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Pete stepped out of his shower and toweled off. After his nap with Paige he was on Cloud 9. He was ecstatic to have been with Paige. Was it love or lust? Where did Paula fit into this? She still owned a piece of his heart, and he had a place in hers, too, but this thing, this blossoming romance with Paige…could she be “The One”?

Would Paula be happy, or crushed? So many questions and he needed to proceed cautiously, but he really hoped this would work out for all three of them. He didn’t want to ruin the friendship between these two ladies in his life, but for years he had never gotten far with Paula. Sure, he fucked her last week, but it hadn’t brought them closer, if anything, it pushed her away, opening the door for Paige.

Pete threw on a pair of boxers, then decided he had better throw on shorts and a t-shirt since Paula was around. If he and Paige were the only two around he hoped they would be in a constant state of nudity, but with Paula…

Pete walked out into the kitchen and living area, and seeing no one there he checked the key rack. All of their cars were there. Maybe Paula was feeling up to roller blading, meaning he and Paige could have a quickie…

Sound was coming from Paula’s room. He hoped she wasn’t going to turn into a recluse and watch movies in her bedroom to avoid them. That would break his heart to make her feel that way.

“Pete? Can you come in my room for a moment, please?” Paula asked, poking just her head out of her room.

“Sure. Hey, have you seen Paige?” he asked, and froze when he opened Paula’s bedroon door.

He found Paige, splayed out on Paula’s queen sized bed, completely naked. Paula’s beautiful heart shaped ass was pointing towards the door and her face was in Paige’s snatch, doing a better job of licking her pussy than he could do.

“Fuck her, Pete,” Paige said. “We cannot leave Paula out, so fuck her, cream her pussy and I will eat it out of her while Paula cleans off your cock or if you can stay hard you can fuck me right after.”


Every guy’s dream- 2 beautiful angels who both want to simultaneously fuck him, and he wasn’t instantly hard. How would THIS affect things?

Paula’s ass was in the air, legs open slightly, and her pussy looked like a peach. It was beautiful! Next, Paula reached back behind her and with her left hand she ran her finger down her pussy, slightly opening her peachy pussy.

With that erotic sight Pete’s cock sprang into action and came to life and he did what Paige told him to do. He got behind Paula. With no condom, no worries about birth control, pregnancy, consequences, disease or shattered dreams he did what every 20 year old cock attached to any red blooded male would do, he touched Paula’s pussy and gently rubbed up and down her slit, and then Paula pushed back, sinking his cock deep into her body.

The feel of Pete rushing into fill her muscular pussy was breathtaking. Paula’s eyes rolled back into her head and she arched her head up, and as she did, Paige’s cum was still on her chin. Pete’s breath escaped his chest and he saw stars as he sank into Paula’s deep, warm wetness. She was tight and muscular yet he slid effortlessly deep into her.

As soon as she started to push back, Pete’s instinct kicked in and he thrust his hips forward, and when his hips met her ass with a crash his balls slapped up and banged into her clit. Then she pulled forward slightly, and he withdrew mostly but keeping the tip of his cock inside, he raced forward, meeting her thrust back with another sensually violent collision of flesh.

Paula had stopped eating Paige’s shaved snatch and Paige noticed she wasn’t being satisfied at that moment, yet the sighr of her two lovers going at it was highly erotic, and she had a front row seat. When Pete rammed forward, Paula’s body was pushed ahead and her chin would hit Paige’s clit if she was lucky, but Paula’s mouth was being used for shouting out cries of ecstasy.

“Oh god Pete! Give it to me! Flood my cunt!”

The vulgar talk was out of character for Paula, but Pete liked it so far. Hopefully she didn’t get too carried away with it. Right now it seemed mostly genuine but you could see the border separating “genuine” and “porn star fake”.

“Fuck her Pete! Fuck her and let me lick your cum out of her pussy. Do you like her pussy, Pete?” Paige asked.

“Uh huh,” Pete moaned.

“Answer me Pete, do you like her pussy?” Paige demanded.

“Yes, her pussy feels great!”

“Fuck her Pete, then cum in her.”

After only a few more thrusts, 4 of Pete’s 5 senses were on fire. The only one on the sideline was his sense of taste, but Pete would do something about that shortly he hoped. Just as Pete could sense his balls tighten and his vision start to go blind, he said, “O-o-ohhh god I am gonna cummmm!”

“Pull out, Pete, I’m not on the pill. Cum on my face!” Paula said.

That bit of information snapped him back from the edge, and he quickly pulled out, and Paula spun around and then Paige was at her side, and both beautiful ladies got sprayed by his cum.

“Mmm, ankara escort Pete, that was much better,” Paula said. “But you promised I could be on top sometime.”

Wait. What? What the hell was happening?

Pete looked at both ladies as they licked the cum off of their faces and Paige said, “Clean that off and come back.”

Pete looked down and saw his cum covered dick had some red traces mixed in so either he tore Paula up good or she was not far off of her period.

Pete walked down to the bathroom, and started to clean up again. He looked into the mirror and mumbled to himself, “What in the hell was THAT?”

Just then the door opened and Paige came in and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Hopefully, THAT was okay. We hoped we wouldn’t make you uncomfortable so we thought that was a good way to…explain.”

“Explain? Explain WHAT?” Pete asked. He wasn’t mad, yet, but he could get there quickly.

Paige didn’t know how to explain this next part. She didn’t want to lose Pete to Paula, yet Paula was afraid of losing both of them. And since the ladies had sexual history with each other, Paige thought this was the best way to explain everything.

“Come with me to Paula’s room and we will all talk,” Paige said.

Paige took Pete’s hand and made the short trek to Paula’s room who had thrown on a pair of panties, but was still topless.

Her top was on display, and even though they had some serious talking to do, he was glad her tits were out and that Paige was still naked.

Paula was messing with a webcam.

“Did you…us…doing that?” Pete asked. Not that he was opposed to it, but if both had been willing partners, then maybe…who knows?

“Yes, Pete. We will watch the video and see what you think, but we have a proposal.” Paula said.

“Proposal?” Pete asked, suddenly feeling like he was tied to the train tracks and he could hear a whistle and feel slight vibrations in the rails.

“A business proposition,” Paula said. “Paige and I think if we set up a webcam, we can stream episodes like this and make money.”


Paige added her weight to the idea, “Let’s face it, Pete, the three of us are all pretty good looking, and people will pay to watch us do that. Or study naked. Or lots of things. Money, Pete, deposited bi-weekly into an account we already have set up, and Paula and I can be a little bisexual, and when you are up for it, you can fuck one- or both- of us. And if anyone of us is uncomfortable, we stop.”

“But Paige, I thought you and me…? I mean, I…” Pete was speechless.

Did either of them actually want something real with him? Did they only need a performer? He had always loved Paula, and an hour ago he thought he was in love with Paige, and then he found Paula eating Paige’s pussy, and he pounded Paula’s cunt at Paige’s insistence.

“Yes, Pete, I do. And if that’s what you want, I will be totally, 100% exclusive with you. Someday, maybe you and I will even get married. I have never desired a man like I want you.

Hopefully THIS didn’t turn you off to me.”

“And if you choose Paige, and she’s exclusive, I will deal with it. I don’t expect this forever, but while we are here, I love the touch of both of you, and want to feel you both,” Paula added.

Pete didn’t know what he wanted. He had always wanted Paula until a week ago, then he wanted Paige up to an hour ago, now he could have both? How would that work?

“You two are…lesbians?”

“No, Pete,” Paige said. “I like guys, but Paula can eat pussy real good. But I need a man. I want you. I can do this for an act to make some money and Paula is my best friend. I love her, but being married to or exclusive with her would leave me empty.”

“Ouch,” Paula said. Then she laughed. “I loved the feel of you inside me. Our other time wasn’t good for me, and my one time with Aaron left me feeling somewhat ashamed. That was when Paige comforted me. It was the about the same time as your John’s funeral.”

Aaron was the navy midshipman Paula went out with last year apparently with poor results. John was Pete’s dead brother.

“But I didn’t fuck a GUY!” Pete said. “You and I could have…then.”

“Noooo, no, Pete, you reminded me too much of him, and with both of us going into the Army, I could never be with you long term.”

“Ouch,” Pete said. “Did you and my brother ever…”

“Pete, he was my brother’s best friend, and I knew him as well as I know you.”

“That’s not what I asked,” Pete demanded.

“Yes, only once when he was home, on leave, before shipping off to war. And I felt guilty about it because of you. Then he died and I felt responsible,” Paula was crying now.

Hopefully they weren’t streaming this out. This was deeply personal stuff.

Pete went to her and hugged her naked chest into his shoulder. “You weren’t responsible, Paula.”

“We were starting to become really good pen pals, and I was starting to fall in love with him while dating another guy and then your John died, and you- the one I should have been with anyway- escort ankara were here. And we needed each other, but I couldn’t. I can’t. I don’t think I could ever love another soldier, but still, I want to feel you.”

“Because I remind you of him?”

“No, you remind me of YOU, and he reminded me of you, but I was scared to ruin our friendship. I know that makes no sense. But I needed a soulmate and that’s where Paige came in. She was safe, and tender. And loving. I needed a nurturing friend, and longed for a sensual touch, and Paige and I…”

“It just happened,” Paige chimed in. She was crying too. This bandaid had been ripped off all three of them. They all had a connection but Pete didn’t know it till right then.

“So, Pete, I love you, but I cannot be with you the way you deserve. But I do occassionally want you to ‘scratch my itch’ that Paige can’t. And if I am getting in between you two, I will step aside. I love Paige too much to mess this up for her. I am fine with ‘sex’, and right now, friendship ‘love’ is enough.”

And then Paige added, “Pete, I know it’s early for us, and this is not something that normally happens, but I hope we have a future. Will I be jealous to see you fuck Paula? Not if my two conditions are met, and I think it will help all three of us.”

Pete gulped, and said, “Okay, what are they?”

“You and I can have sex or fuck or make love- whatever you want to call it- anytime. No restrictions or strings.

And you and I go out on dates like any normal couple. That’s Number One. And Number Two is you cannot fuck Paula unless I am present. Or it’s on webcam. But no secret sex. And I prefer you use a condom with her for a couple of reasons.”

Pete looked at Paula, still naked except for a pair of panties, and then at Paige who was totally nude. “Okay. I guess. Where do we do this, and what about you two?”

“Well, as soon as we make some money we can buy a bed for the spare room, or we can use your bed for the webcam and you can sleep with me. I don’t know how much I want you to fuck her in my room or my bed,” Paige said.

Already some cracks were forming, but this seemed too good to pass up. Being a pornstar with two hot roommates, one of which he wanted to date, and she was not going to fuck other guys, and he had her permission to fuck his former heart’s desire that he now knew he would never be with, but could fuck as long as his girlfriend was present or if it was live streamed.

His cock made the decision for him, “I’m in,” he said.

“No you’re not,” Paige said. I haven’t gotten mine in several hours,” and she took his hand and lead him into her bedroom.

“Make love to me, Pete,” Paige said.

And he did. It was private, and personal.


They moved Pete’s bed into the fourth bedroom and told the complex they did not want another roommate for the time being. Pete kept his personal affects in his bedless room and slept with Paige in her bed. He mostly got his wish of rampant nudity which lead to all sorts of temptations, but he resisted fucking Paula until Paige initiated it.

Both women were on the pill, but had staggered their hormones so that they would not have their period at the same time. Paige was on hers and that meant Paula got more fucking that week.

Paula and Paige were lounging in the living room and the webcam was out there. Pete came home from class and Paula went to get something from a tall cupboard, and her little schoolgirl skirt rose up, exposing her Grade A ass and legs, firn from years of exercise. “Oh, Pete, I need your help, please,” Paula cried out. Paige went to retrieve the camera and shoot the footage. Pete, knowing he was expected to perform, went to her. He dropped his pants and Paula started to suck him off, and then she grabbed a condom and rolled it down his shaft, and then she turned around and bent over the island counter in their kitchen. He slicked his cock up and down her pussy, which was starting to look less and less like that glorious peach it did their second time together. He sunk into her, pinning her against the island.

“Spank her, Pete,” Paige directed from behind the camera. “Slap her ass for our fans. All 6000 of them watching you fuck this naughty school girl.”

6000 fans right now? That seemed like more viewers than most cable channels…

As he roughly handled her ass, he exposed her asshole. He rubbed and probed his thumb into it.

“Go for it, Pete. Fuck my ass,” Paula urged.

Looking around, he saw a bottle of olive oil- extra virgin which fitting because he was going to use it on what he rightly suspected was her virgin ass.

“Do it, Pete, before I lose my nerve.”

Pete poured several ounces of the oil down her back and the crack of her ass, and he used his thumb to insert some into her ass while plenty ran below onto his dick and he used his dick to introduce it into her pussy that he was still pumping.

The oil felt warm, burning in a great way, slicking them both up. He then poured some more onto her ass and rubbed ankara escort bayan her cheeks.

“Do it, Pete, switch holes in her,” Paige said. She was getting fired up and knew what she was going to do next. He could fuck her ass during her period. The smell of sex mixed with olive oil was a huge turn on to all three of them.

Pete pulled out and took the condom off, and using his thump again, he broke her seal, opening her ass to him. He placed the tip of his cock at her back door, and urged her to push back at her comfort.

She did, taking only about half an inch at a time.

“OHMYGOD! I don’t know it that’s ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’,” Paula said.

Eventually she backed down almost the full length of his cock, then slid forward, and steeling herself she slammed back.

“Oooh FUCK!” they said in unison.

Period and tampon or not, Paige started diddling herself at the sight. As soon as Pete cleaned up and was ready, she wanted her ass invaded.

Paula’s ass was so tight on his dick, it almost hurt, but yet, the pain was fantastic. And from Paula’s perspective, having her virgin ass fucked by Pete was fantastic. She reached down and fingered her pussy as well.

Paula was feeling a wave start to form that she had never felt before, and as Pete now took over thrusting, Paula rubbed her clit with a vigor like she had never rubbed before. “Pete, cum in my ass when you cum,” she urged, breathing hard. She had lost vision in her eyes, the only sound she heard was her own breathing and heartbeat pounding like a drum in her ears, and her legs were rubbery. She didn’t know how she was standing, but then again, she was unaware of everything. She was about to be overcome by a wave like never before…

BAM! CRASH! It hit her. She thought she pissed herself because she felt the flood spray from her pussy, and her legs gave out. She actually lost consciousness for 3 or 4 seconds but somehow kept her hands tight on the opposite side of the island. The whole thing caught Pete by surprise and then it was time for him to spurt off. Paula’s ass contractions sent him over the edge, and he pumped rope after rope of cum deep into her ass. Pete wondered if his cum would blow the top of her head off. He kept cumming until his knees stiffened up. “Paula, I gotta let you go,” he warned.

He quickly withdrew his cock from her ass with a “plop!” and he sank to the floor. Paula was still holding the island and weakly pulled herself up, and Paige came in for a close up with the camera.

The whole time, the dings signifying money being given to them sounded like a slot machine that just hit the “Progressive Jackpot”. As far as business went, it was a real good day.


Pete and Paige didn’t like to perform on camera. They loved each other and it felt cheap to denigrate what they had, yet they liked the money this whole thing brought in. And Pete and Paige were starting to resent their camera sex with Paula.

One night the three of them just fooled around, no cameras, no fake porn sounds, and it felt serious, sensual and meaningful. Pete was inside Paige with no condom, and Paula was sitting on Paige’s face. Pete came inside her, and Paula went to clean her out. “Mmm, Johnny, your spunk tastes so good,” Paula said.

“What did you just say?” Pete asked in a threatening way. “What did you call me?”

“I- I don’t…”

“YOU BITCH! Are you pretending to fuck my BROTHER when you fuck ME?” he yelled.

“Why do you care? You get to fuck me and your girlfriend with HER permission,” Paula retorted, thinking that would make it okay.

But instead, the dam burst.

“FUCK THIS! I am DONE!” he yelled as he took the camera, threw it on the floor and stomped on it. He was barefoot and naked, so that was a really dumb decision.

“FUCK!” he yelled, and stormed off to his room

Paige and Paula looked quizzically at each other. Paula knew she shouldn’t go after him, but Paige wasn’t sure if she should either. Maybe he needed space.

Two minutes later her came out of his room, dressed, and he headed out the door, slamming it shut behind him.

He left his cell phone and car so he was in foot and untraceable. Paige thought she knew where he went, and when she found him, she left him to stew in his rage for about an hour, waiting outside the door until the music changed from piano death metal to something more classical.

Paige knocked and when he said, “Come in,” Paige sheepishly walked in.

He smiled as his breath caught in his chest, much like it did on their first “date” many months ago, right after they became roommates and right before they became lovers. True lovers, he had thought. Now, he didn’t know.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hey,” he responded.

“How are you doing?” she asked, the concern in her voice was evident and sincere.

“I’m okay. Confused. Not really angry anymore, but hurt? No, not hurt. Concerned. Let’s stick with ‘concerned’,” he said.

“Why?” she asked.

“Well, after Paula said she and Johnny had…I knew we would never be ‘a thing’. And that was okay, because I thought I would still have you. But now…I don’t know,” he confided. He had played through these emotions while banging on the piano keys but now what he said was not what he had rehearsed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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