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Jen put on her skin-tight, black workout-leggings over a thin thong. A sports bra and tight sports top followed as she examined herself in the full length mirror hanging from the back of her bedroom door. As she adjusted her hair with flicks of her fingers, she noticed how the stretchy legging material just barely silhouetted the mounds of her labia, as she turned sideways to verify that no panty lines disrupted the smooth round curve of her hips and ass. Jen is comfortable with her age and the womanliness of her body. She is firm and fit, but not without a thin coating of soft, smooth flesh, which makes her just a little bit curvy. Satisfied, she left the bedroom and headed toward the door.

“Honey, I’m going to the gym to work off some steam. Be back in about 2 hrs,” she called down the stairs.

“Uhh, O.K. Hon,” is all she heard from the basement. The 2007 NCAA championship game was on, Florida vs. Ohio State, and she could be sure that he wasn’t moving from ‘that chair’ for the duration of the game. She’d tried before to compete against his other interests and resigned herself that though she loved him, and would never leave him, he would never understand the insatiable burning she felt to be passionate with open abandon.

She’d already concluded that it wasn’t really his fault. People change and over the years, Jen became more in tune with her sensuality while he did not. You can’t instruct instinct into someone and Jen had grown into a very instinctual, sensitive lover who is in tune with the energy of her body and that of her partner’s. Being instinctual and sensitive requires vulnerability and openness, neither of which can be sustained without reciprocity.

Inevitably, she sought out and found other avenues.

The warm, spring air hit her as she stepped out through the door. She noticed the sweet smell of the cherry blossoms and pear trees, and thought to herself that the scent had become more pungent in the evening air. She got into her car, adjusted the rear view mirror, took a deep breath and drove away smiling.

Jen wasn’t going to the gym that night. No weight machine, no treadmill or aerobic trainer could do for her what she needed. Chatting online earlier with her lover had aroused her passions. She thought of his slender, muscular torso, his firm ass and the modest tuft of hair that leads down his belly. Jen’s skin was afire and tingling and her stomach ached, as if she hadn’t eaten all day, in anticipation.

‘2 hours,’ she thought to herself. ‘That’s 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back which leaves almost an hour and a half.’ She tried her best to concentrate on driving, and not running into someone or something, but her distracting thoughts of her lover were her making her wet. As she drove, her throbbing clit demanded attention, so she gently stroked herself through her already damp pants, but not enough to bring her to a climax.

The existence of the Championship game gave them plenty of opportunity to plan out that evening’s rendezvous. She headed straight for the motel across town where Tony would be waiting. ‘Room 7,’ she thought as she drove. She chucked to herself recalling that she remembered the room number by tying, ‘seven’ to ‘heaven’, ‘seven’, ‘heaven’ she thought and smiled as she turned into the parking lot.

Jen found the hotel room door unlocked and with a slight announcement, she walked in. Tony was reclining back on the bed. The covers were thrown to the floor and he laid there naked with only a thin bed sheet loosely covering him from his hips down. She closed the door behind her and walked toward him.

She loved Tony’s smile and his eyes. Without a sound, they spoke of his passion for her. Slow jazz was coming from the clock radio on the bed stand to the right.

“Strip for me slowly,” Tony said in a way that was equal parts request and suggestion. Jen started to sway her hips slowly to the rhythm. She closed her eyes and raised her arms outstretched over her head and then gradually brought them down to her temples. She dragged her hair back away from her face and swooshed her head back, letting her thick, long, brown hair tickle the back of her shoulders.

Still casino şirketleri swaying with her eyes closed, Jen brought her hands to the sides of her chest and gave her full breasts a squeeze, then grabbed her sports top at her ribcage and peeled it, and her sports bra, off over her head and threw them to the floor. Her open hands returned to her breasts and she rubbed her erect, sensitive nipples with just the palms of her hands. For the first time since her dance started, Jen opened her eyes and locked onto Tony’s gaze. Tony’s hard-on was quite visible through the thin material of the white bed sheet and as Tony stared back into Jen’s eyes, he slowly traced the length of his cock with the fingertips of his right hand.

Tony sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Now sitting, he said, “Come over here. Come closer.”

Jen smiled and sauntered with the beat closer to Tony, while she hooked her thumbs under the elastic waist band of her workout pants. She peeled them down off her hips and down her thighs, leaving just the thong. She stepped out of them and left them jumbled on the floor as she arrived close to the bedside, just beyond his reach. She took a step to the left, separating her stance, and gyrated her thong strapped pussy and hips before Tony’s face. Jen spun around with her back now to him and took a dramatic wide step to the right and bent quickly forward at the hips, whipping her long hair forward over her head. The soaked thong was nestled up between the mounds of her smooth, shaved pussy as she looked back between her legs at Tony and reached her hand, outstretched calling for his touch, through her legs. When he reached for her, she smiled and quickly retracted her offered hand, but left it resting on the exposed flesh of her labia. Jen’s breath was very deep and audible now. She rubbed her self in long stokes ending at her wrist and finally gasping her breath, she pushed the thong aside and buried one, then two fingers deep inside of her.

“Oh my God, you are so incredible. You are so sexy,” Tony said in a low lustful voice. The sound of his voice sent shivers down her spine.

She quickly fingered herself 4 or 5 times and she moaned, “I’m SO horney, I want you to touch me SO badly”.

Tony stood up from the bed and moved behind her. He pushed his rock-hard cock down with his hand and placed it between her legs; resting it between her thong and her hand. Jen brought her legs together and tightly squeezed her milky thighs and ass, engulfing both Tony and her hand in her soft flesh. He placed his hands on her waist and slowly guided her torso more upright as he slid his hands up the side of her torso to her breasts. Tony gently cupped a breast in the palm of each hand while he lightly rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

The silky material of her thong and the wetness still present on her hands allowed Tony’s cock, which rode long strokes against Jen’s fully aroused clit, to slide easily between her clenched thighs. Their hips moved slowly, still moving to the slow jazz beat. Jen looked down and watched excitedly as the head of Tony’s cock pushed out beyond her body into her cupped palm, as she shuddered with her first orgasm.

Not wanting to cum too soon, Tony pulled back and guided Jen to the bed. He positioned her on all fours, and kneeling next to her on the bed, he started stroking her left inner thigh and the back of her calf. On an up stroke up her thigh, he reached up between her legs, letting his hand trace up over Jen’s belly and beyond, just barely touching the bottom of her suspended breasts and nipples. When he reached as far as he could, he pressed his forearm firmly against her pelvis, lifting Jen’s weight slightly from the bed. Tony flexed his forearm as Jen rolled her pelvis against the firmness of his muscle. With his hand open and his fingers spread wide to support her firm, spasming abs, Tony flexed his upper arm. His bicep became engulfed on either side by the cheeks of Jen’s ass, which squeezed in unison with her abs each time Jen’s clit rolled over the rock-hard belly of Tony’s forearm.

With Jen still on her knees, Tony moved behind casino firmalari her, his legs straddled hers, and their feet intermingled. Placing his hands on her hips, Tony slid his hands to her waist encouraging Jen up off of her hands. As she rose up, he took her wrists in his hands and wrapped her arms back along side both of their bodies and left her hands resting on his muscular ass. This arched Jen backwards and she let her head fall back onto his shoulder, her hair tickling his upper chest and nipples.

Tony rose onto his knees to match her position, as he pressed himself into Jen’s soft, round ass. Jen could feel Tony’s cock glide along her ass crease as they moved their bodies in unison, her ass gently massaging his cock as his hands explored the bottom on her rib cage and the side of her full, firm breasts. Jen moved her right hand to form the top of a love tunnel between her ass and her hand as Tony’s hand slipped slowly down her flat, soft belly and glided over her clit settling between her thighs.

They were giving, sensitive and empathetic lovers. As a matter of fact, this quality is what they both appreciated most about each other. They both seemed to know just how, where and when to touch, and not to touch, each other without a word ever spoken between them. They both took as much pleasure, maybe more, from discovering new ways to please the other as they did in being pleased. This open, selfless giving, freed them to focus on the joy of giving and receiving pleasure in a way that was unique in both their sexual experiences.

The touch of Tony’s hand was at all times both intentional and sensitive. Every part of his hand worked independently; his palm massaged her pelvis just above her clit, his middle finger slid along the soaked, silky material of her thong covering her clit, and his side fingers tantalized the steaming, engorged flesh of her labia. Their bodies slowly pumped together in the air above their heels, while Jen doubled and tripled the frequency, grinding her ass along Tony’s cock, which was held deep between her cheeks by her right hand. Tony pushed aside Jen’s thong and started to end his right hand strokes with his fingers buried inside her. Their pace quickened and when Tony sensed Jen was close to the edge, he focused all the energy to his hand on her clit. Jen bucked back against Tony’s cock on one side and his hand on the other, as she came in a sustained orgasm.

Jen spun around on her knees facing Tony and gave him the first kiss of the evening. She pressed her lips softly against his, then she pulled back slightly and traced just inside of his waiting lips with the tip of her tongue, finishing with another soft kiss. She brought her hand to his mouth and explored his lips softly with her finger tips. He kissed them gently, reached up and guided her middle finger into his mouth; kissing and softly sucking it as it passed over his lips, and then he removed it and kissed the palm of her hand.

Jen guided her kisses down Tony’s neck to his chest. She tickled his right nipple with her tongue while she reached down and dragged her fingernails along the underbelly of his cock, which jerked up reaching out for her touch. With Tony still kneeling, Jen’s head continued its progress down Tony’s torso until she was resting back on her heals. She took both hands and dragged her fingernails up and down Tony’s cock, interrupted periodically by an occasional lick or kiss. She started sucking just the head at first, while using her extended tongue to lick the sensitive underbelly just below the head. Tony brought his hands to her head above her ears and raked his fingers back through her thick, brown hair, providing just enough connection for a little balance and for him to encourage her motions without taking control.

Jen was excellent with her mouth and Tony looked to the side so that he could watch her take him in. She started to take Tony deeper and deeper in long, suctioned strokes. Jen reached up with one hand and gently squeezed his balls, while she formed a ring at his base with the middle finger and thumb of the other hand. When her lips reached her hand, Jen slid her fingers up and güvenilir casino down following her lips. Her pace now quickened and as she withdrew up his shaft, she started involving two fingers and then three, until she finally had her entire fist leading and following the path of her lips.

“Oh god, that feels so good.” Tony moaned. “Oh god. Yes. Oh yea, I’m getting close, Oh, yea.”

Jen let out a soft moan and intensified her actions. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” Tony said louder this time. Jen could feel his cock stiffen and the head expand in her mouth as she tasted the first drops of pre-cum.

“Oh .. god .. uhhh .. uhhh!,” was all Tony could finally get out as the first wave of cum hit the top of Jen’s mouth. She pulled Tony’s cock almost all the way out, only leaving the head in and returned to aggressively sucking and licking just the head and sensitive underbelly. Tony’s body spasmed as he fell backward onto the bed; his ass falling to his heels and his hands catching his reclined upper body. Jen continued to suck and lick. With her hand still on his balls and her mouth on his cock, she could still feel him pumping and his body still quivering, but nothing more was to come. She swallowed the last of it and crawled up his body and pushed him back onto the bed. Laying on top of him, Jen gave him a deep, sensual kiss.

Tony quickly rolled her over onto her back so that he was now lying on top of her. He returned the kiss and made his way down to her breasts. Her nipples were erect as he sucked each of them in turn. He licked and kissed the sides and undersides of her tits and then circled back to her nipples. His kisses proceeded past her diaphragm to her soft, sexy belly. He licked and sucked her belly button and repositioned himself with his body between her legs.

Tony gently bit and sucked her clit through the material of her thong, which was so drenched that it was like a translucent, second skin. He grabbed the sides of the thong and dragged it down her thighs and off past her feet. For the first time this evening, they were both completely naked. He followed her sweet scent back up past her knees, up her thighs to its source. As if preparing to take a first bite of an over ripe peach, Tony opened his mouth and lips widely and lapped her, slowly dragging his tongue and bottom lip up the length of her pussy as if trying not to miss a single drop. He then proceeded to lick her with long strokes of his tongue, starting at the bottom of her slit and ending circling her clit. He alternated from up the center of her slit to both sides of her swollen labia, each time wrapping her clit with his tongue at the end of each stroke and surprising her periodically by burying his tongue deep inside her.

Jen began to move with her own rhythm and Tony intuited from her motions what her body was telling him, ‘harder’ and ‘faster’. Tony quickened his pace, shortening his tongue strokes and spending more and more time sucking her erect clit between his lips and into his mouth. Now focusing completely on her clit, Tony entered Jen’s pussy with one and then two fingers of his right hand. He slowly pumped and twisted his fingers in and out of her and curled them up inside and massaged her g-spot while continuing to lick and suck Jen’s clit. Jen’s movements became faster and more and more intense and Tony matched her pacing as she twitched and came all over his chin and hand in a glorious orgasm.

Tony moved back up the bed to lie beside Jen. They rested in each other’s arms gently caressing each other and catching their breath. Jen looked at the clock and muttered, “Damn it, I’ve got to put myself together and start getting back.”

There was no argument from Tony. Their relationship was catch as catch can and had its proper place in both their lives. Neither of them would ever want to do anything to threaten their relationships with their spouses or family. This wouldn’t be the last time they’d meet, and so discretion and safety were always maintained. Better to survive and save it for another day of passionate fun.

They ended the evening just holding each other and tracing each other’s bodies with light touches of their finger tips. They sat naked on the edge of the bed, Jen’s bare ass nestled against Tony’s crotch, while Tony brushed Jen’s thick, brown hair. They quickly cleaned up, gave each other a long, sensual kiss good-bye and headed to back to their homes and families.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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