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She’s wearing a yellow empire waist dress with black swirls and flowing patterns with black Mary Janes. A black sash runs under her breasts and ties behind her back. Her breasts are high and he realizes she’s not wearing a bra. He can’t tell if she’s wearing panties either and this makes him hard. She walks over to him and he likes the way the skirt softly twirls around her knees. He’s sitting on the couch and moves slightly as the pressure of his growing erection is making him uncomfortable. She sits down on top of him and smiles happily. He can now tell she’s not wearing panties and his cock gets harder. She wriggles slightly above him and smiles mischievously. She’s found out his secret and he smiles back. He wraps his hands around her waist and stands up, her eyes and smile widening in surprise. She wraps her legs around his waist as he turns around and lays her back onto the far side of the couch and leans over her kissing her. She responds and he kisses down her neck and between her breasts licking the skin he can reach.

He slides his tongue lightly down the fabric over her stomach and she shivers through the thin material. He continues down and opens his mouth wide and covers her mound. She leans her head back and inhales loudly. He runs his hands up her smooth thighs and cups her round ass lifting her hips towards his waiting mouth. He mobilbahis güvenilir mi inhales, loving her spicy scent, then opens his mouth and licks her clit with his tongue. She cries out from the contact and convulses. He looks up and smiles wickedly, loving her thrashing. Before she stops, he leans back down and licks her again, and starts to play with her clit and vagina in earnest. He sucks her labia and she moans even more.

Her head comes up just in time to see him insert his first and middle fingers into his mouth and she gapes at him as he wets his fingers and then shoves them inside her wet cunt. Her shoulders drop back onto the sofa as he slides his fingers quickly in and out of her. As she gets wetter and wetter he adds more fingers, folding his thumb into his palm so he has all five digits inside of her. Her pussy is so tight from the contractions it’s hard to enter her but he persists and she screams her pleasure. He ducks his head down and ravages her clit as he finger fucks her and she scratches her arms and scores her chest trying to release the pleasure she’s feeling, the over stimulus.

As she cums once more and lays in the afterglow, limp and relaxed he stands up from the couch and in one motion strips his shirt off. He unbuckles his belt and she bites her lip as he wraps the belt around his fist. mobilbahis He sees this and tells her to turn over, she does so slightly nervous and he leans down by the side of the couch and slaps her ass with the hand that has the belt wrapped around it. She’s startled by the slap but it feels good and she moans softly, he does it again to her other cheek and she jerks again. She hears the belt clatter to the floor and he slaps her with the palm of his hand. Her back rears up to his waiting mouth and with his next slap, he grabs her across her front and bites into her right shoulder blade, the pain and pleasure is exquisite to her. She hears him rustling with something on the side table behind her and feels something at the entrance to her pussy. She leans her forearms on the arm of the couch and looks behind her; he has a vibrator and a small anal plug in his hand. He’s freed himself of the jeans and his cock is hard and at attention. It’s long and very thick and her eyes droop in pleasure.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fill you right up”, he promises. He pushes the vibrator inside of her cunt and pumps it back and forth a few times to make sure she’s still wet. He turns the toy on and she feels the hum deep inside of her and she purrs from the pleasure. He continues to fuck her with the toy as it vibrates making her cum a few times. Once mobilbahis giriş she’s exceedingly wet, he lubes up the anal toy and slowly inserts it into her anus. She feels very full but not in a bad way. The vibrator pushes against the anal toy and she orgasms again. As she does, her eyes close and her mouth opens and suddenly his cock is down her throat. She opens her eyes and he stands above her. She smiles around him and convulses again, his eyes close as her mouth does as well. He grabs her hair into a ponytail and pulls back on her hair making her neck muscles tighten. He then pushes her head back and forth along his cock as the toys hum in her cunt. She orgasms and tightens her cunt around the toys and her mouth around his cock. He closes his eyes in pleasure as he mouth-fucks her. He leans over her and grabs the toy in her cunt and thrusts it in and out of her hard and fast. She grabs his cock for support and dips her head fast, sucking hard. He moans which makes her wetter to hear his pleasure and she sucks him faster and harder.

“I’m going to cum” he whispers seconds before he explodes into her mouth. As he pulses, her cunt clenches and she cums again around the vibrator, fluid gushing from her cunt. She swallows his cum down and sits up to kiss him. He licks the traces of cum from her mouth with his tongue, her arms wrapped around his neck. She sits up on her knees and he slides the vibrator out of her pussy, and slowly extracts the anal plug from her anus, her body relaxing in the afterglow. Setting the toys aside he lies down next to her on the couch, wrapping her in his arms and spooning her body to his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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