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She came home from shopping to find the house unusually quiet. He came over to the door to greet her and took her bags as he gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. She bent down to take off her boots and was surprised to see him standing over her when she looked up. He twined his fingers in her long, loose hair and pulled her up into him, whispering “Let’s have a little fun,” and then he led her to the bedroom.

There was soft music and soft light in their room, but when they got to the door he blocked her path while he pulled out a blindfold to fasten over her eyes. He pulled her dress over her head and quickly reached around to free her breasts from her bra. He then led her to the bed. She was tingling all over, knowing that what was to come would be amazing, and she could feel the dampness start to build between her legs.

He guided her to kneel on the bed, gently caressing her back and the backs of her legs before he fastened restraints to each ankle. His hand traced back up her back and into her hair, her breath quickened as his grip on her tresses tightened and he pushed her face down on the bed, a stack of pillows under her hips. He straddled her legs and leaned over her to restrain each wrist and she could feel his cock straining against his pants, pressing against her. Without thinking she arched back against him, he laughed and spanked her, “Not yet, I have other plans for you first.”

A soft moan escaped her lips as he rose off of her. She suddenly felt exposed and very vulnerable there, each limb tied to a corner of the bed, küçükyalı escort clad only in thin satin panties and a blindfold. The music changed, and she recognized a CD she had made several years ago, one that had they had fucked to many times. She could feel her panties starting to get wet and her pussy was aching to be filled.

Suddenly his hands were there, placing a curved vibrator in her panties, against her clit. It curved around to the front and was held in place by her panties. She felt his weight shift on the bed then the vibrations suddenly became intense. She let out a gasp and he slipped his member between her open lips. She sucked him deep into her throat as he rested his hands lightly on her head, her hips grinding into the pillows under her. The vibrator with the control in his hand kept her just on the edge of orgasm. “Don’t you wish you had a big, fat cock in your pussy while mine is in your mouth?” She moaned around his cock in her throat. They had talked out this fantasy before and even played with the idea of really having a threesome a while ago. It usually ended up with her being well-fucked with at least one of her dildos and a butt plug.

The thought of having her pussy filled with a silicone monster cock right now was wonderful, especially since they had just ordered an inflatable dildo that was much bigger than any of the others. “I would love to see that pussy get pounded and feel you gag on my cock while he drives inside you.” She moaned again and shuddered as he kurtköy escort turned up the vibration again. Then she felt a hand pull her panties to the side, her heart started to pound as she realized both of her husband’s hands were still on her head. He felt her alarm and tightened his grip as she felt the head of a large cock press up against her soaking wet slit. She let out a small whimper. “Shh, just enjoy this, and don’t stop sucking.” The vibration on her clit, along with the feeling of a totally strange cock starting to separate her lips was so overwhelming. She buried her face in her husband’s groin, arched her hips back and shuddered in ecstasy as the unknown man behind her slid all the way into her, stretching her pussy open and delving into her depths. He pumped in and out of her wetness and her husband began to fuck her mouth in earnest. She shuddered again and moaned with a cock deep in her throat and one deep in her pussy as her orgasm finally started to overcome her, washing over her like waves of pure golden pleasure.

They both began to slow and the vibrator was turned off, she started to regain her senses. The cock was out of her mouth and she felt something cool and firm pressing against her ass. The cock pulled out of her pussy and she could feel it had left her stretched, open. The toy was still pressing against her ass and as she pressed back, it slid in. With one final push and a flash of pain, she felt it lock into her tight ass.

She heard a camera click and knew her husband maltepe escort was taking photos of her tied down, being fucked by a stranger with a huge cock. That thought turned her on even more, she arched up, her body begging for more. The stranger pressed against her opening again, but had to push inside her this time as the plug in her ass made her pussy tighter. She felt herself stretch as he worked his way in and began to pound her hard. She felt his urgency, his speed increased, his breathing became ragged, he dug his fingers into her hips and pulled her to him as he slammed into her harder and harder. She pressed her face into the mattress and screamed, he let out a guttural moan and she could feel his cock pulse inside her as he shot hot cum deep into her pussy. He slid out a moment later and got off the bed, she could feel his seed running out of her throbbing pussy and heard the camera click behind her.

There were hands running over her thighs and buttocks- her husband’s hands. He ran his fingers through her cum-soaked pussy and across her clit, causing her to moan softly and buck her hips. In one swift movement, he grasped the plug in her ass and popped it out. She felt his cock slide into her pussy- once, twice- then up to her ass and inside. He started to fuck her hard, pounding deep into her over and over until he, too, shot hot cum into her body. He pulled out and she heard the camera click again.

She woke to find the room empty. She had been freed from her bonds and the blindfold removed. Her nethers reminded her of what had happened earlier that day. As she rolled over her husband came into the room, he sat down next to her so he could kiss her as he gently rubbed her pussy, still wet and sticky with cum. She never saw the stranger, and her husband referred to him only as “the new toy”, promising to have him over to play again someday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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