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Tania comes homes from work. She works as an Executive Talent Agent.

She comes home and goes in to the bathroom and takes off her clothes. She thinks about getting of one of her slaves that she has. She walks out of the bathroom in the nude and into the den area where she keeps all of her slaves.

She gets Rema out of her crate puts a leash on her takes her in to the bathroom with her.

Tania tells Rema to undress which all she has on is a shirt. Which Rema takes it off.

Tania and Rema get into the warm shower and gives Rema a bar of soap and washcloth and wants Rema to wash Tania feet and legs. Rema bends down and starts washing Tania feet and legs with the washcloth.

Tania grabs the washcloth out of Rema hands and says, “wash my lips with your hands and clit area. After you are done with that lick with your tongue and dry it off.”

Then Rema does and Rema is trying to lick and make Tania clit tingle and get her in the mood. But Tania says. “Not now.” Yanks on the leash. Rema screams.

Rema starts washing Tania stomach and breast and rubs the breast. Rema gets a feel for them which are soft and round. Tania takes her hands and slaps Rema hands. Then Tania takes the water and squirts water into Rema face which was cold water.

Tania makes the water warm and rinses them both off.

They both get out of the Shower and hands Rema a big towel and tells Rema to dry me off. Which she does Rema starts with her feet and then legs and is about to wipe off her lips.

Tania puts her hand down there and says, “No you use your mouth and you wipe from front to back.” Rema really enjoys every lick on her pussy and lips and asshole. Rema even puts her tongue in there to make sure it is really dry.

Then Tania gives the towel back and says, “Dry my back and you dry ankara moldovyalı escortlar yourself off and I will change your collar and then you will go back into your crate while I eat dinner.”

They both walk back naked and Rema goes into her crate.

Tania drinks some wine and fixes her dinner.

Then goes into the den and eats and drinks.

Tania is sitting in her comfortable chair watching nothing good on tv.

She calls Rema out of the crate and tells her to come and kneel right in front of her.

Tania looks at Rema and kisses her on the lips. While holding her head in her hands so she doesn’t move.

Rema tries to reach up and touch her breast and nipples but get spanked on the hands. Tania pulls Rema hair and says, “no we don’t do that unless you get permission from me. Which you didn’t do and you know better than this.”

Rema is comfortable and Tania then takes her hands and puts them on her clit and makes her rub it. Rema is becoming tingling and feeling wet down in sweet spot. Rema wants to cum is getting anxious and wants to cum but has to wait until Tania tells her to cum.

Tania takes her hands and spanks Rema on the butt to settle her down. Tania says you can come only when I say. “The time isn’t now.”

Tania calls Molly to come and sit by her on the side.

All of sudden Molly comes out of her crate and sits down on the side of Tania. Tania reaches down and strokes her hair and says,” it feels soft and clean.”

Tania went to an auction and that is where she bought Molly. She brought Molly home and put her in a crate so when she was ready to train her, she would be ready to get trained.

Tania said “stand up Molly and start taking of your blouse very slowly.”

Tania said “Rema go get the scissors, leash, collar and ankara ukraynalı escortlar the zapper for me. It is on my bedstand to next my bed.”

Rema got up and did what she was told to do.

She came back with everything.

Tania said “let me smell your hands, Rema?” Rema was backing away because she knew that her hands smelled like cum because while she was in the bedroom, she was playing with herself. Tania knew that. Because Tania knew how long to get the stuff and bring it back. Took a little longer than normal.

Tania took the zapper and zapped Rema on the hands, mouth and the clit area for punishment.

Molly wanted to undress very fast but Tania took the zapper and zapped her arms so, that she would so slow down.

When she took off the blouse, Tania took the scissors and cut the bra off of her.

Tania took her hands and rubbed and cupped Molly breasts. They felt soft and not as big as she wanted them but, they will have to do for now.

Tania put her mouth on the nipple and really pulled on them with her teeth. Molly said “ouch” but Tania kept on going.

Molly tried to put her hands up there to get Tania mouth away from her tits. Tania took the zapper and zapped Molly hands again and then told Rema to go get the handcuffs because Molly needs to be taught who is in charge.

Rema came back with the handcuffs and Tania took the handcuffs and took Molly hands and put them behind her back and put the handcuffs on her.

Then Tania put on the collar.

Tania told “Rema to undo Molly pants and pull them down very slow.” Rema did.

Tania reached in and put her hand on Molly underwear just to see if they were wet or dry. They were a little wet and Tania liked that and then slipped her hands inside the underwear so she sincan minyon tipli escortlar could feel the lips and clit. Molly wasn’t shaved. So, after all the clothes were taken off.

She took Molly into the bathroom and put her in the shower and shaved the lips and whatever else needed to be shaved and cleaned.

Tania put on Molly on a leash and led her back to the bedroom.

Tania laid Molly on the bed and then examined her pussy and clit area.

Tania then stuck her fingers in the vagina just to see what Molly would do. Molly screamed and was trying to kick Tania.

Tania took a sock and put it in her mouth.

Tania then took some rope and tied her legs to the bed so, she couldn’t kick.

Tania then took her vibrator and massages the clit and put her fingers back into the vagina and moved them in and out. Molly was really trying to scream.

Rema was called into the room.

Rema was told by Tania to go sit on Molly face and now you may cum and make sure that Molly licks you clean and you can even put your fingers down there to make more cum for Molly to eat.

Tania pulled out a whip and whipped her and then put in a cock into her and then whipped her again Tania would put into her and then pulled out.

Then make Rema lick it and stick it in Molly mouth. Then put it back into Molly vagina.

Rema needed to get up because she needed to use the bathroom. Tania asked “Where are you going Rema?” Rema replied, “I have to go to the bathroom.” Tania says “Just go into Molly mouth. Because that is all she is getting until she behaves.”

Molly was now getting more upset and Tania untied her legs and got her up and moved her back to the crate because she was done for the day. Tania locked her in the crate. and put a blanket over the crate.

Rema was wondering what Tania had planned for her. Tania took a carpet placed it next to the bed put a gate around the carpet and told Rema to get in there and go to sleep.

Normally Rema sleeps on the bed with Tania but not to night. Rema only got a pillow and no blankets. Because Rema was really bad this evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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