey was trying his best to start an argument so I didn’t bother answering his stupid remark. I spent the rest of the day steering clear of him, but on a houseboat it wasn’t easy. We kept running into each other, either in the galley or in the salon.

I decided to lie out in the sun for awhile. Being up on the top deck, I figured Trey would more than likely stay below. Slipping into a turquoise bikini, I tied the strings securely. It was skimpier than the pink one I’d worn the day before, barely covering my nipples.

I heard Trey swimming next to the houseboat but I wasn’t about to join him, still wanting to keep my distance from him.

“HEY VAL!” I heard someone shouting. “OVER HERE!”

Looking out at the lagoon, I saw a sleek looking bass boat idling close by.

“Oh God!” I thought aloud. “This can’t be happening!”

The man waving at me from the bow of the fishing boat was the last person I ever expected to see at Lake Cumberland.

“Hi Rick!” I shouted, waving at him. “What’re you doing down here.”

“Just getting in a little fishing.” Rick replied. “How about you?”

“Oh, just taking a little time for myself.” I responded.

Seeing Trey at the rear of the houseboat distracted my ex-husband, but only for a moment.

“I….I see you’re not alone.” Rick stammered, eyeing Trey as he climbed the spiral stairway to the top deck.

“Trey McCall.” I stated, watching him approach me.

“Come on aboard!” Trey yelled out. “You look like you could use a cold beer!”

“Oh God no!” I thought, glaring at Trey. “Why the hell did you do that?”

Rick was standing on the front deck of the houseboat, his bass boat tied off to the bow. I wasn’t sure what to expect, the least of all being hugged by my ex.

“Val, you look fantastic!” Rick exclaimed. “That bikini really shows off your figure!”

“It certainly does.” Trey agreed, coming out to join us. “You oughta see her ass in a güvenilir bahis thong!

Handing each of us a cold beer, I was tempted to pour mine over his head. Sitting down at the patio table. I sat quietly while Trey and Rick talked about bass boats and fishing. The two seemed to be hitting it off, which shocked me.

“I read in the local newspaper where you sold half your interest in Thunder Bay to Carson Wheeler.” Rick commented, taking a sip of his beer. “I’m a little surprised to see you on a Summerset.”

“This is a trade-in.” I muttered, glancing over at Trey and seeing him with a stunned look on his face. “We didn’t have any Thunder Bays in the water so we took this one.”

“What’s one of these go for?” Rick asked. “A half a mil?”

“Some of them do.” I replied. “This one’s just under four-hundred thousand.”

I hoped Trey would chime in and change the subject but he left my ass hanging out, allowing my ex-husband to question me about my new promotion at the bank, my home in Willowbrook and anything else he could think of.

Trey invited Rick to stay for dinner but he declined, stating he wanted to get back to the marina before dark. I was thankful to see him leave, hoping I’d seen the last of him once and for all.

“Willowbrook, huh.” Trey asserted with a grin. “Classy neighborhood! It’s about twenty-five miles from where I live.”

“Yeah. Small world isn’t it.” I muttered, brushing past him.

It was late afternoon when Trevor and Connie came back from their day at the state park. Too infatuated with each other, they were unaware that things weren’t going well between Trey and I.

It was during dinner that my cell phone rang. At least something was able to make connection with our position in the lagoon! Answering it, I heard Rebecca’s voice on the other end. She was quite excited, informing me the houseboat was finally completed and scheduled to be launched the day after tomorrow.

Being the largest houseboat ever launched at Lake Cumberland, television crews from Lexington and Knoxville were going to be on hand as well as the local media. The Sheriff’s Department had agreed to divert traffic on Smokehouse Road so the houseboat could be moved from Thunder Bay to the marina. Being a co-owner of Thunder Bay, I was expected to be there for an on-camera interview and talk with the media.

“What else is gonna go wrong.” I thought, concluding the phone call. “About the only thing that’s left is Centennial Bank collapsing!”

Informing everyone that I needed to return to the marina, we agreed to spend the night in the lagoon, then leave for Whiskey Creek in the morning. It would take most of the day to make the trip back, providing the weather cooperated. Trevor and Connie weren’t the happiest about having to return to the marina but they understood the importance of my being there. I hoped I could make it up to them somehow.

I didn’t sleep well that night. Thoughts about the upcoming events kept me restless and worried. It must have been around 3:00am when I decided to get up smoke a cigarette. I thought drinking a glass of wine might help settle my nerves but we’d drank everything but the Sangria.

Lighting up the cigarette, I discovered I wasn’t alone. Trey was sitting in the shadows next to the windows. The moonlight barely illuminated his masculine figure.

“Couldn’t sleep.” He muttered.

“No. Too restless, I guess.” I murmured, keeping my voice down so I wouldn’t wake the others.

“Was there a reason you didn’t want me to know about your involvement in Thunder Bay?” Trey inquired.

“I didn’t think it was important so I didn’t mention it.” I replied, hoping he’d buy it.

“Are you sure it wasn’t because you thought I’d bolt and run if I found out?” He questioned. “I sensed you knew it was hard enough for me to accept the fact that you were a bank president. Finding out you were also a successful business woman too might be more than I could handle.”

“Well….suppose it was?” I asked. “What’re you gonna do about it?”

“Whatta ya want me to do about it?” Trey countered. “You want me to leave or do you want me to stay?”

Trey’s ultimatum had me trapped. I knew he’d do whatever I said. If I told him to leave, it’d be the end of our relationship. If I told him to stay, I’d be making a commitment to him. I wasn’t sure how I felt about him. After all, we hadn’t known each other all that long. Between the fantastic sex and the arguments we seemed like a typical couple!

“Well?” Trey muttered, coaxing me for an answer.

“I want you to stay.” I murmured, putting out the cigarette. “I’m not sure how I’d feel losing you.”

Slipping into his arms, I hoped I’d made the right decision. Our lips meshed together for a long, loving kiss that wiped away all my worries. Being in Trey’s embrace made me feel secure and not just lusted after.

“Let’s forget everything what’s happened.” Trey whispered in my ear. “Put it in the past and leave it there.”

I nodded my head, totally agreeing with his proposal. Leading me back to the master bedroom, Trey shut the door so we wouldn’t have any intruders. His hands at my waist, türkçe bahis lifted the t-shirt over my head, revealing my erect nipples.

“Hmmmmm.” He murmured, looking down at them. “You really are glad I stayed!”

My juices were already flowing, knowing my lover was about to take care of all my needs. Lifting me up on the bed, he placed a pillow under my head. We kissed softly at first, letting our sexual desires for each other slowly awaken. Trey’s tender sucking on my hard nipples had me peaking, close to cumming within seconds.

My breathing was labored, feeling his moist lips trailing kisses down over my tummy. Trey’s hand brushed lightly over my panties, arousing me even more. I was squirming under his touch, letting my body react as it wanted. Feeling his warm breath blowing on my pussy made my juices flow even more.

I raised my hips when Trey reached for the waistband on my panties, allowing him to slip the garment down my legs. His hands parted my legs just enough to allow his lips to seek out my pussy. Flicking his tongue over my clit was all I needed to reach orgasm.


The intense orgasm coursed through my entire body, tensing every muscle, then subsiding only to return stronger and longer. My fingernails dug into the sheets, clawing at them until my fingers cramped. My eyes, blurred with tears, could barely make out Trey leaning over me.

We kissed passionately, grinding our lips hard. Feeling the head of Trey’s cock sliding into the entrance of my pussy felt wonderful. Pushing his hard shaft in deeper, my clit rubbed against his cock sending sparks of desire that had me cumming and cumming. Trey pushed hard, sinking his cock all the way to my most inner depths. His warm balls, pressed against my butt. We fucked for an hour, slow and steady, savoring every movement. My wet pussy, lubricating his dick with heavy fluid and Trey’s insurmountable stamina, gifted me with one orgasm after another.

We collapsed into each other’s arms, our mixture of cum pooling on the sheets between our legs. Feeling Trey’s heated form on top of me, soothed me into a deep sleep that lasted until mid-morning.

Waking to the sounds of Trevor and Connie firing up the Fountain powerboat, I rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower. All I wanted for breakfast was a cup of coffee and a few cigarettes, which I managed to choke down while Trey readied the houseboat.

It was nearing noon when we cruised out of the lagoon and into the main lake. Trevor and Connie were well ahead of us, blending in with all the other boaters. Trey was at the helm with the throttles all the way forward.

Sitting at his side, I put my foot up on his seat. Trey placed it on his leg, gently rubbing my ankle.

“You nervous about doing the interviews?” He inquired, smiling at me.

“Yes. I’ve never been on television before.” I replied. “I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing. Or worse, say something stupid.”

“You’ll do alright.” Trey assured me. “Just relax and be yourself. Except….be careful you don’t say fuck!”

“That’s gonna be hard, especially if I happen to look your way!” I laughed.

“I do want you to be there. With me, I mean.” I quickly added. “It’ll help me get through it all.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” Trey affirmed. “Not for anything in the world!”

It was early evening when I maneuvered the Summerset houseboat through the opening in the breakwater at Whiskey Creek. The sun, setting behind the mountainous terrain behind us, cast a long shadow ahead of the houseboat.

“Take it slow and easy.” I remember Robbie saying. “Don’t get in a hurry.”

I eased the throttles back until they were barely propelling the houseboat. The main pier loomed closer. I checked the traffic on both sides, hoping no one was about to cross in front of me. Trey was standing out on the front deck, prepared to tie us off. Looking away for just a moment, I spotted Trevor and Connie rushing down the dock to meet us.

Getting the huge houseboat into its assigned berth wasn’t going to be easy. The stern of the houseboat moored at the adjacent dock had drifted over, narrowing my way. Noticing the stern extended past the dock, I idled the engines on the houseboat, letting it drift a few feet alongside the other houseboat. Switching the bow thrusters back and forth to the left, I managed to bump it over, out of our way. Before it could drift back, I eased our houseboat up to the dock. Trevor and Connie tied off the stern while Trey secured the bow.

I breathed a sigh of relief, happy in knowing I could handle the houseboat pretty much by myself. But having a crew made it so much easier.

We decided to eat in town that evening, since everyone had the craving for pizza. Stopping by the supermarket we picked up supplies we’d depleted, especially the beer and wine.

Passing by Thunder Bay on the return trip to the marina, we stopped along the road to look at the massive houseboat, sitting on a low slung trailer attached to a semi tractor.

“It looks so much bigger sitting out than it did inside the building.” güvenilir bahis siteleri Connie remarked, looking over at me. “You think you’ll have trouble selling it?”

“Maybe….maybe not.” I replied. “You never know when the right buyer might come along.”

“What kind of price tag you got on it?” Trevor inquired. “Half a million?”

“Seven-hundred thousand.” I answered. “It cost over a half a million just to build.”

Driving on, we parked near the docks at the marina. While the guys carried our supplies, Connie and I scurried ahead to switch on the lights.

“Still nervous about tomorrow?” Connie questioned.

“Yeah. I’m more worried about being interviewed than getting the houseboat launched.” I replied. “It should be the other way around.”

I slept off and on most of the night. Snuggled warmly in Trey’s arms was a great comfort. Without him there I’d probably been pacing the floor, wishing it was all over with. I couldn’t eat anything for breakfast, knowing I probably couldn’t keep it down. Drinking cup after cup of coffee and lighting one cigarette off of another had me ready to climb the walls.

“Which bikini you gonna wear?” Connie asked. “That hot pink one?”

“No bikini!” I laughed. “That’s the last thing I’d wear on television.”

“What are you gonna wear?” Trey asked, taking the cigarette from between my fingers. “Something sexy I hope.”

“I’ll let you be the judge of that.” I responded.

After showering and fixing my hair and make-up I started to get dressed. For the occasion I’d selected a beige business suit with a powder blue frilly blouse underneath. The skirt was quite short, the hemline well above my knees. Dangling feather earrings and matching high-heels complimented my attire perfectly.

“WOW!” Trey exclaimed when I joined the trio in the salon. “You look….fantastic!

“You’ll knock ’em dead!” Trevor chimed in. “Nobody’s gonna be lookin’ at the houseboat with you there!”

“OH MY GOD!” Connie shouted, rushing in from the front deck. “You gotta see this!”

Scurrying out onto the main dock, all I could see were throngs of people. Some were lined up along the hillside overlooking the launching ramp, while others were crowding onto the docks. Television cameras were strategically set up to film the launching, their cables running back to command trucks. Out in the water, boats were scattered about, vying for a good vantage point.

I started to feel faint, wishing I’d eaten something for breakfast.

“We better head up to the top of the hill.” Trey suggested, taking my hand in his. “It’s gonna take us awhile to make it through the crowd.”

The four of us finally made it to the bottom of the launching ramp. Looking halfway up the hill, I saw the stern of the massive houseboat slowly coming into view. It took my breath away, seeing it coming towards us.

“VAL!” Rebecca shouted, standing next to her mini-van. “Over here!”

Frank Martin, who I hadn’t seen for quite awhile, was sitting in his powered wheelchair just inside the van. He was dressed casually, looking better than ever.

“Thought you’d be out there shouting instructions.” I laughed, grasping his withered hand.

“NAH! Robbie can handle it well enough without me poking my nose in!” He bellowed.

“We did it. You and me.” Frank declared, pulling me down close to him. “Without your help, this day would never have come.”

“I just provided the money.” I countered, kissing him on the cheek. “This houseboat was all your idea…your dream.

I could see tears welling in his eyes so I didn’t say another word, fearing he’d break down and get me crying.

Standing next to Rebecca, she put her arm around me, pulling me in close. Together we watched the houseboat passing by our vantage point, getting nearer and nearer the water. Several men with walkie-talkies guided the driver of the truck down the hill while countless onlookers snapped pictures of the one-hundred and ten foot long houseboat.

Seeing the steep angle the houseboat was at, I worried the stern of the houseboat might go underwater before it lifted off the trailer.

“Don’t worry! These guys know what they’re doing.” Rebecca assured me, sensing I was worried about the launching.

Still, I was holding my breath, anticipating a disaster at any moment. I squeezed Trey’s hand hard, wanting to make sure he stayed with me.

Just as the stern of the mammoth houseboat touched water, the rear of the trailer slowly elevated upwards. I could see Robbie at the helm, viewing everything through the rear vision cameras. The semi tractor eased the trailer into the water, submerging half of it. The stern of the houseboat floated up off the trailer, barely making a ripple in the water.

The supervisor over the launching crew signaled the driver to stop. Robbie fired up both of the powerful V-8 engines, letting them idle to operating temperatures, while the others made one last check of the hull. It seemed like forever before the signal was given to back the boat farther into the water. Camera crews were scurrying about, filming every minute of the launch. With the trailer backed farther down, the humongous houseboat finally freed itself. Robbie backed it out away from the ramp, then spun the stern around so everyone could see just how long it was. Applause and cheers from the crowd heralded the successful launch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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